Rachael Ostovich Attacked & Hospitalized, Why The Diaz Bros Don't Fight, Adesanya Talks UFC Title

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10RR Football
10RR Football:
Cant believe adesanya and Romero are in the same weight division.
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips:
It was rikishi, he did it for the rock.
No not my future baby mama
Jefferton Alive
Jefferton Alive:
Paige Van Zant pulled a Tanya Harding
Babcock DaSolution
Babcock DaSolution:
I didn't know Ostavich was dating Chris Brown
Terrible news about Ostovich...she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Wish her well, cant wait to see that match actually...
PJ Rivera
PJ Rivera:
Hopefully rachel recovers
Farid Zeynalov
Farid Zeynalov:
For me dream match up for Nate is Justin Gaethje! that would be fight of the decade
5 year suspension everyone gets mad(including myself). Doesn't fight for almost 5 years anyways. Lol
Kentucky Blugrass
Kentucky Blugrass:
IDC who the Diaz Bros fight as long as they're fighting. The fans...I want them in the octogon. Love em or hate em when they fight, they fight. I think the Masidival fight is a good match up for Nick given both their pasts. They both talk shit and back it up. The UFC needs more fighters like them.
Dr. Chill
Dr. Chill:
2:58 “Anson Silver”. Who tf is that?
Jared Maynard
Jared Maynard:
rachel is way more beautiful for ufc.
Long Jawn
Long Jawn:
UFC wouldn't cannibalize 1 of 2 rising prospects by pinning Adesanya vs Costa
I’m gonna laugh if TJ misses weight
Malachi Sharp
Malachi Sharp:
Add subtitles, I'm partially deaf cant understand a word... consider us deaf folks bro.
Tom "I use my boyfriend's sperm in my hair" from MMA On Point
Alex Almansoori
Alex Almansoori:
This is the first time I got first comment....I have no life.
Its till. Till vs adasneya
Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT
Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT:
Paige put a hit on Rachel.
Ken Farnsworth
Ken Farnsworth:
DJ dropped the title so he could go to One, Cejudo doesn't stand much of a chance against TJ.
Let me know when starts doing porn
Tristan Clark
Tristan Clark:
Praying for a healthy recovery Rachel! 🙏
Aaron YT
Aaron YT:
Nooooo I wanted to see Rachel vs. Paige
Tom DiPerna
Tom DiPerna:
0:50 But you are my main mma news outlet...
Jon Smit
Jon Smit:
I'm looking for some s***
I wanna know who did it and why, I hope it wasn’t a man because that’s disgusting.
brent s
brent s:
Wait, who's Anderson Silver?
nate vs nick! lmao🤣
The Sze Progression
The Sze Progression:
I hope Ostovich threw some hands and did some damage in the process.
Franklin Stine
Franklin Stine:
Who just became the "Tonya Harding" of MMA?
Ashley Jason
Ashley Jason:
How do you know mention Jacare Souza in a title eliminator
isaac guadalupe
isaac guadalupe:
Style bender vs till
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez:
Adesanya va Darren till!!
Who would attack such a beauty!!
Jason Mewtid
Jason Mewtid:
I think adasanyas gonna be fighting his idol Anderson Silva
Wallace Cortes
Wallace Cortes:
Rockhold v style bender?
Hobnob Head
Hobnob Head:
Adasanya vs Anderson Silva, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
Matt C
Matt C:
Hope it wasn't her husband.
juggamii nagalö
juggamii nagalö:
Attacked, that's it!?
Johnny Feathers
Johnny Feathers:
How you gonna be an MMA fighter but get hospitalized by somebody close to you lol
Truth HurtsButHealz
Truth HurtsButHealz:
She must've told Arnold Berdon, "That's why you can't fight and will never get a UFC contract."
Sam Czorny
Sam Czorny:
Can you do history of the gracie family
Dude Incognito
Dude Incognito:
Masvidal v Nick had been bumping around in my head after that ass whooping he laid on cowboy a year or two ago stoked.
Lonnie Cole
Lonnie Cole:
Adesanya vs Till @ middleweight
Dee’s World
Dee’s World:
Can’t wait to see both Nate and Nick back in the octagon it’s been to long the most controversial’s stars the UFC has ever had.. And Romero Vs Isdenya would be a Fight for the ages!!
Face Man
Face Man:
Damn she’s fine as hell!!! Really she’s super bad
cody dacquel
cody dacquel:
Isreal! Come on man, you need to be the back up, the fight takes place in your home grounds! I want the Aussie v Aussie fight.
Marc Zornosa
Marc Zornosa:
Nick/Nate Diaz vs Ben Askren will surely entertain us before and during fight
Adam Barker
Adam Barker:
Paige went full Tony Harding on Ostovich...
Thanks for The video
H. Jules
H. Jules:
I want to see the Diaz Brothers FIGHT ANYONE
The Metal
The Metal:
Diaz bros all day!
Charles Meade
Charles Meade:
I say Nate and Nick fight one another. Lol
Loving my 4 ZZZ
Loving my 4 ZZZ:
her husband did the damage I'm from oahu and went school with her. He is being charge with attempted murder... real talk
Jay Bitts
Jay Bitts:
I'd love to see the Diaz bros fight anyone. Win or lose they always come to fight and make it exciting.
Anderson silver?
What I like about your channel is the narration. So I can just listen to the MMA news instead of having to read it (yes that's lazy).
Mikkel Grum Bovin
Mikkel Grum Bovin:
Best MMA channel
fh ahmed
fh ahmed:
Racheal is beautiful. Hope she recovers soon
Mayans And Sons MC Theory
Mayans And Sons MC Theory:
tj can make the weight once or twice but after that he's gonna be in tough shape
Terence John
Terence John:
We are focussing on her account, he claims Rachel attacked him first. It makes a difference. Lets wait till the facts or at least the full accounts on all sides are out.
Bailie McDowell
Bailie McDowell:
I just want to see the diaz bros for real
Nick vs Nate, who you got?
Fix It Again Tony
Fix It Again Tony:
I hope she sees this bro
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous:
LMAO how are you a UFC fighter and get beat up in a street fight. How pathetic.
Nate against Khabib. Nick against anyone. I just want to see this snb fighting again.
I thought that said Ostrich...I was so hoping for an ostrich video
Boogie Thug Rose
Boogie Thug Rose:
4:18 Shout out to MMA WORLD
She’s 1-2 now
Favourite mma channel! Keep up the good work
The Mystic MacTAPPER
The Mystic MacTAPPER:
It's kinda weird to think a professional fighter can still be the victim of domestic abuse. (I know her boyfriend is also a fighter). I guess that's just a reminder to everyone that men and women are NOT equal in physicality.
Matt Scare
Matt Scare:
Look at ostovich's instagram. I bet, it was that jersey looking guy.
Domestic violence?
Curch Group
Curch Group:
Bet the mystery opponent is Darren Till. That’s a crazy fight. Till vs Adesanya would be insane
Benjamin Teeter
Benjamin Teeter:
I want to see either Diaz fight Ben Askren.
Corp Sjun
Corp Sjun:
Anderson Silva in a title eliminator...Why?
Mark C.
Mark C.:
The Tshirts are quite pricey 😬
Best wishes Rachael ... Sad to hear it maybe someone she knew who attacked her; shades of KGB Lee???
Now Ostovich can take a break from taking selfies
RPG 808
RPG 808:
A quick recovery for Rachael. You kind of know what happened but you don't want to say.
clubber lang
clubber lang:
Dude everytime I see Israel I gotta remind myself he's middleweight .. He gotta small head makes for better head moment suppose Lmao.. Venom Page vs Stlye Benda.. Superfight
Frothing at the mouth?
Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson:
Wow. Sounds like domestic violence but I have no idea. I hope she recovers quickly and her daughter is okay
Chris Leslie
Chris Leslie:
You are one of my primary mma news outlets. Don't care who Nick and Nate go up against, just want to see them both fighting.
alexander traina
alexander traina:
It’s gonna be jacare
Josh francis
Josh francis:
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to watch ONLY the last episode of a tv show
Steven Ramos
Steven Ramos:
Sad for my future wife, hope she recovers well. The diaz brother just shouldnt fight anymore the myth is som much more than we can get feom them in my opinion. Nick let me down with a couple performances i mean his inconsistency drives me nuts and Nate has never evolved and is the total opposite entirely to consistent just "sweep the leg" and avoid the left hand and ground game.
Ross TheNinja
Ross TheNinja:
On pint? Cheers
Kastlemerock Talk
Kastlemerock Talk:
Rachelle is easily one of the most beautiful women period. Along with Dimitria Obilor.
Quiet Time Gaming
Quiet Time Gaming:
0:34 I know she's wearing a pound and a half of makeup, but she's legitimately attractive... And the fact that she could beat up most women, adds an extra point.

Maybe that's me, but I automatically add 1 extra point solely because it's hard to stay cute when someone is trying to bash your face in every 6 months... Rachel gets 2 points because she apparently had a dude trying to smash her face outside of competition.

So she's a SOLID 9.5.
Enrique Thompson
Enrique Thompson:
Where's jason
Player Hater of The Year
Player Hater of The Year:
Damn poor gal. Hope it happened to albu instead
Guy Jackson
Guy Jackson:
The first time I heard it I thought TJ was too lean to make 125 but after seeing what he weighs on fight night I think he should be able to. How depleted he will be, thats another question.
Cannibal Nectar
Cannibal Nectar:
A little to much repeating the same phrase
I'd love to see Nate submit Conner so they can't take the win from him!
Rachael Ostovich was assaulted by her husband!
Game Time Mojo
Game Time Mojo:
Wow man I hope she fully recovers. Wonder if it's a jelous boyfriend or family member
Justin Gilbert
Justin Gilbert:
Tony ferguson the type of guy to type a guy instead of a guy type typing type guy.
10 bucks says that she was acting tough and swung on some dude.