Real Reasons Why Dean Ambrose Is LEAVING WWE! (Retiring After Wrestlemania 35?)

PW Torch just recently reported that Former WWE Champion and Major WWE Superstar Dean Amabrose is leaving WWE after Wrestlemania 35 as won't be renewing his contract with the compnay. Why is he leaving though? Topics discussed in This Video:- 1. Why Dean Ambrose is Leaving WWE 2. Why Dean Ambrose Is Quiting WWE 3. Why Dean Amborse is not renewing his contract with WWE ►Many More Videos: ►Twitter Page ►Facebook Page __ All rights Reserved by WWE. No copyright infringement intended. All pictures and videos are copyright of the WWE and / or their respective owners. WWE Entertainment TM (c) 2012 All Rights Reserved Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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Should All Elite Wrestling be his next destination?
Seth Freakin Rollins
Seth Freakin Rollins:
I don't blame him. They completely screwed up his character. He had potential to be a fantastic heel.
Subham Guha
Subham Guha:
Sami, Kevin, Dolph, Finn, Cesaro should also just leave WWE...Vince should learn lessons
WWE sucks. He deserves better. Good luck Dean
WWE keeps ruining guys by not pushing them while they're over. The fans get tired of seeing them job over and over again, so they stop caring. That happened to Dean as a face years ago.
It’s just that wwe don’t really care about anybody but the money.
Sad to see Dean Ambrose go but at the same time I don’t blame him at all since WWE doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to treating their wrestlers.
Joseph Bowen
Joseph Bowen:
1980's 1990's wrestling was the best WWF and WCW , just like r&b pop rock metal hip hop , now it's all garbage
He's coming back

But as Moxley
Thelma Cain
Thelma Cain:
I wish Dean wasn't leaving but I can understand his reasons for it
Noa Productions
Noa Productions:
I will quit watching wwe if dean leaves, he should have never became heel.
Demore Gains
Demore Gains:
If anyone should be mad and leaving WWE its R Truth the guy is a complete joke since leaving TNA.
Sonny Bill
Sonny Bill:
WWE is a joke now, look at the boring crowds then compare them to the days of

Attitude Era 🤦🏼‍♂️
Javier Aviles
Javier Aviles:
“Becoming the 8th Grand Slam Champion, a feat few wrestlers have achieved”.

Yea..... only 7 others. 🙄🙄
Mamoon S
Mamoon S:
Its too bad to see wwe with out Dean Ambrose 💓..... for me
Alexa Stewardson
Alexa Stewardson:
Noooooooo he left he might come back in like 2 years😭😭😭😭😭😭
If it wasn't for Nia Jax disturbance Dean would've cut a Pipe bomb
Markus Williams
Markus Williams:
It wouldn't be the same but it's honestly not the same anymore like it used to be when stone cold the rock the undertaker and Kane used to be on there
Arizona Colour
Arizona Colour:
He definitely deserves more than he's getting at the moment
Arok Akech
Arok Akech:
Dont blame ambrose

Paras Mittal
Paras Mittal:
He will return with Roman Reigns
Wade Lawrence
Wade Lawrence:
They should never brought him to Raw, he was good on Smackdown
Angelo Curtice
Angelo Curtice:
Dean Ambrose was my favorite superstar sad he left
M.Leivown Mokham
M.Leivown Mokham:
You wasted my three minutes buddy. Just give the reasons straightforward.
mudi aden
mudi aden:
Dean is leaving that is a bad idea, 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆
Chank Mank
Chank Mank:
It’s sad to see him go but WWE did mess up his character because he was good and they completely ruined it
Jonathan C
Jonathan C:
Mad props to Ambrose. The guy worked hard on his look and has great mic skills, but WWE completely screwed up his character. They did the same thing to Cody Rhodes who I said WWE would regret letting go.
Kinza Malik
Kinza Malik:
Wishing he comes back with his past looks. He's amazing ❤️
He should’ve stayed on Smackdown
Lingarao Yalla
Lingarao Yalla:
Dean need to win the WWE or UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP
Bro, this shit happens to all my favorites 🤦🏽‍♂️
Daniel Sevilla Jr
Daniel Sevilla Jr:
Dean Ambrose is such a cool dude. I remember my little sister and I attended a live event here in Corpus Christi and after his match he came over to our area and took a photo with my sister and it made her night. My point here is that Dean has put so much effort into WWE and yet they don't appreciate what he has done for the company. By all means I don't blame him at all. Perhaps he should focus on his acting career. Then again he is 1 hell of a wrestler.
Pulse HQW
Pulse HQW:
He'll likely 'consider' Impact since most of his Ohio buddies work there.
The Author of Pain
The Author of Pain:
Wwe will never be the same without The Lunatic. Mind it!
Nandan Bhat
Nandan Bhat:
He was such a gem, they screwed him completely.
He would've done better with stone cold like character.
Figueroa Rury Laquinta
Figueroa Rury Laquinta:
Is this about when he caught Kurtis axel getting head by his wife story in a hotel snitched put by Titus o Neil
Shawn gan
Shawn gan:
dean is my favorite WWE character and now he gone D:
Alvin MO
Alvin MO:
Just look at what WWE did to Cody, Damien Sandow, Del Rio, Wade Barret, John Morrisson

They did greater than ever after left WWE
Does this mean Renee Young will eventually leave too?
Mary Haag
Mary Haag:
I don't want him to leave but his health is most important. I Love Dean Ambrose
Elmer Lopez
Elmer Lopez:
Dean Ambrose was my favorite wrestler when I use to watch WWE then I heard he quit
siege ultimate Daytona
siege ultimate Daytona:
He looked ripped AF in the royal rumble this month
Dean must stay!!
ricardo baxter
ricardo baxter:
Dean wish you the best luck for you we will miss you. I wonder how seth and roman will react
cant wait for dean's wrestlemania moment where he spits in mcmahon's face and writes "AEW"in the air
It’s hard to believe he’s right... goodbye Dean..😭
jack favvv02
jack favvv02:
"drip thing" and "crap your pants"
Wait dean had a staph infection that could've killed him and it was being misdiagnosed by wwe doctors. Remind you of someone?
Arinjaya Khare
Arinjaya Khare:
Its a work. It was mentioned by wwe who doesnt usually sends out this info. Maybe they are doing some CM Punk leaving kind of storyline in 2011.
Bryce Bryson
Bryce Bryson:
And I hope Braun stroman goes too. How many times will they keep screwing him along with finn, Shinseki, etc
No body D
No body D:
This is just a storyline Ambrose ain't going anywhere.. Maybe he will show his frustration till couple of raw and then he will lose control and start whooping HHH's ass
Virginia Mitchell
Virginia Mitchell:
I love dean he is one of my favorites Finn is the other I love the fact how dean hold himself he does everything with confident he stand tall and never backs down and take it all... Wwe should really give him a good go around...
Mark Kenneth Villafuerte
Mark Kenneth Villafuerte:
Many wrestlers always complain about their booking. Well, can't argue. WWE sucks at pushing and booking wrestlers. I feel you Ambrose.😔
Vinod Negi
Vinod Negi:
Dean Ambrose is one of my fav wrestler but also as the person along with Shield.. I'm very sad that he is leaving but very happy bcz he didn't get the opportunities what he deserve.. 😠
prithibi biswas
prithibi biswas:
The Lunatic Fringe was his best gimmick
Shaikh Diya farooqui
Shaikh Diya farooqui:
I am not happy for dean ambrose leaving
King SnakeEyes
King SnakeEyes:
Wrestlers I think should be in A.E.W are :
Sami zayn
Dean Ambrose
Finn bàlor and
Braun stroman
These wrestlers deserve better honestly.
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh:
Dean is very talented and important person he can be the leading face of WWE everybody him. #we want lunatic fringe back.
He wants to have a baby and become a house husband?
Another guy who was on top on smackdown, gets sent to raw and buried 😥
Juan Zapata
Juan Zapata:
Very saddened to c him leaving
Gabriel Ambo
Gabriel Ambo:
Bring back World Championship Wrestling - WCW Monday Nitro
And now he’s on aew
John Dillinger
John Dillinger:
No more Dean In WWE Games. Now you all can settle for Jon Moxley CAWs
Sub Zero
Sub Zero:
No wonder why he leave WWE Destroy Ambrose character.
I remember Dean Ambrose when he appeared in Saturday night Velocity back in the day!
Marinettee Videos
Marinettee Videos:
i also got a staph infection 2 yrs (I was only 15) . ago which led to a lung disease and i have to take antibiotics for the rest of my life. so i honestly knows how Dean Ambrose must have felt. it sucks a lot
Lim Lim
Lim Lim:
Being watching him since his debut and i like him.. I respect and think he make a good decision of leaving the company #WWE
Connor Benson
Connor Benson:
Wait how long has he been gone. I haven’t watched it in months so I didn’t know about this til now
arrogance will be WWE's downfall if they aren't careful with their talent. with AEW and their billionaire chairman coming into the fold (not to mention all the other promotions around), they could start loosing a lot of talent to them.
mazi jane jones
mazi jane jones:
no way i cant believe dean is leaving wwe im realy gutted as hes my favourite wwe wrestler not watching it again now im so sad x
David Jonah
David Jonah:
It good for Vince, dean is a very talented wrestler
I'm sure his heading for AEW
Jasmine Thomas
Jasmine Thomas:
The real reason he left was because: they where going to make him talk about and make fun of Roman Reigns Lukimia that's technical part of why he left
Antt Perez
Antt Perez:
don't you know what the word leaving means he's not coming back he's going to aew
Kaushik Reddy
Kaushik Reddy:
I think we are heading for HHH vs AMBROSE in WM35, he could be another Stone Cold, if wwe properly use him.
"He became the 8th grand slam champion. A feet that only few have achieved" lol.. Going to take a wild guess and sayy... 8??
Christine Viviano
Christine Viviano:
I figured he got tired of getting hurt along with other b.s. totally.
Madin Saziri
Madin Saziri:
Whenever you go brother wil stay to mi heart en miss u alot
Dawn Miller
Dawn Miller:
I'm gonna be feeling sad their feelings If Dean Ambrose sleaze
The L.O.E.
The L.O.E.:
I Feel him, they did him so Dirty like his Deeds.
Limitless Love
Limitless Love:
I heard that Ambrose and Renee are expecting... That was one of the other reasons
Because wwe bored script dean Ambrose he every time lost match.or he doesn't perticipate wrestlemania 35
WWE went down the lane when CM Punk Left 💯
Lexxi Starr
Lexxi Starr:
Imagine having to turn heel on the same night your friend announced he's battling Leukemia. Him and Seth hated that.
Rusty Clark
Rusty Clark:
I miss and love the old dean with the messy hair
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt:
I feel like I've known Ambrose for much much longer then i have. He's definitely got star quality.
Alex Alden
Alex Alden:
I love him when he was in CZW...
Lana G
Lana G:
Vaibhav Singh
Vaibhav Singh:
Dean Ambrose is one of my favourite wrestlers in wwe
That's why I am feeling bad for him
Speculation: Dean will heal his mind and body. Once he figures things out, Dean will head over to AEW.
Tim Church
Tim Church:
I remember when the Shield broke up the first time, I thought Rollins was written as the one working with/for The Authority because Reigns had the talent his genetics would lead you to believe he possessed (or would eventually get that good anyway) & Ambrose was also talented, but Rollins lacked in-ring ability.... That said/written, I was unaware until watching this Ambrose had won the Heavyweight belt, but also must admit I thought there was never any reason to reunite the Shield.
kashmiri status
kashmiri status:
If ambrose will leave wwe I will stop watching wwe
Redd Dizon
Redd Dizon:
gotta say love that hip hop remix of undertaker's theme song.
Harry Greb
Harry Greb:
If he goes to aew I’ve officially found my new wrestling show
Sir Saint
Sir Saint:
I personally like heels over faces, he did his part! WWE failed him. He deserves better! Good luck Dean!
No Kizzap
No Kizzap:
Seth Rollins is all we finna have left🤦🏾‍♂️ hope they push ec3
Reason #4 (He's married to the announcer), and thus may be wanting to start a family.
Sports Time
Sports Time:
WWE sucks .Good Luck to Dean.
sabir zoroark
sabir zoroark:
no, that's a storyline nothing but else.
Allan Hawke
Allan Hawke:
It's a work! He's not going anywhere!

Give him a stable