There is no urgency for Pelicans to trade Anthony Davis – Amin Elhassan | The Jump

Tracy McGrady explains that even with Anthony Davis requesting a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans, the Boston Celtics are still the front-runners to land Davis with all the assets they have. Amin Elhassan breaks down why the Pelicans do not need to rush into trading Davis away, and he states his case for why the Los Angeles Lakers should offer their young core in a trade for AD’s services. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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100+ Comments:

yal realy cut tmac off like that
A N:
All this AD hype pissing me off wait till I get back you’ll see.
Whole Lotta Gang Shit
Whole Lotta Gang Shit:
If the Celtics trade for AD after the deadline get rid of those young pieces and he leaves after next year anyway without winning a title that’s a massive L.
DarrellTron's World
DarrellTron's World:
Love the fake Neptune’s beat in the background 🔥
Will Cortez
Will Cortez:
NOLA should send AD home. Tank and trade him in the off season
How 2 Ball
How 2 Ball:
ANSWER TO ALL PROBLEMS: just get lavar ball on your team
James Taylor
James Taylor:
Why Danny have his nicotine patch on his forehead?🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
Jarvis Juice
Jarvis Juice:
“Unless you got a Russian owner” guess
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay:
I'm surprised we haven't heard from magic by now
Raymond Orozco
Raymond Orozco:
Rachel is so damn beautiful 😍😍❤️
HBK_Joe 7
HBK_Joe 7:
I’m going to LA nowhere else

No sponsor me ESPN
I love how everyone just takes out the possibility of him going to the Raptors. did anyone expect Kawhi to be traded here? nope
Demetrius Hall
Demetrius Hall:
I'm pretty sure the pels will ask for Tatum in the deal.
Lol what the heck man. I wanted to hear T-Mac
Jayson Cabading
Jayson Cabading:
he's going to boston rather meet the gsw in the finals than the conference finals
Tua Tagovailoa I AM LEGEND
Tua Tagovailoa I AM LEGEND:
God bless Anthony Davis
Max Nunez
Max Nunez:
Sponsor me espn
Khalid Dacula
Khalid Dacula:
I hope my spurs would acquire AD, i really want him to be in silver and black uniform.
Marc Nunez
Marc Nunez:
His going to sign in raptors
Roy Monette
Roy Monette:
Lebron weakness will increase, unless he continues to take roids
Mick Vaughn
Mick Vaughn:
Brons Plan Activated 👀
Payat Pogiboy
Payat Pogiboy:
Anthony davis and 2 first round picks for kwame brown coming off retirement
Cardi B
Cardi B:
We need Anthony Davis dammit
Raymond Bermea
Raymond Bermea:
Best team to get Anthony Davis and beat the Warriors out west: Oklahoma City Thunder. They would have a big three with Westbrook, George, and Davis.
Waive kyrie and resign him to so he takes up 25%of the cap then trade for AD
DeShan Nichols
DeShan Nichols:
Knicks can give Porzingod, Knox, Tim Hardaway Jr, and Zion plus more that's the best option after Boston
Clint Sevilla
Clint Sevilla:
Go full Brooklyn
Rene Giron
Rene Giron:
I guess Tmac didn’t have a good point
Jhanela Mharie Sunga
Jhanela Mharie Sunga:
Am not trading lonzo he's my son
Surfin' Brain
Surfin' Brain:
watch the warriors trade klay and draymond for AD and then Warriors never loose and have 4 top 10 players.
Scottie Robinson
Scottie Robinson:
AD to Milwaukee
I doubt Celtics would want to give up Tatum lol
Laura m Rutledge
Laura m Rutledge:
Anthony Davis is clearly the best big man in the league
rai francisco
rai francisco:
Egor Morozov
Egor Morozov:
Radoslav Takev Jr.
Radoslav Takev Jr.:
What is under AD's eye, wasn't there before
Trent Sides
Trent Sides:
Why shouldnt you go full Brooklyn?!?!?
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
Would you trade the #1 pick aka Zion for Davis
Malik Crawford
Malik Crawford:
The Warriors need a 6th man
Un Gewesen
Un Gewesen:
why would any team give up almost everything just to use him for less than two years...
Let’s just see what happens at this point
Jonah Scarlett
Jonah Scarlett:
if they want him to be happy there is
Derek Lungsford
Derek Lungsford:
Kobe & Dwight 2.0
Apple Zxxx
Apple Zxxx:
Kahwi, Lebron, AD , Kyrie, Klay Thomson.
Connor Min
Connor Min:
I guess he is BROWsing the rest of the league
Trey winn7n
Trey winn7n:
Unless I know for sure that I can sign that third star ,
If I’m magic no way In hell am I giving up all three of my young pieces for AD
To team up with an aging lebron
No way
Nobody’s beating G.S this year
There’s no guarantee of a third major star next year
And all youre gonna be left with is an injury prone AD
And older lebron

Magic should honestly wait till AD play out his contract
Then Sign him..
Add him to that young core who would be another 2 years wiser ,sharper , better
Look at Melo going to NY
42 Tribes
42 Tribes:
Portland can do it
CJ, Trent, Collins and picks
PuRe Maniac
PuRe Maniac:
Talk about the pistons
Jonathan Song
Jonathan Song:
Lol Raptors logo is backwards. TMac still salty they picked Vince over him
matthew ruto
matthew ruto:
You know what Portland should try and trade for Davis I mean I would trade CJ and a couple of draft picks for Davis
Bhil Smith
Bhil Smith:
We should still be in the buyers. He's still on contract, man. For this year and next year. C'mon, man. Make one last wild run.
Gamaliel Delgado
Gamaliel Delgado:
AD goin to LA
the Celtics might not trade Tatum if ad is gonna be a rental
Osbigato tv
Osbigato tv:
They bout to trade that man to Memphis watch
Of course not, Pelicans await impending doom.
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page:
Rich Paul basically blocking Boston Celtics out for 2 weeks. 😂😂😂😂
Not agreeing with any other team but the Lakers. Other NBA teams would get a 1year Rental & The End !!!
D' PumpedShows
D' PumpedShows:
Reminder... AD wana Join in "Contender Team" not Tenderloin Team (LAKERS). smh.
Sub Titles
Sub Titles:
How did Tracy grow his hair back, he was balding
Jiggy Jay
Jiggy Jay:
but, AD has all the power. Just because the Celtics have more means he will sign with them?
We still talking about this .. lakers will trade 5 players and a pick for AD before the deadline
Life of Deymond
Life of Deymond:
Porzingos and top 5 for for Ad then land Kyrie or Kd Knicks 2020 nba champs
Pelicans dangling a super over teams' heads until end of summer. Lakers just dont have enough.
Pelicans Lose AD and instantly Drop To one Of The Worse Teams In NBA!
Nathan gamezio
Nathan gamezio:
ad don't wanna play with old coach bron. He ought to replace kd and dray or somethin.
Ssiah Tanelus
Ssiah Tanelus:
I think bradley beal can b lebrons kyrie
Fiji Oc
Fiji Oc:
He should replace draymond green
Camis Neal
Camis Neal:
if I was the Pelicans owner I traded him to a team with a worse record then ours for there next two year draft picks and to get role players or he stays to the end of his contract... Do Not Help the Contenders or Major Market's.

by The Way Go 76er's
Bader Ralef
Bader Ralef:
Davis should go to Rockets that's what they need to win the chap🏀⚽😎
Rommel Maglanque
Rommel Maglanque:
elijah Ward
elijah Ward:
sliver will not allow it to happened
Mariam Mansor
Mariam Mansor:
These guys sleeping on the Raptors
Charles Stevenson
Charles Stevenson:
What will Boston do when AD says that he will not resign with the Celtics..
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page:
This Lebron James's childhood friend, you are not going to get away with an agreement from the Boston Celtics on credit. 😂😂😂
jackie nasta
jackie nasta:
Pelicans will kill there organizatio if they hold A.D. back from L.A.
Trade lebron ctfu
Chukwuma Akaenyi
Chukwuma Akaenyi:
I like that woman
Malik Shaw
Malik Shaw:
If I was the pelicans I wouldn't trade AD to a western conference
Roy Monette
Roy Monette:
Stop getting hurt and you will win, otherwise you = Derrick rose

Play a fu season please
Morgan Scarborough
Morgan Scarborough:
Trade Kuz
lito dat
lito dat:
Celtics are not giving the pelicans Tatum lol they going wait for nothing watch they not giving him
Up cuz AD is not going commit
PLOT twist; Bos sends Kyrie to LA AD TO CELTICS
Kawhi + AD23 = NETS. maybe. huh...
will M
will M:
jenny gore
jenny gore:
Trade him to pelican bay for crimes against basketball
Wow!!!!!! Still not showing whole segments. Allow us to fast forward/skip through a segment. I don’t think I’m the only one who wouldn’t mind hearing all of what’s being said.
Anis Ziada Verswalm
Anis Ziada Verswalm:
Celtics won't make a deal until Ad promises to sign with them and not with La in 2020
You have to be mentally impaired to miss that the best strategy for the Pelicans would be to wait until summer and use the competition of the teams in their favor in order to maximise their gains. If they trade him to LA now I will start to believe that it is a rigged move posed by the league in order to make this season more exciting and push Lakers and LBJ
Great Zulu
Great Zulu:
My advice to Davis, you are still young in the NBA to talk about moving. You are playing with your career for asking a trade. Going to Lakers will not guarantee the championship because you feel James in the team is a sure credit. Cavs made that mistake last year and all the players were sold - because they tried to build the team around one man. This championship will still go to the best TEAM - GSW and Celtics. Gone are the days of individuals winning basketball.
So maybe the mistake the Pels made was not resigning Boogie
Richard Bourke
Richard Bourke:
If money ain't a thing for AD then there is only one choice... join Boogie at Golden State!
The Universe Galaxy
The Universe Galaxy:
i dont understand if davis doesnt want to go to the celitcs why are the celitics goign to give up so much for him for one year and why are they in the front of the league of most likely to do then
Free Fluffy
Free Fluffy:
Well pelicans trade him or get nothing for him this summer
YG Trece
YG Trece:
Pls don’t give up Kuz’s potential for ad
Argi Par
Argi Par:
Bucks should trade for beal
sinjin K
sinjin K:
If the Celtics trade for AD then they can call it an even scrim on the DL. Then Ainge closes the sale and does the pitty pat move. It's a win either way for the scrim.
Brandon Deloney-Fulmer
Brandon Deloney-Fulmer:

"Anthony Davis is going to the Lakers"

*Davis requests trade and expresses desire to go to the Lakers.*

"The Celtics have the best chance to trade for Anthony Davis. The Lakers don't have enough to pull it off."