The Celtics have emerged as favorites to sign Kemba Walker – Woj | Get Up

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Boston Celtics have emerged as front-runners to sign Kemba Walker. Jalen Rose explains why Kemba would be better suited to lead the Celtics than Kyrie Irving. #GetUp ✔ Subscribe to ESPN+ ✔ Get the ESPN App: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: Exclusive interviews with Rachel Nichols Stephen A. Smith on ESPN ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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Think Tank
Think Tank:
"I thought I was up next when Kyrie left guess I'm gone "

- Terry Rozier
Kemba is basically as good as Kyrie without the drama
Brendan Keene
Brendan Keene:
Celts should get Kemba, and Cousins. They’d be solid.
Cao yang
Cao yang:
Tomorrow- ESPN: "clippers favorites to land kemba, KD, Kawhi, Butler, Kyrie"
We The North
We The North:
Hornets gave Batum $$ but not Kemba smh
We The North
We The North:
Jazz got Conley, Pacers cant afford him... next best choice was the Celtics if he wants to play for a playoff team. However Ainge needs to trade for a big.
Kenyata Jones
Kenyata Jones:
Great move for Kemba and Celtics
Mac Milly D. Donalson
Mac Milly D. Donalson:
Tatum and brown grow..: Kemba brings positivity and leadership. Smart takes over the glue. Shit all the Celtics need is a decent big or two... they even have the option of trading Hayward for a big 🤷🏾‍♂️..... not saying they have to because I think Gordon recovers , but it’s an option for sure
A Friendly Hobo
A Friendly Hobo:
Jordan loves gambling away millions of dollars but is not willing to give Kemba Walker the Max. Thank god. This is the only way for Kemba to finally get out of that hell hole.
Sam Hale
Sam Hale:
Gordan hayward needs to actually be a max player for any of this to work
Cole Bodine
Cole Bodine:
What is it with the Celtics and point guards from the 2011 draft? First IT, then Kyrie, now Kemba...
Robbie S
Robbie S:
Jordan is a fool. He should have traded Kemba if he had no plan of resigning him.
Jay will didn’t sell you out when you sneezed i heard it everyone did🤣
Chewing Gum Channel
Chewing Gum Channel:
idk lol just go the Patriots
As a life long Celtics fan I'm sad to be losing Kyrie's skills and talent, not sad to be losing him in the locker room though. I would love it if we could get Kemba.
The Celtics still have a projected lottery pick next year and they could find a big man to finalize the puzzle. Trust in Ainge.

If Hayward comes back ti himself, the Celtics are just one big man away again from becoming contenders again.
This is beautiful omg, BYE KYRIE, WELCOME KEMBA !
RusM 87
RusM 87:
Jay B
Jay B:
Kemba and jayson Tatum both signed with Jordan for whatever that’s worth
Love the “God bless you” on air, never a bad time for being thoughtful.
Hardest Snot_rocket
Hardest Snot_rocket:
Great move, but losing Al Horford was too detrimental to The Celtics defense.
Cass Cassidy
Cass Cassidy:
I love Boston and I really like Kemba, I live in NC and he’s a great player with a big heart... but Boston getting past Philly (Embiid) and Milwaukee (Giannis) is going to be nearly impossible without a BIG. No Horford, no Baynes.... wtf are they going to do against bigs that can ball?
Samson Manase
Samson Manase:
MJ ain’t giving kemba that super max ! Cmon
Brian Bairos
Brian Bairos:
Can't wait to hear how his Nets teammates need to play better defense after Kemba drops 40 points on Kyrie again.

Lol...good luck Brooklyn.
Now the Celtics just need to work a three team deal that would bring Clint Capela to Boston. Particularly the one that would send Butler to Houston
For the Celtics: Kemba > Kyrie
Frankie Nichols
Frankie Nichols:
he didn't want jay to say God bless u?
Kemba come to Boston. We need hungry and all team guys like you.
Jalen, Cryrie wasn't!
Jon Stark
Jon Stark:
FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS...Kemba has ties to New England from his UConn days. He’ll be embraced with open arms!!!🙏🏽💪🏽
If I was Kemba i would take the super max. Financial security first brah
Sean Of The Dead
Sean Of The Dead:
I hope this really happens, I like me some kemba and our city will welcome him with open arms.
Turhan Henderson
Turhan Henderson:
Celtics could've built a 12-15 man rotation from 2011 alone with 2-3 players in every position by now lmao. Straight depth!
Greg Griffin
Greg Griffin:
Great...another ball dominant pg that will handcuff the development of the Jay's. I'd rather stick with Smart as a starter, then bring in Carsen and Waters off the bench. We don't need a ball dominant center either, but we have a rim protector in Williams and Tacko (if he can learn quickly)
Jack Mass
Jack Mass:
Kemba is a tier below Kyrie but he might do better because he might fit better
The Peoples Voice
The Peoples Voice:
Please go to the Mavs.
James Parker
James Parker:
Celtic ain't rebuilding they fixing some of the problems Kyrie out Al out Rozier out Baynes out all these guys had some kind of issues Kyrie negative attitude Al could rebound Rozier missed a lot of baskets Baynes was solid but we need to clear up cap space. We still need a good big man because we are weak in the center position. So let see what moves Danny can make this up coming week.
quan Brooklyn kid
quan Brooklyn kid:
If they get him thn... they will be back in the NBA Finals, vs LeBron James... = 4-6 😎🙏
Eric Pirillo
Eric Pirillo:
This isn't rebuilding. Walker, Tatum, brown, Heyward. Its a chemistry adjustment
Mike J.
Mike J.:
just 1 missing piece JUST ONE a Center
Crypto Villain Thoughts
Crypto Villain Thoughts:
Kemba is ego free, Celtics will be fun to watch
Sean Petersen
Sean Petersen:
Kemba needs a very high usage rate
lil chris
lil chris:
I'm from Boston if we get Adams and kemba we lit then and they always put names over talent lol kemba can score 30 in his sleep we be the East coast nuggets
Jason Higgins
Jason Higgins:
I love the "Boston is rebuilding talk" lmao make no sense. The foundation is already built we just haven't had the player to push us over the edge. Top 3 seed without kemba easy, philly is a joke
It's not a rebuilding year, Jay. Christ, stop being biased.
Pravit Malige
Pravit Malige:
Bro Kemba should come to Dallas
Los Angeles KlauwlGeorge
Los Angeles KlauwlGeorge:
Watch him prove how bummy KI is
Hyper 432
Hyper 432:
Kemba would be a good fit with Sixers...
deejay absalon
deejay absalon:
kemba 2time sportmanship hes a leader
Kemba isn't going the Celtics
Broly Brodie1321
Broly Brodie1321:
DLO should go to the Mavs
Darrian Woods
Darrian Woods:
LOL Celtics are back to rebuilding
Utkarsh Dave Sahni
Utkarsh Dave Sahni:
Man terry rozier cannot catch a break
Afro Sage
Afro Sage:
Lol Celtics replacing Kyrie hella quick.
Giorgio Monticelli
Giorgio Monticelli:
I love the fact that all the media that have trown confetti up in the air in the last few days, after the Kyrie and Horford news, now are returning to their usual depression after the evidence that the Celtics will still be a very good team at the end of the summer.
We are not dead yet, put away your bottles of champagne and open it when the Knicks will return to the playoffs. It wil be a loooooooooooooong wait.
Jadon Whittemore
Jadon Whittemore:
Finally people will believe he’s better than kyrie now after this season.
Chris C
Chris C:
Boston still needs a big, maybe two
Ernest Brown2
Ernest Brown2:
Jordan will be stupid not to pay this man& get him help
Don't do it man..... you'll regret it
J Buckets
J Buckets:
He should go to the pacers they have the more stable and better team, Celtics looks like a drama team filled with overrated egos
Mane On
Mane On:
Rich cho ruined the hornets reputation
Ball is Life
Ball is Life:
Chill man, free agency has not even started, why the hell are talking about free agency just after raps won the chip, they more excited about players changing teams than who wins the championship
Jonathon Odum
Jonathon Odum:
I thought the Lakers should undoubtedly trade their young core but the Celtics should hold onto theirs. Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Robert Williams could develop into a championship team.
“One man loss is another man’s treasure “ kyrie is walking away from all those treasures
flash flood99
flash flood99:
Terry Rozier: Since Kyrie won’t be a leader I guess I will

Ainge and Irving are the worse things that ever happened to the Celtics.
Guilherme Cabral
Guilherme Cabral:
If kawhi stays on the raptors and kemba signs with the Celtics the Celtics would be only the 4th best team in the east so 🤷🏽‍♂️
Another point guard change Boston
Sign Greg Monroe now!!!!!
Crypto Villain Thoughts
Crypto Villain Thoughts:
Terry pack your bags! Lol
THK Teo:
Once if C do sign kemba walker then it left not much salary cap to sign another legit big who's in the mold of Al Horford. However Danny always have some Ace card on his sleeve and there are Euro league big man and also free agent big like Robin Lopez
Eric Blake
Eric Blake:
I love Kemba showing some loyalty to Charlotte, saying he’d stay and take less money to help the team. But let’s be honest, they’re going nowhere fast and it’s time for him to do some winning. As a Lakers fan, it hurts to say this, but he should go to Boston and build around him, Tatum and Brown.
Heath Sanders
Heath Sanders:
Scary Terry gettin no respect
Chance Truth
Chance Truth:
Espn be capping 😂 😂😂😂😂😂
Welcome kemba welcome☘️
Think it's a bad signing for Celts (ie: they won't win the title with Kemba and that should be their only goal). However I think it's a great opportunity for Kemba to rewrite history and be like look at what I did with this team and look at what Kyrie did.
Hasif Shaikh
Hasif Shaikh:
Imagine if Boston gets robbed
Proctorz FA
Proctorz FA:
Since terry is a “starting Pg” trade him for multiple shooters and defenders
MetalFace MovieReviews
MetalFace MovieReviews:
This is a good move.
Conlan Edwards
Conlan Edwards:
why do these noobs want the celtics to win so bad lol chill
David Yang
David Yang:
Rozier is a beast. Dont know what the celtics are trying to do there
Nelson Maldonado
Nelson Maldonado:
He’s a better fit let’s gooooo !!!!
Eli G
Eli G:
They need to make a move for Capela , can get him for pretty cheap with the Rockets wanting to off cap room for butler , they should try to acquire Capela over cousins on a 1 year deal , Capela will do more for them and be a better all around team player which they have to have to make that trio work
Drilla Boyz Ent.
Drilla Boyz Ent.:
Jay Will is annoying the man single handed end his own career.
Slim 21
Slim 21:
Remember he said “attitude “
ubayd kasXm
ubayd kasXm:
As a mavs fan, I’m punching air rn
Kemba is definitely an improvement over Kyrie
Andy Tran
Andy Tran:
Terry Rozier punching air right now
Tyson D
Tyson D:
Celtics does not need another guard, they need sharp shooters
Dan 3
Dan 3:
Why Kemba...
Michael Matters
Michael Matters:
Kemba come to Detroit
Evolution of NBA
Evolution of NBA:
Pacers need a power move
Rozier it's out! Probably brown too. My hate for Ainge had grow since 2008. Rozier wanted Kyrie's role & even Rozier said he be out of Celtics don't do anything ¬e they want to sign kemba? Not good!
Jaime Cervantes
Jaime Cervantes:
I think Dallas is a better fit
lol woj making up stories again
john ingemi
john ingemi:
I want kemba walker and Adams from OKC...perfect 👍🍀
Awesome Vids
Awesome Vids:
King Ali
King Ali:
why are they always trying to push Celtics as the favorites in the East. STILL?? Regardless of what happens, they're always the favs in the East lol, smh. They keep talking about 2 years ago, the East SUCKED 2 years ago lol. Those Celtics this year would be out in the 2nd round.
Kemba Walker join Lakers
play with lebron and D
Kevin Alexer
Kevin Alexer:
He need to sign with Bucks

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