Scaramucci on Ivanka's emails: It's hypocritical

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci reacts to news that Ivanka Trump used her personal email for official White House business and addresses the comparisons to Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server. #CNN #News

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RAGA. Rake America Great Again. Mind those leaves folks. Save a life!
Bob Goad
Bob Goad:
The Mooch is like a used car salesman rationalizing why he sold a lemon.
New drinking game: Down a shot every time a Republican apologist says "on both sides".
Kim Coates
Kim Coates:
This guys 15 minutes of fame are already in the 16th minute. After being booted from the swamp, he has no more relevancy. Enough already.
Why do news organizations keep booking this moron. His 15 minutes were up a long time ago.
Jondo Jondo
Jondo Jondo:
Stop intervieving this lapdog. Completely empty headed dirt bag.
Ivana Taylor
Ivana Taylor:
You have to be spinless--literally--to engage in these twists and bends. YIKES!
Justin Ticknor
Justin Ticknor:
It's never the presidents house. It's the people's and we rent it on a 4 yr lease
Edward C
Edward C:
Ivanka thinks she is a princess who can do whatever she wants.
Richard & Rose Beal Preston/Johnson
Richard & Rose Beal Preston/Johnson:
Lock her up?!!! Isn't that what Daddy cries!!
My Space
My Space:
There is always an exception to the rules when it comes to Republicans, lies and deceit will follow when questioned.
Say What?
Say What?:
TRUMP: The First FAKE President
The Fibler
The Fibler:
Russia, if you're listening, I hope you one day find Ivanka's thousands of missing email's she refuses to turn over. LOL
No Scaramucci. It's not his home. It's our home. We the people pay for it.
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt:
there IS Nothing BLUE COLLAR about Donald Trump ...
Mooch was the first one yelling "lock her up" referring to Hillary. Now he's back peddling concerning Ivankas' emails? The hypocrisy is overwhelming! Mooch...go home!
James Roche
James Roche:
Having this slimeball weighing in on anything is ludicrous. His opinions are less than worthless.
kevin lee
kevin lee:
Trump should have stayed at his trump tower office . He is not a president material.
M Thomas
M Thomas:
Why is shorty still on tv, he's bought and paid for by "little hands"
Blessing Goodthings
Blessing Goodthings:
His house or his home?. It’s the people’s house/home Anthony.
Ignacio Morales
Ignacio Morales:
Stop interviewing this guy. He's a fiasco.
Joe Meatballs
Joe Meatballs:
When republicans say we need to dial down the ad hominem... Lol
M Bennett
M Bennett:
No! It's not his home.... it's the house of the people buddy. If only he respected that!
quinten putnam
quinten putnam:
We need to amend these new rules "NO LYING ANYMORE". And by the way Hey "ANTONY" what's that BROWN STUFF ON YOU NOSE????
Levi Hawk
Levi Hawk:
Trump loves the military ! WTF are you talking about.... Really ! He loves that he is considered The Commander & Chief yet has hasn't been one since he stepped into office. Trump is a bog mouth liar that can't stand who he is... he hates he works double time to hide his true feelings. He avoided Vietnam... he has security everywhere he goes...he calls people names but never to their faces...he says you're fired but never fores anyone himself.. Trump is a coward... he proves how cowardly he is every single minute of every single day. He's a coward that deserves nothing ... he hasn't earned and he sure as hell hasn't proven himself to be a great leader or even a slightly decent leader...he is a terrible leader...a embarrassment to this country. The reason his media coverage is so poor is due to who he is...not who the media is... Trump brought it all on himself and so have you...Mooch !
Go English JPN
Go English JPN:
I think when Trump hired him he thought he was getting Joe Pesci.
Mandela Ndangoh
Mandela Ndangoh:
Why do we keep caring what the mooch thinks?
She obviously emailed Russians. We need a deeper investigations to these emails.
Existential Poet
Existential Poet:
Why is Scaramucci being heard and interviewed? A hypocrite, an opportunist, and complicit (totally) with Trump the thug. Remember, "yes we can" and vote, vote, vote to get rid of Trump and every GOP in 2020. If not, nothing will save the nation. We have lost total credibility worldwide under Trump and his minions.
Avery Colnite
Avery Colnite:
I wanna see the servers. Where are the servers? 🍊
The Fibler
The Fibler:
who's still waiting on Trumps 10% tax cut for the middle class?
Get Me Out of Here
Get Me Out of Here:
“Inside HIS house”? Thought the WH was the people’s house.
Irma Knight
Irma Knight:
The new rules for the press in the White House are another sign of the tyrant wanna be.
No basement server, no classified info, no deleted emails, no scrubbing of said server - barely even a comparison
Lock her up!, lock her up!
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe:
Came here for the hypocrisies, stayed for the nice legs in nude heels
lilli harlow 61
lilli harlow 61:
lock her up (ivanka). side note, "blue collar president"? when was trump ever blue collar. the orange ring around the collar would be more appropriate.
Bob Howard
Bob Howard:
When ever I see Anthony I click cuz you know it's going to be a fun filled mind tripped wth ride
His comment lost all credibility when he said Ivanka was a very smart person.
Another totally useless interview with the socalled "mooch"
John Corboy
John Corboy:
As the president would say Shhitt he's full of it
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee:
So basically hold the press to a higher standard than the president STFU 🤷🏽‍♂️
Gord Orvis
Gord Orvis:
Stop having this aluminum siding salesman on.
Sam Home
Sam Home:
Oh no he didnt'! He called Ivanka a hypocrite! Your OUT of the good ol boys club!
Face Off
Face Off:
Make America great again Impeach Donald J Trump and Mike Pence.
Enzo Raffo
Enzo Raffo:
As an adult if you think there's any honest politicians you're probably still waiting for Santa to come down the chimney every year
Cool Hand Mark
Cool Hand Mark:
Ahhhhhh, and yet not one single report from the Full On Xenophobia network about Ivankunt getting caught sending government emails on her private account eh? Also notice how there's is not a single Drumpf-supporter posting in the comment sections of ANY of the many videos by all of the news outlets lol? How about we just... Hang her up! Hang her up! Hang her up!
Alta Pedroza
Alta Pedroza:
Trump should now say, lock them up together!!"
Precious Love
Precious Love:
Dad’s girl messed up omg😂😂😂
Angel B
Angel B:
When Hilary is prosecuted and jailed, then you can go after Ivanka.
"Oups" lol like this journalist
Jennifer Morris
Jennifer Morris:
These interviews with the mooch are really futile, he is no longer in the tent with trump and all he can do is speculate. He has a book to sell that’s all.
Hayden McMichael
Hayden McMichael:
Whenever I watch CNN or liberal clips I think back of my non logical insane girlfriend when I was about 17 years old.....and I know dam well she would have be crying post election and it makes me smile:)
God bless Trump
This Interview established *nothing* ; he basically downplayed every question.
APPLE & HAPPY x-files
APPLE & HAPPY x-files:
Go away scaramucci!! You and conway oh and huckabe are such despicable people
Jeremy Welwood
Jeremy Welwood:
Stop interviewing THE MOOCH!!
He’s basically saying the penalties offset. I miss THE MOOCH, where’s the fire!?
Charles Tupper
Charles Tupper:
Do not call the mooch. He tries to defend the indefensible by lying.
berchie neub
berchie neub:
she has been cleared so move on and look at the drama with cnn
Legend said that the mooch hasnt got his password of the email before he got sacked.
"His house"? I'd like to see his deed. It's ours.
11days (<- the mooches new nickname)., doesnt know what he is saying. he will say anything in defense of trump his cash cow.
"Apple's and oranges" people! Check the facts like I did before jumping to conclusions.
Out goes around, comes arounf: LOCK HER UP !!!
can we also make the WH follow some rule(s). like, answer the actual question asked and not deflect. js
Cas Moons
Cas Moons:
Sam South
Sam South:
@10:59 hey Mr smoochie! 😂😂😂😂
so which duck were you that got shoot out by that hunter Orange???
David Roy
David Roy:
What happened to “Lock Her Up?”
Obviously it’s “ok for me, not for thee”
Stephanie O'Hara
Stephanie O'Hara:
Great interview Allison!
Freeride Forever
Freeride Forever:
"Two wrongs don't make a right" say the ones on the side always committing the wrongs 1st, how bou dah?
The mooooooch!
No way she didn’t hear her father yelling “lock her up”.....
Who would publish a Mooch book, much less read it? SMH
Irma Knight
Irma Knight:
The Trumps think they own the country and they believe they are above the law. How much more is the American People will take?
Yawning Pheonix
Yawning Pheonix:
Wow, he's really dropping the ball. I expected the Mooch to handle this much better.
The Cali_Wave
The Cali_Wave:
This clown tries so hard to sound eloquent and well read, yet he refers to an unknown study at "Harvard"
Beverly Boyd
Beverly Boyd:
We don’t need to figure out why this “PIS” daughter would use her personal email for government biz. Dump the trumps.
Adam Chelate
Adam Chelate:
This is old news from September 2017, that for some reason CNN is dredging up again.
love the new mooch!!
James Dyer
James Dyer:
the midget glove puppets back! Just loves getting on the box
He's so calm in this interview. Her...not so much.
He talks about Washington as if what’s been happening for the last two years is comparable with anything else
What an assclown.. can he say "both sides" 6 more times?
It's da Mooch!! AAAA!!
mike mcdaniel
mike mcdaniel:
Omg the Russian might know her Amtrak schedule and who's coming for thanks giving dinner quick everyone run for the bunkers red dawn is happening run run
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony:
Lock Ivanka with Hillary :D
pedram rayan
pedram rayan:
the Mucc!! he's so fair and honest now that Ivanka gotta be locked up!
As the Trumpsters love to say, LOCK HER UP.”
Olu akinwale
Olu akinwale:
The same Ivanka they refer to in the WH as "intelligent!" and could possibly be appointed as the US Ambassador to the United Nations! American! wake from your slumber! Your Country is going down the plughole and unlikely to recover!
RedRiver Organics
RedRiver Organics:
using a private email "through" a secure server is one thing. Having your own unsecured server and sending emails are a entirely different thing.
The Ballad of Mona Lisa
The Ballad of Mona Lisa:
I always have the feeling he‘s doing these interviews to give the orange guy tips and strategies and in that way is trying to get a foot back into the door. I don’t like him 💩
I love how CNN is gloating over this. Such hatred over there.
Dwight Stewart
Dwight Stewart:
the unfortunate thing is that their supporters will ignore it.
Jim A
Jim A:
He’s complicit
Captain Obvious, is that you?
Fah Q!

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