Tammy Hembrow Opens Up About Her Breakup, Kids and the Kardashians | E! News

Australian influencer Tammy Hembrow sat down with E! News to talk social media fame, her recent breakup, fitness line, kids, and hanging with the Kardashian-Jenners. Full story: https://www.eonline.com/au/news/959143/tammy-hembrow-get-to-know-the-australian-influencer-with-almost-10-million-followers Still haven’t subscribed to E! News Australia on YouTube? ► http://bit.ly/ENewsAUSubscribe FOLLOW E! NEWS AUSTRALIA Web: https://www.eonline.com/au Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eentertainmentau Instagram: https://instagram.com/eonlineau Twitter: https://twitter.com/eonlineau ABOUT E! NEWS AUSTRALIA E! is on the pulse of pop culture, bringing you the latest breaking celebrity, red carpet and entertainment news from Australia, Hollywood and beyond.

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Her ex is so hot omg
It’s baffling to me how people follow people who literally do nothing
U V:
Since when was she a celebrity?
Idk to me she’s changed. I used to look up to her but look at her now. She doesn’t look bothered after what’s happened and she seems like she’s loving all this limelight. If I were her I wouldn’t even have an interview his quick after what happened. I feel sorry for Reece. She’s just turning into another stuck up celeb now.
Charlotte H
Charlotte H:
I used to like her but now I literally cannot stand her, she's just the definition of fake. And the way she speaks, uggghhh so annoying
January Babe
January Babe:
He didn’t seem like he was that into her in the videos honestly..
I knew that was a ritual what happened at the party and look now she’s getting recognized
C_____5 7
C_____5 7:
Couldn’t keep up with the kardashians
Duarte Papa Vicente
Duarte Papa Vicente:
She left Reece after she blew up... damn that’s cold blooded.
Lay V
Lay V:
It’s so crazy to hear about her childhood because it makes no sense that she grew up that way yet became so materialistic in her adult years. It just doesn’t add up🤷🏼‍♀️ no hate at all either just my opinion
Ashley P.
Ashley P.:
I don’t get the hate.. is anything that she does affecting/harming any of you? No.
Kloemay Mcneill
Kloemay Mcneill:
she's literally done nothing wrong lol why's everyone being cruel for
There’s so much evidence on the internet of stuff she lies about. Idk why she’s preaching honesty here....
Tell us about how you shat yourself at kylies 21st that's why you were stretchered out face down 🙄
Idk her body ain’t attractive to me. I like a toned body like jlo but Tammys...& the breakup also smells fishy af. Reece said in a vlog he doesnt know either why she actually broke up she just did & left & he has to deal with it. Seems like she felt too good for him. idk dont @ me, Its just my opinion😂
Ali V
Ali V:
Lmao, why is she on e! No, just no
Kirstie Roche
Kirstie Roche:
She’s so gorgeous 😍😍
lya asatzy
lya asatzy:
I love her so much wow
rere x
rere x:
This is so disgusting to watch
Sha Rani
Sha Rani:
Coke coke coke coke ya girl loves her coke
The H Family Vlogs
The H Family Vlogs:
Omg. What is with the mean comments guys? Where is this transgender you speak of? Like wow. How unhappy with your life do you have to be to take the time and leave such mean comments? She's freaking gorgeous. Weirdo's, Love Tammy.
American Made
American Made:
The haters came out to play today!! I find it rather amusing that everyone calling her ugly or man are the ones with no profile pic of themselves.
Jon Honesty
Jon Honesty:
She’s beautiful
Angela Stein
Angela Stein:
Fleur Smith
Fleur Smith:
anyone else notice the glitch at 0:32!? lol
Felicia Kara
Felicia Kara:
why so much hate?? she’s incredible is that jealousy?
Who is this chick??? This is not the same person on her Instagram.
fayy fayy
fayy fayy:
Everyone was like OMG REECE AND TAMMY GOALS GOALS GOALS and now they broke up.
Guys stop believing what they showed you LOL
Vegana Fit
Vegana Fit:
Get well soon Tammy' we love you
Imagine becoming famous because you got extremely drunk on a night out... this post Kim k world is baffling.
Dream Night
Dream Night:
I wish she would show more of her workout at the gym..
Jessica Reed
Jessica Reed:
Yeah your really “honest” 🤦🏻‍♀️
Marleen Peeters
Marleen Peeters:
She is just amazing
Saqlain Micah
Saqlain Micah:
Absolutely love Tammy! I wish her and Reece would get back together 😩
Marcina Hicks
Marcina Hicks:
I must be the only who doesn’t know who she is ..
I love Tammy ❤️
yvette hernandez
yvette hernandez:
She’s so amazing I love her
Everyone is breaking up in 2018 😭
Amy Overby
Amy Overby:
i love her sooo much omg i also always forget how young she is haha
Rachael Fetherston
Rachael Fetherston:
I just want to know where the outfits from
She has accomplished so much for her age so far! 🙌🏼 Wishing her all the best! Go Tammy! 😊✨🙌🏼
Amanda Melendez
Amanda Melendez:
Omg I didn’t know they broke up 😩
Angela Stein
Angela Stein:
I also just made a Tammy Hembrow makeup tutorial on her STUNNING Splendour look!!😍😍😍😍
Esmeralda N
Esmeralda N:
She’s so down to earth, love her channel! 💗
been following her for years 💓
Diana Martiniuc-cameron
Diana Martiniuc-cameron:
It must be exhausting to be her.. I prefer a peaceful life offline.
J W:
Get back with Reece please!!
Aida Amorre
Aida Amorre:
Wow I'm in shock!! They seemed truly in love. What happened?!
African Girl
African Girl:
lol. it's 2018 everyone is anything now
Marilyn Gonzalez
Marilyn Gonzalez:
Tammy out here getting recognized get it hot mama😍😘
Love your Channel Just posted my first Dance Fashion Haul!
Andrew  Chavez
Andrew Chavez:
She is weird looking here.
American Made
American Made:
She's so flipping pretty, and the girl is fit af.
Ri Ray
Ri Ray:
[email protected] I cant believe her and reece broke up 😣😣
Charles roger
Charles roger:
next kim Kardashian...plz stop making her a big deal.
Good on you Tammy! I have watched you since day one!!! From your crappy little appartment to your amazing life now! Enjoy life
Janet Malu
Janet Malu:
Love her !
Love Kunis
Love Kunis:
Sad how much she changed. I used to like her because she stood out to me from the other Instagram models who were all the same
Baby Girl
Baby Girl:
We Love you , Tammy ❤️
Nicole Villafuerte
Nicole Villafuerte:
So she got all this attention bc of what happen in Kylie's birthday 😅
Rauchelle Larmond
Rauchelle Larmond:
So proud to finally see your ENews interview Tammy 🙌 👑 Mother to mother you're a huge inspiration!! Don't let the haters bring you down 💪 😘
Aoedele Sophia
Aoedele Sophia:
Lol, I love when celebs are called "normal," there is nothing "normal" about having that kind of money.
I keep forgetting how young she is. Going to the gym every day? Just the idea is exhausting.
The Mama diaries with Lizzy Kingi
The Mama diaries with Lizzy Kingi:
So many negative Nancy’s 😂
Dariana Rodriguez
Dariana Rodriguez:
Katie Compton
Katie Compton:
Well no one knew her at MTV awards! Had to have a card with her name on it to let every one know who she was 😂😂😂😂😂
Brittany Brown
Brittany Brown:
She’s beautiful and everyone who is saying otherwise is a damn liar
She said its still a bit tough with a smile on her face .. Wooow
Klaudia A
Klaudia A:
She is sooo strong and independent women <3 love her
Embla Reiff
Embla Reiff:
She's saying people respond well to honesty yet she lies about what happened at the party 🤔
romina bailey
romina bailey:
the tan is amazin
did you live with your mom growing up too?
Candy Rose
Candy Rose:
When we were young, we just needed some "love" and fun. But when we are getting older, we need to think about the future and careers. Tammy and Reece are same aged, so I think in their lives, they shared everything with each other, but when girls are getting older, they will look for someone who can take care of them more than just "a friend" to share things with. I don't know, it's just my opinion. Because I remember I have watched one of her vlog, where Reece went shopping to buy stuffs, but he forgot one of her things. So she was like oh you didn't buy it? And he was like "just go buy it yourself" so I felt like Reece wasn't mature enough for her to stay. That's how I feel about their relationship..
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker:
Aw love you Tammy!✨🎀💗
Who cares .. literally
Miss Molly
Miss Molly:
Tessariah Rose
Tessariah Rose:
Yaaas cocaine queen slay 🤟🏼
Diana Pirova
Diana Pirova:
I don't even know who she is
Love her.
Davina J
Davina J:
Tough pill to swallow? She dumped him!🙄 🤦🏽‍♀️
Caroline Oja
Caroline Oja:
Ok but where has real gone sad !
Ellie Elvira Berzina
Ellie Elvira Berzina:
Veronica Rios
Veronica Rios:
Can someone explain the drama with her I have no clue haha
Tina English
Tina English:
How embarassing for her
Darin Roberts
Darin Roberts:
Tammy....you look very good girl..
Love all your outfits..
Pretty cool mom....
Nice person..
Well....1 life..
Live how you wanna..
Selma C
Selma C:
She seems like such a nice and genuine person
Jessica C
Jessica C:
Wow,they broke up. 😢
Shes so ratchet and has a cake face
Nya Christmas
Nya Christmas:
She’s amazing😍✨
Mataniu Samu
Mataniu Samu:
Proud of you xoxoxo doing big tingz 😘
Rebecca Boers
Rebecca Boers:
That jerk at 0.32 tripped me out lmao
Bethany Tollon
Bethany Tollon:
Jessica Molly
Jessica Molly:
So sad about their break up!
Vv Vc
Vv Vc:
אודליה טקטוק
אודליה טקטוק:
Love you Tammy
CeeCee Gwen
CeeCee Gwen:
Who is she? I’ve never heard of her. What is she “famous” for?
Art B
Art B:
Tranny Hembrow !
Shavell Pouncy
Shavell Pouncy:
They broke up ..when did this happen
Karla Herrera
Karla Herrera:
She is so fine and so was her ex !