RENT Live: Brennin Hunt Breaks Down How Show Went On After Injury (Exclusive)

The musician, who played Roger in Fox's production, opens up about his injury and experience working on the musical. His new single, 'Can't Hold a Candle,' is out now. Exclusives from #ETonline :


He took "break a leg" way too literally. Kidding aside, we should petition fox to have a do-over once brennin made a full recovery.
sucks he was one of the most talented in the cast and he got hurt! still it was a great show!
A lot of people are against the last minute concert. I actually liked it. Remember, the first performance for Rent off Broadway was essentially an intimate read through. Or, you know, a concert, because it was right after Jonathan Larson passed away. I find this concert very reminiscent of that one and honestly feel very nostalgic watching it. I think they did right making it a concert and then bringing the old cast back to perform together at the end. It's like Rent has come full circle. It's touching. Also, kudos to the injured dude for coming back with a broken leg. That's impressive.
Davie-The- Potterhead
Davie-The- Potterhead:
Someone probably said Macbeth
Crissy San
Crissy San:
It was heartbreaking that they couldn’t have done it live but it’s ok it was still amazing I’m hoping when he recovers they can redo it again 🤞🏼🥺💕
I didn't know who Brennin was until I watched Rent, now I'm a fan 😍
Maiian Delos Reyes
Maiian Delos Reyes:
a tragedy struck the rent obc before their opening night. a tragedy also struck the rent live cast before the actual live show. i think the live show was amazing (even though pre-recorded footage was shown) because of how everybody came together as a community to still produce and make adjustments to the show in less than 24 hours. that just blows my mind.
Jon Rivers
Jon Rivers:
Live or not it was AMAZING im 100% positive Jonathan Larson would have been EXTREMELY PROUD i am a total "Rent Head" i own all of the special edition movie/items, i have seen it on Broadway between 8-10 times, and I also have been in 3 separate Rent productions i played Angel 2 times and Mark once it was SOOOO MUCH FUN but i honestly have to say the Fox performance of Rent is DEFINITELY in my top 3 best/favorite Rent renditions amazing job cast
krissy connors
krissy connors:
He was outstanding in rent live he played roger very well
You killed it Brennin-here's hoping for a full recovery!
Mariah Lujan
Mariah Lujan:
Say what you will about the situation and the airing of the dress rehearsal. But y’all lying if you say you didn’t get emotional when the original cast came out at the end 😭❤️❤️❤️
LeoAustin Decker
LeoAustin Decker:
Brennin Hunt is from The X Factor USA Season 1. And, ABC Hit TV Series NASHVILLE
Sandra Brody
Sandra Brody:
It was great .I think the entire cast was amazing. I have watched rent live .3 times. I think EVERY cast member was amazing and made each character there own.
I saw new things in rent live that I never realized in the movie
Amber Schaefer
Amber Schaefer:
they should have just let him perform live!!!
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch:
Jonathan Larson died the day before RENT had it's world premiere and only lived to see the Dress Rehearsal. Is this history repeating or Karma?
Laura Lockman
Laura Lockman:
people complaining about the vocals I LOVED IT ALL and I wrote to Brennin on twitter wishing fast recovery after finding out he got hurt
They should have had an understudy and done it actually live. It was obvious that most of the cast members were holding back - as nearly everyone does - during the dress rehearsal in order to save their voices and energy for the final performance. I wish we had gotten to see the real life rent with the energy and singing rent requires. There are thousands of people who could play Roger - heck Rent is currently on national tour - and they should have had an understudy.
Sincerely Michele
Sincerely Michele:
I literally love him so much
eh still wasn't live for the viewers at home but the audience there saw the live performance
Ashley Odriozola
Ashley Odriozola:
I really hope that they will release the what was aired on dvd and put what the audience that was there on Sunday as a special feature.
Isaiah Williams
Isaiah Williams:
Is Rent Live still going to have a DVD release date?
Faith Mo
Faith Mo:
awwww i feel so bad for him he did a great job
Wait what was live and what wasn't? I'm confused.
Natalie M.
Natalie M.:
Dam!!! Thats sucks!!
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli:
Damn that sucks! You're still very talented though
Such a talent!
Mik Graf
Mik Graf:
I ❤️ Rent! Was fun to watch again the other night.
Code Deb
Code Deb:
#Understudies next time Fox!
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover:
ok, but if he was in a splint/wheelchair after he messed up his foot then why not run the show through like that and then do it live that way? Under the circumstances and the short time they did what was best, but I think it'd be cool if they could re-do the performance and do it live.
Halsey R
Halsey R:
the show didn't go on. They should have had an understudy! The NBC Live Musicals had understudies. Such a shame
Life of Aaron
Life of Aaron:
I feel like they never really intended to do it live... what are the odds?
David Fletcher
David Fletcher:
1. no one in the cast could really sing, Intonation issues all over the place. 2. don't edit the script to fit tv sensors. 3. whatever happened to "the show must go on". 4. He could have done the musical in a wheel chair!!!!
Alex Carr
Alex Carr: