Real Reason WWE Didn't Count Survivor Series 2018 Pre-Show Elimination Match

News has emerged of the reason WWE didn't count SmackDown's victory on the Survivor Series kickoff show towards the final tally of the night. Elsewhere, AJ Styles is reportedly ironing out the details of a new contract, while Becky Lynch has entered into an entertaining war of words with a certain global wrestling star on Twitter. JOIN US and hit SUBSCRIBE! Support Cultaholic on Patreon: Join the Cultaholic Discord: Cultaholic provides video coverage of professional wrestling - including WWE (including WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown Live, WWE NXT and 205 Live), IMPACT Wrestling (formerly TNA), NJPW, ROH, and more with daily news updates, reviews, highlights, predictions, reactions, podcasts and much, much more.

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Wrestling Universe
Wrestling Universe:
SmackDown won the pre-show! Never forget.
Mega Butterfree
Mega Butterfree:
If it’s not because Vince hates tag team wrestling I would be surprised
Marcelo Saunders
Marcelo Saunders:
Because they're petty toward their fans and their own product?
rajesh sarvaiya
rajesh sarvaiya:
The preshow was mentioned when corey said "smackdown sort of picked up a victory on the preshow" and then micheal cole saying "Well. that was on the preshow." So much for caring about your tag team division or giving us any reaason to care about a preshow that was 2 hours long.
Gerry McWilliam
Gerry McWilliam:
Because Raw is Vinces baby... And he really REALLY wants you to know that. So to make it clear Smackdown got Buried
Becky has no chill😂😂😂she’s the best thing in wrestling today
Austin Baker
Austin Baker:
The reason being they support wrestletalk
"As WWE champion, you would have to be on the road all the time."
...Unless you're Brock.
Luwiigi 27
Luwiigi 27:
Didn't Corey graves say something to Micheal cole about it bringing 1-1 after womens match but micheal cole said no
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy:
Joe got AJ so shook that he made him want to protect his house more
Shinsuke should have beat Seth Rollins he really needed that win a hell of a lot more than Seth.
Max Stewart
Max Stewart:
Wait wait wait... You're telling me, with Vinny Mac at gorilla and Dunn in production, they "didn't know?" That doesn't pass the smell test Jack....
Warren Crabbe
Warren Crabbe:
Becky lynch best burn on fozzy
Lol. Good shit, Lynch.

She’s kidding obviously. Cause that album was great.
Philip Ewan McGregor
Philip Ewan McGregor:
Smackdown is the A show
Great show but is this the way they’re trying to get smackdown over with fox? A 6-1 thrashing from raw? 🤷🏻‍♂️
Xzavyer The Hedgehog
Xzavyer The Hedgehog:
What I want to know is why the hell Survivor Series sucked in the drama dept.! (Why RAW had a clean sweep)
For fuck's sake lads! One day later and you spoil the whole card in a single thumbnail. Cheers
WWE better back a dump truck full of money on AJs lawn to keep him
That's why heel becky is the best becky.
The Reverse
The Reverse:
Thanks WWE for making Smackdown look really bad. They lost every survivor series match except the preshow and not counting the preshow match as an official match.
Alright, I need to get this out of my system.

Kevin, what have you Dunn?
Kevin, I can't believe you've Dunn this.

And of course...

Kevin, you Dunn goofed.
Timothy Lewis
Timothy Lewis:
Because Vince is Republican and he wanted it to be a metaphor for the Red Wave vs Blue Wave.
Thomas Freakz
Thomas Freakz:
Rockers Never win Tag team Gold, men on a Mission the same, wwe Secrets and multiverse 😉
lucas santos
lucas santos:
Aj definitely deserves a break. And a raise. And a belt. And a hall of fame ring.

Aj deserves a lot of stuff, actually.
Becky needs to keep Heel for a while. Please WWE don't screw Becky new character because people is loving it, and WWE loves to screw everything peoples love! Happy Rusev day BTW....
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva:
Why would WWE let Raw sweep Smackdown? Smackdown got that Fox deal, wouldn't it be better to show Smackdown as a dominant force to impress everyone?
Kornelius Kobson
Kornelius Kobson:
The pre show, like Raw and Smackdown exist in a separate cannon to the ppv's. Thats just how it be.
I dont understand why Vince hates Smackdown so much. Why not book it strongly, especially since Smackdown has the gigantic deal on FOX?
Thomas Newell
Thomas Newell:
In time Smackdown Live will know what its like to lose. To feel so desperately that there the best, but to fail all the same. Dread it, run from it, Vince still arrives.
1:45 *cough* wcpw *cough*
Brock Sisson
Brock Sisson:
*Watches Cultaholic before checking Twitter*

*Hears Becky Lynch was savage on Twitter*

*Pauses and heads to Twitter*
Matthew Breen
Matthew Breen:
Still trying to figure out who the sweep helps.

Does it help Shane cement his heel turn?
Carbine Productions
Carbine Productions:
Can we just talk about how Brock looks like he’s giving birth in the thumbnail
Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, or Tommaso Ciampa who has had the Best Year
WWE's producers seem incompetent based on their normal booking style, and this confirms it
Steven Kline
Steven Kline:
will any YouTube wrestling channel not use Dave meltzer as their main source of info?
eDDy L
eDDy L:
you can not have a heel turn in such a match its show vs show it does nothing
gotta see it as revenge for the nia jax incident

can not call it a heel turn till we finally see the show
oneof Yus
oneof Yus:
Thanks you Becky for bringing back the Man beating down women to big screens
Jaw Ji
Jaw Ji:
Am I only the one that misses kayfabe?
I really feel so many people scrutinise the booking and writing so much that they actually ignore the wrestling.
Ren Mojito
Ren Mojito:
I love how every title is now giving me the real reason for stuff.
Lang & The Gang
Lang & The Gang:
Wonder who becky will defend against next, its gotta be a heel from smack down
Was hoping to watch survivor series today. Thanks to this thumbnail I don't have to.
Sebastian Raphael Biggs
Sebastian Raphael Biggs:
Becky is probably being turned tweener/face
In all honestly, it was probably meant to be something like 3-4 and Vince changed his mind last minute like he always does and then decided to ignore the pre-show to give Raw a clean sweep.

I don't buy Dave's reason.
Chris McSweeney
Chris McSweeney:
Becky Lynch is the man!
Even Corey was saying "wait don't forget that Smackdown won on the pre-show" several times during the show. So bizarre. Typical sloppy WWE...
Smackdown won because they have the best professional wrestler in the world
Shay Dillane
Shay Dillane:
The same Dave Meltzer who said wwe have no plans for Bryan then days later the latter wins the wwe title. Reliable he certainly is not.
Eros Jackson - Pokemon Trainer
Eros Jackson - Pokemon Trainer:
Someone needs to take away Becky Lynch's phone.
Niall Byrne
Niall Byrne:
I bet the score is gonna be used heavily for smack down live story lines
As soon as I heard Meltzer’s name I click off.
The Mystic SSJ
The Mystic SSJ:
I thought I clicked on a WrestleTalk video based on the title and thumbnail.
I didnt watch survivor series. Watched house of cards instead
Friendly reminder that WWE do indeed own Smackdown, and profit from it. Sometimes it doesn't seem the case.
Becky is Randy levels of Savage on social media
Dan Fennessey
Dan Fennessey:
Well, I'm counting it. Otherwise, when WrestleMania comes around, and some of the card are moved to the kick-off, it will mean Sweet. F.A.
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz:
Survivor series was great man
G Robinson
G Robinson:
It's kind of creepy when he talks about the woman he faps to hourly.......I hope Lynch has a restraining order ready
"We gotta make Raw look strong!"
T M:
So.. a team of jobber and mis match tag teams was supposed to beat two of the best tag teams in the whole business...
Paddy Nevs
Paddy Nevs:
One of the commentators said smackdown got 1 but Michael Cole said it was kick off and didn’t count
David Francis
David Francis:
Because Smackdown is the B show
Nooooooo! Becky! You cannot disrespect Fozzy like that!
Richard Ramos
Richard Ramos:
But you're not gonna post Y2J's response? He murdered her lmao
Not sure how i feel about becky, she could set fire to an orphanage and her fan club would praise her.
Thanks for the spoiler in the thumbnail.
oliver fletcher
oliver fletcher:
I think they did the charlotte thing to try copy beckys rise in popularity then are gonna push charlotte over becky because vince mcmahon is always right 😁
Robbie Hyde
Robbie Hyde:
So you're not gonna mention the last tweet Jericho made?
Maxc Teinangaro
Maxc Teinangaro:
Damn, AJ is in his 40s? You really wouldn't be able to tell with how he carries himself in the ring
Cyphyxia The Cybergoddess
Cyphyxia The Cybergoddess:
Y2J got burned 🤣🤣🤣
... how is it not a story thingy? 🤔
Funny Valentine 2020
Funny Valentine 2020:
To be fair, Fozzy is quite generic
Roman Empire
Roman Empire:
But smackdown won 1
joseph .w
joseph .w:
Smackdown should have won
James Vaughan
James Vaughan:
Because Vince doesn’t care about anything but a bravado that only exists in his head.
M Millsy
M Millsy:
Corey Graves stated it too
Ken zenith
Ken zenith:
It should've count
Info Nii
Info Nii:
Jackthejobber 2020
Jits De Koning
Jits De Koning:
But who threw the pie at Kevin Owens?
Giant Otter
Giant Otter:
Judas is awesome, Becky just turned heel
Brainz Rooney
Brainz Rooney:
The women are the best thing about the main roster currently
Dark Hawk
Dark Hawk:
So... they sold what was supposed to happen, rather than what actually did happen. Yeah, sounds like WWE. Way to tell us we no longer have any reason to watch pre-show matches, and tell Fox that they paid 1.5 billion dollars for a bunch of losers.
Moffattman 93
Moffattman 93:
Ss stank anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️
6-1 is so much better...yep
necrolobstercon gaming
necrolobstercon gaming:
I love Jericho, but you’ve gotta hand it to becky, fozzys songs can suck and do
WHAT???!!??! So, what you are saying is...Smackdown wasn't even allowed to win the pre show? If it wasn't for NXT and 205, I would not watch this company anymore.
Is it weird that I think it's disgusting that WWE saw fit to make raw win through all matches at survivor series
robert shelton
robert shelton:
Teddy long needs his own cyber Sunday like ppv pick the stipulation but all tag matches, playa you gonna learn to like tag matches halla halla halal halla
Because it's a pre show, not part of the survivor series PPV
GDW 311
GDW 311:
So someone backstage screwed the pooch and Smackdown won a match they weren't supposed to
Steve Engblom
Steve Engblom:
Oh boooooo Becky, how dare you mock the Ayatollah of Rock and rolla!?
Becky be savage, damn what a come back.
Twist RP
Twist RP:
so becky vs jericho for wrestlemania main event confirmed ?! :D
Toady Splash
Toady Splash:
I don't get why Survivor Series is being shat on by everyone.
We all knew before watching it wasn't about titles within the brand supremacy storyline.. the Cruiserweight Title match delivered big time...
For what it was, Survivor Series 2018 was was action packed, further elevated Drew and continued storylines onwards.
What more do people want?

Why does the internet that dictates the majority fan Base have to he so damn negative?
It's like it's the only way you get reactions and response.
It's a Pre Show Match it's not on the actual PPV. If you're not paying to see it. The match doesn't count as a PPV match.
Joseph LasCola
Joseph LasCola:
Aj styles is gonna rewin the title because he is facing Samoa Joe in chicago and was billed as wwe champion