Theresa May on Brexit: 'Am I going to see this through? Yes'

Theresa May vows to see through her Brexit deal, saying it 'delivers what people voted for'. After several cabinet members resigned and discussions of a vote of no confidence were triggered by Jacob Rees-Mogg, the prime minister says she is 'sorry' colleagues have left the government but believes what she is doing is right Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Brexit: May determined to 'see this through' amid growing criticism of deal – Politics live ► Today in Focus podcast ► Support the Guardian ► The Guardian YouTube network: The Guardian ► Owen Jones talks ► Guardian Football ► Guardian Sport ► Guardian Culture ►

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Dynamic Entry
Dynamic Entry:
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objective, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.
As lando said “This deal is getting worse all the time”
And getting worse it certainly is.
She's seen the result of a democratic vote but decided that in her opinion it is against the national interest and doesn't count. Would that apply to a General Election?
steve Sullivan
steve Sullivan:
sickening..Truly sickening..You ignored the peoples vote..Who are you really batting for ?
You're not going to get enough votes for it to pass in Parliament though...
May continuing with her attempt to subvert the democratic will of the people, that’s treason in my book.
Luis Cook
Luis Cook:
Oh dear...
I may have not voted for Brexit but I believe in democracy and the majority voted leave! So get us out and if you can’t do that step down and get someone who believes in Brexit and has the balls to get us out of this mess.
Ryan Stark
Ryan Stark:
The deal makes the UK a vassal state of the EU.
Thank god parliament will vote her treachery out. A hard Brexit which is what we voted for. We can have proper negotiations with Brussels then. Assuming of course Germany wants to sell the UK 900,000 cars a year🤔
The eu knows it’s not a acceptable deal
The uk knows it’s not an acceptable deal
So what happens is the Lisbon treaty episode 2.
Watch this space this is exactly what is gonna happen.
People so pissed of with it all they just vote again and say stay.
It’s called eu democracy and am shocked people can’t see it
Bea Waver
Bea Waver:
She could not be a good politician as she really sucks at lying.
Orient Express
Orient Express:
We’re in this mess because she is a remainer and her heart was never in it to do what she promised to do. She clearly lied and deliberately sabotaged Brexit. I won’t be surprised if she calls for a referendum next even though she said she wouldn’t.
Hermetic Dragon
Hermetic Dragon:
This may all be part of the plan. Tony Blair said it was a bad deal and he wants to remain in the EU. Thus I believe that the EU has an incentive to give us a deal that's worse than staying in the EU forcing us into a referendum with these choices - no deal, bad deal, remain. Nobody wants no deal if it can be avoided. Nobody wants a bad deal that is worse than staying in the EU. That just leaves remain. I am afraid that under these circumstances people would vote remain. The only thing stopping this is the democratic fact that we already had a vote and the result needs to be implemented. If people want another referendum they can have one AFTER we have left the EU. Thank goodness we have the power to change bad policy. If we lose our democracy, we lose our protection against tyranny.
Calvary Crusader
Calvary Crusader:
And we are still waving TWO flags thanks to Treason May.
Ste Finlay
Ste Finlay:
There's going to be a boycott alright 😂
Venetian Genoesewarmachine
Venetian Genoesewarmachine:
She may now be dissociating. The ego defence is not congruous. She can’t handle the absolute revulsion of the true public
Lava Croft
Lava Croft:
I <3 EU
Ben Zemła
Ben Zemła:
Luke M
Luke M:
Mike Page
Mike Page:
Brazen. She's more of a psycho than I thought.
Jim Miklas
Jim Miklas:
This walking corpse was put in to throw a spanner in the Brexit works. Brexit will simply not be allowed.
I’m not particularly well versed politically but I am very concerned with the situation in my country. I feel the commons has been split asunder by partisan politics and there seems to be not a solitary sign of common ground. The deal is bad but was it ever going to be anything else? No deal would be worse and no brexit should not even be considered an option. I voted remain mainly because I didn’t understand what brexit would look like but the result of the referendum being what it was and Britain being the nation she is, the decision must be upheld and delivered for better or worse. However I do believe many uncompromising Brexiteers are still hoping for the moon on a stick and hoping in capitulations from the EU that were never and will never be on the table. My position now is one of complete alienation from the debate. I can be neither for remain, because of the sovereignty of the referendum result, or for leave because of the political and economic damage I honestly believe, rightly or wrongly, this decision will cause to my country. Where unity and common values emerge is where I want us to be.
Kevin L
Kevin L:
The UK should feel blessed the EU made any concessions/compromises at all.
Geoff Pope
Geoff Pope:
I'm so pleased I live in a democracy where the will of the majority is heeded. I do don't I ?????
No wonder David Cameron resigned after Brexit happened. This is a near impossible task to achieve
Discombobulated Gaming
Discombobulated Gaming:
Eugh "it touches almost every area of our national life" ahem Teresa darling it may have touched you and your kids but it certainly has not touched anything of mine. Thank you.
Kelly Ainsworth
Kelly Ainsworth:
Hasnt david Cameron got off lightly he caused tbe mess the horrible little frog feeding of eu money somewhere just like blair......... nothing but corrupt selfishness in britain
Jacob Rees mogg for PM. May out
James Russell
James Russell:
Can we have Thatcher back now please?
TheRABman _
TheRABman _:
This is the death of democracy in the UK!
Tat Tvam Asi
Tat Tvam Asi:
Lay translation-- "I'm terrified of being abandoned and having to govern myself so I've let myself be gang banged by the EU and agreed to be their sex slave forever more so that they don't leave us. Thanks"
zebble ganubi
zebble ganubi:
im becoming morrrre like alfieeeeeee
Ok so we're officially down to 3 possible outcomes :
1)this deal
2)no deal
3)no brexit (not going to happen)

Could someone tell me which of these options was the one that was going to make us rich and powerful like brexiteers promised?
Messy 0121
Messy 0121:
Bla bla bla.. the politicians play their game more and more excuses for the slavery
thug life
thug life:
Lol the big brexit ,just a fart with drops 🤣
585 page with brexit rules for english ,UK IT WAS SODOMIZED BY EU 👍🤞 english they slowly understand they are not ombelicoo del mondoo🤦‍♂️
Alan Tracy
Alan Tracy:
She’s just seth herself on fire
Taint ABird
Taint ABird:
If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of the Brexit chickens coming home to roost.
SirJohn Foolstaff
SirJohn Foolstaff:
Lock her up
Royal Mail for sale, Queens head privatized.
Russell Sage
Russell Sage:
I knew from the start that once your in the Mafia they don't let you out! Just ask Greece... It's a shame so many wonderful EU countries will have to sacrifice their standard of living for the corporate globalists...
boltz o' fire
boltz o' fire:
Oh god here we go
Theresa May,The Best British Prime Minister Ever! :-)
Oh anda please don't plus this comment too much,as the notifications tend to back up in my mail box,
and I know that many many ppl agree with my Comment that : Theresa May is The Best British Prime Minister Ever! Thanx :-)
Michael eM Michael
Michael eM Michael:
Its like she has a gun to her head to see this thru. I think theres a hidden picture here, as to why she will succeed
Stephen Roche
Stephen Roche:
The knives are out in the nasty party!
Get Treason May out of office!
We @ll know she’s lies through her teeth she agrees with the eu and tells us what we won’t to hear
An assassin approaches.....PLEASE!!!!
con aran
con aran:
You go girl
the thinker
the thinker:
Westminster Parliamentary Productions proudly present The Westminster version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. ps will the last person to leave the UK please put the lights out.
Alan Smyth
Alan Smyth:
looks like Diana Abacus could get some power yet
Grace Monteith
Grace Monteith:
O what’s that I smell ? Oh it’s only united ireland getting closer 😮🥳
The point is her Brexit isn’t what we voted for

On 9 May 2018 govt said
“The UK is leaving the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. We are seeking to establish a deep and special partnership with the EU and a new customs arrangement outside the EU’s Customs Union”

Where’s the end of the Sm and Cu ? The most important parts?
Jim Jones UK
Jim Jones UK:
No it ain't May, I'm a remainer and I'm like bring on Brexit if this is the best u can get. Terrible deal.
dapper patto
dapper patto:
give it up you crazy twisted old fart 27 minutes late and ya flappin on about should be sacked just for bad timing
Didier Lemoine
Didier Lemoine:
Weak May is weak Britain and Sterling !
Paul Dalziel
Paul Dalziel:
Surely the bungling buffoon should step down for the sake of the country
Jaiden Official
Jaiden Official:
Go ed girl
Karl Burns
Karl Burns:
She will resign soon
ring a ding ding
ring a ding ding:
Tommy Robinson has told yous all what the UK government is
Xabier Xabier
Xabier Xabier:
A view from mainland Eu. Its really a great deal. May takes the good of Eu and rejects the bad.
How on earth the Uk has negociated this deal without respecting the voters will to leave the EU in all aspects?
In order to sustain some kind of credibility the British parliament should reject this deal and attach to the original plan which is simple: Leave Eu obligations and benefits.
If this deal passes the uk parliament it would mean that Uk intention has never been leaving the EU.
In other words.. Citizens have been cheated, just like tsipras did in Greece.
You have a good chance to really leave if you want it by heart... otherwise this brexit fiasco will be regarded as the most embarrasing UK ridicule in British history.
2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel
2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel:
I am a staunch believer that we should remain in the EU, and I watched the whole of nearly three hours of Theresa May’s achievement for a good deal, with the EU at PM’s Question Time: Where not one of those who criticised her, seemingly at every turn, had not even spent one minute of the many hours of each day and night, over the two years of negotiations that that Theresa May has Spent! Why don’t we all shut up (especially the News Media) and wait for the deal: That is, when she returns from Brussels and she will put it to every MP in Parliament. Then we’ll be able to add our own selfish and mean-spirited points of view, at that time!
Nigel Dunn
Nigel Dunn:
No Theresa you are Though Finished your own arrogance did for you in the end ..
Roger Bennett
Roger Bennett:
It stinks It stinks
It’s a bad deal
Un Believer
Un Believer:
Oh, and now we get the lofty, magisterial and altruistic speech. Astonishing for someone who has achieved such high office to be so out of touch and so delusional. "This deal delivers what the people voted for". Only on Mars.
Please, how stupid do you think the public are?
Eamon Os
Eamon Os:
get rid of her now
Dave Dogge
Dave Dogge:
Funny how she likes Geoffrey Boycott as that's exactly what her MP's will be doing to her prime ministerial position ...
Donna Collis
Donna Collis:
C u next Tuesday
Bedroom Pianist
Bedroom Pianist:
As an American, that cricket metaphor totally went over my head.
Mr Lad
Mr Lad:
Alex Braid
Alex Braid:
It's not brexit. You have signed away our country...
carlos fixon
carlos fixon:
So you all thinking voting put of EU going to be the best thing. :D what resources do UK have? Those expaxt people have to leave kids and there companies. So you all think it's fair?
Sir Graham Brady must RESIGN as Chairman of the 1922 Committee for CONFLICT OF INTEREST, because his KNIGHTHOOD was conferred by Teresa May, with whom he has been conspiring to CONCEAL the true number of No Confidence letters he has received. He has even written to MPs asking them to WITHDRAW their letters.
Sorry, we have seen through you. Way past time for you to go.
Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan:
Why has this cretin not resigned?
She can't get an agreement that will satisfy Brexiteers past the EU and the EU will never agree to anything the Brexiteers could ever contemplate.
Honestly, while of course she's in shambles, I feel a bit sorry for her. That one reporter put it best: "Many of what Brexit promised simply wasn't on the menu." Let's just call another referendum already, and if people really still want Brexit after all the stuff that's gone down, fine. I'll accept it. But I do not believe it's in the current national interest.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith:
My guess is most remainers would have said it would have been easier to have sided with Hitler during the 2nd World War too...
bubbzz 11
bubbzz 11:
Who on earth does this women think she is.
They want to leave, let them leave but if they think it's possible for a soft border then get yer heads out of the clouds
Dave Dogge
Dave Dogge:
Delusional woman .... and I'm a Tory, I was watching Jeremy Corbyn debate her today regarding this Brexit debacle and I was in full agreement with him (for once !). Yup she's that bad and I feel sorry for everyone in the UK. There is time to sort this out properly but the current draft deal is untenable.
Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn:
She AH SAY she is about as sharp as a bowling ball
The only good thing about her is she doesn’t give up easily! Unlike Cameron who ran off.
Kevin Dickerson
Kevin Dickerson:
You r a disgrace and someone who is in denial please just go not just for the country sake but for Yr own you r clearly not well and u need help
Chris M
Chris M:
The clock is ticking for May. I don't think the Brexit deal will get approved, and they will fall back to square 1, which means May will resign. She doesn't have it left in her.
Ali Yılmaz
Ali Yılmaz:
Theresa may seks kadın erkek seks günah değil ama aile kurmak lazım ama dünya ekonomisi buna müsait değil seks günah olsa bütün dünya ceheneme gider yok öyle bir dünya allah seksi yasaklamaz sapkınlığı yasaklar hani karısını siktirip izleyenler varya o tip şeyleri yasaklar
She's going to get The Runs ? Bad Curry ??
Beach Boy
Beach Boy:
Barnier and Tusk is taking May for a ride. Just like Hitler fooled Chamberlain. If Churchill was in charge at the beginning then there would not be a WW2.
How would Trump handle the Brexit negotiations?
A majority of the people voted for Brexit, the majority of Remain voters accept the result and the majority of politicians don't want to do it.
Alice Wilde
Alice Wilde:
Good for our children and children? Of which and she had neither?! Maybe if she did have she wouldn't have been screwing young people for all of the time she's been in government.
Sascha Brukoski
Sascha Brukoski:
And the award for Best Actress goes to.... (suspense) THERESA MAY... Shes playing a role guys...running down the rugby field holding her brexit deal.... only to spectacularly drop the ball at the last moment for "Peoples Vote" to score the winning try. Zzzzzzz
I love the commenters saying she's ignoring the will of the people ... by delivering Brexit. Lmao. The Brextremist millitants won't be happy until we colonise continental Europe in a new British Empire.
* Bear
* Bear:
‘Brexit means Brexit’ !!! She giving them at least £39 billion and we still won’t be an independent country !!! This is what you get when a reminder negotiates Brexit !!!
Tarek Landoulsi
Tarek Landoulsi:
The only way out is the EU get rid of us....I don't see any other solutions
I have voted against Conservative governments more often than I have voted for them in my 48 year lifespan but I have to say, this woman deserves a medal. The most difficult work any UK prime minister has probably had to do since the Miners Strike and she is still there, turning up for work every day. Hats off to her, whatever your politics. Most of us would have caved in months ago.
Lee Summers
Lee Summers:
Scripted! If she truly meant what she said then why so reliant on her notes? She did one thing and one thing well, she ran the clock down. This whole sham will result in the Pound becoming part of the New Euro and the British military being enrolled into The Nations of Europe Defense Force within a decade.

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