The final battle among vikings and saxons - The Last Kingdom

Enjoy that amazing final battle among danes (vikings) and saxons full of amazing fights and effects.

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This show is so damn good. Can't wait for season 4.
Kohner Mahan
Kohner Mahan:
This happens everyday in the locker room
Michal Nespor
Michal Nespor:
this type of intro soundtrack is cancer
I just wanna say that I love vikings and I also like the last kingdom. You can enjoy both series you fanatics idiots!
PeRs ONiiC
PeRs ONiiC:
RIP Leofric God damn legend! NO MERCY!
Jatuwat Varodompun
Jatuwat Varodompun:
This is the most underrated show in history. For Wessex!
Hafizul Azri
Hafizul Azri:
Why do people hate this show its a good show I mean it's not historically accurate but still a good show
damn this show that popular?
thanks for the recommendation G.R.R Martin
I'm so sad about Leofric
A true soldier RIP
If you support the Heathens watch Vikings. True anglos watch the Last Kingdom
TheReal Mexican American
TheReal Mexican American:
For all the Armchair self styled "Experts" this show as inaccurate it may be, it still gets millions of people who watch it intrested into history.

People will want to learn more about the time period and thus these people will start to research on their own.
Charlotte B
Charlotte B:
I'm just really puzzled by all the comments trashing this scene and the series in general. It's a great show and I just don't see how this is a "terrible" battle scene. OK, the jumping over the shield wall part is silly and not credible. But the rest? It's pretty good. Of course there's a lot of focus on specific characters so if you're only watching this, you miss half the dramatic tension.
When I see the praise being showered on the ridiculous "Battle of the Bastards" episode in GoT, I just don't understand people. Because the level of silly in that episode was about 10 times that of this shield wall scene.
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann:
I feel terrible for Iseult. I genuinely liked her character and her paganism.
Carlos A.N
Carlos A.N:
I've seen Vikings and The Last Kingdom

I have enjoyed The Last Kingdom waaay more:)
I think the main reason I prefer this show to vikings is the fight scenes are more balanced. In Vikings the vikings just steam roll everything with barely a scratch. Even when they get ambushed they still easily turn the tides and slaughter the enemy.
Holden Mcgroine
Holden Mcgroine:
Guthrum: Did you see that? They just let him through the shield wall. Either their god is with them or our men are useless, either way we're screwed.
Guido Octavio
Guido Octavio:
I wish aethelwold could had been a good man after this battle 😭
Ted Hudson
Ted Hudson:
saw a shittonne of critcism, so I thought I might step into defend, firstly to everyone who says this show is shit, you're wrong. not a matter of opinion, you are objectively wrong, in terms of performance, cinematography and direction it is a high quality show. Also to all those complaining about historical accuracy, the armour is uniform and the shields are different so that the audience can tell the different sides, its not an elgant solution but it is important to the average viewer. Secondly a lot of people were complaining about the fact that there is a war camp with women, which you can discover with a quick google search was a real thing and camp followers as well as priests were expectionally common near the battlefield, two special idiots down below also stated, 'battle lines were kilometres long etc with different tactics' expect this battle only numbered around under seven thousand people overall so no they were not kilometres long. Also this is a bbc production they dont have enough money to do a battle like that use your brain fuckwit. On top of that, people are comparing this to vikings, saying its a rip off. No actually the books this is based on were written a long time before vikings (check those out btw, fuckin brill books) what I will say is this defintely was released to capitalise on the success of vikings due to more interest in the period but this is different in tone and look. Lastly the second moron said, WHERES THE CAVALRY, WHY THEY USIN PITCHFORKS etc.; sir you are a moron, they didn;t use cavalry or many archers for that matter this is vaguely accurate in terms of formation etc., though swords probs a bit overused. So I guess what I am trying to say is please, use your brain and think before you write a stupid comment with irrelevant knowledge, makes you look like a bit of a foolish fool. Papa Bless xx
Sir Illuminar The Valient
Sir Illuminar The Valient:
It’s kind of sad because The books were incredibly accurate
The beginning of the battle is credible but then it's getting more in more hollywodian xD
Debra Monahan
Debra Monahan:
I watch this show and Vikings because it's entertaining and I love that type of History even if they take creative license and changing things. It's their goddamn money and it's their prerogative. I love the show. If you don't like it turn the Damn Channel. Uhtred is enough to watch the show. I like Vikings a little better but this is pretty good.
Pepsi Propaganda Ministry
Pepsi Propaganda Ministry:
3:08 "seems the front is having some fun We can just relax and watch it"
WOW incredible! Beautifully choreographed. Vikings should learn a thing or two from this incredible battle.
Ancient Greek and Romans would be ashamed at these poor tactics
David Mereki
David Mereki:
Happy birthday Guthrum ❤️❤️🎂🎂
No mercy!!! Love the show!! R.i.p my guy leofrich!!
Commander Xananymous
Commander Xananymous:
Him:do you wish to surrender
Enemy:I brought give for you your queen
Him:noooooooooooo(charge at him lol)
Ya Boii
Ya Boii:
anglo-saxons did NOT have square shields.
Herrick Sevillano
Herrick Sevillano:
3:09 at the end of the line . Why cant they just cross over the last person and cut the enemy wide open?? Is that against the rule?? Lol (sorry for bad english)
Magma Fang
Magma Fang:
From 5:19 he could easily be hit from behind but they did nothing but watch
Holy hell this show is a lot more popular than I thought it was.
Phil Langston
Phil Langston:
This is my own opinion but this series is better than game of thrones
LOVE IS MY REBELLION. beauty unfolds
LOVE IS MY REBELLION. beauty unfolds:
my favorite show thus far. must watch vikings next. wish to emmulate Eutred, son of Eutred
Pete G
Pete G:
This show is excellent, anyone saying otherwise are out of their minds
Season 3 is fucking amazing. The show definitely looked a little rough back in this point.
Samuel Manlangit
Samuel Manlangit:
Pssh, here comes the historically accurate peeps complaining about a historical fiction story
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison:
Walid _Surf_Fit
Walid _Surf_Fit:
This is one of the best battles I’ve ever seen
HG Investigates
HG Investigates:
NO MORE GROUND SHALL BE LOST!!! gee you think captain obvious
Not Nice
Not Nice:
i love Vikings (tv show) but i started this show. my god, this is way to good. Vikings lost the feel when they kill themain lead ( ragnar lothbroke).
Harold Moore
Harold Moore:
Who would have thought that to break a shieldwall you just have to jump over it.
Dont ever let the rage controls you and jump right into the enemy line
Mart kenyon
Mart kenyon:
I appreciate how historically accurate the show tries to be. I say tries, because there are many things, of course, that depart from history. But overall, these are either minor things or just things that we couldn’t have known from history anyway, because it is not recorded, so the writers fill in the blanks themselves. Overall though, the main events in the story did happen just as described in history.
Ragnar_SECULARIS - Viking_Sith_Lord
Ragnar_SECULARIS - Viking_Sith_Lord:
Quite a killer battle scene. I am a re-enactor and do battle pageant at faire. And this looked pretty awesome.
Thrones of Britannia doesn't have the same shieldwall.
The developer said there is no historical records that shieldwall should look like this. There is also no pushing mechanic.
A big difference between this show and vikings, is that vikings exploits the idea of "shieldmaiden" to show more empowered female characters at the cost of historical accuracy, and the last kingdoms respects the accuracy that it was men almost entirely the ones that fought in the battle fields
5:34 I don't think your soldiers should just be standing still watching your enemy spear you in the chest.
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
Literally read this scene in the books today
R D:
What a show! This part caused me to pause it and walk around in shock lol (notice no mention of current day issues because ITS A SHOW AND IM TRYING TO ENJOY MYSELF. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY
Ichigo MG
Ichigo MG:
Bad-ass Brida doesn't even need a helmet
ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʙɪᴛᴄʜ
ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ʙɪᴛᴄʜ:
Jerms Mason
Jerms Mason:
Such an amazingly shot scene, especially the way the two armies move from a birds eye view.
loved this show
Mr C
Mr C:
New age travelers, i bet Thatcher would have moved them on pretty smartly!
10 pea em
10 pea em:
1.14 those shields are absolutely tiny!
5:40 Beocca walking into battle without armor and knocking out a Dane. God is with him I guess!
Adriel Teixeira
Adriel Teixeira:
Alfredo best character
Mastadon King
Mastadon King:
Of course the saxons were going to win. They had a badass battle priest.
Steve Long
Steve Long:
Nov 19 2018 season 3 this show kicks ass.
Noah Nelson-Smith
Noah Nelson-Smith:
The books are significantly better, if you are looking for something to read give them a try, or listen to the audiobook which is fantastically narrated.
Martin Fornůsek
Martin Fornůsek:
5:17 A great scene of Uthred jumping the shark... I mean the shieldwall
wilheim wilheim
wilheim wilheim:
pretty chill if u were all the way back in the lead :D
Last Baratheon
Last Baratheon:
I loved this Battle first time I watched it
Beocca's Badassary
Uthred's rage
and that Music towards the end.👌👌👏👏🔥😆
I swear Scorpa looks like Johnny Depp or at least Jack Sparrow
E. M.
E. M.:
I'm so hyped!!! Season 3 is coming!!!
Myke D
Myke D:
This was my favorite series on Netflix!
3:30 charging the generals bodyguard unit into unsuspecting peasant levy units
This Channel Is Dead
This Channel Is Dead:
I just started a few weeks ago and I just watched this episode. ITS SO AWESOM
Justinian I
Justinian I:
I love Vikings , they have no mercy and they are bloodthirsty
Red Gusher
Red Gusher:
wow this is rare according to total war shield walls break after 20 seconds
For some reasons i want to play the Total War Series LoL :D
Dionyso Kostantinos
Dionyso Kostantinos:
The most realistic battle I've ever seen on the screen .... if you read the novel by Bernard Cornwell you understand perfectly how this human war machine worked.
Where are the spears? A fundamental part of a shield wall, for either army. No spears?
Whoever made this video should have consulted a historical armourer.
No spears? Really? Faaaark.
Sufian Abuahmad
Sufian Abuahmad:
Not really final..
James S
James S:
That priest is an OG
He broke the shield wall. Norse or Saxon, that should have been a death sentence.
Mount And Blade Warband - Viking Conquest
1:45 "Here they come!" ...'Here' and 'come' are Anglo-Saxon words... but the pronoun 'they' we got from the Danes. :) Funny how it all worked out in the end.
Mostafa Tarek Adam
Mostafa Tarek Adam:
one of the best battles on the TV !
Justin Williams
Justin Williams:
4:55 Not gonna lie, I really feel sorry for her.
jonas smith
jonas smith:
3;37 vikings what did you expendted T brakes and intiguett dialogs ???
Even the Priest put in work!
D Hristov
D Hristov:
Uhtred - christian man!
sirk anallirt
sirk anallirt:
Utred the Godless...
I love iseult 😥
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar:
Your fighting skills are great
Siddharth Sid
Siddharth Sid:
Today's world nuclear weapons

Game over
Wamen Noodles
Wamen Noodles:
If he was smart he’d would’ve had some men stay back and guard his woman
nazm err
nazm err:
Iseult hot asf, even as a decapitated head 😉
Zara Thustra
Zara Thustra:
Even though Uthred jumping over the shieldwall & surviving was beyond idiotic.

You can't deny it was badass & my suspension of disbelief was over level 9000.

So i forgave this insanity on the premise,
that for a brief time he was possessed by THOR
Never seen the series. Might give a try one day.

My favourite show is Vikings so I might have to watch this.

Can anyone tell me who’s fighting in this battle? I’ve heard that “The Last kingdom” is about Guthrum Vs Alfred. Are any of them in this battle?
Justin Williams
Justin Williams:
I like how the Viking Shield wall would be more protective than the Saxons'. Seriously, the Saxons practically have lunch-trays that require the first 3-4 rows to even make a suitable defense.
Watch this whole sequence blazed AF. You'll never feel more anxious and horrified, but oddly enthralled and excited at the same time. No wonder these bros were crazy.
Only two shows have made me come back to it after stopping because I was so eager to know what happened with the characters and that is Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom! Very underrated!
Ali WayTV
Ali WayTV:
His queen was sexy af
Jimmy Rodman
Jimmy Rodman:
You have to be good with your shield to keep on fighting that battle. This scene is horror big time.
Aklis Yulistian
Aklis Yulistian:
Just imagine , if Viking meet the dothraki
Salman Faisal
Salman Faisal:
Season & episode no?
wtf is this intro i'm giving u a dislike for such a bad and loud intro
Rune Bråten Lundberg
Rune Bråten Lundberg:
One guy jumping over the wall and not getting instantly stabbed by 5 people at the same time? Sure thing