#Ticketmaster exposed - How they help scalpers rip you off!

#Ticketmaster #GretaVanFleet Ticketmaster has been caught red-handed by undercover reporters helping scalpers jack up the prices of tickets... all for a cut. This is the reason you can't get tickets to popular events. All views shared in this video, unless quoted from an oustide source, are strictly my own opinion. I encourage everyone to research this story and draw their own conclusions. Greatest Guitar Tone Trick: https://youtu.be/gaSrXimH3ZI How to Record Heavy Guitar: https://youtu.be/jfEh79A0b0U How to Record Heavy Drums: https://youtu.be/1gcr3c107OM Subscribe to SpectreSoundStudios and help the channel grow! More subs=more of the most honest music gear reviews on Youtube! http://bit.ly/1SfU1m4 About Spectre Sound Studios: I'm Glenn Fricker, engineer here at Spectre Sound Studios. I love making records, and after doing it for sixteen years, I want to pass on what I've learned. On my channel you can find tutorials on how to record guitar, bass, real drums and vocals. There's reviews and demos of tube amps, amp sims, drums, mics, preamps, outboard gear, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, and plugin effects. We've covered Moon on the Water, played Bias FX, given you the absolute best in Stupid Musician Texts, ranted & raved about bass guitar, and this channel is where The Eagle has Landed. Everything you've wanted to learn about recording Hard Rock & Heavy Metal can be found right here on this channel! I also respond to your comments & questions: The best make it into the SMG Viewer's Comments series of videos. Loads of fun, lots of laughs. Thanks for checking out my channel & please subscribe!

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Adam Fox
Adam Fox:
"Shad up, will ya! I'm tryin' to watch da Frickin' News!"
Pdub Adub
Pdub Adub:
The Frickin' news is Frickin' awesome.
hahaha frickin' news
Mike H
Mike H:
Two words as to why it's allowed: political lobbying.
Cameron Fleury
Cameron Fleury:
I really like the idea of The Frickin' News. On the other hand ticket scalping is a big sham, and it's no surprise (still bs) that a large company would do such a thing.
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson:
All the dislikes must either be ticket scalpers or bass players
Eric Smith
Eric Smith:
Theres another ticket website called TickPick that i highly recommend you guys all check out. Its not perfect but they dont include fees on their tickets. If a ticket on there says its $50, its $50 no BS
Joaquin Lance
Joaquin Lance:
This is why I haven't been to a show in over 10 years. The last time I tried to buy a ticket they announced a second wave of ticket sales and I waited for the clock, which is internet synchronised, to strike the time and I clicked instantly and tickets we're already sold out. I decided to give up until these fraudsters we're taken to task. I will never buy a ticket from scalpers. I blame the dumb people that pay the scalpers more than the scalpers. If you're dumb enough to give your money away there will always be people lining up to take it.
I diagree with your Greta Van Fleet statement. Yes, we need new rock, but there is literally nothing new about them. Just another retro band is the least Rock needs now. It needs to come up with something new to become relevant again.
Doms Records
Doms Records:
You have the best job in the world...keep it up:)
Spencer Bladyka
Spencer Bladyka:
Haha... Greta van fleet... “new” rock n roll... good one
Chris J
Chris J:
The Fricken News? Perfect name!
There's a REALLY easy and obvious solution to this, one that many of us have been practicing since, well, the early 90's when the obvious news, even before much internet, broke that Ticketmaster was a scam, not just to the fans but to the bands as well. Just say no. I have spent my entire adult life in the recording industry and I have gone to a grand total of ONE ticketmaster show in my life. Hasn't hurt me one bit to stay away. Ticketmaster only works because you guys keep paying them to be criminals. I see a catholic church parallel here (nyuk nyuk nyuk)
The Winged Rhino
The Winged Rhino:
Why can't bands auction tickets themselves while keeping a minimum price for bidding and a very high "buy now" price for an immediate sale? They could let the bidding continue until a week before the show or something like that. At least if people are being ripped off, the bands would make money (and hopefully use it to create a better experience for their fans in the future) instead of random guys who know how to run a web scrapping script. Also, ask for an id before selling tickets. If you neighborhood pub can do that, so can a band.
Jon Wisbey
Jon Wisbey:
Good one Glen. Artists themselves can do a lot to prevent this kind of scam. Here in the UK a number of artists, lead by Ed Sheeran (hate his music but he does come over as a nice geezer) have stopped accepting tickets to their shows that have been sold through resale sites like stubhub and ticket master. Instead they suggest a return and resale via the venue, going through a site like Twicket, that caps the price a ticket can be resold at to face value, or even running a ticket transfer scheme via their own fan message boards. Its not perfect but it is a step in the right direction.
david quinn
david quinn:
We had this for a long long time in Ireland. Government finally passed a law which has banned this practice otherwise you could end up playing upwards to 300euro or more for some events. But most metalheads if they cant attend a concert will resell their tickets for face value
Rudy Ayoub
Rudy Ayoub:
I once bought Amon Amarth tickets, and my boss didn't let me take the day off. And you know refunds arent a thing.

sad lif
Andrew Mystic
Andrew Mystic:
I try to buy my tickets directly from the venue site
Do Ticketmaster and Gibson have the same CEO?
David Fuller
David Fuller:
Beyond everything else, they absolutely slam you with fees. I bought a $60 ticket to Mayhem fest about 8 years ago and the ticket ended up costing me over $90.
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis:
Do it the old fashioned way: Find an in person scalper 45 mins before the show and offer him 80% of the price of the ticket. Also it's best if you can get two of them in a bidding war with each other.
Metal Madness
Metal Madness:
Brian B
Brian B:
This better be a regular segment!!
Adam Bendelow
Adam Bendelow:
What do you think of Gary Glitters music being censored because of his crimes?
This was the #1 reason I haven't been to an arena sized show in over 14 years--not worth the headache and usually is for a band that is cool but not $100+ cool.
Dakota Dawson-Marmolejo
Dakota Dawson-Marmolejo:
Ya know that part in the Song remains the same dvd when led zeplin's manager was chewing out the dude for selling counterfeit t-shirts in the parking lot? Where is the digital modern versions of that?
Thanks for taking these dickwads to task Glenn. Wish more of the bands would pull a Pearl Jam on them. Or at least call em out for the fans. Good on CBC as well.
Ticketmaster should be considered fraudulent. They're cyber scalpers.
kilbox 1a
kilbox 1a:
The Fricken news, subsidiary of Fricken Fricker news Media, subsidiary of Spectre Media Group.
Chef 5150
Chef 5150:
How buying a ticket on ticketmaster ususally goes:
Me: ok lemme look at one ticket just to get a price...
Ticketmaster: one ticket: 60 bucks
Me: ok cool I need two tickets tho so lemme look where I can sit.
Ticketmaster: yeah 2 tickets? That’ll be 900 dollars, the blood of a Virgin, and your first born son.
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis:
The Frickin’ News!!!! 😂😂😂😂 Awesome title man!
VR Play Nation
VR Play Nation:
lol, love the intro!
Mauricio Fuentes
Mauricio Fuentes:
great video, you should do more of this
A lot of people refuse to sell tickets through Ticketmaster or at least look for alternatives. I bought Periphery tickets last year for $25 a piece, and spend another $25 a piece to upgrade to VIP and I got to meet the band! SMD scalpers!
Zach Plier
Zach Plier:
When i opened this and heard the intro i thought i was watching a Seattle Coffee Gear video because they have the same into song. My obsession for coffee is taking over
tiny b
tiny b:
Saying that GVF is from Detroit, is like saying that London is a suburb of Windsor. And you know that no one from London would even want to associate with Windsor.

It's not like they ever played shows in Detroit before they made it. The only thing that Frankenmuth and Detroit have in common, is that both cities have an affinity for chicken dinners.
Glenn, let me stroke your beautiful mane of hair. It reminds me of those hairs on heads of corn.
This reminds me of the monopoly record companies had. My advice for Ticketmaster would be, enjoy this while it lasts until the next better idea comes along and replaces you!
Black Lab Hugger
Black Lab Hugger:
Tickets at the door.... Eh?
What a wonderful show title ;) Ya Ticket Master and Stubhub are in bed with each other. Been that way for a LONG time. I have been ready to go on a ticket buy several times in the last 2 years. Literally hit buy the second it went on sale and it was sold out immediately. 40k seats sold in 1 second. I'm calling BS. I commend NIN for requiring in person ticket purchases on their last tour. This completely bypassed this BS.
Derringer 15
Derringer 15:
Please do more “The Frickin’ News”, Haven’t laughed that hard at an intro in a while!
Anita Potter
Anita Potter:
Haven't purchased any tickets from TicketBastard in over 10 years. Tried getting tickets to go see Heaven and Hell back in i think 2009 (was sold out) but they wanted $178 a piece for a pair on a resale site and never understood why...now I do. Tossers >:(
it's simple DONT GO to these show, instead go to the underground shows and have more chances to discover new valid bands.
Stevie Wolfe
Stevie Wolfe:
Brought to you by the Frick News Network. FNN for short.
Cyber 75
Cyber 75:
Haista vittu, Glenn! Well, actually haista vittu Tickemaster and scalpers!
Kevin Gs WK
Kevin Gs WK:
Now this is where it's at
Sal AveNU
Sal AveNU:
My first concert was Kiss on the Dynasty tour. Ever since then I've tried to save my ticket stubs. Some of my oldest stubs are from 1984, sold be a company called Ticket-Tron, and the face price is $13.50. I saw U2 on the "Unforgettable Fire" tour and that stub says $13.50. I have a stub from a Stevie Ray Vaughn show at a theater in Passaic NJ that holds 3,200 people. And the price on that stub is $13.50. Ticket-Bastard has definitely inflated prices over the years.
thomas macmanus
thomas macmanus:
None of these pigs can make anything. They just have to cling onto a system that bilks audiences because its the only thing they can think to do with their miserable lives.
Brian K
Brian K:
"Welcome to the fricken news!"

Laughed out loud at that one.
I freakin' love these! Keep 'em comin' Glenn! You ROCK! \m/
Luuk de Ruijter
Luuk de Ruijter:
I agree, but i can't afford never having seen my favourite band ever at the last chance
Slaves Forging
Slaves Forging:
HUGE smile on my face when the awesome new logo and big band intro came on! .25 seconds in and i love it! love the investigative journalism vibe- That's a great angle to take for your show. all you need is a green screen. my local library has one!

yup the situation sucks. that's why i buy tickets at the physical box office, and i don't even drive. if it's worth going to see, and is a big enough show that ticketmaster prices are going to be outrageous, then it's worth going to the box office a month earlier to snag non-marked up tickets.

honestly most of the bands i want to go see rarely ever go above 55USD, and that list certainly doesn't include Greta Van Fleet! i'm glad they're doing well and rekindling interest in rock music. truly i am. but i have zero interest in seeing such a ridiculous copycat band. the fact is that metal is so unpopular that scalpers loose money buying up tickets that they can't resell. usually at metal shows (in Denver) there are scalpers on site the day of show selling tickets below original box office cost just trying to recuperate their losses! (odd benefit of the music industry collapsing and metal being wildly unpopular). but those are the small time scalpers, not the "verified" online ones. even they hate ticketmaster when you talk to them! same problem trying to get broncos tickets, and i don't even like the Broncos! i just like football. or at least i used to.
old mans voice
*"I KNEW IT!"*
J& K
J& K:
If everyone did this at the same time we can crash their whole situation.
Chris Daykin
Chris Daykin:
Exactly why I rarely go to concerts - the best value for me is "classic albums live" - I get to support real musicians and I get to hear the music i love (classic rock) in a format i love "the entire album" plus a greatest hits mini set - if you buy the entire season you can get great seats and free parking - it's frickin awesome!
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson:
What’s this garbage you’re watching? I wanna watch the news!

This is the news!
this is why i dont go see some of my favorite bands
I hope you plan on making more Frickin' news episodes like this, I had no clue Ticketmaster would pull off something scummy like this.
There's no way in Hell I'm ever paying the scalpers for their overpriced tickets. No band is worth that.
-1 subs without uploading a video
-1 subs without uploading a video:
Surely there's a perfect opening for another ticket business to come in now? I'm not sure how it works but I'm sure if someone provided an honest alternative and someone promoted it they could gain momentum fast.
Not really on topic here, but I just rememembered something from my childhood. I think i was in like third grade and some local christian metal band got a gig to play at our school (for some reason).
We got a break from our studies, got ushered into the cafeteria/auditorium, they turned off the lights and started playing. But after two or three songs, the singer told us we were being too quite and well behaved. We were literally just sitting there staring and listening, not saying a peep.
We were too well behaved for a christian metal band.
They was pretty cool, though... for a bunch of christians. One of them worked at the church and let other bands practice there (there was no other place for bands to practice, btw) and later tried to start a yearly music festival (which sadly failed).
Spike Priest
Spike Priest:
Hey glen is there a difference from sound like someone and mimic them
Sam Warrener
Sam Warrener:
Shit I just bought slash tickets from here😂
Manny Man Man
Manny Man Man:
I just realized how yellow Glenn's teeth are. I'm not talking shit, mine happen to be just as yellow. That aside, love your vids, Glenn! Keep cranking them out!
Adam Fox
Adam Fox:
I'm still pissed off at those gonnifs at TicketBastard for keeping a quarter of my refund for tickets to a playoff game that never got played. (It was almost a decade ago, but I'm still pissed.)
Zack Groce
Zack Groce:
So Frickin happy to see this! Into was fly too. Channel is evolving all the time, and it just gets better every video. Hands down my favorite channel on YouTube. Keep it up Glenn!
mark forde
mark forde:
It's high time Artists themselves did something about it.
Really dig the Frickin News theme.
I kinda want that to play whenever I enter or exit a room, or when I say something crazy.
"Frickin' News!" Love it! Hate the scalpers; love the video.
Amir Khalid
Amir Khalid:
There's a reason Pearl Jam called them "Ticketbastard" 20 years ago. They've been doing it at least that long.
rune bailey
rune bailey:
they also have a sister company called get me in. i went to see soad tickets went on sale at 10 am sold out at 10.15 am and were on get me in for 100+ pounds by 10.30
Albus. Band
Albus. Band:
Well fricken done Glenn. Always an honest approach to everything & shining a light on the atrocities of the world (both in life and shit gear). Cannot thank you enough. Much love from the Midwest.

Wasn't one of the scalping websites that resold the tickets at heavily inflated prices actually THEIR own? lol was called ticketmaster 2nd chance or some what . Alot of tickets for the prime seats especially for sporting events are sold on the side to big corporations in large blocks for their employees. I was working with a particular oil & gas corporation once and they had all these tickets for us (with travel & accomodation included) for very cheap. It made me sick as when I went there were a pile of empty seats in prime positions and I know people were disappointed they didnt get a seat as the thing sold out in 30 minutes! Iand I know tickets were being scalped for upwards of 5x their original price.
JC Smith
JC Smith:
Someone call Pearl Jam... Oh wait, that ended in a frickin' disaster and fueled the monster that we are dealing with today - over 20 years later! Pretty soon musicians won't even be able to make a buck on tour - their only revenue these days!
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson:
Great stuff Glenn! I stopped using Ticketmaster when they removed the physical locations in my area (like 20 years ago).
Rich Sackett
Rich Sackett:
Greta Van Fleet hardly qualifies as "new music" anymore than a Led Zeppelin tribute band.
Luis Pérez
Luis Pérez:
Yes, Glenn news! Good info and good fuck yous every day with my coffee is the best way to start the day :D
Ryan Halliwell
Ryan Halliwell:
Hey love the channel. I work as a stagehand at several arenas Its my profession there for i havent paid for a concert in a while if there is a band i wanna see chances are im fortunate enough to be seeing it frim backstage. im blessed and gratefull and have worked hard for years to get here( i am however also a lifelong misician and band member. )And understand how much these tours cost to move 10 sometimes 20 trucks of gear do..curious to know do you think road crew/stage crew/techs are bieng paid in dirty money due to this?
Julian Cavaleri
Julian Cavaleri:
I'm glad we have several ticket-sellers in Europe, Eventim for example, It's better to have some choice. Unfortunately, you can never completely escape the scalpers.
The real news is that there’s a convention for tickets?
Black Chrome Whiskey
Black Chrome Whiskey:
The Fricken' News, Love it!
Already know I gonna enjoy this vid ... Just the opening is great
jules changed_to_increase_privacy
jules changed_to_increase_privacy:
Heavy metal? I like heavy metal!
The news ended up being a great idea.
Caleb Oackes
Caleb Oackes:
amazing intro
Tyler Schubert
Tyler Schubert:
Awesome! This has to also hurt the bands playing if people can't "afford" to even buy a ticket to see them
Dean Harkness
Dean Harkness:
I love live shows but, this why I rarely go anymore.
Paranormal Cucumber
Paranormal Cucumber:
*Glenn fricker*
Line- Welcome to the frickin news
Flo S
Flo S:
I like the pilot episode. I think you could improve the show with multiple news in the same amount of time. Like 2-3. Keep it up!
Kyle Hinish
Kyle Hinish:
Love the intro!
The show title is gold <3
Wal-Mart is a monopoly as well. I wish they would close their doors and let the local businesses flourish.
Jerami Banks
Jerami Banks:
More reason to support your local musicians, Like "Mortal Dark".
Day Of Sludgement
Day Of Sludgement:
This was fucking amazing keep em coming glenn!
Don't forget the fantastic fees! 30 bucks for the Sabaton/Kreator show? Hellll yeah!!!! Checkout - $50...WTF???

Also, Deep Purple made me sad. Was super excited to see them and all I could hear was the guitar. Suppose ya gotta know when to throw in the towel. Priest kicked ass though \m/
Unfiltered Truth
Unfiltered Truth:
Ever since Ticketron started up in the early 90's getting tickets for concerts(or almost anything else) has became more and more of a ripoff as time went by. I'll get tickets at the concert hall if the concert hall has their own sales office instead every chance I get. just so I never have to pay all the extra BS fees that Ticketmaster tacks on.
hugues pinaud
hugues pinaud:
Hi Glenn ! How do you feel about that EUCD thing, especially article 13 ? I think that would suit the frickin news perfectly
Ghost Boy
Ghost Boy:
Awesome tester episode, dude! Harsh dig at Deep Purple (saw them last year, thought they were great) but hey, to each their own. Would love to see more of these.