The Batman Release Date and Plot Revealed. Ben Affleck is Done.

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Willie Hughes
Willie Hughes:
David Tennant would be a good riddler
Honestly so sad about Ben leaving. He has the most potential of being Batman and I really liked his performance in BVS.
I’ll miss the real Batman
me personaly, i would love to not know who the villain is and follow the clues with Bats. that would be so awesome. one clue could say Riddler, one clue could be Hush, another could suggest Catwoman. that would be so cool to learn the villain with Batman. it's a noir, we don't need everything spelled out. let the mystery/crime be the focus. again, just me
AnimeNightwing33 B
AnimeNightwing33 B:
I want Ben Affleck to only show up as Batman as cameos in movies going forward. As much as I love him in the role, I’m frankly just more interested in movies set in the past.
Rorschach's Journal
Rorschach's Journal:
So can we pretend it's not in the DCEU so Batman maybe won't become a murdering maniac?
Ariel Casanova
Ariel Casanova:
This sounds pretty much like a dream come true - I can hardly imagine a movie concept more perfect!
The rebooted Planet of the Apes is one of my favourite movie series ever, and Matt Reeves made it obvious in that trilogy that he really cares about character, more than spectacle (btw, he totally nailed both). Batman V Superman was all about spectacle, whereas Nolan's Batman was a character you can really sympathise with, and who is quite a human Batman, which sounds like what Reeves wants to go for. I admit beating out Bale's Batman is an extremely tough task (if it succeeds, it'll practically have no precedent!), but Reeves puts lots of time and effort into everything he does (think about how long this one's taking to develop), and his notion of returning to the noir roots with original, classic villains is just jaw-dropping. THAT speaks to me so much more personally than the highly mechanised, bland Batfleck.
Frederick Allgood
Frederick Allgood:
"Now I'm waiting for Blade the crow, and Spawn",
The best DCEU movies are solo movies with little connection to the others:
Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, & Aquaman

WB needs to make a phase layout. The Batman sounds good. Shazam looks good. Birds of Prey has me concerned.
Swol Nol
Swol Nol:
Broo that’d be perfect! June 25 is my bday
Tony Kidd
Tony Kidd:
I want a mean, merciless Batman. I want him to be fear, almost a villain
MCU Spider-Man
MCU Spider-Man:
I'm gonna miss Ben Affleck and I'm excited for Batman
Court of Owls, Mr Reeves. Please 😍
man i really hope they do riddler, penguin, and cat woman
Vee On
Vee On:
When someones goal is to connect to audiences emotionally thats a good direction
Goku son
Goku son:
This really sucks, I'm not going to see this movie without Affleck
Ben affleck is great but I’m Impressed easily and I have a soft spot for Batman forever so.... Charlie cox?
Ben isn’t “done.” He simply isn’t appearing in THIS one film.
Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly:
Hey Nick. Thanks for the Update.
E Money
E Money:
None of this is confirmed.
It's all speculation and click bait.
Zack D.
Zack D.:
Scott adkins for batman his a martial artist an great actor
Webmus Brick Channel
Webmus Brick Channel:
But the real question is, is this gonna be in the DCEU?
Alvin AF24
Alvin AF24:
Hell yeah
I want Batfleck Stand Alone Movie
Tony Antonellis
Tony Antonellis:
i got a lot of ideas of who will play some of Batman's enemies who we haven't seen in DCEU
blue the blues
blue the blues:
2021 my birthday on a Friday that year
Anthony Marsala
Anthony Marsala:
Ben was the best Batman he was what I wanted in the dark knight trilogy
A.A. V
A.A. V:
I'm done with the DCEU I #ResistReevesBatman
Carmelo Sgro
Carmelo Sgro:
I wii watch it, if the started the project by March the reach the release date
Vinny Atoori
Vinny Atoori:
Ben Affleck never had the makings of I varsity athlete.
It has been now confirmed, that the movie coming out in June 25th, 2021.
Why doesnt DC just stick to animation? I love the shows and movies
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar:
Great news
Now I want either a new Superman movie ora man
of Steel sequel
Ryan Favinger
Ryan Favinger:
Lewis Tan would make a good adult Damian Wayne to take over
Jakob Wülk
Jakob Wülk:
They should do the court of owls cause it's tied to his parents deaths
Vatican Cameos!
Vatican Cameos!:
For only a movie ,I think this one would focus on younger one!
Eric Madill
Eric Madill:
I really wanna see Ben Affleck come back and play Batman again. I would love to see them explain why he kills people now, maybe they could show what made him change his morals.
Neil Quintanilla
Neil Quintanilla:
I'd love to see Ben Affleck get another chance at Batman. He did good with the so-so story of BvS. Give him another crack at it, but it'd have to be an older Batman story.
Caélum Green
Caélum Green:
This is it. *ITS HAPPENING*
Caoz Cryptic
Caoz Cryptic:
OMG two face should be Dylan o Brian
honestly, i loved ben afflek as batman because he was so bruding and i liked his jaw line lol
Juan Sebastian Rodr’guez Montenegro
Juan Sebastian Rodr’guez Montenegro:
Removing Ben Affleck is horrible. I think he could have been the best Batman if he had good material to work with. They should’ve adapted a story that didn’t requiere a younger Bruce Wayne. Another option would have been de aging with CGI wich has been done brilliantly by marvel and I think DC could pull it off. I WILL MISS BATFFLECK
Rahul Mathew
Rahul Mathew:
Zack and Whedon next innocent victim.
lynKx :P
lynKx :P:
"He is going through a transformation"
And yall know what that means folks, the batman who laughs is confirmed for the batman movie
E N:
Ben just never had his heart in it. Waste of time. Get a younger man
alex kappen
alex kappen:
yes i want Ben Affleck back as the batman he is my favourite batman
MaD LiFe
MaD LiFe:
They need the actor bulked and good fighting scenes
Tony Harris
Tony Harris:
Nick with the grind
Sean Whelan Whelan
Sean Whelan Whelan:
Some suggestions for a young Batman
-Armie Hammer
-Scott Eastwood (I know that he was in Suicide Squad, but who cares)
-Dylan O'Brien
-Ben Barnes
-Tom Bateman
-Kit Harrington
-Jack O'Connell
-Taron Egerton (may be too short)
-Robbie Amell
-Sam Claflin
-Jack Huston
-Toby Kebbell
-Aaron Taylor Johnson
-Jeremy Irvine
shid and piss
shid and piss:
The one thing I want to see in a batman is to see batman have his cape draped over his shoulders covering his body like in batman the animated series
Also, can we have a Batman where he doesn't have to mask his voice?
Yeah, what scares me the most are that's pictures from 60's Batman Matt Reeves post. Anyone could think he his basing The Batman on some aspects of that series, and that is never a good news.
C m
C m:
C'mon, it is time for Clay face to make an appearance in a movie soon,no?
DooM HomeGrown
DooM HomeGrown:
Showing his world detective skills and giving us BVS action scenes Batman! Like the famous warehouse scene!
The Immortal Super Being
The Immortal Super Being:
I hope we have a new Bad guy like Mad Hatter or The Riddler.

Or maybe it will be based on BATMAN GOTHEM BY GASLIGHT my fave Batman animation.
Smokey jag
Smokey jag:
Nick with the grind
William Desmond
William Desmond:
I'd love for Hush to be the main villain, the only media he's been in so far have been the Arkham games but they really botched his storyline in Knight. Showcasing someone whose known Bruce since childhood and who acts as a perfect foil to Batman would be great.

The movie would need to be rated R though, which would probably be the only problem with having Hush as the villain.
Jerrell Lopes
Jerrell Lopes:
Bring Ben back hes a grate fit I think hes the best batman and Bruce
Krono Zoid
Krono Zoid:
Cory B
Cory B:
Wonder if Batman is going to discover the mystery of Robin’s death and if that’ll be a plot or subplot.
Mister Man
Mister Man:
Liam Hemsworth for Batman
Good riddance!
SR Striker
SR Striker:
I hope we get a better penguin story
Cory Michael Smith as the Riddler, 'cause why the heck not
Dice Man
Dice Man:
Not gonna be a prequel would be totally pointless. Just make it separate from the DCEU
Daniel Cielak (Student)
Daniel Cielak (Student):
Is he seriously done!
evil deth
evil deth:
the riddler should be dark..
Austin Gomez
Austin Gomez:
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner:
This is batman year one. You heard it first here.
Ethel Gipson
Ethel Gipson:
What I think is their getting a younger actor to play Ben Affleck's version of Batman then have him come back
Shaun Patton
Shaun Patton:
Definitely NO to Affleck as Batman in The Batman they need to do a year 1 novie w Hush as the Villian to where that will be the point to where The Batman need to question everything as a new crime fighter vigilante
venkybunny vip
venkybunny vip:
Armi Hammer is gonna be great Batman
Armie Hammer as Batman!
LazerBeams PewPew
LazerBeams PewPew:
I miss the real batman! Comics and animated movies/T.V Shows. Sad Life
Chris Corley
Chris Corley:
It's about THE BATMAN, because Batman is too short in title. THE SHAZAM next reboot.
cringe boi
cringe boi:
Great video
No. He's done. No more Ben Afleck.
Sabretooth Studios
Sabretooth Studios:
I hate when you have a younger actor supposedly playing a younger version of a character; because it feels more implausible the more movies set in the past are made; like with the X-men. Oh well, still very excited. I’ll miss Batfleck, though. He was superb.
Keith Gall
Keith Gall:
Haven’t we yet learned that multiple villains don’t really work? (*cites comments looking for a trio). If you want a character-driven film/ detective, I’d say a mental showdown with the Riddler would be a way to go.
James Oakley
James Oakley:
Josh Eskin
Josh Eskin:
I think this movie could be good. But hopefully we can keep one Batman in the DCEU because if they keep re casting Batman and other characters it will become just as confusing as the X-men franchise
Penguin and the riddler from Gotham Netflix show is good
derek miller
derek miller:
It’s a good thing. The real fans never wanted him as Batman anyway. I would take Keaton back any day. Bring back Micheal Keaton.
I want to see Christian Bale or someone younger that has a better dark voice like i got to be honest I really don't want Ben Affleck to be batman he can be the director or the writer but not Batman and also if Ben Affleck still play as Batman I'm still going to go see it I am going there to see Batman not Ben Affleck
Josh Hartnett for Batman
Debo4735 X
Debo4735 X:
Armie Hammer should be the next BATMAN!
Claude S. Whitacre
Claude S. Whitacre:
Ban Affleck was my favorite Batman. Sure the movies were flawed. But the warehouse scene in BatmanVSuperman was a definitive Batman portrayal for me. And he looks genuinely threatening in that Batman costume. But we haven't seen a "World's Greatest Detective' yet.
Affleck was trash as Batman thank god he's gone.
Sean McMann
Sean McMann:
Hear me out...
Batman - Finn Wolfhard
Catwoman - Millie Bobby Brown
Robin - Gaten Matarazzo
Batwing - Caleb McLaughlin
Jim Gordon - Noah Schnapp
Joker - Charlie Heaton
Riddler - Joe Keery
Alfred - David Harbour
Batwoman - Natalia Dyer
Renee Montoya - Winona Ryder
Mr Freeze - Matthew Modine
Farrdawg Joker
Farrdawg Joker:
No Ben, if it is to have the feel of a prequel it needs a younger lead unless its half flashback half current but hopefully it's not that because it would suck. We need a villain that hasn't been seen on the big screen before. Look at how well the Spiderman movie did with the Vulture and now Mysterio so why cant we get a new villain in Batman? Hush, Talon and the court of the owls, Azrael and the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas. But I'm wondering could we maybe get clayface as well?
The BlackBox Pocast show
The BlackBox Pocast show:
Not from what I heard , Affleck is still attached to the project until I hear Reeves say it out of his mouth
Keith J
Keith J:
Ben Affleck was not a good Batman.
Most people give him credit for the actions scenes, but it was the stunt actor who gave us those awesome action scenes.
Joseph K
Joseph K:
He’s not gone to future team ups... but idk
Chris Hall
Chris Hall:
Sounds like riddler. But Court of Owls would be the best for noir.
Kicking out Ben Affleck is like Disney re-doing the Lucas Star Wars basics
Bradley Coates
Bradley Coates:
o good another batman movie..................

THE BATMAN LOL Stupid title!!
Doctor Sam
Doctor Sam:
Not done lol..where did you got that idea from? he never said he was out. WB never said he was out. Reeves wanted a young actor for a prequel which makes sense that's why Affleck passed the movie. He will return in the sequels which are set in the present. He still has 2 movies in his contract. Youtubers are so ill-advised that it's laughable
Watching TrainsgoBy
Watching TrainsgoBy:
LOL GREAT... AN EMOTIONAL BATMAN MOVIE. Here comes the pain. He's going to spend his nights defending gender pronouns and muh feelings!
Caoz Cryptic
Caoz Cryptic:
I think the Batman villan is about penguin and Riddler he second maybe scarecrow then the joker after that is redhood