Robin Hood (2018 Movie) Teaser Trailer – Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan

Robin Hood – In theaters November 21, 2018. Starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Foxx, Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Tim Minchin, and Jamie Dornan. Subscribe to the LIONSGATE YouTube Channel for the latest movie trailers, clips, and more: #RobinHoodMovie Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) a war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx) mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown in a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance. Summit Entertainment presents, an Appian Way production, a Safehouse Pictures production, in association with Thunder Roads Films.

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100 Rental Cars
100 Rental Cars:
Thanks for showing the entire movie in the trailer. You just saved me ten dollars and two hours. Cheers!
When you spend 90% of your budget signing Jamie Foxx...
Tim Walker
Tim Walker:
Oh dear. More American accents from a time they didn’t exist.
Jonathan Novelo Escalera
Jonathan Novelo Escalera:
No thanks, i rather go watch Disney Robin Hood
Mr strangled
Mr strangled:
This looks so generic that in a couple of years I'll forget this movie even existed.
This movie seems confused about what era it’s in. Hipster noblemen and beer bottles.
Because 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' was such a great success. This must be Liongate's "hold my beer" moment on who could lose more money.
Movie Man Fan
Movie Man Fan:
NOTHING, not a damn thing... will compare to ALAN RICKMAN in Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" !!!
RIP Alan.
YEAR 1991... those were good time. *Sigh
Tanja  Probst
Tanja Probst:
What the heck is this?! It has nothing to do with Robin Hood 😢 Seems like more and more bad remakes are coming up in 2019 😢
Senan Byrne
Senan Byrne:
Can’t wait to not see this
Jonathan Dryden
Jonathan Dryden:
I'm waiting for Jamie Fox to pull out a 9 mm and say, " We robbin this hood."
Al denver
Al denver:
YUP.... soooo Robin Hood is officially ruined.
Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles:
So they learned absolutely nothing from Guy Richie's King Arthur disaster.
soundman 5
soundman 5:
Couldn't even finish the trailer............. Predictable, uninspiring, moneymaking blockbuster. When will they make a real Robin Hood film with class and integrity?
This isn't Robin Hood
At all
Prankur Thakral
Prankur Thakral:
This reminds me so much of King Arthur and Assassin's Creed.
Is Robin Hood gonna dab or play fortnite in this movie? Pls answer
John V
John V:
Didn’t know robin hood was a ninja as well..
Daniel Ryslink
Daniel Ryslink:
American historical movie.

An oxymoron.
Frank Morris
Frank Morris:
Medieval antifa the movie?
Sea Panther
Sea Panther:
They showed the entire movie in this trailer including the massive plot twist. Real good marketing dummies.
Stan Walker
Stan Walker:
I dont really care if the actings bad. Ill still watch it just for the action. People need to stop comparing it to the old ones and just think of it like a new movie. Remakes always get way too much shit from oldheads who arent open to new ideas.
Miles Joshua Serate
Miles Joshua Serate:
Arrow Season 25 looks amazing
Timothy O'Neil
Timothy O'Neil:
maybe I am being a detail nerd, but... how do you "fire" arrows, when you only draw back the bow less than half of full? This looks like a CJW tv movie. terrible
Wow, the pro-antifa message is strong with this one.
Alistair Neil
Alistair Neil:
My name is Robin of Loxley. After five years in a hellish crusade I came home with only one goal, to steal from the rich and give to the poor. But to do that I must become someone else, I must become something else. I am the Green Ar- I am Robin Hood
Paddy Whidborne
Paddy Whidborne:
ahhhhhh... I'm having flashbacks to King Arthur: legend of the sword
James A
James A:
That looks terrible
Blake J
Blake J:
This is one of the those movies going straight to FX
Sämi Lämi
Sämi Lämi:
Is that a Robin Hood movie or an Antifa marauding army trailer?
641 Studios
641 Studios:
It seems as if this film has no clue what it wants to be.
Jamie Foxx- as Lil' John
Eru Pendragon
Eru Pendragon:
YouTube made me watch this. I’m throwing my grain of salt to say: WTF? This looks beyond terrible. Out of the millions of books and stories, why do we keep rehashing the same thing.

I really don’t know how to make the film industry understand that good stories make good movies. Making them flashier does not make them better.
Gotta love the obvious Antifa symbolism everywhere.
Can we just burn Hollywood, and all its creatively bankrupt hacks, to the ground already?
Fishy Flakes
Fishy Flakes:
0:15 Omg is this Hanzo's Storm Arrow ability? OoO
Tianna Perry
Tianna Perry:
*This isn't a "teaser" it's the whole damn movie*
Janko Radmanović
Janko Radmanović:
"The Dark Hood" hahahahah
1:03 looks like Antifa
SongfulAbyss 143
SongfulAbyss 143:
Is this part of King Arthur: legend of the sword universe?
Joshua Fogg
Joshua Fogg:
Oh look. Black Hood and his miserable band of ANTIFA.

Skipping hard.
I can’t tell which time period this is supposed to be. Are those riot shields and tear gas?!
When 2fast meets mission impossible in medieval times.
why they are wearing antifa modern clothes?
I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons..Even Rocket Robin Hood was more faithful to the original..
“Oo-de-lally,” another new movie of Robin Hood.

“Golly, what a day.”
Robin Hood... you have failed this city.
Michael Blau
Michael Blau:
What is this? Assasins Creed meets Green Arrow, Fast and the Furious and Occupy Wallstreet?
The saddest part is - this movie will fail, obviously, and the creators won't understand why. Or maybe it's another "Springtime for Hitler" of movies, created to flop?
shubham raj singh
shubham raj singh:
Taron Egerton (2016)- "I'm Going To Be An Olympic Ski Jumper"
Gary Anglo
Gary Anglo:
Omg I have hundreds of years of my ancestors are turning in there graves.
Zvonomir Zuboronovic
Zvonomir Zuboronovic:
Wow! This looks bad.

How many times will there be slow-mo shots of Robin Hood spinning in the air while shooting an arrow?
Ivan Lončarević
Ivan Lončarević:
1:03 modern manholes on the floor
Cherokee EL
Cherokee EL:
Solo: A Star Wars Story " We are gonna make the biggest garbage of the year."

Robin Hood 2018: " Hold My Beer ."
Suning Starseeker
Suning Starseeker:
Why can't they just make a good old Robin Hood movie?! I m from China by the way, and even in China we grew up reading this English folklores.... so it has a special place in my heart. This film looks like a fantasy industrial mixture to me!! and I cant believe he is wearing suit!!
daniel fetita
daniel fetita:
What a load of bulls**t! If you’ve ever been curious how a lobotomy feels like... this is the movie for you then.
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis:
So it wouldve been a cool plot twist if we didnt know he was robin hood but what do i know
Sakura Yuki
Sakura Yuki:
Those rebels look like antifa protesters. Also is it so hard to make a real medieval story that is interesting without modernize it?
I guess a movie based on the Thief series of games couldn't get greenlit so they called it Robin Hood instead?
See, at first I was all "ooo, a movie about the Thief franchise!" Nope! re-imaginaging of steam punk robin hood
Marianna Vasiliou
Marianna Vasiliou:
I have watched it 3 days ago it was perfect❤️
TruckerExile E
TruckerExile E:
Must be a parallel universe earth where medieval times were semi industrial, only hypotheses I can come up with
C N:
Does this movie take place in 1280? 1462? 1879? 2019? 2042?

A british soldier returns home after a tour in the unjust war at the middle east and finds that the government is corrupt and it's milking citizens with taxes, like cows.

This film has nothing to do with Robin Hood, so if you forget Robin then you can enjoy a good film about a soldier that rebels against the system. Black Hawk Down + Born on the Fourth of July+ Jarhead+The mask of the Zorro+Batman Begins+the dark Knight (sweetened for teenagers).
Now seriously, it is actually entertaining.
This movie is amazing!!!! take it as more that just the story of robin hood, it touches so many topics that are important still and they made it way more timeless than other adaptations of the story. I absolutely loved it!
“Are you sure” GOOSEBUMPS
Daniel West
Daniel West:
"ALLL the cliches. ALLL OF THEMMM!!!"

That's how I imagine the boardroom meeting for this film began—and ended. They must have a lot of money to burn, because I think they actually want to lose money and destroy careers.
Like a thief in the night ....he returns
Melissa Selena
Melissa Selena:
And I was about to order this shit on ShawOnDemand. Good thing I came here first. Whew.
Tim W
Tim W:
I said to myself "Russell Crowe has already done this, why would they be doing it again so soon;" and immediately I thought of the last Fantastic Four.
Uh oh, there must be some young stud playing Robin Hood.
These people have really lost their way if they thought it was a good idea to back this movie.
I wonder if he will be doing Kung Fu?
Autumn Potato
Autumn Potato:
I honestly dont understand why so many people are triggered by this trailer
The legendary Klobb
The legendary Klobb:
The crap is strong in this one

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 2.0

Which English icon will be their next victim? Richard Lionheart?
Swamp Fox
Swamp Fox:
The matrix meets Robinhood. Jamie fox is Morpheus. Robin take the red pill or the blue one. 👍😂
Meditation Vacation
Meditation Vacation:
I’d like to see a movie about guy Fawkes, that’d be good, I don’t know why that hasn’t been done(correct me if I’m wrong).
Without seeing this movie I can’t judge it but I think it was made to be visually exciting as the story has been remade quite a few times. I hope it’s good cause I liked kingsman
Shogo 昇剛
Shogo 昇剛:
1:36 drawing the bow like that is so inefficient...
Jesus this looks generic
Charles's Movie Channel
Charles's Movie Channel:
I guess I'm gonna be one of the only people to say this: I'm actually looking forward to this.
Avery Christy
Avery Christy:
The question I have for this film is: Does it have enough explosions? I think I saw roughly five in the trailer, I'm not sure that's enough. A good two dozen for a two-hour movie is minimum.
Sin Archer
Sin Archer:
I would have gone to see it if they had made Tom Hiddleston Robin Hood.
Majki Majk
Majki Majk:
Good for teenagers of the new era, I stay with my Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
Luke Coyle
Luke Coyle:
As someone from Nottingham who grew up on the Robin Hood stories, this looks so mindblowingly stupidly awful that I don't even know what to say
Biggest bomb of 2016 - Ben Hur
Biggest bomb of 2017 - King Arthur
Biggest bomb of 2018 .......
Sean Turner
Sean Turner:
His merry men are wearing black and have their faces masked.
And throwing molotov cocktails.
a film about antifa and not the actual Robin Hood.
communist Hollywood and more of their propaganda crap.
Albany Veron
Albany Veron:
now whenever i see taron i can only think of moomintroll
Scribble It
Scribble It:
This year's "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword"?
T. Martin
T. Martin:
Boy, did the Middle Ages have some hip fashions
I see Ben Mendelssohn in every film recently. He must be on a Career high.
Monkey JUMP
Monkey JUMP:
Ahh "sigh" I was waiting for something related to Robin Hood to be created. It has finally come. But...this wasn't what I had in mind. I wish it was less dramatic. Robin of Sherwood will remain unbeatable forever....
Andre Celeste
Andre Celeste:
Could Jamie Foxx's character be a reference to A-Sneeze from Robin hood: men in tights? It'd be cool if he was
Charlotte D
Charlotte D:
Green arrow in a superdry jacket... Yea... No thanks
I don't think these people are capable of telling simple stories in a simple way anymore.
anna irene chamberlain
anna irene chamberlain:
The story and setting seems strange... but I love the bow skills, it's probably the most realistic thing about this. Did they train with Lars Andersen? Seriouslly looks like he uses a bow the same way.
Going to watch this tomorrow. I love the robin hood films. I know some remakes are terrible but so what, I love films and I actually think it looks really good.
Fun Fact: One of the producers of this movie also produced "John Wick" and confirmed the combat will have elements of JW.

That being said, in today's socioeconomic climate a Robin Hood movie is VERY much needed and welcome.
when he took his mask off, i was so surprised..................................... yeah.

I'll watch men in tights, thats closer to the story
Juan Arias
Juan Arias:
The movie should’ve been titled, Kingsman: Origins
Is Eggsy at it again with being a gent and all?

I'll mark this as "Action flick"
Frank Di
Frank Di:
This reminds me so much of King Arthur… I’m full of expectations and looking forward to watch this movie using my boxxy software.
"It's a bulldog innit?"
That is Garret, the Master Thief right there, I mean the look, if you are a fan like me of the THIEF games, you will know what I am talking about, this 1 is bound 2 be a cracking film   :)