Rhyce Power, The Hot Brother From Married At First Sight | KIIS1065, Kyle & Jackie O

Meet the guy that stole the show just by appearing in the background of his sister's wedding! MORE VIDEOS ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kyleandjackieoshow/ INSTAGRAM: @kiis1065 (https://www.instagram.com/kiis1065/) TWITTER: @kiis1065 (https://twitter.com/KIIS1065) WEBSITE: http://www.kiis1065.com.au/

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Rick A
Rick A:
Woman bashing maggot thinks he is some sort of hollywood A lister. What a cockhead he is.
Vinny Swerve
Vinny Swerve:
You can have a nice first date with him at his court hearing for an AVO from his ex de facto
Mahalia Williams
Mahalia Williams:
Both him and Jessika are disgusting.
Ryan Scanlan
Ryan Scanlan:
If he's Jesssika's brother, then he's trash.
Mahalia Williams
Mahalia Williams:
Meh, nothing impressive about him.
Fuck Google
Fuck Google:
Woman bashing DOG
Carol-Ann Bottrell
Carol-Ann Bottrell:
He is a rat.
All off them the family iu s a joke
Marie Alexander
Marie Alexander:
l just looked this guy up OMG he's a women basher and a thug run ladies just run
Grace Leopold
Grace Leopold:
He looks like a typical bogan who knows heโ€™s attractive.
Jonathan Ky
Jonathan Ky:
He might be hot, but the girls are always going to have to watch their backs if they laugh at the size of his manhood.
Jess Smith
Jess Smith:
Kyle why donโ€™t you speak to Hayley Matthews sheโ€™s his recent ex. He lied to you guys, his a female basher!
uncle ronron
uncle ronron:
Then he stood up and was a dwarffffffff lol ...how can a dwarf be a stripper good chance he is a poof and that was his boyfriend sitting next to him at the weddinggg
My dog taller then him ๐Ÿถ
Courtney Fallon
Courtney Fallon:
Heโ€™s less of a pig than Kyle
20000 ladies are asking for domestic violence!
JLPT & Nutrition
JLPT & Nutrition:
No shortage of ego
how trash is kyle/jackie no mention AVO VILE
Wayne Turner
Wayne Turner:
A shortarse cockhead!
People money
People money:
He short!
He was only freaking out about Mick because he thinks its normal in relationships to beat your woman so he gave mick a warning
HARLEM and MARK videos
HARLEM and MARK videos:
when i saw him i held my breathe that may be why jess went on there they think they are the bomb
Fotini Hatziandreou
Fotini Hatziandreou:
What's the matter with this world!
Peter Pan
Peter Pan:
He is 5"2
Roiding to the max
Helen James
Helen James:
You abused your ex , no one likes you
Beth Rowe
Beth Rowe:
Kyle...you are looking so old...Good Lord!
Ghost Riley
Ghost Riley:
On the show: Iv had to sort out my sister's dickhead ex boyfriends.

On the radio: iv never been in a fight with a guy before ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Clara An
Clara An:
Take a shot every time Kyle says โ€˜Broโ€™
Ghost Riley
Ghost Riley:
Kyle... we've got a gay over here in the station ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚
Bec SocSci
Bec SocSci:
Awwww Jackie Oโ€™s poor head.๐Ÿ˜“
dean britt
dean britt:
He's on steroids check out his neck
Juliette Purdy
Juliette Purdy:
Kyle it's Mate not Bro FFS
why does she have a bandage on her head
frank hunt
frank hunt:
This guy's a flop.
Christopher Sawyer
Christopher Sawyer:
Vile Kyle and wacky tacky jacky at their deviant deprived low life pedophile filthy best.
Yep go on a date with him and end up in a body bag.
Aussie Lady
Aussie Lady:
Jackie Os Botox went wrong on the forehead
that family has the good physical genes
you tuber
you tuber:
Hot??? Sure jan.
What's going on with Jackie O's forehead...?
LadyVenom Way
LadyVenom Way:
Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside
david Last
david Last:
Ugly tattoos especially when his about 60 yuck
Jess RR
Jess RR:
Not for me. Not into guys like that... Kyle looks better. A man needs meat ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜€
what happened to her head oh she hurt it..
candy cane
candy cane:
Wow why is everyone hating him
Just pure jealousy
What's with all these trolls
It is quite sickening
No one is perfect
Jade Robertson
Jade Robertson:
Rhyce is about as tall as my 6 year year old
Luke Ashton
Luke Ashton:
Did he bash Jackie?
David Parkinson
David Parkinson:
A dog is a big weird any proof it
Angela Riggs
Angela Riggs:
Married woman and in the U.S. but he is gorgeous!!!
Annabel Orourke
Annabel Orourke:
He is good looking....
Melanie Gerritsen
Melanie Gerritsen:
Sounds like a gentleman
Stevie Wright
Stevie Wright:
He's a clone boy.Trying to look tough with tats that don't mean shit.Hes a pretty boy playing up to the camera trying to act tough.Hes a run of the mill wimpy cockboy.Ive seen idiots like him get owned plenty Times.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Kimbo 74
Kimbo 74:
Stevie Nixxx
Stevie Nixxx:
Hes hotter than his sister
gloglo illa
gloglo illa:
This shameful that it's come out half the contestants are actors. I had that feekjngbwith Jess and Iness.
Khinh Phu
Khinh Phu:
he should be a actor
Sonia Cook
Sonia Cook:
Heโ€™s too short !!
Fame 1
Fame 1:
Young Plum
Young Plum:
Ewwwwwwwwwww isnโ€™t he like 5 foot short?
jon kirkman
jon kirkman:
Line up ladies women better biggest of the low life's for all your desired may be needed can b answered , slight side affects may incurring nose adjustments and eye makeup need b applying with fist and sowlen lips immanent
Kim Williams
Kim Williams:
madhu minakshi
madhu minakshi:
Why this girl's after jessika brother.yaaki tattoos.
Yes he is HOT!!!
Victoria Arcturus
Victoria Arcturus:
Who would think heโ€™s hot, heโ€™s as trashy as his trashy sister
Maryam 313
Maryam 313:
His hot.
Mash Eclokin
Mash Eclokin:
For women love only goes skin deep or how deep the pockets are.......Martha left Michael who is the perfect gentleman & chased this bogan with the Tattoos!!
Bec SocSci
Bec SocSci:
Is Jessika Power like quarter Aboriginal? Only because Jessโ€™ Dad looks like he is a light skinned Aboriginal man. Like a quarter caste. Does anyone know?
Family First
Family First:
Who cares if he has tattoos... Yuck
William Buick
William Buick:
Dwarf ?
Debbie Norred-Vaughn
Debbie Norred-Vaughn:
Rhyce is GORGEOUS!!
If youโ€™re a woman and you have battered wife syndrome, heโ€™s the man. Heโ€™s favourite place is Thailand Iโ€™m sure his big on those lady boys.
Cassandra Willans
Cassandra Willans:
Rhyce ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
hes not a man what man takes pictures of his tattoos in the mirror that is sickening ,,he lets the tatts wear him he dont wear the tatts, in the old days only sailers bikers and criminals got tattoos now you have all these would be if they could be EVEN COPS wearing them(exactly WEARING THEM) to try and look cool, fucking jerk try hards
candy cane
candy cane:
He was sooooo cute
We were gob smacked
Jooo Ayee
Jooo Ayee:
tuna -
tuna -:
Why are we giving people like this air time? This is whats wrong with the world. Give someone that's smart and accomplished something random airtime so people can idolize them over people that are just good looking.