Theresa May’s Brexit deal is a ‘disaster’: Nile Gardiner

The Heritage Foundation Nile Gardiner discusses the problems surrounding British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

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She's a globalist traitor, of course it's a disaster!
I never had confidence in May i dont understand why anyone would.
Richard K
Richard K:
May must go and she has to go now. Traitor May.
Theresa May = British Hillary
FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom
FunkyAnimal The Earl of Funkdom:
It's John Major all over again. Europe's grey man.
Dennis Walker
Dennis Walker:
Glad to see that America isn't the only nation that the politicians ignore the wishes of people who elected them .
Ethereal Hawk
Ethereal Hawk:
She was always a remainer and publicly. This was a calculated attempt to make a deal so bad the only alternative is capitulating by cancelling Brexit or capitulating by signing away our sovereignty
Ryan Stark
Ryan Stark:
The deal makes the UK a vassal state of the EU.
nil db
nil db:
This deal will never get through parliament. WTO, keep the £51BN & do free trade deals with the US & the rest of the world
Duane Bettger
Duane Bettger:
You should never have a proEU PM make a deal for you when you want out.
Omar Iw
Omar Iw:
That pound vs dollar graph tho 3:07 ,Down 2 cents but seems like it crashed by 60% on chart lol .
Billy Whyte
Billy Whyte:
Hey! Ms May.. What did they pay you Ms May?? .. Will you be as rich as traitor Tony Blair, Ms May??
Cosi Fan Tutti
Cosi Fan Tutti:
Out now, no deal and no paying extortion money. Come on Brits, find your patriotism and BUY BRITISH, boycott EU goods.
Joe Chiato
Joe Chiato:
Sad Britain has surrendered to the EU. I know Japan had to sign a similar agreement with the US to end WW 2 but the French and the Germans didn't have to drop an atomic bomb on London to get the English to surrender. Therese May, Winston Churchill not!!!
Will Wilson
Will Wilson:
As a UK citizen I am sickened at what May has done. She has betrayed 17.4 million and any of the gloating remainers need to wake up and smell the coffee as if they don't understand the future consequences this has as far as faith in the democratic process is concerned. May should be locked up for treason. Labour have no space either to try calling her out as they wanted no better and pretending they do is a lie. It's a true statement to the poor state of British politics when we now rely on them to stop this total capitulation of a deal. The Tories are finished as a party. Watch for a UKIP surge.
Leonard Wong
Leonard Wong:
Just leave. Nothing will happen. But May's just a chicken .
Tony Chalmers
Tony Chalmers:
may is ruining everything for the UK and she does not seem to care.She is not for the brexit. maybe she is taking back handers from the E.U to keep us in. Traitor.
David Lindsey
David Lindsey:
There is a vote of no confidence ….Theresa May's day is over …….
Slave Slave
Slave Slave:
I'm getting worse and worse & Eve single day
Enough suffering & pain
Nando Mustermann
Nando Mustermann:
Only "Joketeers" in London!😂😂😂
Greetings from Germany
Of course Theresa surrendered to the EU, she's a woman, breaking away from the EU means
she has to take on more responsibility. No woman wants that, neither there or in the US. It's
a problem plaguing the politics of both nations.
Slave Slave
Slave Slave:
you don't have the right to take my life away and my privacy
Is to Munch painful
Stop the abuse
Toby W
Toby W:
Amazing level of deceit from PM May!
Dander Spat
Dander Spat:
May is a disaster
Note: Not the month of May
Wall Hermit
Wall Hermit:
Is it just me but now everyone is paying attention, we are realizing none of them have there shite together...
Honestly there is not enough confidence in any of these people I say fire em all and let the children run it.. seriously.
Donald Harvey
Donald Harvey:
She should be ducking fired in the best posible way
Jo-Ryan Salazar
Jo-Ryan Salazar:
R Mason
R Mason:
Brexit was a disaster from the start, and nothing has changed.
AI Beta
AI Beta:
Anime got appropriated y'all, Korea took an L
Pro Hacker
Pro Hacker:
Great British Empire that's what we were
scott williams
scott williams:
Northern Ireland can go down with the rest of the EU. !!!
john Thatcher
john Thatcher:
A deal designed to fail traitorous cow
adequate Junior
adequate Junior:
Implement Russia into the Union Bismarck creation
Jeff Hall
Jeff Hall:
All the Tory lies are coming home to roost.
adequate Junior
adequate Junior:
Lar M
Lar M:
What can't England declare her independence from the UK ?
Pro Hacker
Pro Hacker:
Watch Ireland and Scotland leave now
Wall Hermit
Wall Hermit:
Psyco killer, run run run run..
john a
john a:
This not only shows 'The ladies not for listening' to the people, she clearly not listening to her party.
Alloflightx2 x9
Alloflightx2 x9:
Throw May in a woodchipper
The point is her Brexit isn’t what we voted for

On 9 May 2018 govt said
“The UK is leaving the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. We are seeking to establish a deep and special partnership with the EU and a new customs arrangement outside the EU’s Customs Union”

Where’s the end of the Sm and Cu ? The most important parts?
We need to maintain territorial integrity & Sovereignty all cost.
News for you May we voted OUT not for some half arsed deal that keeps you & all your mates tied to the greatest freeloading gravy train of all time.
These days, the worst traitors in the realm sit in the House of Commons.
The British establishment's Brexit policy has been clear from the very start, dilly-dally as long as possible, come up with a plan that's acceptable to none, and then push for a second referendum, that'll be rigged for remain.
If you don't believe me, then just regard the EU's history of disregarding referendum results... Twice the Irish people voted overwhelmingly to reject EU treaties, (2001 and 2008, the Nice and Lisbon Treaties) only for them to be re-run the following year, when they were then miraculously accepted????
May and her treasonous cohorts are leading this country into a nightmare we will never ever be able to get out of.
She and her 'mates' should rot in hell for this crime they have ulterior motives of self interest and vested interest.
Those charlatans have to be made accountable for all the lies and deceit.
My Name is Gladiator
My Name is Gladiator:
So why doesn't Britain hire Nigel Farage to be the PM? Problem solved.
Mad madam mayhem may is a compulsive lair
This deal is an EU deal and shes been told to sell it to the people.
The word TREASON exits for a reason...
May is an EU mouthpiece and she will stoop to the lowest levels to sell the British people out...
She should be charged with treason and publicly tared and feathered
Tarun Kumar
Tarun Kumar:
Split UK into parts and let England have Brexit
Slave Slave
Slave Slave:
I'm physical and mental sick Don't force this I can't do
Austin The Terrible
Austin The Terrible:
Give England the Brexit it voted for, not the one you want!
Gar Sm
Gar Sm:
Nobody has heard of the Heritage Foundation. It's irrelevant.
adequate Junior
adequate Junior:
Currency of the dollar is 11 cents now
Still the dollar value
Appeasing to the Germans has never worked for the UK. Chamberlain1938
john a
john a:
if by some miracle she survives, the party ITSELF will pay dearly at next general election. The conservative party marching ahead and May not prepared to listen.? May is suffering with delusions of grandeur
R Mason
R Mason:
A nebulous woman!
Jon Cranon
Jon Cranon:
Maybe Dr. Who will return and defeat the evil George Soros. But first the Brits must put out the call.
Martin Mueller
Martin Mueller:
Margaret Thatcher was the PM who leaded Britain to the EU and she was demented in the last 10 Years of her live. Sorry, but this guy is an .....
Angela J
Angela J:
The Empire strikes back... And May surrendered.
guest guest
guest guest:
I can't take it anymore......Brexit is working for me as the constant media coverage is making me want to emigrate to a tropical island....
Lewis Obee
Lewis Obee:
Give the British people what they want !
Lar M
Lar M:
This is more of a EU annexation of Britain rather than a 'deal'.
Hunter Jones
Hunter Jones:
Theresa May doesn't see it as 80% of the people don't like the deal, she sees it as 20% of the people DO like it.
Danny White
Danny White:
Stringer up by them wooden legs she has no idea, there's going to be riots
George Swampy
George Swampy:
Theresa May is the bloody disaster, not Brexit. Just get on and leave, in its entirety, as the people voted to do. May really should resign, but she is far too thick skinned, to do anything decent like that.
R Mason
R Mason:
adequate Junior
adequate Junior:
One unrighteous population
Execute the country
e james
e james:
Bryan Houston
Bryan Houston:
I really wonder who runs the country PM or civil servants.
Give her due credit, the UK was split down the middle. May has unified everyone in their contempt for her and her plan.
Toni Smith
Toni Smith:
Globalists should team up and have a couple of their own countries that way the conservative nationalist countries can continue to prosper.
Patrick Lawler
Patrick Lawler:
So... Theresa May's "great deal" is to create a *undefined* transition period where UK is subject to EU rule, but without voting power. Once the deal is signed, EU can do whatever they want, they can bring in massive amounts of migrants, there will be nothing voters can do... If I understand this, the EU is saying "Ok, we'll let you go...but you're going to let us finish our migration experiment, no disputes... it WILL be done. Only when it is done, then MAYBE we'll let you go in 20XX."

That's a HORRIBLE deal. The kind of deal a unreasonable sociopath would make. It would arguably be better to rebel before giving the EU uncontested power & undefined terms.
Wyatt Family
Wyatt Family:
Jack Nicholson is reported to have said, " If you wish to design a woman, start with a man then take away all reason and accountability." He must have been observing Theresa May.
Alex xx
Alex xx:
What ever UK does, what ever Brexit version it will be, UK is a loser
Greg Deane
Greg Deane:
Britain can easily form trade alliances out of Europe with the US and the rest of the Americas, with Russia Australia and New Zealand and some other parts of the British Commonwealth and countries in Asia, even if it has to sacrifice many European trade links, under the ukases of Brussels. But given the EU is crumbling, Britain can trade with the Visigrad 4, with Austria and even Italy as the fissures in the monolith become more apparent. Maybe it could even trade with the (once Kingdom of) Bavaria, and with Russia. Theresa is a nervous Nelly who has no business being in charge of negotiations where she has no idea of the Art of the Deal.
Karen Pojar
Karen Pojar:
Correct me if wrong, but it seems the current "Brexit" deal can be summed up as "Britain effectively stays in the EU, but gives up all representation. Hence, technically a 'Brexit' happened."

Seems this is a poison pill offer: If accepted, Brexit is effectively cancelled, Britain is punished, and no one else dares leave the EU.

If rejected, there will be calls for a 2nd referendum. And if Brexit passes *again*, the exact same deal will be offered after another 3 years of delay *again*. Repeat ad infinitum.

Either way, I envision a comfy EU "lobbyist" job for May in the near future.
We in america need to support are Uk brothers and sisters.
Lewis Obee
Lewis Obee:
Stop sugarcoating & fobbing the British people off and accommodating every other nation & need ...give them what they want & deserve and VOTED FOR
John Weaver
John Weaver:
May's ensured that Britain remains controlled by Brussels. This is a total betrayal of brexit and democracy. It will also be the end of the conservatives in the next general election.
If there is not a brexit the political game is over....there will be trouble on the streets
Lets get serious - yes, Mays deal might be shit, but without it its either no Brexit or hardest possible Brexit. The EU will never renegotiate. Its not enough time for that anyway.
Christophe Blanchi
Christophe Blanchi:
The Brexit group had no idea how it would work and they are going to ruin the UK in the short to medium term. This level of uncertainty is bad for business: a large part of the investment banking sector is moving our, car manufacturers are putting their car assembly plants on hold, airbus is planning on moving out of the UK. The UK was doing great in large part because they were a business friend, opened gateway to Europe. Now, they are neither and the interest in the UK is waining.
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton:
Whether one supports a hard or soft Brexit withdrawal from the European Union for the United Kingdom, to paraphrase, Rush Limbaugh, I hope it fails, since I wholeheartedly support a second referendum on the subject, am convinced most English are suffering from buyer’s remorse, after having it pointed out to them, what has helped keep the peace in Europe, and by extension, the whole world, all these many years, meaning, such cooperating organizations like the European Union, has meant, ‘peace in our time’. Its been two years since the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU, but what I know of time, the planned departure date of the 29th of March 2019 is just around the corner, is fast approaching, with all the planning needed for such a venture, it may already be too late for any meaningful alternatives. Prime Minister, Theresa May is fighting off a very hidden ‘no confidence’ vote in the House of Commons, if won or lost, the affect would set off an arrested stall on any concrete decision on Brexit, to leave or stay, or may even kill it altogether, setting up voting options for the next Prime Minister and another flock of members of the house to ponder.
Paul Wilkinson
Paul Wilkinson:
This guy is talking a lot of sense . This deal is a total disaster , in fact it isn’t a deal at all its a total capitulation!
Tony Chalmers
Tony Chalmers:
May is a liar and needs to go now . Give us someone with some bollocks and will get the job done. Not one that bows to the E.U . She should leave the UK and move to Germany. At least Margaret thatcher would have stood up to the E.U and we are better without the E.U . The E.U will collapse.
Bruce Mcdonald
Bruce Mcdonald:
All this stitch up to uphold the good Friday agreement...I think we tried+the EU won't play ball+intact are using it against the duck em,built a wall on our western frontier jgo to WTO rules,get our assets bk from the EU+safe guard our territory...if terrorism starts bk up in Ireland then we deal with it but terrorism does not+fear of it should not dictate the direction of the country
Didier Lemoine
Didier Lemoine:
It is time for Britian to take dollar as money to hv a free deal with America !
May the European 🇪🇺 Backstabbed the BRITISH 🇬🇧 people .
All she cares about is the EU 🇪🇺 AND AMERICA 🇺🇸 🐔 🇺🇸
May has done the job she was given the premiership to do. She is a lefty posing as a conservative and the left love the EU -- despite what Communist Corbyn says in public. May set out to wreck Brexit while pretending to support it. She has to go.
James Gooch
James Gooch:
I am half British and i hope the British get a awesome leader like our President Trump. Britain needs to ship all the migrants back across the pond to france and let them pay for them, and let the British people get back to being a world leader again and a great super power!! The libtards are destroying the country my mother grew up from the USA
Bla Bla
Bla Bla:
I'm suspecting that the UK businesses are looking for suitcases and lorries now. Brexit was a mistake but nobody wants to confess, instead, all blame Mrs May for your own irresponsible choice. You will regret it for the rest of your life. And forget about US deal, EU is a much better trading arena for the US. Trading with Bangladesh or any another poor country, selling them British expensive goods? Wake up!!! Who will work in agriculture or other low paid jobs eg. food industry, brits? Do you think that seasonal work will be attractive for people from the third world? $1500 for flight + visa cost? You want even more non-christian population instead of Europeans? Good luck with your jobs, local services, food on your table and roofs over your heads.....disaster is coming.............
David vee6
David vee6:
This is NOT brexit,it is not a deal its a con trick.This woman is openly being called a traitor by many ppl,she cannot survive,and will be an ex PM before end of Nov
Ralf Rath
Ralf Rath:
Today Gibraltar, Nothern Ireland, and Scottland are rich but what a disaster if Gibraltar, Nothern Ireland, and Scottland do not leave the UK as soon as possible because of the Brexit.
Eamon Os
Eamon Os:
Theresa May needs to go NOW
Izzy Macpherson
Izzy Macpherson:
We should not leave the EU, because they enforced certain rights that kept are people safe such as enforcing child rights and animal rights, and made our nation stable, if your saying leave the EU with no deal and just leave you will not get any goods from the eu most of our household items are manafactured within the EU meaning no more certain cars such as BMW, and our own goods are not sufficient enough to make as much as we consume, theresa may needs to leave she's poisoning our country and the people within it.
Her opinion doesn't matter. If the UK wants to still pretend they're a democracy, then it's time to go through with it. "We respect the will of the people! ...unless they want something we don't like!" Doesn't work like that.
Tony S
Tony S:
I'm a fan of Fox, but they have it wrong here. Britain is divided yes, but one shouldn't lose sight of who won the referendum by 54 to 48%. Leave the EU won and hey, would you give the winner the trophy to take home when they lost? I don't think so! The problem is the EU has (unelected European bureaucrats), it never gives anything up, it's a cabal of socialists and liberals who imagine they have a God given right to impose their rule on all of Europe. Sadly for these elitists, their time is limited, if people are wise.
Torrence Monroe
Torrence Monroe:
President Trump tried to tell her what to do and how to do it. She, however, choose not to take his advice. Now she's in a pickle.The British need strong leadership like the late Margaret Thatcher.
Stella Ash
Stella Ash:
Oh I just love that word 'plunged' . The EU in the third quarter was growing at only 0.2%. Britain is doing far better and has been doing better since we voted OUT. T May doesn't WANT a good deal she wants to be locked into the EU for all time.Thatcher believed in UK and everything she did was in the country's interests. May must be forced to go, she is poison for my country.
Brexit🇬🇧 was a mistake. I warned them years ago, but to no avail😟😞
John Bradshaw
John Bradshaw:
She's going to end up getting herself killed. Silly lady
She should hang for her treason. Who is Angela Merkel's real father ? Do research do photo comparison..see the truth
Didier Lemoine
Didier Lemoine:
new election very soon, what if remainers win ? what if Farage wins ?

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