The Last Kingdom | Series 1 Full Trailer

The Last Kingdom starts on 22nd October on BBC2 & 10th October on BBC America. Subscribe now: Saxon or Dane? Tweet us using #IAmSaxon or #IAmDane to pledge your allegiance The Last Kingdom coming to BBC2 and BBC America. Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: The year is 872, and many of the separate kingdoms of what we now know as England have fallen to the invading Danes, leaving the great kingdom of Wessex standing alone and defiant under the command of King Alfred. Against this turbulent backdrop lives our hero, Uhtred. Born the son of a Saxon nobleman, he is captured by the Danes and raised as one of their own. Forced to choose between the country of his birth and the people of his upbringing, his loyalties are ever tested. What is he? Saxon or Dane? On a quest to reclaim his birthright, Uhtred must tread a dangerous path between both sides if he is to play his part in the birth of a new nation and, ultimately, recapture his ancestral lands. Directed by: Nick Murphy, Anthony Byrne, Ben Chanan, Peter Hoar Written by: Stephen Butchard, based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories Cast: Alexander Dreymon, David Dawson, Jason Flemyng and Matthew Macfadyen

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Davide Giannelli
Davide Giannelli:
i still miss Ragnar Lothbrok
Here because GoT is currently blowing their final season... hoping it's good!!
Troy Kelly
Troy Kelly:
Who's here after Game Of Thrones looking for closure?
Shaq T
Shaq T:
GoT Vikings the last kingdom
I just watched the pilot and I was blown away. The most pleasant surprise Netflix has provided me since Peaky Blinders.
The 4th Horseman
The 4th Horseman:
This show gets better every episode! I love the characters and story line
The Last Kingdom is so underrated! It is one of the best shows ever!
Thijs Goedegebuure
Thijs Goedegebuure:
As a big GoT fan I am looking for a new series to survive the long night until Season 8, and I saw this show was recommended by George RR Martin :) Does this show have complex politics, dynamic characters, and a lot of different storylines/locations? Thanks
Wing Chhun
Wing Chhun:
Binged this series the past two days, it was amazing and it filled the gap Game of Thrones has on me waiting every damn Sunday for another episode
frank klungervik
frank klungervik:
omg i am addicted to this series of the best series so far
Annette Phillips
Annette Phillips:
Good first episode although  I found that I was confused if I was loyal to the Danes or my native Englanders!!
iM HaZY:
Nobody cares why you’re here..
Just watch the damn trailer
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson:
11 books in the series so far, each one as good as or better than the ones before. I hope this series is around a long time. LONG LIVE UTREHD OF BEBBANBURG!
Thomas Le
Thomas Le:
Very good show. High production value and it has very good characters. I'm going to start watching Vikings soon after finishing up the last kingdom. Heard it was good too
Veiled Nexus
Veiled Nexus:
I just discovered this show on Netflix and it's pretty good! needs to grow bigger here in America 🖒
Carl Hilton
Carl Hilton:
Rigel R
Rigel R:
I believe this show to be massively underrated. The storyline and the development of several characters - it is just so well done, I have no words. The actors are amazing. I agree that it feels a bit like both GoT and Vikings (which is a good mix!), however I actually find that I like this show even better. It's just overall more thought-through plot-wise in my opinion.. it is more subtle in its greatness, I guess, which I really like. I especially find the emotional bonds between the characters and the morals dilemmas that Uhtred is constantly faced with so incredible well devised. And I find not only Uhtred to be interesting but almost all the other characters as well. What I also really like is how it isn't just about 'the good and the bad' in this story but that good and bad is seen in both the Saxons and the Danes. I am excited to see if Alfred's mind will change regarding Uhtred in season 3 :)
c C
c C:
One of the whole reasons I watched this show is because Uhtred is so attractive.
Le Ha Tran
Le Ha Tran:
THe Arseling's Adventure is currently one of the best TV show so far. You won't be disappointed like... GOT S8
yomi williams
yomi williams:
We are Mercians, yes

Response: Fat Mercians

😂 classic
Diane Dragon
Diane Dragon:
Amazing how everyone has to compare.....The LAST KINGDOM, VIKINGS AND GTO ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!!!
Marcia Woodham
Marcia Woodham:
In my opinion the best show Netflix has. I cannot wait for Season 4. Don't change a thing with this show, keep it coming.
i fuckin loved it. and i need a new season right now:P
This is a great TV show, I admit I'm biased seeing that I'm English.
Cinzia DuBois
Cinzia DuBois:
I keep rewatching this so many times! Cannot wait for Thursday
In case anyone is wondering, the music is "Really Slow Motion - Pillars of Resurrection"
Mohd.Raihaan Musharraf
Mohd.Raihaan Musharraf:
Who is here after GoT?
If you guys liked this series seriously read Bernard Cornwell's (the guy who wrote the novels the series is based on) Holy Grail books, Agincourt and his newest Medieval novel. You won't be disappointed.
Looks interesting. Better than game of plotarmorgarbage.
Great show! I love vikings and I also like the last kingdom. Just enjoy both series and stop comparing everything you fanatics idiots!
Maaaathew MacFayen <3
David King
David King:
Such an amazing trailer!
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers:
I thought the first airing of the show was the be-all/end-all of a great story broadcast on BBC America, but a SECOND season? This is a treat and some damned good news! I cannot wait! This is AWESOME!
triken 8
triken 8:
How come i've never heard of this. This was such a great show.😀
In terms of authenticity, is The Last Kingdom more accurate than Vikings? I watched both, and they are both stunning series, I just feel The Last Kingdom has more depth.
Amazing series, one of the best things I've watched this year. Cannot wait for season 2!
this is the most EPIC, awesome, dope asf trailer I've ever seen! gOdDAmN
Great show, bit miffed about the rectangular shields but still great.
Andrew Starrs
Andrew Starrs:
we need a season 2
Patricia Durden
Patricia Durden:
Please. Put season 2 on the air soon. Love this show. My whole family does. Thanks
Burberry black
Burberry black:
season 2 pleaseeee
Brandon Jenner
Brandon Jenner:
Dam being a huge fan of viking conquest for (warband) this show really going to be interesting. Going to start watching this now.
Holy shit man this is amazing :D
yomi williams
yomi williams:
Season 3 E9
The moment shared between King Alfred and Uhtred.... Profoundly heartfelt

King Alfred speaks his heart rather than what he thinks best for his reign

King Alfred finally says what we have been dying to hear
General Naz
General Naz:
I can't wait for season 4 🧐
Becky Jeff
Becky Jeff:
Huge fan of this series I love uthred ! They did an amazing job making this series I'm hoping for season four
This is one of the best TV shows, trust me and watch it!
Ravi Bhatt
Ravi Bhatt:
Love the soundtrack at 0:52 - does anybody know where I can find the full version please? Thanks!
Season 2 confirmed! Hell yeah !!!!!!!!!!!
Sheela RZ
Sheela RZ:
Awesome show.. I'm hooked! Re-watching series 1. Love the dirt and grit... put more Uhtred! :) Looking forward to series 2!!
Jessica Meyer
Jessica Meyer:
Ok, I've watched the whole series and this trailer doesn't transmit the epicness of the show.. You need a new, more captivating trailer to attract more audience, because this is one of the best shows ever! Love it!
pitti K
pitti K:
I cannot believe I haven't heard of this series before. It appeared on Netflix like a week ago and I bench watched the entire series in 2 days. It is sooooooo good. It is definitely one of the most underrated TV shows of all time!!
Lisa Owens
Lisa Owens:
That looks wonderfully exciting! Almost as good as Game of Thrones, but without Jon Snow...bummer...
Werweiss Simon
Werweiss Simon:
The Books Series is definitely one of the best i've ever read. Hopefully the series will also be :)
Please BBC Season 2. A+ Plus you have more books to cover than GOT.
Vikings disappointed me because of the fast pacing.
Should I give this one a try?
I binged this in one day, I did not expect it to be so awesome!
Devil Solution
Devil Solution:
Is this based on the flame bearer by bernard cornwell or vice versa?
Ciki Ciki
Ciki Ciki:
I Red all the books... I imagined Uthred to look like Chris Hemsworth heheheh!!! But this actor is soooo much better 👍🏻
Can’t wait to watch the series
Don't Feed Me
Don't Feed Me:
Just finished watching this. And my God (or not) is it amazing! Loved it!
Alejandro Porcayo
Alejandro Porcayo:
If you come here looking for something to see after GoT's ends, yo will be no dissapointed with this great serie. The third season is superb!!! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!
Elizandro JSF
Elizandro JSF:
I love you the last kingdon muito top apaixonei por essa serie muito impactante
Michael Eshleman
Michael Eshleman:
He been to both Worlds (Knights of England & Vikings of the Danes). When it comes to family, there is no war between nations.
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez:
Te falto "ROAR" heath ledger
Here because I need my #GameOfThrones fix.
This is one of the most under rated series out there.... it deserves more attention. Amazing series.
Marina Fernandez
Marina Fernandez:
Aguante vikings,la mejor serie...
SAPIENT Psyche - theBeofox
SAPIENT Psyche - theBeofox:
Danites(Danes) fighting their own brothers, the Angelic Sons of Isaac (Anglo-Saxons)
Boy filmbaz
Boy filmbaz:
First Got and Viking and the last kingdom
Julian Evans
Julian Evans:
great series with brilliant characters
are there any plans for season 2?
knikko tojong
knikko tojong:
waiting for the dragon to came out lol
Love the show, just wish the colour was more vibrant... I find it has the same colour of Vikings
Gentleman Gaming
Gentleman Gaming:
Just started watching this series,i am in love
Hey it's the kid from dr foster
Jul Starfall
Jul Starfall:
One of the best series I have ever seen!
Em Kovat
Em Kovat:
I love Vikings , is this the right show for me then ? I ve been looking for something similar in the internet but I didn’t find anything yet
Ian Murdoch
Ian Murdoch:
read the books outstanding. watched series not so good.
MCJuggerNugget gamer
MCJuggerNugget gamer:
Please make a season 4 and more seasons I’m so hooked on this like if u agree with me
Bigcert D
Bigcert D:
Amazing series. Well worth a watch.
Barbaros Uysal
Barbaros Uysal:
in the name of God
What is the name of the song in the battle scene in the season finale?
Nikka Baby
Nikka Baby:
Asia A
Asia A:
Looks similar to Vikings and Game of Thrones which are my 2 favorite shows so I can't wait to watch this!
Tammy Hano
Tammy Hano:
I'm behind everybody else in discovering this series, but I am hooked! Love it 👍
Vihaan Ramesh
Vihaan Ramesh:
Just finished watching season 1. I really enjoyed it! Hoping netflix shows season 2!

edit: finished watching season 2 now. I thought it was even better than the first. I was so happy to learn season 3 is underway. I cant wait!
Winchester F.C
Club Anglais en D3
Fondateur : Ousmane Dembélé.
Objectifs : Crée sont histoire !
ThuleDragon 666
ThuleDragon 666:
Vikings, the last kingdom, knightfall B)
Nicolas Pummer
Nicolas Pummer:
I love that SERIE
Desert Psychlist
Desert Psychlist:
They shouldn't have killed off Ragnar and Rutger Hauer's character in the first episode. Best characters along with Aba.
Well, I need the new season!
frank klungervik
frank klungervik:
i really like Mildrith and i hope they will be together with Uthred until this series will end.
Francesca Kiani
Francesca Kiani:
I watched this on the same day that i learned about Alfred the Great and how he created peace with the Danes... I wonder if my history teacher was out of ideas and then looked on BBC iPlayer
Sss Sss
Sss Sss:
The Last Kingdom and HBO's Rome in my opinion is the best historical series ever made.
robin breslow
robin breslow:
elias borsov
elias borsov:
This show is better than Vikings ,blow me
Can't wait for season 3!
mary jane
mary jane:
love this show! can't wiat for season 2 on Netflix in May!
robin breslow
robin breslow:
W Smith
W Smith:
The exposure is too dark in this trailer