Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose: Raw, Jan. 28, 2019

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Joel Richards
Joel Richards:
You can just tell by the way he’s selling that dean Ambrose absolutely hates the way he’s being booked rn

EDIT: lmao I was right
Sad Boi JAXXX:
Sold that stomp like The Rock sells half of people's finishers XD
HaCkER l SA:
Dean he will leave like cm punk from you
Sukhvir Singh
Sukhvir Singh:
Dean Ambrose is not that person which you show
2:17 shawn michaels 2.0
Anthony Wrem
Anthony Wrem:
Ambrose sold that curb stomp like a stunner
Freaking Young
Freaking Young:
Lmfao 2:18 dean sold that curb stomp on level 999
Jaime Rhemrev
Jaime Rhemrev:
Dean deserves better
Valsalan Nair
Valsalan Nair:
2:16 Dean Ambrose didnt hit his face down he hit his hand down
Watermelon Penguin
Watermelon Penguin:
WWE has three breakout stars Finn,Dean and Braun.For some reason they cant seem to use them properly.And then they wonder why ratings are reaching an all-time low.WWE is such a joke now.
LuzerForce Entertainment
LuzerForce Entertainment:
Dam Ambrose is leaving after wrestlemania.. gonna miss him
The Shield
The Shield:
Look they made dean heel cause Elias became face
Now Elias is heel
Make dean face again
Prateek Sengar Arya
Prateek Sengar Arya:
Dean Ambrose can win Oscar for his acting
Oh yeah yeah
Tank player
Tank player:
Ambrose sold the hell out of that finisher
Random Random
Random Random:
Dd oh Stomp 2:16 lol am I the only one who noticed
1:24 gosh darn it, I was expecting dean to do the rebound lariat, but he just fell out of the ring. XD
best aa
best aa:
That's the way u let your friends shine and u quit
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
WWE has done injustice to ambrose and his fan's, although i love seth too but, dean was more worthy of winning the r rumble, he should quit for good, they made him gain some weight and return with a new look yet all those just to become a jobber soon, nia jax just put hands, on him he was pinned clean by seth on monday night, im really not happy how they are ruining ambrose, AWE is there waiting for him 😡 you suck @WWE
Eh that Curb stomp took too long to execute.Was weird seeing Ambrose stay in that position just waiting for Seth.
Thomas Styles
Thomas Styles:
Dean Ambrose's farewell match in WWE...
1 3
1 3:
Dean Ambrose is in Stone Cold 🥶 Steve Austin ‘a Character
💯isn’t 💯
Johannah Stahl
Johannah Stahl:
jon doe
jon doe:
Ambrose deserves better. Fix it wwe
Parag Soni
Parag Soni:
Dean's face didn't even touch the floor...
Wolf Media Corporation
Wolf Media Corporation:
if dean ambrose leave wwe than i also stop watching wwe... and watch only that wrestling promotion where dean ambrose goes.. who agree with me and do the same thing
Fairus Bapok Siam
Fairus Bapok Siam:
Dean ambrose to ROH
shade all day
shade all day:
2:17 what the hell was that dean 😂
Mukul Bajpai
Mukul Bajpai:
Has Dean had some HBK-esque selling potion??
The perfect selling doesn't exi-
Balvendra Shekhawat
Balvendra Shekhawat:
Hey listen WWE Dean deserve better than Seth Rollins believe that
Alighnte McCormick
Alighnte McCormick:
Thank You Dean👏👏👏
Bey Gaming
Bey Gaming:
2:16 *commentator* - DD OH STOMP
Sebasstain Castellanos
Sebasstain Castellanos:
Ambrose should have have won man. It really feels bad. I mean c'mon at wrestlemania 32 he almost took out Brock,at battleGround he won against Seth and roman in a triple threat. Thanks for ruining my Dean Ambrose WWE.😔😔😖
Saad Memon
Saad Memon:
Very Sad To See after long 25 in history years would be a WM without Deadman ! Miss you TU .
Jahryck Muliagatele
Jahryck Muliagatele:
Ambrose vs Rollins rivals for like what 6 years man this match is classic 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
1:37 waiting for Seth to hit Sucide Dive😂😂😂😂😂
What's with Ambrose pausing until Seth does a move on him? 🤨
2:18 That Selling By Dean Was Gold
Being Single
Being Single:
2:17 that's how The Rock sells for Stone Cold Steve Austin's stunner....
I love Seth more than dean Seth's character has more originality than dean
Stanley Wan
Stanley Wan:
the one time dean actually fell out of the ring through the ropes without coming back
Yuhin X
Yuhin X:
2:13 Dean has been in that position for a full minute lol, he could have just stood up straight instead of bending. Plus his sells, lolololololol 😂😂
kan 07
kan 07:
Can't believe they are calling Ambrose" jealous".💀
Ĕjåý Wīllįąms
Ĕjåý Wīllįąms:
Idk why they made dean ambrose lose. Ik seth cant beat him. Curse the ones who scripted this match!!!!😈😠😠😤😳
John Babauta
John Babauta:
0:22 Dean Ambrose pulls up his pants 🤣
Mr. A.A.
Mr. A.A.:
*2:15** How good was that😂😂😂😂😂?*
francis begbie
francis begbie:
ambrose AEW CHAMPION at double or nothing
Antisocial Freak
Antisocial Freak:
1:25 REBOUND LARI Oh........ never mind.
Y Chromosome 99
Y Chromosome 99:
2:16 😁 Omg Dean sold that so well!!
Mayank Nahata
Mayank Nahata:
2:17 What's with that selling?

Edit: Also, do you guys think he did a HBK vs Hogan with that sell?
2:15 He Just Say DDT😂 Listen that
George Lazos
George Lazos:
And the crowd goes like...'BURN IT DOWN! BURN IT DOWN!...'
Tosun Bicaku
Tosun Bicaku:
3 years since I have watched WWE I am shook how ambrose has changed
sam rko
sam rko:
Wish the time rotated around 1999-2009 again n again.That was the golden time for WWE
Samrat Pathania
Samrat Pathania:
You have done very bad with Jon moxly Vince
Cletus Gonsalves
Cletus Gonsalves:
Dd oho stomp !! Well so they changed the name again ???
Eduardo Alcala
Eduardo Alcala:
0:22 we all knew dean was gonna counter he was just standing going like when my contract ends in April we’re should I go I hear aew is hiring
Chhatarpal Singh granthi
Chhatarpal Singh granthi:
2:19 how fake dean ambrose was 😂😂😂
Wyndell Lee
Wyndell Lee:
At least Seth pointed at the sign.
D Z:
Really shoulda been Shield Triple Threat at WrestleMania 35
2:16 welp...that happened.
Darrius Williams
Darrius Williams:
2:16 did Michael Cole just say “Deedy Dirt”?
Satelit Puaka
Satelit Puaka:
that curb stomp 😱
Cavanşir Səfərov
Cavanşir Səfərov:
2:15 wtf? Xd
Josh Spicey
Josh Spicey:
2:18 Maggle screams Stop at Dean's overselling
Ștefan Db
Ștefan Db:
2:16 wth was that stomp
Ummad Qureshi
Ummad Qureshi:
2:19 commentary :"dd oh stomp"
I think Dean was suppose to deliver a ddt to Seth
Jello University
Jello University:
Dean Ambrose is salty salty
Mohit Pareek
Mohit Pareek:
2:16 dean's acting skills 🔥
Shahbaz Wolf Rajput
Shahbaz Wolf Rajput:
Turn Dean Ambrose face And let him face Bobby lashley at WrestleMania 35 for Intercontinantal championship
WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose leaving WWE after WrestleMania 35!!!
Argilla the killer
Argilla the killer:
2:00 Rollins superkick
Ibrahim R.
Ibrahim R.:
Waiting 5 minutes for the stomp 😂😂😂😂
Carlos Medina
Carlos Medina:
02:13 I know this is fake, but come on! LMAO! "I'm gonna lay in this guy's finisher position whyle he taunts me about doing his finisher", LMAO!
2:15 atleast try and make it look real💀
Nyrall Monterrey
Nyrall Monterrey:
That selling from Ambrose🤣 Hilarious as hell😂
GamingWithEdge #23
GamingWithEdge #23:
That was one of the fakest reaction i had ever seen in wwe
Wyndell Lee
Wyndell Lee:
Is Dean turning Babyface?
Ray Love
Ray Love:
Did Michael Cole said "DDT oh Stomp"
Armaan Roy
Armaan Roy:
Dean Ambrose doesn't know how to make the matches real!🤣
Martel Renteria
Martel Renteria:
He was just there chilling waiting for the curb stomp for the longest time 😂 he just kicked him in the stomach it wasn’t for him to be in that position for so long
V - Trigger
V - Trigger:
2:17 no doubt Dean is a real beast that selling was awesome
Salman Amer Alkhatib
Salman Amer Alkhatib:
1:26 😭😭😭😭😭
( some of you will know what I mean)
Zayn Awan
Zayn Awan:
2:17 fine selling Ambrose
Sukhvir Singh
Sukhvir Singh:
Wwe stop dean
Robert Warf
Robert Warf:
Love how dean just stood there and waited for every move
M 123
M 123:
2:16 a dd stomp
Nobody Wanted this name
Nobody Wanted this name:
1:26 was hoping for a clothesline
Hubcity Finest
Hubcity Finest:
Spandan Misra
Spandan Misra:
1:22 Who else thought he would come back at him!
2:17 what was that😂😂😂😂
Jay Blake
Jay Blake:
Although I never cared for Dean Ambrose, I’m happy that he left, and found happiness outside of WWE. That’s all that matters.
B Jordan
B Jordan:
Lmao, love how Dean flops around like a dead fish after the curb stomp.
Nathan Torrance
Nathan Torrance:
"Deety Dirds"
American Nightmare
American Nightmare:
0:36 So no one knows that Dean brought back the Hook and Ladder?
Raj Deb
Raj Deb:
Ambrose sold Curb Stomp very well ! 😂
nicklas asslaber
nicklas asslaber:
ambrose needs his blue jeans again😂
2:15 that stomp broke the laws of physics..
Rich 88
Rich 88:
*THE SHIELD - Royal Rumble Winners:*

Roman Reigns: *Royal Rumble (2015)*
Seth Rollins: *Royal Rumble (2019)*
Dean Ambrose: *Royal Rumble (????)*