Time for Clementine Ford to Learn to Code.

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Heise Says
Heise Says:
Update: Ford gets a Job and Stynes Plays Victim
#Ford #Stynes #Victim
The ABC to the rescue.
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts:
Clementine Ford is a garbage human. The government needs to remove her poor son from her care.
trav v
trav v:
Forget about the wage gap, we need to talk about that tooth gap!
Steven Guy
Steven Guy:
This, along with Gillette debacle, the Huffpost and Buzzfeed shrivel-ups, the MeToo backfires and number of SJW fails around the world, is another nail in the coffin of modern feminism.
I hope we never hear from this so called woman again she a grub of the highest order. !!!!!!!..
Did she not get the memo that Buzzfeed Australia was no longer hiring?
Stephen Whitton
Stephen Whitton:
Clementine Ford is not controversial she is a just a nasty human bean who made herself famous through disgusting speech aimed at others. She is irrelevant to everyone who can think for themselves. No wonder people are distancing themselves from her.
she was totally sacked, LMFAO
Gary Michael
Gary Michael:
The wall hits hard,toxic female nature.
Greg Adamms
Greg Adamms:
Feminists are pure class aren't they
im lost
im lost:
great news made my day
Couldn't have happened to a nicer cave troll.
Adelaide Bear
Adelaide Bear:
I went to high school with Clem, she has always been a total and utter attention seeker and hasnt matured one bit!
E B:
What a wonderful day it has been!
Doug M
Doug M:
Now poor Centrelink staff will have to deal with this classless, uncouth, hateful banshee!
#GirlsWillBeGirls #ToxicFemininity
spikastalker 101
spikastalker 101:
The next panelist on " The Project".
Rick Astley
Rick Astley:
She needs to drink the code-aid.
Oh my Darling Clementine.
You are lost and gone forever,
Dreadful sorry, Clementine.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones:
“Ding Dong the witch is dead.”
Michael Yates
Michael Yates:
Sounds like the SMH got sick of the constant misandry. If that's even possible.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis:
I’m trying not to laugh...it’s not working 😂😂

Clem will still have a platform and books. Might be time to write those memoirs before they loose all value.
rumple stiltskin
rumple stiltskin:
I supose this is the equivalent of the News paper having an "ENEMA"..!!!!
Chris James
Chris James:
She is an arseclown.
Iris Baker
Iris Baker:
Hey Clementine take yourself to Venuzula it is really good this time of the year...take yourself there for six months and tell us how wonderful socialist communist is..carry on just like you do here.. they'll love you..goodbye and good luck...
Chris Mann
Chris Mann:
Take note Van Bad Ham. Hopefully you're next
Ralph Macchio
Ralph Macchio:
“The Recession Australia had to have” I remember it well. It’s about time this barely human infection self destructed. She is disgusting.
rumple stiltskin
rumple stiltskin:
"POISONOUS , RANCID , FEMENIST" Clementine Ford...
Curtis Kaiju
Curtis Kaiju:
Mark Ellem
Mark Ellem:
She's 38 but has the behaviors of a 2 year old. When things don't go her way she has a temper tantrum over it. This is what happens when you are indoctrinated into the cult of the regressive left.

Fairfax recently merged with Nine Entertainment. I'm guessing the changes in management now make it harder for them to tolerate her unhinged tirades that she tries to pass for opinion pieces. I see former Liberal treasurer for the Howard government Peter Costello is chairman of the board at Nine Entertainment. I wonder is this has something to do with the change of attitude toward Clementine.
Mark Murtagh
Mark Murtagh:
Good she's nothing but a man hating slag anyway
David Brown
David Brown:
Went to one of her events as I was generally interested in what she had to say. She had another feminist with her who shared the stage. She spoke about her issues with males including violence against women. The evening finished off with stories. The other feminist related how she had an altercation with a man on the pavement and how she thought he should move to let her through. She then said, "so I hit him" ! Then all the women on the stage and in the hall cheered and laughed. I just had to shake my head, after all the discussion about domestic violence. I couldn't believe my ears!
Very telling msm called her tantrum "spectacular" ... its a wonder they didn't call it "empowering"
Chris Russ
Chris Russ:
Venimous author.
had a feeling fairfax might be forced to be more moderate after being bought out by nine.
I left a job in 2010 at which I'd worked for longer than Clem was pumping out her hateful rubbish. They did some very bad things to me (I'm a male though so I guess I deserve it) but when I left I did so silently. I didn't attend any farewell parties or make any speeches, true, but I also didn't launch tirades against crap management. It wasn't even about being careful not to burn a bridge, it was just that I was glad to be leaving and it wasn't worth caring anymore. It makes me wonder therefore at her claim that she 'resigned' versus being fired.

I noticed on her Twitter Mike Carlton (ex-journalist) asked her about resigning and she was very defensive ("I can show you the emails"). It's all a bit weird and dramatic but then again that's been her calling card for many years now.
Mispronouncing tirade?
Accusing her of being unprofessional while spilling your own coffee during a take? Priceless.

There is a market for misandry, unfortunately. People will sponsor her. A sign of the prevalence of hatred in our society: a small group, but a loud group.
Domino_Dad MP
Domino_Dad MP:
Clem Ford fired!!!!! It's about time! Although that tirade she published after "quitting" is not that much different from her usual articles / semi-professional tweets.
Scott Smith
Scott Smith:
glen belson
glen belson:
An ah of a newspaper expels what arseh----- usually expel.
Dan McKae
Dan McKae:
I heard it first here - thanks for being the bearer of such refreshingly good news Heise (...it made my day)! 👏👏👏
Polyphonic Monkey
Polyphonic Monkey:
Imagine being married to that troll let alone getting it pregnant.
Dave Broad
Dave Broad:
Don't think it's in Clementine's blood to sell out.
Coding requires attention to detail and accuracy, two qualities rarely found in any journalist.
Idiotic Tirades
Idiotic Tirades:
Not sure advertising the fact you wrote "white man bad, vagina good" for 10 years is going to help you get a job, but what do I know.
Giaus Caesar
Giaus Caesar:
I thumbed up because I got that reference.
Jarrad Molloy
Jarrad Molloy:
"Ding! Dong!.. The witch is dead!.. Ding Dong the wicked witch is deeeaaad!" :D :D
Jeffrey KRUPA
Jeffrey KRUPA:
Great timing, Clem. Just in time to get hit with the "Learn to code" meme!

...but seriously, just FTHO altogether.
Rory The Red
Rory The Red:
Fantastic news and I hope this ugly (Physically, personality & spiritual) foul mouthed cow never gets another paid job in the media.
Richard P
Richard P:
Fairfax just might do better now, better still when they get rid of the worm Waleed Ali
Graham Serle
Graham Serle:
I know nothing of this women and have never read any of her articles. She would appear to be a nasty piece of work though and her behaviour is somewhat reminiscent of a radical feminist not getting their own way and then having a temper tantrum. Who could possibly believe anything written by a so called journalist who is so full of vitriol. A two year old behaves better that that.
CrazyLes Farkas
CrazyLes Farkas:
Who watches Q&A
Modern Feminism has what in military terms, succumbed to "Mission Creep" having achieved victory in all of their original objectives.   The problem is an industry was allowed to be formed around Feminism, with a whole range of lucrative financial benefits attached to it.     Feminism went from seeking equality, to seeking indefinite compensation and preferential treatment.
Did she get the memo that Channel 9 pretty much owns Fairfax?

Let's put it in plain English...She's a c*nt who threw a tantrum because she didn't get her way. And Nine Entertainment is better off without her "contributions" in the long term.
😂 😂 😂 learn to code clementine 😂 😂 😂 and a public tirade against your last employer!? Genius! Go to the library and borrow coding for dummies 😂 😂 😂
lol... you need a law that says "WHAAAAHHHHH"
Ronald Guerrini
Ronald Guerrini:
$100 she ends up at #theirabc
I'm still struggling with the fact that even this hack managed to reproduce. So I just feel very, very, VERY sorry for her son.
I missed this! Great (old) news!!! She's such a grub.
charlie brownau
charlie brownau:
1:09 Life Line Discriminate against Western Men
This year looks like its going to be a great one!
Evan Tsogas
Evan Tsogas:
Clementine YUK 🤦‍♂️🇦🇺
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson:
Only Twits use Twitter 🤣
john mcmanus
john mcmanus:
It's pronounced like Tie raid 😂
serverlan 7
serverlan 7:
The ABC will welcome her with open arms.
C L:
Mick Adams
Mick Adams:
Dude, have you never heard of a tirade (tie - raid)?
Good video though, delivering some welcome news.
darrell collier
darrell collier:
oh my darlin
I get that reference and was pretty happy to see her go
What do you expect from an acid spinster?
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson:
I'm sure that with her qualifications, she can get a job as a shelf-stacker, though her vile personality would preclude anything involving dealing with the public.
tirade - pronounced "tie raid"

diatribe - pronounced "die a tribe"
mark kavanagh
mark kavanagh:
Somewhere away off I can hear Daisy Cousens laugh out loud, for a long long time.
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson:
The ABC or SBS will gladly give her a job 🤦🏽‍♂️
The Workshop Mechanic Channel
The Workshop Mechanic Channel:
I wonder what #germainegreer thinks about all this 😂😂
David Carr
David Carr:
I hear " crispy creme" sales are up and many cat shelter's are very very happy 😁😁
Clementine learn to code
A Steve
A Steve:
Hadn’t heard about this until today. Thank God! Hopefully Lizzie Marvelly is next (her Kiwi doppelgänger!
Good ...
Loving the purge of these vile left wing activists. Someone play the crab song
Brian Scoochmar
Brian Scoochmar:
The end of Kankles McBabystopper’s association with lamestream media! A truly evil, soulless creature!
Ellessandra Ramsay
Ellessandra Ramsay:
CleMENtine Ford
Jean-Marc Feldman
Jean-Marc Feldman:
That was a crap recession
wait wait stop!! can she even lrn2code?
Dave C
Dave C:
The old bag had a temper tantrum and tossed her toys out of the cot.
Bye bye you won't be missed.
Clemintine who?
Nan Dougherty
Nan Dougherty:
Comparing her trolling to Milo's is an insult to Milo's intelgence .... he's tongue n cheek and she's tongue in groove.
Sonny Andreotte
Sonny Andreotte:
learn to swim.

Dale More
Dale More:
Should have happened a long time ago.
dunno y
dunno y:
The nihilistic left eating their own. Good o,
tirade – tie-raid
Mikey Dindu Nuffin
Mikey Dindu Nuffin:
Alex Smith
Alex Smith:
When she learns to code, I recommend the language Bash. It might come more naturally to her demeanour.
thacher longstreth
thacher longstreth:
Dead Reckoner
Dead Reckoner:
John Hounslow-Robinson
John Hounslow-Robinson:
Maybe she hit the wall?
Nick Podmore
Nick Podmore:
Petulant privileged spoilt child
Good riddance!
Gary Strahan
Gary Strahan:
Q. Why does Clementine Ford wear high heels?
A. It prevents her knuckles dragging on the ground.
charlie brownau
charlie brownau:
Goes to show when CUCKED funding disappears
all the "woke" and "progressive" people are fired
Paul Ban
Paul Ban:
Tie-raid and die-a-tribe.