The Batman Movie Preview - Why Ben Affleck Left Batman

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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome:
Here's my *Batman Ben Affleck* video and Breakdown of Matt Reeves Preview of "The Batman" movie. Lots of details and stuff to theorycraft. Post all your reactions in the comments!
Raveen Herath
Raveen Herath:
Charlie screenshotted Ben Affleck's tweet 7 seconds after it was posted...
This man is actually omnipotent
Jonathan Barker
Jonathan Barker:
Ben Affleck was such a good Batman, I really hope he continues as Batman for the modern timeline in the dceu
I like Gosling but no. Ryan gosling is not Batman.
TXS 1836
TXS 1836:
Affleck is my favorite Batman he will be missed I hope he comes back in the future!
Thats so sad... nobody wants 20ish teen age batman...
A dudes thoughts
A dudes thoughts:
Keaton in a Batman Beyond would be awesome.
Whoever they pick, they must make it sure that he is as tall as ben affleck,'cause batman is supposed to be that tall and muscular
Key Atm
Key Atm:
The writing in Nolan's batman was impeccable
Dark Knight Light
Dark Knight Light:
Scott Adkins for Batman. He would definitely be the best Batman by far.
Mr Not That Famous
Mr Not That Famous:
i like how alfred can be any damn age at this point
Non Mirage Truth Vision
Non Mirage Truth Vision:
Who's in charge over there? DC keeps falling on their face, they should be huge. Call Nolan and beg him to come back on.
Tommy Callahan
Tommy Callahan:
My favorite Batman moment was when he realized Superman’s mom was named Martha.
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi:
Has affleck actually left!? I thought he was solid they need to give him a standalone batman!!!
Hey There
Hey There:
actually, afflecks story sounds more exciting
Immortal CBox
Immortal CBox:
I was worried Ben was completely done. Probably my favorite batman scene was Batfleck saving Martha Kent in the warehouse. Best fight scene of all live action batman.
Marc-André B
Marc-André B:
Oh Man. Batman Beyond with Keaton is an amazing idea.
Prasad Mhatre
Prasad Mhatre:
Ben Affleck+ warehouse scene = best batman adaptation ever
They need to do something more than this to convince me now
Charlotte Dickson
Charlotte Dickson:
I absolutely think Ben Affleck is the best Batman ever. Edit. I also loved George Clooney's Batman too!
Joya Davis
Joya Davis:
I been a Batgirl since Prince sang in the soundtrack... I gotta say Been Affleck made me love the character again.
Ron Petersen
Ron Petersen:
I rather see Clint Eastwood in a Batman Beyond film as Bruce Wayne. Nobody plays grumpy old man better than Clint.
Pierce Smith
Pierce Smith:
Will Jeremy Irons return as Alfred? Maybe they could de-age him but most likely it'll be a new actor.
What a mess. Shit show. My favorite comic book character and DC can't get it together.
Raf Orr
Raf Orr:
Damn He was actually really good playing Batman. Shame 🛎
Chris Brandon
Chris Brandon:
The first scene of batman! In b.v.s d.o.j!
Colonel Stan
Colonel Stan:
I just want more Henry Cavill as Superman.
Ned Sofla
Ned Sofla:
I was super skeptical of Batfleck when it was first announced. When the movies came out, I enjoyed them. I'd like to see him return as Batman.
Daniel Redziniak
Daniel Redziniak:
I've seen the dark knight trilogy a couple of times but i had to force myself to watch the newer ones
kristoffer rodriguez
kristoffer rodriguez:
Want to enter my favorite moment its probably a lot of us....,"where is she!" "Never start with the head!"
Geo Kouza
Geo Kouza:
"Do you bleed? will!"
Azrul Tarmizi
Azrul Tarmizi:
It's totally understandable that Ben Affleck is not gonna be in Matt Reeve's Batman because of age difference but I really want Ben Affleck to return as Batman, at least a great cameo in Birds of Prey movie
Leon Campbell
Leon Campbell:
The Dark knight begins.title of movies.
Nick Jim
Nick Jim:
Batflecks warehouse fight scene was the best Batman moment
M. Powell
M. Powell:
I feel like I'm the only one who absolutely loved affleck as Batman. Reminds me of my favorite batman 'The Dark Night Returns' series.
0:30 Clarke: You bought the house ? Bruce: I bought the bank.
Za Doruphin
Za Doruphin:
We need a horror/thriller style Batman movie with Zsasz, Killer Croc and Professor Pyg.
"secret justice league trilogy" didn't we all assume they were planning a trilogy? The details of their plan was secret, not the trilogy itself.
I really hope we get a good Batman movie. I would love more detective work in it.
J P:
Ben Affleck is so far one of my favorite Batmen
4:01 They’re watching rick and morty and I just noticed
This video helped me calm down about the news of Affleck not being in the Reeves film. Keep it up!
Green Gorilla Home
Green Gorilla Home:
My favorite line from Batman in Batman vs Superman is “Do you bleed”?
House Solo
House Solo:
Dude... I loved ben affleck as batman.
Joy Road
Joy Road:
I wish I could go back in time and tell DC just make a Man Of Steel. If they did that and just gave everybody their own solo movie DC wouldn't be in the sinsuation they're in now.
John Grim777
John Grim777:
My favorite Batman moment would be in Frank Miller's,"The Dark Knight Returns. " Upon fighting the mutant leader,he says,"This isn't a mudhole,son. It's an operating table... and I'm the surgeon."
GIVE US A DETECTIVE COMICS BATMAN! Serial killers, detective work, dark I don't want Batman movies being avengers multiconnections and sequels set up with too many characters.
Graciela Rivera
Graciela Rivera:
They got the upcoming DCEU movies: Shazam(2019), Birds Of Prey, Wonder Woman 1984 in the same year which is 2020 and The Flash 2021!
Shane Dorman
Shane Dorman:
charlie,your the man my favorite batman moment has to be the superman vs batman from the dark knight returns such a great moment
CSI: Gotham City
Daniel Barde
Daniel Barde:
Favourite Batman moment was from BVS... Do you bleed?
Rhaenyas Phoenix
Rhaenyas Phoenix:
If this movie takes after Mask of the Phantasm, it'd be the best news ever. It's absolutely one of my most favourite Batman stories ever told.
My favorite Batman moment, when Affleck wasn't in Batman movies.>>
Luka Cgn
Luka Cgn:
All Gotham characters from the Series fitted very well for theyre role, so i think if they release a new Batman movie they should use their series characters because they was the best i seen!
Symeou 05
Symeou 05:
0:39 My favourite Batman moment is over 2 hours long. You may have heard of it and it is called "The Dark Knight (2008)"
Radicle Revolution
Radicle Revolution:
"Scott Atkins"
Josstice League didn’t do Ben Affleck’s Batman justice. No pun intended.
hearing that it's going to basically be mask of the fantasm fills me with dread.
Omar Sheikh
Omar Sheikh:
Keanue Reaves can be the next Batman and he sounds perfect.
Branden Worfolk
Branden Worfolk:
David Mazouz cause he already has the experience of Batman and he's young enough
Apache Chieftain
Apache Chieftain:
Liked, love, twitted...
Favorite BATMAN moment Micheal Keaton goes after Jack Napier/Jack Nicolson at the Ace Chemical plant that whole scene is epic! Deflect splash down!
you scare me
you scare me:
Ben Affleck was the most comic book accurate protrayal of Batman. Christian Bale was the most realistic protrayal of Batman.
I personally don't think one is better than the other.
Lee Parenzee
Lee Parenzee:
Still hopes he cameos in Flashpoint,hopefully involving the message from his dad in thee alternate reality
Nick Samuel
Nick Samuel:
Great video! My favorite Batman moment was the warehouse fight seen in Batman V. Superman :)
Em Otee
Em Otee:
One name: Scott Adkins. He's extremely underrated. I think he did a casting for the BVS movie. He does martial arts & stunts he would be amazing, who agrees?
Thanos' glove extends further into the DC Universe...
The most amount of can put in a the history of MOVIES......LOL CHARLIE!!!!!!!
xJBx 02
xJBx 02:
Ahhhh ! So happy to see DC redeeming themselves ! Im talking about the films btw. Not Ben leaving Batman, he was alright. But the recent DC films news just got me hyped and after watching Aquaman which I thought was going to be bad, and end up really liking it.. Im hyped man ! DC and Marvel films can finally start competing. !
i would love a Movie based on the Batfleck from BvS so griddy dark and powerful !
Lilo Emyoung
Lilo Emyoung:
Ben Affleck is for me the best Batman, bummer he’s leaving :( I wish WB didn’t screw up their DCEU or whatever they call it now!
Laura Hugill
Laura Hugill:
I’d love to see Batfleck in the Court of Owls.
William Olivas
William Olivas:
Aquaman: The most movie you could ever movie into a movie. dude YOU SAID IT
sheikh mansur
sheikh mansur:
Barry:Whats your power
Batman:Im rich
Rolling Ormond
Rolling Ormond:
He was a good Batman. Hope Jon Hamm gets it. Perfect replacement.
Brian Kanja
Brian Kanja:
Who remembers that scene when batman crawled on the wall and the officer almost shit himself.its was the scariest scene in the batman franchise.
David Edwards
David Edwards:
Batman in a "Raid" type movie omg Ben's idea was 🔥🔥🔥 I would love to see an Arkham game brought to life
Oh, PLEASE let Joe play Deathstroke still. PLEASE!

He deserves this shot. He's perfect for it.
Zach Beard
Zach Beard:
So Deathstroke is my fav comic book he just in limbo now?
1:34 that skull tattoo on the left is rip-off from street fighter shadaloo logo
Charlie Cox from Dare Devil would make a great young Bruce especially if it’s going the thriller detective route.
What if Ben just bought himself out his contract with warner brothers 🙃
After Planet of the Apes trilogy, I'm down for anything Matt Reeves wants to throw at the screen.
I'm still waiting for a live action Red Hood movie or just one with all the bat boys in it and portrayed right 😧
They re waiting for David Mazouz to be older.
eddie kanhai
eddie kanhai:
Having a younger Batman for this movie would be great, as long as the next justice league movie or any modern day movie cameo has Aflek I will be fine
Matthew Hanna
Matthew Hanna:
Gonna finally stop my dceu streak of skipping everything since bvs
Kenute McIntosh
Kenute McIntosh:
The Batman part was made for Ben. I would love to see him in a stand alone movie.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
i never liked him as batman the previous one was the best
Kieran LittleTA
Kieran LittleTA:
Based on the last 2 dc films this could be decent looks like they r slowly improving
Realistically I'm pretty sure Ben is done with Batman for good. Unless he is a producer or something.
KRP Agoma
KRP Agoma:
Do u wanna see a magic trick I can make this pencil disappear 😭
He never announced he was leaving. Just wished the next version well. A version that takes place years ago.
Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher:
Ben would be amazing in flash point would be amazing he has that atmosphere to him
Comic Power
Comic Power:
Batman is supposed to be the worlds greatest detective but the Affleck Dark Knight made him dumber than a sack of rocks!
Man,I wanted more Batffleck 😭
Uncivil Society
Uncivil Society:
Keaton or Eastwood for Old Bruce. Either way, I'd be happy.
Old Man Neal
Old Man Neal:
Ryan Gosling would do great I believe! But such a long wait!
Vatican Cameos!
Vatican Cameos!:
Justice league needs to be a hbo style tv series cause it’s too dark and to complicated for films
SeeFood Diet
SeeFood Diet:
Batfleck was pretty good until JL when they made him look like an idiot. Maybe they will call the next film “Batman Again”