The Batman June 2021 - NO Ben Affleck

The Batman release date June 25 2021 today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown! No Ben Affleck for Matt Reeves, still in DCEU? The Batman 2021 today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of the new release date for The Batman, June 25 2021! Ben Affleck will NOT star in the Matt Reeves detective movie, but does that mean no more Batfleck in the DCEU? Maybe not? And will a younger Batman mean Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker? Share your own reaction to The Batman release date of June 2021 and no Ben Affleck before you see the full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today! BTT T-Shirts, Backpacks, Cell Phone Covers & Mugs! Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph! Twitter: #TheBatman #BenAffleck #DCEU

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Its so weird, Affleck still seems like the "new" Batman to me.
Please do a "The Batman" film casting video! featuring your rogue's ideas and cast as well as Bruce Wayne casting ideas
Christopher L. Brown
Christopher L. Brown:
I was like "Ohhh, no Ben Affleck." But now got me all excited!
Wayne Hendricks
Wayne Hendricks:
Very disappointed Ben Affleck is not playing Batman...
The CVR123
The CVR123:
Really disappointed he won't be in it. I hope they cast someone as good as him otherwise I'm not sure I'll be interested (until I see a Trailer)
King Zande
King Zande:
As a Batman fan I'm looking forward to what Reeves offers up, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't gonna miss Batfleck. Truly believe he was incredible in BvS, truly captured both sides of the character.
Marc Capobianco
Marc Capobianco:
Anddddd playin a young Batman....(wait for it....) Casey affleck! Lmfao
Jackie V. Meadows
Jackie V. Meadows:
That all sounds too intricate and well thought far they have not been that strategic....but maybe WB is learning
My long and aggressive opposition to the recent films notwithstanding, I thought Ben Affleck was an absolutely terrific Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Levi Dye
Levi Dye:
This is very sad to me. Loved Ben Affleck. He was the best Batman to me, and doing any other character as Batman is definitely sad to me.
I just want to hug Ben Affleck.

My man has been put through he wringer so much these past few years.
al patrickson
al patrickson:
The biggest WB news is that Doctor Sleep moved up to November. Looks like WB is showing confidence in the movies they have coming.
Better PULP than LITERARY:
Still makes no sense WB wouldn't allow Affleck to direct his Batman films.
Chipotle Janitor
Chipotle Janitor:
Well Ben I have a few words for you.

"You either die a hero or live long enough to see youself become the villian."
brent maxey
brent maxey:
Was about to head into the gym, but NOPE! Grace Notification🙏🏻! So happy for this new Batman project! Thanks Grace for keeping us all up to date.
Still waiting on Green Lantern Corps movie news. We got told it'll be a buddy cop in space but then nothing since then.
Grace, I love most of your DCEU scoops and analyses but I think you're being uncharacteristically naive regarding Affleck's possible involvement in another Batman film. He's done. Moving on.
Felix Chavarria
Felix Chavarria:
So whatever happened to the Jared Leto's Joker movie described last summer? Last news of it came in August as I recall. Is he out? Development hell? Swept under the rug?
Now THIS has my attention.
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer:
I absolutely trust Matt Reeves to deliver a very exceptional Batman movie. Can't wait.
Yeager Film
Yeager Film:
I don't read comics, but I picked up The Long Halloween last year. Fantastic.
Ineffable Beatle Girl
Ineffable Beatle Girl:
I still...don't see the good side...grace... today..Warner broke my heart in a million pieces...I did have hope..😢
chemaxino 110
chemaxino 110:
I think it's a story about when Ben Affleck's Batman was younger.
The Long Halloween was the basis for the Dark Knight. I'm sure it will be based more on Court of Owls with Penguin, Riddler, Telons and Perhaps Man Bat or Bane since they experiment in that storyline.
M1llsy 03
M1llsy 03:
No Ben Affleck! Dude...I liked him
This saddens me greatly. I would have love to see Batfleck make his movie. Guess I will have to wait to see how this plays out.
Humberto Durán
Humberto Durán:
Ben Affleck was good.
The Sigma Male
The Sigma Male:
"Armie Hammer for Batman, I approve this message."
ankur pathak
ankur pathak:
What the hell ben is out😤😤😤 who cares now whay wb will do with him in future i want batffleck
Mr. J310
Mr. J310:
Joker not apart of the dceu 🤦‍♂️
Baskhemjingmut Lyngdoh Marshilong
Baskhemjingmut Lyngdoh Marshilong:
What do u mean no Ben Affleck ???
Scott adkins would make a great batman
Dark Dectective
Dark Dectective:
Comic book fans are weird, first they hated on Ben and Heath when they were first cast as Batman and Joker now they praise them and say no one can top them. You humans fascinate me.
Son of the Allfather
Son of the Allfather:
Did someone say, "Batman: Year One" ?
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson:
I would absolutely love to see the Court of Owls in a Bat-flick because ever since I read the incredible graphic novel. So please add them to this film
Sean Turner
Sean Turner:
Jack O' Connell for the young Batman please :D
Alex D
Alex D:
Suicide Squad 2 comes out on my birthday! Also, thanks for the news as always Grace😀👍
Steven Smith
Steven Smith:
The Snap: WB/DC version
Movies and Cool Stuff
Movies and Cool Stuff:
When I heard Batfleck Stans I thought I was having a stroke
Jeffery Daggs
Jeffery Daggs:
I just do not want a younger Batman we've seen that period we've seen Batman in his early years. There was something about the idea of having an older Batman who's been through it all. I think the few years leading up to Batman versus Superman would have been prime area to tell a great story. Maybe locking up the last of his major villains from his rogue gallery. Maybe dealing with the loss of Robin. Who knows I just think there's a lot of potential there.
Ivan Ooze
Ivan Ooze:
Excellent coverage! I'm stoked to watch the development of this new DC universe & can't wait to see how they mesh the joker into all this.

Maybe WB granted Ben Affleck the Accountant sequel as a sign of appreciation for his blessing of the new Batman movie.
Damn Grace you got this up QUICKLY!
Grace, are you going to cover the news on “Zombieland: Double Tap”?
Dr PaC
Dr PaC:
The Dark Knight: My Hope is rising
It's Ethan
It's Ethan:
We also still want Cavill as Superman
Md Furqan
Md Furqan:
I always remember this " Tell me do you bleed , you will" .
Todoroki Is A Beast!
Todoroki Is A Beast!:
Batman Year One and The Long Halloween is amazing
Static Art
Static Art:
We need Armie Hammer. Tall, young,dark, and handsome
The Film Fascist
The Film Fascist:
Grace On Time As Always!
Andre E
Andre E:
Smh no Superman film in the works...
First time i've been so early hehe.. would i finally get a heart from Grace? xD
Xavier Reid
Xavier Reid:
I knew Grace was gonna come thru with the update as soon as I seen the headline online!!! She’s quick as all hell 🔥🔥🔥
Mohamed ELTahir
Mohamed ELTahir:
2021, here comes batman, I m also excited to see a younger version of batman ,
Christian Monreal
Christian Monreal:
Omg Jim Carrey would be amazing for this role.
I trust what they’re doing and I really hope that theory you have about Affleck staying for the contemporary era movies is true 🤞🏼
thelightanbu 01
thelightanbu 01:
Could you do a video on what villains you’d like to see and cast them while also casting Robin?
Damion Antillon
Damion Antillon:
I love the way you just pieced it all together Grace!! This all sounds amazing!!
I’m out. Call me when Batman Beyond comes
Mike Bickle
Mike Bickle:
The real news: your hair is even awesomer! Thanks for the always fun reviews!
Pranav Pasumarthy
Pranav Pasumarthy:
Broke my finger clicking this. Grace you’re awesome.
Jason Willey
Jason Willey:
Meanwhile after Gotham, David Mazouz will be waiting in the wings!
Dodo Jay
Dodo Jay:
How about a young CGI Ben Affleck?? Personally bens is to good not to use.
Hamzah Khan
Hamzah Khan:
Hope they introduce robin in this....
I've been dying to see a good robin in movies
Toaster Strudel
Toaster Strudel:
They're gonna add, "THE" in front of every DC movie now..even if it already starts with, "The", "THE The Flash"
Father Snip
Father Snip:
They should make a batman beyond so Ben Affleck could stay and bring in a younger batman
Iam_ Schtizo
Iam_ Schtizo:
So sad...I hope we see him again as Batman. A true Frank Miller version of Batman.
Affleck’s Batman will forever be my favorite. Hope he returns to the role one day.
I love the thumbnail!!! That glee!!
OMG! I was getting worried you were gonna wait till tomorrow to cover this news.
Vikram Kachroo
Vikram Kachroo:
God bless you Grace for that shout ref The Accountant...just watched it - wow!!!!!
E F Vázquez
E F Vázquez:
Thats why I see this videos. Grace has and incredible understanding of the media. Not much about the critic of the art, tho
dan greenfield
dan greenfield:
he was more of a detective in the 60's tv show
_ doomkr6ft
_ doomkr6ft:
what happened to "batman of the future!"
that's what DC Needs right now
I'm officially hyped! Really hope this 2021 date stays in place. Thanks for the coverage, Grace.
Darren Blauwet
Darren Blauwet:
I'm excited for this, but I don't know how I feel about having four villains
Marcos A.
Marcos A.:
Grace you really surprised me? I thought you wanted Ben out completely! I miss ready you though I’m glad you like this idea, cause I love Ben as Batman and it looks like he is rating on board such great news.
Martin Molina
Martin Molina:
Hulk Smash
Hulk Smash:
I have only 2 words for your breaking news Grace........OOH JOY!!!
Garrett Bufford
Garrett Bufford:
Oh my gosh! If the story's similar to The Long Halloween, that would be incredible!
Tejas Raghuram
Tejas Raghuram:
I was about to comment that I hope this would be a year one adaptation, until you said it wasn’t :(
Jay J
Jay J:
I feel like everyone has known this was going to happen i luv me some Ben Batman he is my low key favorite if i am being honest but i am cool with getting a new one Ben did work now its time to move on i hope that the new one is in there mid 30s.
Danielle Campbell
Danielle Campbell:
Praying for a new actor and costume design for The Flash as well. I love Ezra Miller but just not as the flash 🙅‍♀️
Niko Panther
Niko Panther:
Grace, you got me excited!
Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez:
Grace! You look so yummy. hugs kisses <3 :)
Steven Delisle
Steven Delisle:
The penguin was in asylum scene at the beginning of halloween pt2×3
Fortress Of Movies
Fortress Of Movies:
I just woke up and saw ‘Beyond The Trailer Uploaded’ YAY! 😊😁😌
Norman Rene
Norman Rene:
This is why grace is my favorite YouTuber always on top
Dennis Jeppesen
Dennis Jeppesen:
I knew Grace would make a video about this!
Geek Azores
Geek Azores:
The Long Holloween 😍
Thomas Baron
Thomas Baron:
I love you, Grace! :D
Gavin Henderson
Gavin Henderson:
Ahh the DCEU 😢 Keeps falling harder and harder.
Cameron S
Cameron S:
For a second I didnt think you saw it. Grace never misses anything 💛
Lamar Lamar
Lamar Lamar:
Grace!!! ❤️ this!!! Can we get a casting recommendation video?? Help Matt Reeves out a bit! 😉🎬
Albin Trepça
Albin Trepça:
Love your videos ❤️❤️ !!
I just want to know if this Joker upcoming movie is goin to take place in DCEU or is just DC , cuz if it take place in DC then it doest make sense .I think those movies could make sense if it’s in the past
The MCU God
The MCU God:
I really want to see a new Batman movie! It would be so cool! Thanks for the video, Grace! 😀
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo:
Meh, I honestly saw it coming, I'll be very open-minded to who will the cast in the lead role
Batman looked so dope in that trench coat 🔥🔥😍😍
Tyler Ensminger
Tyler Ensminger:
It is about time we get a definitive answer on this movie and whether Ben would be apart of it. It seemed like each week there was conflicting reports saying Ben was or wasn't in the movie. Hopefully the new Batman will be good and I am interested in seeing this movie
FrostByte Films
FrostByte Films:
I don’t care, I’ll enjoy it either way as long as there’s no reboot