‘Rent Live’ Wasn’t Actually Live

After Brennin Hunt broke his foot during rehearsal, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil react to Fox’s decision to air the pre-recorded dress rehearsal of “Rent Live” on Sunday night. Only the finale with the original cast, including Idina Menzel, singing "Seasons Of Love", was live. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ETCanadaOfficial FOLLOW us here: http://www.etcanada.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/etcanada Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/etcanada Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/etcanada #RentLive #SeasonsOfLove #IdinaMenzel

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Sarah Schneider
Sarah Schneider:
Still don't understand how this live theater production didn't even think about understudies? I'm not even in Broadway theater or theater other then classes in school and I know how important understudies are.
He could not help he broke his leg!! I mean come on. They could of and still should release the concert version the live audience saw last night
He took break a leg too seriously...
Mari Bel
Mari Bel:
Why all this hate? The poor guy broke his foot. Do you know how bad he must feel about all this? We still got to see the performance. A show in real time probably would have looked exactly the same as the broadcast we got.
ChickenNoodle Soup
ChickenNoodle Soup:
There was too much audience interaction.
Phillip Lopez
Phillip Lopez:
They should have had understudies
Rent is set in the 1989's-1990's, following A struggling documentary filmmaker, A once-successful-but-now-struggling musician who an ex-junkie, An S&M club dancer and drug addict, An anarchist professor, A young drag queen, A performance artist, An Ivy League-educated public interest lawyer and the buildings landlord. Most of who have HIV. A character in a wheelchair could fit right in.
It’s theater, they should’ve had an understudy especially since it was supposed to be live.
Did he just call MARIO Omarion? Lmao 🤣
lee ventura
lee ventura:
Poor Tinashe!! Smh everything she seems to try to do just fails. I think her and Mario should make and R&B duo album. Give us something different and unexpected and creative.
LDG Footage
LDG Footage:
Roger character doesn't move that much. He just sings and stares at Mimi. He could have just stayed seated
Gwen Kelly
Gwen Kelly:
It was Mario NOT Omarion
There should be Understudies PERIOD for these Live shows too just like Broadway.
Angelique Hogan
Angelique Hogan:
Did he just called Mario.. Omarion!?!? 😂😂😂
Stanton Long
Stanton Long:
Did he just call Mario “Omarion?”
They've should have got Aaron Tveit to fill in
stop bashing it!!! he couldnt help breaking his leg! they showed the prerecorded show to show all their hard work. if they did it live like they did for the audience, it would be just them in a circle not showing any of their hard work!
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel:
How would you feel if you worked super hard on an amazing musical and you broke your foot and weren’t able to perform? They didn’t want to replace the lead and I’m glad that they didn’t because I personal loved him. Give him a break
5th Best Carter
5th Best Carter:
He said Omarion? Where? Which Black one was that?
scott teu
scott teu:
Are we gonna ignore the fact that this reporter just called Mario, Omarion? There is more than 1 black man who can sing and dance!
Cookie2277 Yay
Cookie2277 Yay:
I liked it. It was ok. Not fantastic but it was good. My favorite part was hearing Jesse l’martin sing!!
Rachelle Jones
Rachelle Jones:
I have to say I do agree.... The first time I saw Rent in the movie of 2005 and I absolutely loved it. Watching it last night, I would not have understood many things if I have never seen the movie. I miss the way it sounded.
Arianna De Luque
Arianna De Luque:
It was not perfect but I enjoyed the show it was still moving to me.
Jonathon Lastname
Jonathon Lastname:
Omarion? Okay, sure.
Ed Reid
Ed Reid:
I enjoy the the Broadway live shows but I think they'd do better with more classic fare like West Side Story......cannot wait for Spielberg's take on 2020.......
Jocelyn Torres
Jocelyn Torres:
it was fine the way it was
Raquel Caicedo
Raquel Caicedo:
I was today years old when i learned that the song they sing in the office as a farewell to michael is from this musical
People need to chill out. It’s was good.
Kiese Panga
Kiese Panga:
Noooo 2:33 this guy just said Omarion is in the cast lol. That’s definitely Mario 😅😔
Stefan Ackermann
Stefan Ackermann:
It sucked! RENT has always been one of my favorite musicals. This felt so amateur and the cast was just wrong. No thank you. Terrible.
I still think they should re do the whole thing over again when brennin get's hit foot fix.
page Turner
page Turner:
I Saw it Live years ago and I Enjoy it, I Still would've enjoyed it Recorded.
Mary Petrie
Mary Petrie:
Wow, they just failed theater. I remember in college my CYT group I went back and one of the lead narrator was literally on a crutch for the whole show. Yes the show will go on!
Xander G
Xander G:
Um 😐 this is a thing!?! If my taste ever becomes this cheesy I don’t want to exist

Don’t take it personally if you’re a fan. The little bit they showed just seemed like torture to me
From the thumbnail they made it seem like guy in the pic was the one with broken foot!
Michelle Carson
Michelle Carson:
To me it still felt like it was Live. I loved it and wouldn’t have changed how it went.
Rupp Esteban
Rupp Esteban:
When one tells you to break a leg 😓
Robyn Thomas
Robyn Thomas:
It was still good. Lol.
Devon Rooks
Devon Rooks:
Are we going to talk about how he called Mario Omarion?...
Tbh everyone complaining about it not being live tbh they shoulda not said anything and y’all woulda never knew
Alvin Del Rey
Alvin Del Rey:
They should have had an understudy because it was supposed to be Rent LIVE not Rent Pre Recorded
Amoni Tyler
Amoni Tyler:
Halsey R
Halsey R:
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis:
Someone needs to be fired!
There was an understudy but guess that guy didn't get his break
This is the Milli Vanilli crew. I want my money back!
It would be harder with understandies because the show is technically directed around those characters. This is not a typical Broadway show. There are choreographed moves with camera crew and stagehands, on multiple stages. To throw in an understudy, if there were any, could have been dangerous. To get the moves right for one cast would have taken weeks. The cost of having understudies would be too great for a production company. That being said, it sucks that they didnt have an understudy, so I think they should have one? Yes. But I would think they would push back the date so that the main cast and the understudies have an equal rehearse time with all the set and lights and camera moves so when this happens again, everyone is on the same page. I do think the choice they made was good. Either way if they went with live and Rodger being in crutches, it still would have been a conversation starter. we all win some and lose some.
Shane McFamous
Shane McFamous:
Film it live with him in a wheel chair would have been much more appreciated because we didn’t experience RENT as RENT
ChickenNoodle Soup
ChickenNoodle Soup:
They should had the set Hairspray Live / Grease live way
Ruth Rosa
Ruth Rosa:
Did he just say Omarion was part of the cast?! It was Mario!
He said Omarion
John House
John House:
I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice... As for low ratings the SAG Awards were broadcast at the same time. BTW, It kicked butt.
Amoni Tyler
Amoni Tyler:
What was Idina singing 🤔
Amateurs. Even Community theaters have understudies.
Carmen Gallegos
Carmen Gallegos:
Give them a break! It was still a great show and they did the best they could considering the circumstances. It was a one night engagement so duh no understudies just ask anyone on Broadway.
G H:
couldn't tell it wasn't gonna be? 😂 people lacking that much commomsense?🤔
Kristina Gutheil
Kristina Gutheil:
It was touted as live.... understudies are a must!!!!! I wasn’t thrilled by it
I think they would have used the understudy if he broke his leg before the recorded dress rehearsal. I mean, they would have had to, right? But at that point they had an option to still give him his reward for all the hard work he did, so they went with that.
In my experience with live TV musicals like this, it wouldn't have made a difference if it was live or prerecorded. That's just how those types of productions look like.
Doward Washington
Doward Washington:
If they wouldn't have said anything, know one except thoughs in the theater would have known one way or another.
Joey Baseball
Joey Baseball:
They should've just cancelled the show. And before you @ me, and say they had to air it bc advertisers paid for commercials, there was no sound during the commercials, so fox will probably have to give all that money back to the advertisers. It was a hot mess.
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams:
Can't they just rebroadcast it live?
TellingItLikeItIs 2000
TellingItLikeItIs 2000:
I'm shocked.
Not replacing Brennin at the last minute felt very “RENT” in spirit. IMO, RENT is, at its core, about family and togetherness. To allow for an understudy to fill in for Brennin after he’d spent months with the cast developing a bond and chemistry would’ve been inauthentic. To me, using the previous nights footage despite his injury made the finale significantly more special.
Morgan Elliot
Morgan Elliot:
Jordan Harrington
Jordan Harrington:
I thought it was coming on Sunday 😐
The King
The King:
Did he say Mario or Omarion?
michael ovonjiodida
michael ovonjiodida:
Reboot the Musical 2021
Isabela Hart
Isabela Hart:
Wait wait is that the guy from flash I can’t think of his name iris dad.
China MA Midnight
China MA Midnight:
Vanessa hudgens wants, Jordan Disney or what😂😂😂.
- -
Sounded good, Idina Menzel started singing. 1:39/1:42
elaine c
elaine c:
Did ET ever apologize for saying Omarion instead of mario?
Wait.. didnt they have him as the original actor? Lol
misael franco
misael franco:
Imagine if they haven’t had recorded the dress rehearsal. What would have they done?
Meloni Winter
Meloni Winter:
no day but the day before
Joseph Suarez
Joseph Suarez:
Go Away now.
Go Away now.:
Is it worse than grease live?
Yeezus Season
Yeezus Season:
Compared to ET in the US the canadian version seems much more harsh and shady esp the dude in the flannel lmao
Kiden The Amazing
Kiden The Amazing:
Tbh the best live productions from Fox is the Wiz and Hairspray this was great. I’m a rent Stan because I loved the story and how they were brought together through aids and hiv. I thought it was amazing and Valentina was there so...... I watched it mostly because of Valentina, Jordan and Vanessa
Jala Williams
Jala Williams:
Umm... Hello don't they have understudies... I'm confused... I usually like musicals but this one wasn't as best
Olivia Crandall
Olivia Crandall:
Djinnee 17
Djinnee 17:
Show was poorly produced and not having understudies, part of live show productions, is just more proof of this point. As a fan of Rent who appreciates seeing the show this was a high school show at best, and that may be giving it too much credit.
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn:
This was the first "LIVE" production FOX has done that I haven't watched. Rent is no longer relevant in today's world. When released it was groundbreaking and struck a cord but now it's very hard for anyone to relate. Regardless, the word LIVE means just that. When you go to a Broadway show, they don't show a film of the production if someone gets injured. In fact, Idina Menzel took a nasty spill when going down the trap door during a performance of Wicked and her understudy had to finish the show bc she either sprained or broke her leg. She was nearing the end of her run so didn't return to the show. It happens, you have to have a plan. If John Legend had gotten hurt before Jesus Christ Superstar last year it would have sucked but I would have felt the same wwy, you don't decide to make it "pre-recorded " just bc someone can't perfprm.
Laura Strong
Laura Strong:
Lamest thing EVER
R I K O:
I thought most broadway shows have understudies just in case accidents like this happen. They didn't bother to get one for each character?
ChickenNoodle Soup
ChickenNoodle Soup:
Where was the understudy ! It’s THEATRE 101. Can’t risk the best performance for one cast member having a problem. Understudyyyyyy , such a shame it bombed
Josh DR
Josh DR:
An understudy probably would of been the best thing to do in actually surprised they didn’t have one 🤔
Adam #love
Adam #love:
Danielle Jackson
Danielle Jackson:
They didnt have under studies or he couldve just did the show with a broken foot
Riley Walker
Riley Walker:
I literally have never heard of any theatrical production ever that hasn’t had an understudy for EVERY main role. That honestly seems super unprofessional. If we accept a previously recorded musical, the next tv “live” musical could use edited versions of the shows. Which wouldn’t be live theatre obviously.
Bhc Emma
Bhc Emma:
That's why there's a thing called understudy like how could they not think of that ?
If it's suck that bad and it wasn't live oh my goodness
Mackenzie Buchter
Mackenzie Buchter:
Excuse me?! "Flown somebody in?" Oh no no no NO sweety. That is not how things work here. The actor would need to learn new words because of censorship, understand the blocking, and learn all new dances. You can not just throw someone into the fire THE DAY OF when they know their own material. You have to think on the logical side of things. Also, for those of you saying that Adam Pascal should have revived the role, I get where you are coming from, but, again, it is the whole understudy issue again. Adam is also grown now and is a little too old to play the role.
Well, HOPEFULLY, Fox will realize their error and make up for it as time passes. And by next year January 26th or Christmas, it’ll be better
But like if it was a musical they would have a understudy but no?? I don't know it's like Hollywood trying to make Broadway a hit but already are???
John Andrew
John Andrew:
Can’t be any worse then Grease live on fox with Julianne Hough but it was!
i cannot believe they didn’t have an understudy
For the people saying he didn’t move as much he broke his foot after ‘What You Own’ running with Jordan Fisher during the commercial break trying to get to a quick costume change before the finale number.

I do agree with the fact that they should’ve had understudies!
Brie Hill
Brie Hill:
Omg seriously low rating!?? Pleaasseeeee I freakin cried it was so so good!
Luci Lu
Luci Lu:
I’m i the only one who is not a fan of Jordan Fisher
Where was the understudy????