Time to save the Disney worlds! | Kingdom Hearts 3 Official Release!

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Re'Anna Piontek
Re'Anna Piontek:
Matt’s reaction to 2.9 was I think everyone’s reaction to 2.9
KHF Destiny
KHF Destiny:
Matt: loves crossover with final fantasy characters
KH3: get rid of all Final fantasy characters
Hey, MatPat, or whoever is reading this! Just wanted to let you know that I think there's a glitch with rewatching the stream. I had to quit watching before the end, and when I tried to pick up again, it'll only go through 40 minutes. It will say that the video is over at about 41:00. I tried it across my phone, my laptop, a different account on my laptop, and a different browser while not signed in, and I haven't been able to get past that 41:00 mark. I know it's not y'all's fault at all, and it's probably just a glitch with YouTube, but I just wanted to let you all know that that was going on!

Edit: 14 hrs larer, and it's working for me again! Good Lord! 14 hrs to render a 2 hrs live stream?!
Antony Jitto
Antony Jitto:
de ultimate plot twist
Company:this is Kingdom hearts 3
Game:this is Kingdom hearts 2.9
Donald healed him!!! This is by far the best kingdom hearts game ever
Angel Jones
Angel Jones:
My 5yr old is sharing my earbuds with me so she can watch your video. She has been sick and your video calmed her down and got her to finally fall asleep (not saying your boring). She loves watching your (age appropriate) content so it was nice to pop this video on and watch her chill out enough to finally fall asleep.
Thank you for putting family friend content out there! Us sleep deprived parents truly appreciate it 💕
Verona Humphreys
Verona Humphreys:
I love that this was pretty much just a MatPat and Chris podcast, fantastic 👌🏻
Basic summary of the series for people interested in getting into it: bad guys try to summon ultimate power called “kingdom hearts” by either obtaining a MASSIVE amount of other people’s hearts or making slightly convoluted plans to fulfill a prophecy that will bring kingdom hearts to them. Sora, the main character, and his friends go on a inter-universe journey to many Disney worlds and a few original worlds to meet up with famous Disney/final fantasy characters, defeat the bad guys, and talk about friendship and light.
Vi Cardoso
Vi Cardoso:
I think I can hear superbutterbuns screaming in agony
Chris C
Chris C:
After playing this world already and then watching the play through I can now see that Sora is posing because he is imitating the hero they are about to meet. Makes so much more sense now!
Shady Boi Gaming
Shady Boi Gaming:
The idea that Hades is evil is just inacurate. In the original myths he was kind of a nerdy awkward guy that kept to himself. He never does anything evil. In the story of Demeter and Persephone he never kidnaps Persephone. She goes to Hades on her own volition and just wants to stay down there. What's even greater is that her name was originally something that roughly translated to young child but after she stayed in Hades Zeus changed it to Persephone which means "the destroyer".
R. Boyce
R. Boyce:
22:19 when even the game is trying to troll you
Thinking Out Loud
Thinking Out Loud:
“Sub series” matpat, hun, *they’re all main series games*
Stella Gurl
Stella Gurl:
oh my gosh his darling shout out to the sweetheart going through four open heart surgeries. We will all be praying for you <3<3<3
Kingdom Hearts confused me as a child, so I never finished playing it. Not sure I understand it any better as an adult, but this was a fun stream.
Video keeps crashing 40 mins in, on multiple platforms-pc, iPad, smart tv-sad.....
Tyler Troutman
Tyler Troutman:
I'm surprised you still haven't played the Kingdom Hearts series on streams until now. You want a real Troll Matpat Day? Make him fight Lingering Will on Critical mode.

If i was in a Disney movie... I'd be in Pirates of the Carribean.
Mari Bakk
Mari Bakk:
For anyone who's also experiencing the weird 40:31 cut-off (It's happening to me too), totally not MatPat's doing . It's Youtube trying to finish rendering the livestream footage into video. Since it's the first day of release, Youtube probably got an onslaught of users streaming the game all at once and now it's trying to catch up. It might be a couple hours until the full video is available.
This happened on Markiplier's channel a couple months ago when he decided to stream part of Red Dead Redemption 2. For the first day after he uploaded the video after the stream, you could only watch the first half of it but more of it became available over time.
Strange that YouTube would let us watch a partially rendered video but okay...
So that people know, the Japanese voice actor for Phil died so they didn't give him any voice lines.

Also, has he not played 2.8 yet? What is he doing!!
Gabe Dobrozsi
Gabe Dobrozsi:
I am ashamed that nobody mentioned the Redwall series.
Finally seeing matpat play my favorite series!
Dragon Dreamer
Dragon Dreamer:
Vid stops playing at the 40 min mark =/
Rather silly all across the board. Really enjoyed you guys talking about random stuff xD Sora doing random poses all over the place had me giggling :P And the combat looks fun as usual can't wait to see more! Hope Stephanie is doing okay on her Vacation! Have a nice night guys! :D
I frankly don't care
I frankly don't care:
Percy Jackson is only in the books good, the movies are just terrible....
Brandon Mayo
Brandon Mayo:
Why does the video cut out at 40:31?
Skyra Mii
Skyra Mii:
Please make a podcast just MatPat, Chris and Jason ✨✨
Matpat thank you so much for the three claps, and sweet words. It really mean a lot! Oh and Incase you were wondering, I am only 14.
The opening scene of the game was at the end of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage on the 2.8 collection and was the secret ending. It was called Kingdom hearts 2.9 signifying that KH3 would immediately start after. Also, Phil's Japanese voice actor recently passed away so they didn't give Phil lines out of respect. You're killing me when you waste your form change by almost immediately using your form finish.
I may be in the minority but I feel like they made Sora even more juvenile strangely. He was always a goofball (as Riku pointed out in previous games) but now it’s at a whole new level. I feel it was written that way to contrast the serious stakes later in the game, but still....
Also, I always liked the Final Fantasy crossover element of the KH series but they took a back seat as more in world KH characters came along.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker:
"Spending time in the menu is not a very exciting thing to do on stream"
*Proceeds to spend minutes hitting herc dolls and smashing every pot on the map*
Sara Rodriguez Erena
Sara Rodriguez Erena:
Can you play more of this? I can’t find any let’s plays I would like to watch, but GTlive would be perfect
Alright love your channel beeyyyeyeye😘😘👍🏼👍🏼😃☺️
Samantha Berner
Samantha Berner:
Those Hercules statues are actually clones of Herculad 😏

(OneyPlays reference)
Manubibi Walsh
Manubibi Walsh:
You guys roasting the characters had me cackling so much, oh my god.
Jelli_ Bones
Jelli_ Bones:
I got my game today!!! Can I just say the graphics are beautiful??!!
Josie Peppers
Josie Peppers:
38:58 “You residents of Thebes, our native land, look on this man, this Oedipus, the one who understood that celebrated riddle, he was the most powerful of men.”
Jason has an awesome hat. Also we could hear him, so he WAS projecting enough. So there. ;p
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
If there’s DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 it has to be called Kingdom Hearts Pi.
Samantha Berner
Samantha Berner:
42:47 Goofy's animation though 😂
I honestly hope they continue playing this on live stream. This was just such a fun one and the game only goes up from here
The Goddess Of Mischief
The Goddess Of Mischief:
Matt really needs to play some of the “in-between” games of this series, so many of the worlds he wants are featured in at least a couple of them.
EVC 123
EVC 123:
Haha, Matpat at 22:13 : "There we go, cuttin' right to the chase; no Traverse Town, no ice cream on top of a clock tower, here we go!"
(In utter confusion/disbelief) "What?"
Clip that, that's called timing. 😂😂
26:47 Sora AND MatPat completely misses Goofy's sick burn.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
22:22 that was pretty much my reaction too. (I haven’t completed Olympus yet but I’m assuming Kingdom Hearts 3 officially begins after you complete it).
Christian Krolak
Christian Krolak:
Is it just me when the audio just cuts out
Elizabeth Gundrum
Elizabeth Gundrum:
I came late to a lot of the series (i'm almost 40) but I can definitely recommend anything by Riordan or Pierce, though all of the suggestions I am familiar with are v. good. Pierce always has very strong female leads. Definitely start with the Song of the Lioness quartet. All Riordan's book series are in the same universe (Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Heroes of Olympus, and Magnus Chase), which I didn't catch until most of the way through the Kane series. Growing up I mostly read the classics of fantasy (oz, narnia, hobbit, etc)
Everything else I get cuz he hasn't played all the game but when he was like "they should do hunchback of Notre Dame" I was yelling at the screen "THEY DID"
Jeremye Tremblay
Jeremye Tremblay:
I bet hes gona make a theory about THE BOX and what is in it 😏
I like how someone is spoiling the end of the game while he's in the tutorial boss.
Devastation Toward Completion
Devastation Toward Completion:
"... No ice cream on top of the clock tower.... What???" I was waiting for his reaction to this lol.
Derpy Shark
Derpy Shark:
51:14 the Eragon series are the best books I’ve ever read and I’ve read A LOT
of books
Alexa Kenny
Alexa Kenny:
This is why I love your livestreams. I love that I can click on anything and I might get a discussion of classic literature and Franz Kafka😂😂
Skyra Mii
Skyra Mii:

Also, I’m so hyped!!! Bless this stream
Trevor Fisher
Trevor Fisher:
I got past the 40:31 but now theres no sound
Dragon Dreamer
Dragon Dreamer:
I’m so happy right now
You have a lot to make up for after that one video on kingdom hearts a while ago
Hope this is good
Are you going to strike that pose when Steph gets back too?
Vanessa Chanhmala
Vanessa Chanhmala:
hey what about a new channel named book theory? I loved your books recommendation.
For twitch too, the PS4 blocked the opening cinematic scene when I was streaming. Idk why
Sly Reborn
Sly Reborn:
Treasure Planet was one of the MOST REQUESTED worlds. Unfortunately, it wasn't added.
Mystery Gamer
Mystery Gamer:
Now that I finished the game for myself i get to see how others react YAY
I miss Steph
Karla Cervantes
Karla Cervantes:
I wonder whens the next kingdom Hearts live stream
Catie Nichole
Catie Nichole:
When goofy went into the firepit i almost had my drink come out my nose 😂😂😂
Abby Clem
Abby Clem:
I love how I just watched Hercules yesterday and then I see him in Kingdom Hearts. great timing for me 😂
Maria Stacy
Maria Stacy:
I really do hope that you do another stream with Kingdom Hearts 3, very happy to see you playing it and really enjoyed the conversation you and Chris were having with the others who where watching the stream.
Alice Kingsley
Alice Kingsley:
22:20 loop. I just can't stop laughing! XDD
Sasha Litvinyuk
Sasha Litvinyuk:
Best book series, 10/10 would read again.
21:53 Honestly Goofy has always been pretty smart in the KH games
J yonx
J yonx:
I was watching last night and only made it up to about an hour, then tried to continue this morning and it played an ad and cut to the end, recommended videos screen. Now I can only see the first 40 minutes as well
Sly Reborn
Sly Reborn:
No chat replay? I didn't watch this stream so I didn't get spoiled. Now that I got quite a bit of progress done, and I'm going to watch this up until the point I'm at.
Sophia Willows
Sophia Willows:
Rain / Ross
Rain / Ross:
22:20 lmao, I reacted the same way seeing that. Nomura plz
Ice Magician
Ice Magician:
The 39 Clues. Whoever suggested that, I like you. It’s been YEARS since I’ve read those books, but each time I see my Grandfather he asks if I’ve read the “49 Ideas” or something along those lines.
Ethan Westerman
Ethan Westerman:
You guys need to play subnautica or the below zero early access!!!
donald: when we're together, WE CAN DO ANYTHING
[insert jevil theme]
Tipp Sfedora
Tipp Sfedora:
Elaena Dayne
Elaena Dayne:
Hahaha Matpat thinks hes being bounced around in Olympus, I cant wait till he plays through Arendelle! I was so tired of making it up that mountain only to get tossed down again!

Also Throne of Glass is AMAZING
Rouge Cur
Rouge Cur:
I am playing Birth By Sleep while watching this and heard the classic “you’re low on health” beeping and started freaking out 😂
Jimmy McCarty
Jimmy McCarty:
Cant wait for them to play the rest of kingdom hearts ll.9
I love how Hercules is just wearing a *dress*
Grace Price
Grace Price:
“Zora”... it’s so good for my mental health that I didn’t watch this live...
AL Holt
AL Holt:
hercules: good soundtrack, bad accuracy. I try to watch it for the music and the animation but I just cant get all the way through anymore
Hernán Martínez
Hernán Martínez:
I love this so much, I'd love to watch this streams dayli
welp time to buy a ps4 then, I've been waiting out on it, but its kingdom hearts. The one and only reason I bought PS2, 3DS and now the PS4
Cassie Bachrach
Cassie Bachrach:
I didn't really like Artemis fowl or eragon, my friends loved em though. I was more of a scifi kid, Dune, irobot books, etc.
Shinkai Atusya
Shinkai Atusya:
Anyone remember Magic Tree House, Secret World of Droon, and Deltora Quest.
OED Entertainment
OED Entertainment:
He had the same reaction i had, when i saw KH2.9. I love it!!!!!
Catie Mackesy
Catie Mackesy:
Matpat sitting there with the keyblade drawing while I sit at my desk with a real keyblade on my lap
Geeky Julia
Geeky Julia:
Treasure Planet is so~ good~
It is one of my childhood favorites even to this day. People should really watch it, seriously
Cress .1830
Cress .1830:
Pendragon is one of my favorite books of the fantasy genre! It's so good but very unknown (from my experience).
Isabel Baumann
Isabel Baumann:
Thank you for fixing the upload:) I was halve asleep when you discussed books and movies and wanted to watch it again
Aaron Rozenberg
Aaron Rozenberg:
Video sound cut off for the rest of the vid for me
MatPat's reaction to the Kingdom Hearts II.9 title screen was mine as well when I first played this game. I was sure to play it shortly after it came out and avoided anything about the game. Honestly, I don't think anyone expected Square Enix to pull that move. It was almost as though they were joining in on the meme of their game naming.
Maylin 365
Maylin 365:
My brother completed this in the first week it came out. We both love this game❤🗝
For some reason around 40:30 the video just stops playing and I can’t make it play again
My Name
My Name:
Percy Jackson along with the follow up series The Heroes Of Olympus. I also liked The Kane Series, which is basically the same but with Egyptian magicians instead of demigods.
Little did matpat know, that there was literally no ff characters in the entire game. Not including the moogle
Amberdawn Sese
Amberdawn Sese:
Akili Amethyst
Akili Amethyst:
PLEASE play this again. I was waiting for this for MONTHS and RIP my life, I missed it.