Surprising Shane Dawson w. $15,000 Gucci Makeover

HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Today I surprise Shane Dawson with a Gucci makeover! I couldn't believe when Gucci recently released an entire pig line for Lunar New Year and I HAD to get Shane some amazing pics and say THANK YOU for changing my life. SUBSCRIBE TO SHANE - SUBSCRIBE TO RYLAND - WANT MORE?? ⭐️ Shane Dawson Controls My Life For A Day ▷

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Devi Destiani
Devi Destiani:
Jeffree is like one of that popular girl that we thought are bitchy, annoying and mean but turns out the other way around .
Monotone Yelling
Monotone Yelling:
“The pig is a sign of wealth”
- Shane x Jeffree sells out a million palettes within 2 hours

Uh yeah I think the pig is definitely a sign of wealth
Jeffree: “this year will be wealthy for us’’

*sells one million palettes 9 months later*
Andrew Prowant
Andrew Prowant:
Rylands mouth :”I can’t accept this “

Rylands body: let me just slide this back pack on real quick
Tho Nguyen
Tho Nguyen:
Shane in such a small confused voice asking Jeffree why he would spend money on him kind of hurts my soul.
Mikala Durall
Mikala Durall:
Jeffree being Shane’s sugar daddy for 27 minutes straight
Juverne Divino
Juverne Divino:
Rylan: "I don't think Ive spent this much money"

Shane: "You didn't spend anything, Jeffree did"

"We like her."
"We live for her."
"We like Jacklyn."

OOF that did *NOT* age well.
Crossed Roses
Crossed Roses:
Ryland: “I can’t accept this!”
Also Ryland: (Immediately puts on bag).
Meg’s Life
Meg’s Life:
How many likes there is ,is how many people are watching this in 2020
Alejandra Barajas
Alejandra Barajas:
*Shane Dawson saying is this real for 10 minutes straight*
This is really Shane and Jeffree's year. All this success, DESERVED.
Lucky cat 777
Lucky cat 777:
Jeffree: "ok so nates going to help me with a few bags"

Me: *starts crying* , *clicks f*
Mary McLean
Mary McLean:
Who's watching this after Jeffery broke up with his boyfriend
alana rouquette
alana rouquette:
shane getting thousands of dollars worth of gucci:
ryland: dancing with the box ribbon

Happy Day
Happy Day:
So often it’s those who grew up poor, with nothing, who are the most loyal and the most giving people.
Jeffree: I got you A house warming gift

Also Jeffree: *brings out 16 Gucci bags*
Mikayla Chartier
Mikayla Chartier:

Shane: “can i wear it in the front to hide my booody?”
Mia Sirinsky
Mia Sirinsky:
Ryland: “I can’t accept this!”
*Proceeds to put the Gucci on as he is saying this*
Belinda Lizette
Belinda Lizette:
who’s here after their breakup 😢
Paola Paz-Zuniga
Paola Paz-Zuniga:
I love the fact that jeffree also gave Ryland a gift, like he didnt make him sit there and watch shane open his gift , he was considerate! Very nice and thoughtful of you Jeffree <3
Daneli Arrieta
Daneli Arrieta:
“I can’t accept this”

2 seconds later

Puts it on.
greasygrave 101
greasygrave 101:
SHANE: even if it's fake I will still wear it.
Serious Shane, like Jeffree would ever buy FAKE Gucci.
Naomi Mcconville
Naomi Mcconville:
Ryland “I can’t accept this”

Also Ryland: yeets it on to his body
Lillian vallance
Lillian vallance:
Jefferee Star:
Shane Dawson hates surprises
Also Jefferee Star:
So, we’re going to surprise him.

This guy is the best
Jeffree: Shane doesn't like surprises or gifts, so I'm gonna surprise him with gifts
Jeffrey - gives ryland shirt *

Ryland -dies and puts it on as soon as he gets it

Shane having several hard attacks every second
Mikayla Chartier
Mikayla Chartier:
jeffree: i don’t know if you’re a watch person...

ryland: HES GONNA BE
Carla Ramirez
Carla Ramirez:
This is how much times they said shut up 🤣
gacha GGirLL 3
gacha GGirLL 3:
This is how many times Shane said :wait
Alaina Wood
Alaina Wood:
I love that Jeffree included Ryland. He was SO excited.

Edit: I’ve NEVER gotten this many likes on a comment.. WOW.
Kaila Perkins
Kaila Perkins:
Jeffree helping Shane open his gifts like he's a child lol
Crystal Nambo
Crystal Nambo:
Who else is watching this after the Jeffree × Shane series AND after the collection was released?
Dntufeelstupid 0
Dntufeelstupid 0:
this is how many times they said oh my god

Ayane Chan
Ayane Chan:
Shane is like.

"No... NO JEFFREE Is this real? No.."

I love how Jeffree is so happy to give Shane his love like.

Will Young
Will Young:
Jeffree: One last thing
*Gives gift*
Jeffree: Ok I have one last thing
*Gives gift*
Jeffree: And last I have this
*Gives gift*
This is how many times he said “omg😱”

anny farinas
anny farinas:
3 REASONS why I love Jeffrey. 1. he's generous 2. very honest 3. he loves Pomeranians like I do,. I have two ;)
when jeffree said they were “just getting started” he wasn’t lying!
Garson Klein
Garson Klein:
Ryland: "I need friends like this"
Gucci: Releases a new item

Jeffree: Hipity hopity it is now my property
“I’m just gonna get him a few things, maybe some sefora”

Cuts to jefrree literally SURROUNDED with Gucci
Lindsay Knudson
Lindsay Knudson:
okay but is nobody going to talk about how serious and sweet that moment was. "I'm just so lucky to have you as my friend and iiii love you" so much love for both of you.
Alyssa Hoeltke
Alyssa Hoeltke:
i love when Jeffree mentions a gurus name and Shane’s like “ok we like her? we like her.” 😂
Fuck Off
Fuck Off:
"last year was the most memorable" little did they know, this year would be even more memorable
Zeke Montoya
Zeke Montoya:
Ryland: “I can’t accept this”
Also Ryland: *throws the backpack on right after*
gabriela r
gabriela r:
shane literally shaking

jeffree: "i'm a little extreme"
wen-gil remorosa
wen-gil remorosa:
Jeffree: lemme take off my grnch coat.

Shane: lemme take off my grnch body.

lol😂😂😂 i love these twooo🤗
Pearl’s Studio
Pearl’s Studio:
Jeffree: Shane is the mother Teresa of YouTube

Me: couldn't agree more
PopularPlazeGames Frost
PopularPlazeGames Frost:
Jeffree:Sit down Shane
Shane:watching security cameras knows what he’s getting
kay g
kay g:
It's the fact that no matter how rich Shane is he still stays humble and appreciates everything
Cazmeris landon
Cazmeris landon:
Watching this after the series is so heartwarming and insane, everything fell into place and it’s honestly giving me hope about my life and that shit can turn out just fine
Skylar Nardi
Skylar Nardi:
*Shane opens his shoes*
Ryland out here being a ninja with his ribbon on his head
Gavin More
Gavin More:
Jeffree: I’m wet

Me: that’s what she said
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
"let me take of my grinch body,oop doesnt come off" ive never related to something more.
Krishna Eblacas
Krishna Eblacas:
I'm so happy that Jeffree finally has a real friend. Someone who doesn't use him for his fame and money.
Debra Phillips
Debra Phillips:
Shane: “You’re the pig”

Me in my head: “Powerful Independent God”
Julian Young
Julian Young:
Can’t believe this was a whole year ago and to see them achieve so much in that year is absolutely crazy and beautiful. Through the ups and downs I will forever support.
Who is here after “The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star” Series?
Jordan Ashy
Jordan Ashy:
No one:

Jeffree: so let just put all the Gucci bags in the Tesla

Like okay we see you
Kimberly Ramirez
Kimberly Ramirez:
Ryland: “I can’t accept this!”
Also Ryland: *puts it on*
When Shane pulled out the three pig tote..."OH MY GOD, IT'S ME AND MY PERSONALITIES...." then quietly "Wait... their all happy, never mind..." I can SOOOO relate!
Arika Lynn
Arika Lynn:
"New year new... hole"

*queue sound of me spitting out my drink*
Angela Coulson
Angela Coulson:
SHANE: "And youre collabing with me for our pig collection. Were going to blow, blow, blow their house down"
Hints were dropped and the house was blown down in a single puff!
Grandpa Bill
Grandpa Bill:
The crazy part is to Jeffree didn’t even feel like he spent a penny when he spent 1000s of dollars
zayan zayan
zayan zayan:
Gucci employee: What would you like to buy?

Jeffree: pig

Gucci employee: Say no more
Jazzy’s Life
Jazzy’s Life:
2:44 that’s sad how they broke up they were actually a good couple
Reginald Marsh
Reginald Marsh:
Ryland: *walks in* “it hasn’t happened yet”

Me: HHHMmmm mmamahhhahahAAH
Sock Life
Sock Life:
“This is the year of wealth and we are gonna be really wealthy” (sells out of 1,000,000 pallets in like 5 minutes) YASSSS
"ITS ME AND ALL MY PERSONALITIES!!! What no they'er all happy."
Tay Moot
Tay Moot:
I like Jeffree more when he’s with Shane. They bring out the best in each other
Liu Maisie
Liu Maisie:
She is not selling her brand, in fact her personality is the gold.. keep there girl ❤️
With all respect, Ryland is so cute and Shane and him make a hot couple
We Chick Fil A
We Chick Fil A:
Isn’t it weird watching this now knowing that Jeffree and Nate broke up?
Clare Elizabeth
Clare Elizabeth:
“I can’t accept this,” Ryland says as he puts on the backpack.
Hey buddy, you in London?
Hey buddy, you in London?:
i could hardly pay attention to anything Jeffree said in the car because i was just staring at his highlight



shane: oH mY gOHD
Mai Lia
Mai Lia:
"If I start crying and it's a prank, I'm gonna feel like a David Dobrik victim" 😂🤣😂🤣
Iris Dodson
Iris Dodson:
This was so genuine!! If I was rich this would be me to the important people in my life as well!!!!
r o
r o:
ryland being excited too cus he knows he's gon b able to wear all this too LOL
River Jones
River Jones:
And if you see this Jeffree, you’re spectacular in that dress and boots.
Elise Olivia
Elise Olivia:
"It's me and all my personalities...wait they're all happy, never mind"
I'm dying!!
Saffy • 30 years ago
Saffy • 30 years ago:
Jeffree: "I feel like we were just getting started"

*_Prophecy: 1000_*
unicorn lover
unicorn lover:
*"you only own your own merch so I wanted to like, yeah"* XD
Fluff this fluff eiieee
Fluff this fluff eiieee:
Tbh jeffree is the only rich person that is not annoying.. You think he's like "bragging and stuff" but 4 me, deep down, he's a giving person who has a golden heart and an amazing person...
Ryan Black
Ryan Black:
I LOVE that outfit Jeffree is wearing!
Carolina falvo
Carolina falvo:
Most people: *tv in the living room*

Shane Dawson: *monitors in the living room*
thelonewolf !!!
thelonewolf !!!:
Who else is watching this in 2019 and when he says “I feel like we were just getting started” I just cry and I’m like oh how right you were
Roy asquez
Roy asquez:
Ryland: I cant accept this

Also Ryland: putting on the bag

Ryland’s brain: I need to accept this!
“This year, it’s gonna be *our* year.” -Shane Dawson
Shane, you’re 100% right. This is your year!
Adriana Calvillo
Adriana Calvillo:
Shane: Even if its fake in still gonna wear it....MEEEEEEEE
Christie Tedesco
Christie Tedesco:
hiiii who’s here in 2020 after they sold 1 million pallets together 🥺💛
Ariel Wieferich
Ariel Wieferich:
"this year will be very wealthy for us"
I'm watching this the day after the conspiracy palette released. He was right
gacha gacha
gacha gacha:
Is nobody gonna talk about how Jeffree just took Trisha's cup... Like...
T T:
We’re all getting older. Exept jeffree, he’s getting younger
Emily Hamilton
Emily Hamilton:
But like has Jeffree topped this year?

Why am I like this....
Just realizing that Shane said: “just like how we’re COLLABING for our pig collection” SHOOKETH
Rubie Rose
Rubie Rose:
“to hide my bOoOdY.”
- Shane Dawson 2019

Literally my mood all the time🤣
Olivia Faltys
Olivia Faltys:
"then when im not with my boyfriend I'll feel close to him" Total awe moment <3 <3
Michele Welling
Michele Welling:
I love how excited Jeffree gets when Shane opens the gifts. He truly is such a giving person.