That Samrat Episode | That Peter Crouch Podcast |

Nothing is off limits on this special episode of 'That Peter Crouch Podcast' at the local curry house. Join Peter, Chris Stark, Tom Fordyce, 'Dev from Corrie', Cut Throat Pete, Dion Dublin, Miss Chang, Peter's parents and many more, in one of the strangest nights out of all-time!


Hope you get a 2nd series guys #Backstronger
Hong Dongjji
Hong Dongjji:
this show looks a proper hoot. I've always liked Crouchy, but this side of him suits him for a long second career in media. He's so engaging, affable and amusing, but none of it seems fake like so many other shows, pods or what have you. Keep it up IG88, love the pod #OTBC
Liam SWYR:
please can we get these in full video? as much as i love listening, id love to see crouchies facial expressions
Great series guys, please keep them comingπŸ‘
Duncan P
Duncan P:
Nobody passed the pod my way lads. My Mrs (who has as much interest in football as Crouchie does in his BBC e-mail address) heard about it, so I've done it all in one hit box-set style. Cracking work chaps. Hoping for another series πŸ‘
I've been passing the pod left, right and centre. Can't wait for season two, hopefully crouchies manager will come through with the deal! #Backstronger
A A:
You can hold your second series at our restaurant, seen as your playing for Burnley
Callum Rock
Callum Rock:
these podcasts were so good, possibly my favourite ever. Really hope it's renewed for a second season.
Alex Comins
Alex Comins:
These have me in stitches every time
Reedwaan Williams
Reedwaan Williams:
Peter Crouch is hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mr P
Mr P:
Love the podcast boys, keep it coming !
that iniestia lookalike hahahahaha
The 22 Project
The 22 Project:
Love the pod lads
james roche
james roche:
My favourite podcast by a mile
Luke Primmer
Luke Primmer:
Tom kills it dead so many times
Shaun Saunders
Shaun Saunders:
#backstronger season 2 is a must boy's
Claire Poole
Claire Poole:
Great show
Super Hans βœ…
Super Hans βœ…:
Dev is a cool guy, he just looks cool whatever he's doing
Baseborn Manjack
Baseborn Manjack:
Is that not Daniel Day Lewis????!!
Did not know what Dublin looked like, and honestly I thought he was white. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
eun nice
eun nice:
chris starks sounds exactly like josh widdicombe
Black Knight Fool
Black Knight Fool:
90 percent of males are straight. We can't relate to gay male feminists who hate maleness.