Review of All Napoleon Perdis Foundations

You asked, we answered. Watch as Global Makeup Artist Kate Squires takes you through all of Napoleon's foundations with tips on how to apply and the benefits of each so you know exactly which foundation is right for you. Don't forget to subscribe here: and give the video a thumbs up! Let us know what type of look you want to see as a tutorial! Leave us a comment below. PRODUCTS MENTIONED - Off Duty Tinted Moisturizer USA: AUS: Auto Pilot BBB Cream SPF30 USA: AUS: Advanced Mineral Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF15 USA: AUS: Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation SPF20 USA: AUS: Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF15 USA: AUS: Foundation Stick Broad Spectrum SPF15 USA: AUS: China Doll Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF15 USA: AUS: Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation USA: AUS: Camera Finish Powder Foundation USA: AUS: BRUSHES - Complexion Perfection Brush 23s USA: AUS: Flawless Foundation Brush g18 USA: AUS: Buffer Brush 24r AUS: High Definition Foundation & Concealer Brush g20 USA: AUS: FOLLOW NAPOLEON PERDIS - Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Subscribe:


Isabella Amin
Isabella Amin:
Dear Napoleon Perdis,
I absolutely love your foundations and concealers. Napoleon has the best formula I've ever tried and I have tried all of the popular high end brands. The purpose of this email is to bring something to your attention to which I personally believe is a very important contribution to Napoleon.

My constructive critism is that there seems to be no foundation with a yellow undertone, especially for darker skin tones(Look #4 & #5). I feel that if this is to be included it would be a genius development as it would target a greater population of people that are struggling in the make up world. I know many people who are struggling with the same problem as me.

Creating a solution to this would be revolutionary! I cannot emphasise enough how important this is. 
I hope this email reaches you, and that we both can benefit from this.
Kind Regards,
Isabella Amin
Jessica Rinella
Jessica Rinella:
I have the stick which I mostly use when I need full coverage and the powder which I use over the stick and on its own for my daily makeup. Really great. I've been using it for years.
Natasha Taylor
Natasha Taylor:
I love Napoleon foundation!! I'm so sad they won't be in New Zealand anymore :( thanks for the really helpful review
Love this video!!! So much info, it's great! Would love to see a Beautiful luminous golden/bronzed look for paler skin tones :)
Sandra Hennes
Sandra Hennes:
Would love to see a tutorial on the final look that Kate was wearing. Her eyes were sublimely glowey!
Love this video. SOOOOOO informative. I love the look of the Camera Finish Powder Foundation and Advanced Mineral Makeup the best. Gorgeous xxx
would have been nice to know which skin types you can use them on...
Cara Phillips
Cara Phillips:
I have stroke of genius and absolutely love it
Becky Perkins
Becky Perkins:
Loved the video. Great job! I love your serum, primer, and mattifier that I've used. I would love to see a more natural bronzer video
Leah Hitz
Leah Hitz:
LOVELY ! I'm new to the channel and Id like to say THANK YOU for making picking foundations so easy!
Andrea Blount
Andrea Blount:
Great video ... I liked seeing the differences in each formula on the same artist. I feel more comfortable selecting a foundation in your line now.
Buderimponyclub Chiefinstructor
Buderimponyclub Chiefinstructor:
so excited we have this in our store now and Loving it!!- 
This was the most informative video on the Napoleon Perdis channel! Thank you.
Zoe Kendall
Zoe Kendall:
Great tutorial, thanks.
Tahlisha L
Tahlisha L:
what foundation do you recommend for me as i have very dry skin and want a lightweight  coverage as i don't have too many blemishes x
The Sparrows Nest
The Sparrows Nest:
Very well spoken! With excellent product knowledge. Thank you! I have been looking into purchasing NP products and this has helped a lot!
Jo Wayte
Jo Wayte:
Great tutorial, I'd like to see up close (& i mean your eye pretty much the only thing on screen) eyeshadow & eyeliner tutorials, like smokey eye, classic eye, winged liner, & also detailed up close tutorial using browtox. Yes I'm a NP TRAGIC 😍
I just bought the Boudoir Mist Spray Foundation and I cannot wait to try it!!! I do love the China Doll, it is still my favorite.
Nicola Snell
Nicola Snell:
What a fantastic insight into all the benefits, uses and different coverages of the NP foundation range! Thanks Kate.
Tracey A Taylor
Tracey A Taylor:
Fabulous explanation of all foundations, thanks
rowena muller
rowena muller:
I would like to know which colour you used in the Stroke of Genius Liquid Cashmere Foundation?
Mandy Brown
Mandy Brown:
Also I see you use the stick foundation as a conceler on another tutuorial. If I use stoke of genius look 2 what foundation stick should I buy
Cheung  Mandy
Cheung Mandy:
This is a really good video~ My T-zone is oily skin and other area is super dry skin. l wish to have full coverage but my dry skin area is always a big problem, specially AUS is winter now which really windy and dry. Which foundation do you recommend for me? Thanks a lot~~ Xx
Alida Haagsma
Alida Haagsma:
Hi there,

Great video. I purchased the foundation stick yesterday after the lovely girl did my make up for me and made me look amazing using that same foundation. I put it on today and god knows what i did, but I looked so cake face! my pores were all of a sudden really obvious around my nose and under my eyes and the foundation didn't seem to soak into my skin properly. What is the best type of brush to use? I have lots of brushes at home, so don't really want to go and purchase Napoleon brushes. Thanks.
Awesome guide!! Ever since NP stopped being stocked in New Zealand it's become so hard to try and figure out what new products to try. I've been using Camera Finish for 9 years now and LOVE it but was looking for another foundation to add to the collection!
Helena Braczek
Helena Braczek:
The China Doll foundation looks absolutely flawless!
Emily Rose
Emily Rose:
ive recently had stroke of genius, i have very dry skin and i like a dewy finish... in comparison which would be better china doll or stroke of genius! thanks
Jennifer Alvarado
Jennifer Alvarado:
Napoleon Products don't get enough credit. It makes me sad the store closed now they stopped selling at Neiman :( I've tried everything nothing works like Napoleon.
Mandy Brown
Mandy Brown:
Can you tell me which foundation or technique is best for hot humid climates. Most foundations on me seem to slide off before I leave the house!! Thank you
I have the napoleon primer which I use under my mineral spf15 makeup
Jazzy Fizzle
Jazzy Fizzle:
I love napoleon foundations but the options are a bit limited shade-wise. Especially for women of colour
Jo S
Jo S:
i use either advanced mineral or camera finish powder...or both. depending on the occasion. fabulous products. want to add more brushes to my collection!
Which foundation do you recommend for super oily skin and one that doesn't settle into fine lines and one that is full coverage. I've used the old China Doll and it has always settled into the fine lines around my mouth regardless of application method. My oily skin eats through the camera finish powder so I just use it as a finishing powder.

Thanks. This is a great video. Xx
Mila Scott
Mila Scott:
love Napoleon Perdis makeup range
Liberty Gilmore
Liberty Gilmore:
I have the camera finish powder I'm look N1, but I would like to try a liquid but not sure what shade I would be in that or wether I would be the same as my powder shade.
Danielle Ward
Danielle Ward:
Is the foundation stick suitable for dry skin? Which foundation would be best?
Does the stick foundation and china doll foundation cause any flash back in photos?
Jayde Blackmar
Jayde Blackmar:
Can we *please* get one of these videos with all of Napoleon’s lip products? All of the formulas, and all of the shades. I’m a lipstick addict and I’m looking for a lipstick to save up and splurge on and I want to make an educated decision, especially seeing as I’d be ordering from the US (a bit more $$$).

P.S. I hope you plan to keep Kate around because she is EXCELLENT. Her videos are so well-informed and straightforward and easy to follow!
scott wright
scott wright:
you're eyebrows are very uneven I really want to fix them, I am surprised you are doing a review for a popular well known company especially as a global makeup artist you would/should have fixed you're eyebrows before doing a review on products
finishing doesn't look great for any option of the foundations shown. or maybe the model's skin is not suitable for a marketing video. but thanks for the honest review.
Corinne Beasley
Corinne Beasley:
Can you please list the brushes that were used for each foundation as well?
Sarah Fan
Sarah Fan:
I want to choose a natural finish foundation that does not have aloe vera and lavender! I am allergic to these two ingredients. Which one should I get? My skin is really delicate. I like the finish of bbb cream.
Elizabeth Mc-B
Elizabeth Mc-B:
Just wish Napoleon Perdis didn't use Octinoxate in their products.
Denise Barnett
Denise Barnett:
How do you use the mighty concealer pen
Kura Van Mierlo
Kura Van Mierlo:
I don't mean to be rude by saying this but honestly I think you should be getting Nikkia Joy to do your makeup tutorial she does such a lovely makeup tutorial on your makeup Napoleon and NP so beautiful. Don't like the way your girls do there makeup have you had a good look they look like clowns makeup. Just don't like the look sorry.👎🏼