Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories LIVE Viewing Party and Reaction COME HANG OUT!

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Katelyn Brown
Katelyn Brown:
I don't think Shane is really expecting to show us anything new, just his perspective on these theories. And as pure entertainment.
Alex j M.
Alex j M.:
I swear Netflix is stealing Shane’s docu series idea lol jk but they keep releasing documentaries about the fyre festival just like the tanacon docuseries etc
Sorry to say I couldn't finish. You just seemed so cynical about everything he said and thought. And it's just sorta off-putting and kinda sets the whole video in a bad mood. Especially if while doing it, you had the biggest smile on your face that screamed "I already proved you wrong lmao." And even if that wasn't your intent. It came off that way.
A G:
ldk didn't some studies prove kids especially without parental guidance can absorb info and think something is normal when it's not, including violence, sexual content, and so on. So it kinda makes sense it would be the same for suicide/death.
When Garrett said "I'm not gonna get an Android"
Damn I felt attcked cuz I've always had an Android 😭😂
Re-watching this with your commentary :))
Shaney Shane
Shaney Shane:
I love watching his conspiracies when it's late night, & instantly regretted it when that momo picture came in 😭
Anna Jacobs
Anna Jacobs:
The beginning ,....he's talking about honey ..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I thought the same thing 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
What about the theme song for the longest running show, M.A.S.H. "Suicide Is Painless." The lyrics are in the original movie...
Wow Tristan is so pretty 😍
"It was an accident"
"Yeah thats what they all say. what? Cooking?"
As someone who has almost burned my house down like 2 to 3 times from bad cooking could happen 😅
Julia Braunbeck
Julia Braunbeck:
Why does the video start 30 mins in?
LMFAO fr I love Garrett 😂 he always makes me laugh
Victoria Facciolo
Victoria Facciolo:
Things can be a marketing strategy and still apart of an overarching conspiracy. Obviously these are marketing tactics, that’s not his point.
Im done with the video
Marissa K
Marissa K:
I gave Shane a View already and it helps watching back it and makes more sense. I love you both and both are funny :)
Casey W
Casey W:
i watched the video right when shane put it up, then i had it on again just as background noise, and just now i watched this, not all the way done yet. shane threw in a bunch of fluff pieces to lead up to finishing off the conspiracy with the fires. i think it was to soften the blow and to reassure that less people would immediately be up in arms, he was able to show many times that he feels for those who suffered. i like reading into conspiracies and sometimes/most of the time i find things that are very unpleasant and unsettling. shane KNOWS he is mainstream now, he is making these things digestible to those who havent opened there eyes yet.

i love your videos, i watch a bunch of youtubers, i am an "adult" and ive never just blindly followed any youtuber and accepted their wrong doings, and ive never been a part of cancel culture. i was so happy to find your videos, your doing the work that someone needed to do. you found your purpose, i love it
kayla ashley
kayla ashley:
Watching this after it was live. Thanks for doing this!
cristina solano
cristina solano:
I’m pretty sure Shane is gonna talk about his friend Britanni Louise Taylor. About her crazy experience. I saw her son and I heard her voice in the final clip.
Sometimes I wonder why I watch these. Then I watch them again. It's a process
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I:
Oops, missed it
Taylor Knickerbocker
Taylor Knickerbocker:
T looks so disinterested
Caelyn Crochet
Caelyn Crochet:
I didnt get the phone calling conspiracy either, and I rewatched his video often
Aaron Copple
Aaron Copple:
I'd love if people watched my mini reaction video to the shane Dawson series as well. Thanks
Had to skip the live i wanted to check it out myself then come here and watch it
Yusei’s Real Son
Yusei’s Real Son:
Damn I am late
Vee // Crybaby Hangout
Vee // Crybaby Hangout:
I adore Garrett too :’)
I remember watching this on the news wildfires are completely heartbreaking truly breaks my heart and makes me grateful for what little I have.
Samantha James
Samantha James:
Watching this before I even watched Shane’s. It’s around 2AM and I literally laughed a little bit seeing you in the headphones and making music ... I think it also was due to the fact you’re in a teeny little box on the corner of the screen 😂😂😂 God, I love this channel.
17:30 why people gotta get so easily offended by stuff like that? Grow up
Ezekiel Walker
Ezekiel Walker:
I just finished watching this
Shawn Morgan
Shawn Morgan:
Been following What's conspiracy stuff for 3 or 4 years....the urban legends though....If I see a black eyed kid, I will immediately kick them in the face. Zero remorse, I may add.
Meh I could have watched with you
Samantha James
Samantha James:
Also (2nd comment) I’m SO ridiculous... I couldn’t start watching Shane’s because it’s 2am and I am easily scared by stuff like this... but because it feels like I’m watching it with you and the people who were live with you, I’m like “This is fine.” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂
Gavin Thatcher
Gavin Thatcher:
How is it contradicting to say that the marketing to get people to by more stuff and subliminal messages to get suicide in the minds of people. They could go hand in hand. People are depressed and enticed to buy things even if they don't want that so it keeps them poor. They could go hand in hand. I don't see how it's a contradiction.
Coisa de Ruiva
Coisa de Ruiva:
Chris, if you eventually do a video about the fire incidents, I want to ask you to do one about the Brumadinho's incident too. I don't know how the international media is covering but it was a huge tragedy here in Minas Gerais (Brazil). Three years ago another accident happened in the same way in Mariana (also a city in Minas Gerais). It was because of the same company, the same conditions, but this time much more people have died. We, brazilians, are looking for justice and for Vale (the company) to pay for what happened. Vale has a lot of others tailing dams that are in a big chance of rupture.
I hope Shane's next video will be less confusing. I couldn't tell what was going on a lot of the time.
BeccaThe Blondie
BeccaThe Blondie:
Can you explain why you had to leave the stream running?
Shawn Morgan
Shawn Morgan:
I hear you lol
SAM l:
Enjoyed replay - watched Shane’s version today first time today but got ¾ thru and kindsvgit bird do turned off then followed 2 vids later with your live viewing party and thanks - much more enjoyable.
Prince Du Ciel
Prince Du Ciel:
OK saw a lot of people falling for the laser fire conspiracies in chat so gunna drop some forest fire vs house fire facts.

Forest fires travel mostly in the direction of the wind, being spread by embers to more dry tinder.
Trees don’t burn easily! They need a higher temperature fire to burn, than dry bushes and grasses.
This is why Drought + High winds are so dangerous. Drought dries out trees, causing longer burns, denser fuel and increased temperatures. This causes canopy fires when healthy trees start to burn, which make for fire storms and even more spreading of the fire.

Now House fires generally burn top or inside down. Just like a campfire, they flare up, than start condensing down. Not the most spreadable type of fire. You see a lot of outside of homes somewhat still standing while the Inside is razed.

So that’s how you get single burned homes from flying embers. Healthy trees still standing next to house fires. Long stretches of razed land in the direction of the wind, but clear un burned land right next to it etc.

All depends on the materials burning, the wind direction and the heat.
I don't understand how this guy can sell himself as a "Mental health" channel. When all his content is mostly reaction videos...
Barely slinking Game of thrones
Barely slinking Game of thrones:
I am rewatching it tonight with hubby but I hope he don’t see I said zepeto was Pinocchio dad :)
Amy Robbins
Amy Robbins:
I'm only 7 minutes in (and I typically don't care for live YouTube feeds) but you're hilarious live hahahaha. Super enjoyable (so :)
Rachelle C.
Rachelle C.:
People in the live chat acting like it's a new thing for a video to have multiple segments where it clearly states the new topic being presented. The 'deep fakes" segment was one thing, then after it went to a new segment, and so on. He never said they were all linked.
Delta 38
Delta 38:
I don’t get it. What’s wrong with Shane’s face on Will Smith?
Luna Ro Meave
Luna Ro Meave:
Garret: hey whats up you guys yes today we are finding out why Ryland isn't letting anyone eat from the stack are they poisoned? could be or did uno lick them lets go see * takes one from stack *
Ryland: garret put it back
Garret: * runs and eats it *
Ryland: i put time and effort into them!
Tbh yes I love shane but the one thing that annoys me is that he can be a bit overdramatic but I guess that's how he is
shirl m
shirl m:
I don't think this is fair use cuz don't you have to change at least 20% of it, it's like they put a dot over her face and that's it.
killermadhatter 222
killermadhatter 222:
If the government is testing lasers why are they testing it on our houses and not somewere ales were they can't hurt people and there property
SunKissed Melanin
SunKissed Melanin:
You taking about your friend that was half black, doesn't mean anything. How dark was She? Did she have AFRICAN features, did she only wear straight hair or long loosely curled hair? Smh.
Daily Studios
Daily Studios:
This is wrong you're stealing basically all of shanes content