Theresa May's full statement from Downing Street

Theresa May tonight insisted she WON'T quit and stuck to her Brexit plan - as her leadership hung by a thread. The PM vowed to fight "with every fibre of my being" hours after Jacob Rees-Mogg pulled the trigger on a Brexiteer rebellion which could see a leadership challenge next week. Boris Johnson joined an emergency meeting of mutinous MPs this afternoon where plotters were set to launch a vote of confidence in the PM after a wave of resignations over her Brexit deal. Mr Rees-Mogg, who chairs the powerful European Research Group of pro-Brexit Tories, today called for Mrs May to resign - adding that a Brexiteer such as BoJo should replace her. Continue reading: Brexit agreement latest – Theresa May could face leadership vote in days as furious Tories vow to bring down EU deal: Will Theresa May resign and will she be able to get her ‘soft’ Brexit deal through Parliament? Theresa May pleaded with Cabinet ministers to act in the ‘national interest’ and back her draft Brexit deal agreed with EU: Would the Brexit deal hammered out by Theresa May leave us under control of the EU? MPs warn that Downing Street paranoia is harming Brexit preparation: Embattled Theresa May savaged over Brexit deal at what could be her final PMQs – as her own MPs warn she’ll ‘lose MILLIONS of votes’ Sun Subscribers receive the latest breaking news and videos directly to their feed. SUBSCRIBE NOW and hit the bell to be the first in the know. Like The Sun on Facebook: Follow The Sun on Twitter: Subscribe to The Sun on Snapchat:


Dave Barker
Dave Barker:
This hunchbacl old slags next job should be bell ringing in Notre Dame!!
Off with her head
Her relationship with Merkel is more important to her than her relationship with the citizens of the UK
14:56 my god, she really is startin to remind me of Arsene Wenger in his last days, you can see she is startin to feel the strain, can hear her composure being tested by some of these questions
Graham Mews
Graham Mews:
how planned was that last question
shaun willson
shaun willson:
This resignation of the Brexit secretary reveals an even more serious long term problem for the British people, which is this: If the 500 page " agreement " was not drafted by the Brexit Secretary then who did draft it.
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim:
I am puzzled how this sellout sidewinding snake can stand for 21:46 seconds without a spine and still have a cocky smug grin on its face!
Jay Jay WHU
Jay Jay WHU:
She is a Traitor send her to the Tower!
Aled Long
Aled Long:
21:39 Presstitutes!
[The] White Rabbit
[The] White Rabbit:
Barry Vale
Barry Vale:
Mogg for PM or my vote walks to UKIP
May believes she can fool the people. The world has changed, its no longer possible for any government to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate. Mays words in this broadcast are Fake News, and she is fooling nobody on either side of the debate.
So, Brexit means not participating in decisions, just obeying the orders of the European Union, right?
How rare are the British!
C Bridgie
C Bridgie:
Do the right thing for the people of the UK and resign Theresa May
Tony truth
Tony truth:
look at the boat race on that
Rubbish speach
the fallen
the fallen:
The saga continues
Geordies Why? Fronts
Geordies Why? Fronts:
Mystic xøx
Mystic xøx:
"Some of them are a weak lot you know" Maggie Thatcher on Europe. Imagine Barnier laughing at this farce now. Europe would never have made little of the UK under Maggie. I was glad when she was gone but I would swap this one out for Maggie in a ht beat. (Not Mystic ~Mystic's dad)
This is how an undemocratic globalist looks like when she has her mask ripped off: She never stopped being a remainer. The corruption that the EU works is clear for all of us to see. It was mistake, if an honest one, for the brexiteers to compromise and allow her to become PM.

Shove her into the same shameful obscurity where Blair sits.
21:44 who is the female reporter in the grey dress in the front row on the left?
alan jones
alan jones:
Tom Stone
Tom Stone:
She says from the begging she knew what she wanted to deliver for the British people .... she’s changed her tune throughout the process and has lied throughout .get her out .
Dan L
Dan L:
Human autocue
Graham Foster
Graham Foster:
Stitched us all up good and proper, hope she's out by the end of the week, seems all Tories have elastic Bands as backbones.
So, are you leaving or not?
Human Bean
Human Bean:
Get her out!!
Daniel Ford H
Daniel Ford H:
Barry Beard
Barry Beard:
Lies lies lies should have started with GREAT BRITAIN FOR SALE.
john neale
john neale:
I can tell she's lying her lips are moving
Spartan Clipboard for Windows
Spartan Clipboard for Windows:
We need a PM who can stand up to the EU - not this pathetic Theresa Chamberlain!
Honey Badger
Honey Badger:
The British people wanted a PM who voted to leave doing the negotiations in the first place. The fact there is no law to prevent a PM being in charge who voted against the public's decision is really stupid.
Nobby Stiles
Nobby Stiles:
Jacob, please save us.She tells lies lies lies.
St Michael
St Michael:
I would not say traitor but, I would say she folded like a cheap lawn chair when dealing with all the remainders in office
Alan Tracy
Alan Tracy:
She was conditioned so hard via repetition (mk Eu ultra) that she learnt a whole new Brexit plan. But we hate it and it’s the mask is slipping - defo a strong narcissistic element to her
a a
a a:
standing DEAD CENTRE in front of the three mason sign
Andy c
Andy c:
Why would the ERG vote for her deal ?? They wouldn't, No deal is in touching distance now !!
Alan Dash
Alan Dash:
This thing makes my skin crawl. Divide by ten May couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it. Get rid of her now.
[The] White Rabbit
[The] White Rabbit:
El John
El John:
Poor old gal trying to undo this foolish deal
political correctness
political correctness:
My god i feel like shooting her my self she's so thick, Thank God she stands no chance of getting through parliament, what crap comes out of her mouth, she's making us stuck to the EU through the back door. If the Tories don't get rid of her they won't see power again for a generation or more because they are letting her get away with it so they now go down with the sinking ship. No deal because the EU won't give us any deal that allows us grow from and do other trade deals so she's full of it
wayne thompson
wayne thompson:
you are a disgrace to our country and every one in it,
matt matt
matt matt:
she should be made to read these comments...
Tanya Quicke
Tanya Quicke:
Burn the Witch.
Michael Thorpe
Michael Thorpe:
Not much balance in these comments. Does no-one agree with the Bloomberg guy who said, [paraphrased] "Brexit was always going to be a compromise because European membership has upsides as well as downsides."?
Dennis Lee James
Dennis Lee James:
Brussels have shut the negotiations door. Handed people there copy.s no more negotiations. I don't know what the back stop is. That she's talking about. I want to have faith in her but heard deep down she's a remainer. Brussels headlines once said "out was out" why wud anyone take that deal surely we shud just stay in if that was the case. Then wat do we look like. Ohhhh were getting bullied into there one deal there throwing us. Please Mrs May I hear you have a Brexit Secretary job up for grabs I don't think it wud be a bad thing having a member of public knowing wat you know and aren't telling us. Coz if you take the deal theres more to this than meets the eye.
alan jones
alan jones:
you got no balls may you should never have run this country put farage in charge he show you how to run it with an iron fist not a feather duster go play with merkel
No deal is better then this deal
My God. She was awful. The very worst.
Silly Walks
Silly Walks:
She said at the end about cricket and runs .. she will be getting the runs herself and nothing to do with, cricket.. pooo
Like all career politicians she is a bare faced liar. She Never wanted Brexit from day one. If she is still in power at the next election ditch the witch.
Doc Morridge
Doc Morridge:
She's finished.
And so is the conservative party
Unless you have Jacob Rees mog in charge.
Mark Toleman
Mark Toleman:
What is right and correct and honourable is to be a servant to the British peoples and honour their direction to leave the European Union. Its time to step aside and let a real servant do the right correct and honourable thing if you are unwilling to do it yourself.
Lord Brett Sinclair
Lord Brett Sinclair:
This vile snake must crash and burn ....No , you’ve got George Soros on your mind
We need a Rees-Mogg Brexit
Justin B
Justin B:
This should have been a resignation or at worse a people’s vote. It seems she called this just to prove how disgusting and dictatorial she is? There was literally no point. If she is unwilling to change she should hide herself in a safe place and ignore everyone. This ‘defiance’ shows how out of touch she is with the public feeling. Stand down bitch.
Ray Davison
Ray Davison:
More talk of unknown consequences, more project fear. Refuse the deal, let's walk away and the EU will chase us for a deal.
peter hurrell
peter hurrell:
Where is Guy Fawkes when we need him ????
Mark N
Mark N:
Why doesn't this childless hag develop a malignant cancer that puts an end to her tyrannical rule over Britain
Paul Ogden
Paul Ogden:
Spineless Rat
We want a Canada style deal .. she’s got to go to achieve this deal
Kevin Lee Smith
Kevin Lee Smith:
A stunning triumph of style over substance.
George Traves
George Traves:
THis woman spews bile....... Your History !! I will never vote ever again, because this is not democracy this is a dictatorship
Tall Blonde Alien
Tall Blonde Alien:
Merkel and May and Clinton.The witches of Eastwick.I wonder what island,they will run to after the trail of destruction left behind.Oh well money,hope it was all worth it.I forgot that Scottish plain Jane as well.May stop procrastinating and put a real deal maker in charge!!!!
I have no respect , or belief in this woman she should hang her head in shame , but the comments on here of physical violence and abuse about her personally are out of line . No one likes her less than me at this time but personal attacks are irrelevant
Whatever people think of Theresa May she can stand up for herself when she is surrounded by mp's from both parties who are against her. Even Reese Mogg said during a sky news interview that she had a "strong sense of public duty".
Dale Hanson
Dale Hanson:
PM Teaser MayBot.

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