Should Knicks fans be upset with the Kristaps Porzingis trade? | Will Cain Show

Howard Beck joins The Will Cain Show to react to the New York Knicks' trade of Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks, saying that it wasn't an ideal trade. (2:25) Is Kevin Durant a realistic option now for the Knicks? (4:32) How will Porzingis and Luka Doncic pair together in Dallas? ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch Latest Episodes on WatchESPN: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: Get more ESPN Shows on YouTube: ► First Take: ► SportsCenter with SVP: http://es/pn/SVPonYouTube ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit NBA on ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute NBA coverage, scores, highlights and commentary. More on

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Adi 24
Adi 24:
lmao I can't wait to hear Stephen A's hot take tomorrow
andy lee
andy lee:
i'll never forget draft night when he was showered with Boos
Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁
Still D.R.E 💯💲🏁:
Knicks fans swear they’re getting KD 😂
Brake Fast Records
Brake Fast Records:
knicks just clearing cap space to sign javale mcgee and austin rivers to max deals this summer
The Knicks are just showing other teams what not to do
that baller kobe
that baller kobe:
Cap space doesn't guarantee anything, the Lakers had 60 million and signed Deng and mozgov
Tayshawn Holland
Tayshawn Holland:
Wow this is crazy to me. AD has injury history, Kyrie has injury history, Curry has injury history, hell even Embiid has injury history. That dont mean you trade him for no reason.
Nick Ocariz
Nick Ocariz:
They booed him when he got drafted to them so I say they get what they deserve
Nathan Castro
Nathan Castro:
A Doncic/Porzingis team looks honestly scary. And with Dirk mentoring both of them?

Honestly scary.
Patrick Barthold
Patrick Barthold:
The knicks official logo 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
King Conga Beats
King Conga Beats:
Stephen A is UPSET
Let's trade a superstar for the chance of signing a superstar in offseason. GENIUS PLAN.
The Chameleon
The Chameleon:
Perennial all star potential? He was averaging like 28-29 and leading the Knicks to a playoff spot before he got injured! More like Multiple MVP potential
Allen Mathews
Allen Mathews:
This is a call to New York fans to be a Dallas fan
Charlie Qu
Charlie Qu:
I'm just happy for Luka 😁
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith:
Prozingis hasn’t played in almost 2 years and the last time he was on the floor he said the NBA was too hard for him. Mark Cuban really thinks these Euro (whites) gonna run this NBA. Lmao
dan cash
dan cash:
Who would not want to play for Cuban? Think about once your career is done what better person could you go to to start a business if you need advice .
Patrick Barthold
Patrick Barthold:
No one in their right mind would go to the knicks
joe magwood
joe magwood:
The Knicks have been a bad organization for decades.
Hedrax _SoldierofCHRIST Ministries
Hedrax _SoldierofCHRIST Ministries:
Knicks going to regret this
T. Rizbone
T. Rizbone:
What exactly did the Knicks accomplish with Porzingis?
James Marrero
James Marrero:
I'm not upset. We still have a top 2 pick. We got ourselves a point guard.We got rid of horrible contracts and still have Knox
They are definitely not getting Kevin Durant. Weak ass roster, no championship potential. The Knicks essentially just gutted the team ( Not that they were a title contender ). Nope. The Knicks are sinking in quicksand.
Carolina Howard
Carolina Howard:
Hell Yes Every fans From New York should be SUPER MAD 💯❕💯❕💯❕💯❕

Nobody is coming to New York NOW.....
Cortez Marsh
Cortez Marsh:
Stephen A Smith has left the chat .
Dr. Zoomer
Dr. Zoomer:
As a Mavs fan, this makes me very excited. KP and Doncic about to be a deadly duo, and can hopefully bring in a third
Monlau Kwok
Monlau Kwok:
When the Knicks sign Kemba and Tobias in the offseason as their "splash", the Nets will become the King of New York.
Mash Work
Mash Work:
This is so dumb. You better bring in KD and Kyrie. Better draft Zion too. Trading a 7’3 athletic 2 way scorer for cap room.
Klarenxe Blood
Klarenxe Blood:
Welcome Zion Williamson to the NY Knicks
Klarenxe Blood
Klarenxe Blood:
Welcome Demarcus Cousins to the NY Knicks
Cuckhead McGee
Cuckhead McGee:
lmao the knicks make me laugh. They're so cute
mike Ion
mike Ion:
Knick fans: we getting KD and Kyrie and Butler and Zion this is great we traded him for cap space...

NBA2019Draft: with the 5th pick the New York Knicks Select... from the euroleague

2019FreeAgency: KD resigns with Warriors, Kyrie to the Lakers, Kawhi resign with Raptors.

Knicks summer: its fine because 2020 free agency knocks were savin for Anthony Davis so yeah we gettin ready.

Knicks Feb2020: the Knicks have traded away Kevin Knox for Trevor Ariza and draft pick. ...
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres:
As a Dallas fan this makes me really happy hahaha 🎉🎉🏆
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
Dallas won that trade lmao.
Nightmare on Broward /Out Now
Nightmare on Broward /Out Now:
Oh they Tanking tanking
It’s roblox girl and boy Lol
It’s roblox girl and boy Lol:
“A homegrown star” 🤔
Taylor Matter
Taylor Matter:
Also, the west just got better... again.
1 Love
1 Love:
Remember Jimmy Dolan from the air up there, a Kevin Bacon classic, that was a sign of things to come for the Knicks, James Dolan is special, he's a super villain
Mavs already playoff contenders when Porzingis becomes healthy lmao!
House Flan
House Flan:
This was a good deal for the Knicks.....DSJ, two draft picks, and cap space. KP didn't want to be a Knick ever since Phil Jackson pissed him off and what's has he really ever done? Nada.
Rahaman Awelenje
Rahaman Awelenje:
......This is the TOWN of NEW YORK😨😨😨U did NY FANS DIRTY 💀💀, That Hurts
jimmy spar
jimmy spar:
cuban is the best owner to play for! period! dirk won the ring for him and hes forever showing love back.
rather have had Devin booker and the suns 2018 pick back before the draft.
Mikeymike Kc
Mikeymike Kc:
Another great knicks trade
I've said it from the beginning mavs needed someone that can score 25 ppg on avg to go along with luka he can score but hes a point player luka n kp6 damn we here in Dallas are happy with that and even if it doesn't work lukas 19 its still a risk worth taking
Rattan Mutti
Rattan Mutti:
Answer: YES
Stephen Fox
Stephen Fox:
He's too injury prone
ii moon
ii moon:
Well I’m ready for Stephen A’s tomorrow
Truth The Barber Artist
Truth The Barber Artist:
Hell no!! I’m happy, We got DS 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
The dude didnt wanna be with yall lmao like W T F. What was you going to do keep him hostage until next summer when he leaves you for nothing
(Birdman handrubs) waiting for Stephen A to cry tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Travis TWP
Travis TWP:
Am i the only one looking for Stephen A's reaction to this?
Cam Hicks
Cam Hicks:

- Sincerly a MFFL 🤟🏽
The Knicks clearing room for Max players.
Lae Fier
Lae Fier:
When he said Luke kornet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Life's Failure
Life's Failure:
I’ll say this once HE REQUESTED THE TRADE, what do we do? Let him walk or get some value
Knicks getting superstars Seth Curry and Brook Lopez in free agency
I'm tired of being the laughing stock of the league!
NBA ok'd KP's trade, GMS ok'd too...
AD requesting trade to Lakers - All of them against! LMAO
Music Man Joe
Music Man Joe:
The Mavs are about to be the Spurs in terms of getting and drafting players from other countries.
Christopher Grandison
Christopher Grandison:
Knicks fans have always been tortured by impatient management. The roster and coaching slots get blown up every four years. A bunch of clowns.
They legit got two dirk replacements
Tyler Keogh
Tyler Keogh:
The Knicks just lost their best player and a chance at the number 1 pick all in one trade. Way to go morons.
Tony Yayo
Tony Yayo:
Klay Travis and Cain would be an amazing show and bring a ton of ratings!!!
Cole Lutz
Cole Lutz:
Stephen A is gonna need to get on the WEEEEEDDUUH after this
Damien Chandler
Damien Chandler:
I've been a Knicks fans for over 30 years and its not like we was winning when he did play and he's been hurt most of his time in NY. Dude is 7'3 and was only pulling down 7 broads a game. This trade doesn't hurt us If anything we got a player we should have drafted last year, a proven scorer and a dude that can knock down the outside shot
Robert Brown
Robert Brown:
We are the laughing stock of the NBA...R.I.P. NYK 1946-1.31.2019 You will never be forgotten long live the legends:( ♫♫ It's so hard to say goodbye to my favorite team ♫♫ WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
Kalon Brown
Kalon Brown:
Fastest trade request get granted I’ve ever seen 😂
James Charles
James Charles:
He’s injury prone
I’m not sold on KP
Joey Miranda
Joey Miranda:
The North Remembers!
Mr Sanjose420
Mr Sanjose420:
Great post..your awesome!!!
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent:
I've been a knick fan for over 30 years. As far as I'm concerned the Knicks are no longer a NBA franchise. There office is possessed by complete ignorence. The average fan is more smarter than that office.
Night Power
Night Power:
i am jsut scared of the trade because we dont know ih Porzingas can even play..injury ?
Josh Clark
Josh Clark:
So much for being a hot attractive market 😂😂😂
He told them he wanted to leave
before the trade deadline on his last year. They made the right move and I'm a knicks fan
knicks is always on rebuild 😂 😂 😂
femih oyeleye
femih oyeleye:
Good trade by knicks ACL injury is hella sketchy
Who will now come to NY ffs, yeah we will trade our best player cause he upset we treat him badly.
Logan Smith
Logan Smith:
porzingis gon be great with doncic 30 games max per year.
Next year big 3 for the Knicks, K.D. Kyrie, Zion
Irwin Wins
Irwin Wins:
ACL on a guy 7'3. Enjoy his highlights from last year. He won't play that way ever again. Thanks Dallas 🤣😂🤣
Two max contract player to play with who!!!!? 😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Madrid
Michael Madrid:
I’d go get jimmy butler
Pluto Hayes
Pluto Hayes:
Porzingas haven't played a whole season yet
Im just deandre jordan got traded he was looking good on the mavs
2Kvids 50subs
2Kvids 50subs:
Damn Luka and Porzingis are gonna go ham together
Tulley Novielli
Tulley Novielli:
Nice trade Dallas ✈️
Christopher Kölbl
Christopher Kölbl:
I like the fact that many international players really care more about winning and wanting the best for the team instead of just looking to get the max. of money (which is more than enough anyways)
Harrison Wells93rd
Harrison Wells93rd:
Yeah Mark want another Dirk
Popa Smurf
Popa Smurf:
I wish the Pistons would trade Blake Griffin & Andre Drummond 👀
the knics are 10-40...lmao
Anel Mojica
Anel Mojica:
I can't wait for SAS's rant.
John Joh
John Joh:
And i thought it couldnt be worse than my Suns :P
New York New York big city of dreams but everything in New York ain't always what it seems... hahaha Knicks
Abdi Yussuf
Abdi Yussuf:
I wish I had the gutz to switch teams but I just can't!!!!! Just like the guy said who's gonna want to sign with the Knicks thinking I can't wait to play Kevin knox and trier...
Ken, Chi Kin, Ho
Ken, Chi Kin, Ho:
Super upset!!! Fans of Knicks since Ewing era !!!
they hated him at first, lol long time coming
That duo of Luka and KP looks interesting
Wilfred Fields
Wilfred Fields:
Question: Should the Knicks be upset? Answer: HELL NO!!!