Rep. Walker on Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) on British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal and how Democrats may try to revise the U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade pact.


fountleroy tinkertoy
fountleroy tinkertoy:
she will be out in a week
Kris Keeling
Kris Keeling:
u.k. tory big government with little power. these shills. have been told for so long by e .u. and u s they are. now incapable of putting what people want .sovreignty. freedom and for the masses it cant get any worse .period
Suzy Siviter
Suzy Siviter:
The deal is worse than staying with the EU; Theresa made a deal no one can accept; she will be out very soon and a no-deal looks likely.
Kris Keeling
Kris Keeling:
i agree the u.k has too many guvnors the u.s and europe. their free market is a pump and dump for others . at the expense of the workers. u.k is a spoofers paradise. unafordable rents 600 uk pounds for a room in thornton heath 1500 uk pounds for a ex council house. + council tax. water gas electric . yes indeed life for workers in u.k is on par with third world. standards .and getting worse by the hour
Wolf Ruhn
Wolf Ruhn:
This congressman has no idea at all lol. She is not trying to stick closely to the original referendum at all. Hence the problem. She is a traitor betraying the people and democracy.

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