Sisto Malaspina

Pellegrinis has been a client since 1959. In 1974 Sisto took over and had been a friend and loyal customer for the last 44 years. A beautiful man who will remain an icon of the Australian hospitality industry for generations to come. For those of you that never had the privilege to meet Sisto and experience his hospitality, we hope you enjoy this short clip we shot recently with Sisto and his partner Nino. Our thoughts are with his many friends and family. The Vittoria Family.


It absolutely saddens me that I've never had the privilege to meet the brother, and this video along with many others shows the type of loving welcoming hospitality that Sisto had and how that warm personality was echoed and passed through by the rest of the good folks of Pellegrinis, one of so many reasons why they're a true icon of not only Australia's hospitality industry, but a beloved icon of Melbourne. So thank you very much for doing this beautiful video.
Matthew Cody
Matthew Cody:
Rip my friend.
Lucy Bell
Lucy Bell:
Such a beautiful video.
Phil Nitchie
Phil Nitchie:
A fabulous tribute to a beautiful man. Will miss his mischievous nature that always made you feel special.
RIP. Such a shame.
Carl Edward Sagan
Carl Edward Sagan:
This man, who contributed so much to Australia, is an example of a fantastic immigrant who will be deeply missed, who died attempting to save a man who would later kill him in an act of Islamic extremism. The scum who did it is the example of a completely different type of immigrant, one which should not be associated with Australia and permanently locked out.