Qantas First Class Review - Airbus A380 - QF1 Sydney to London (The Kangaroo Route)

Qantas First Class Trip Report - Airbus A380 - Sydney to London. Welcome to my review of the Qantas First Class product in their flagship Airbus A380 product. The flight was QF1 from Sydney to London via Dubai. Make sure you check out my separate review of the Qantas First Lounge at Sydney prior to this flight: The video includes the Sydney Qantas International First Class lounge and the onboard experience of flying in First Class. Airline: Qantas Airlines (QF) Flight: QF1 SYD-DXB-LHR , the 'Kangaroo Route' Aircraft: Airbus A380-842 registration: ‘VH-OQG’ Named: 'Charles Ulm' SYD-DXB: 14hr and 01 minutes, 12,039kms DXB-LHR: 7hrs, 18 minutes, 5505kms Seat: 5A Date of the flight: 28th Sept 2017 (DXB-LHR flight was on the 29th) Camera: Sony A6500 Music: bensound Other Qantas related videos: 747-400 Business Class review SYD to HND: Visit to the Qantas Founder's Museum in Longreach: 737-800 Business class review: Qantas 747-400 tour: Airbus A380-800 Business class: Airbus A330 Business class: Follow me on Instagram: #qantas #qantasfirstclass #qantasA380

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Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart:
Thanks for watching! Don't forget to give the video a thumbs up! :) And if you like Qantas videos, check out my vlog from the inaugural Boeing 787-9 Qantas flight to Los Angeles:
"A pleb from business class".. love it!
Pointless Moment
Pointless Moment:
“To help me carry my one bag”
11:32: watching Family Guy while flying first class :-P
Reece Gock
Reece Gock:
Hahaha sooo much alcohol. How'd you not get drunk? 😝😝
DennisBunnik Travels
DennisBunnik Travels:
Great video Paul - great editing and voice overs. Looked like a mighty fine flight!
Big Yin
Big Yin:
The "kangaroo route" - for kangaroos that live in Sydney.
H R:
My experience with Qantas is the crew members often sound like old school teachers, rather than hospitality staff.
Agirae iPotor
Agirae iPotor:
Meal services seem a bit like business class in some airlines.
Lolo Gyal
Lolo Gyal:
single? mmm interesting, when is your next flight to Toronto?
Ezugo Obuekwe
Ezugo Obuekwe:
4:40 Excellent, there’s still a use for airplane adapters.
Hey Presto
Hey Presto:
"A pleb from business class?" Wow
Sigfríðr Chapman
Sigfríðr Chapman:
That peasant from business 😂 how dare he.
stephen shiels
stephen shiels:
I would like to know how I can save up to travel first class.
Chiru P
Chiru P:
I like this video
Chiru P
Chiru P:
I like this video
Emma Herron
Emma Herron:
Qantas is an Amazing airline. I’ve flew on their domestic and international flights and they are always great.
My god that’s full service?! 😱
andrew tucker
andrew tucker:
If I could name the Aircraft, it would be named "Lt. Pete Mitchell "MAVERICK" "
A great review Paul, thanks for posting! The seat certainly looks massive!
Matteo Cappelli
Matteo Cappelli:
Te sei dimenticato i cannoli... I CANNOLI
Poussin Hamzah
Poussin Hamzah:
Always a pleasure watching your videos. Looks impressive though I think 14 in first class looks a bit crowded. I also wonder why first class is under the stairs and not on the upper deck.
Excellent report, thanks for taking us along! :D
Chiru P
Chiru P:
I like this video
Sam Junger
Sam Junger:
Thank you so much for including the function “pause for a closer look”
Danielle Gibney
Danielle Gibney:
congrat s on . ;landing! :)X
mp sv
mp sv:
Omg ! You have such an appetite . You really ate so much 😝
The_London _Blitz
The_London _Blitz:
God I love QANTAS
out about
out about:
Said like a true alcoholic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
chris dillon
chris dillon:
Amazing editing thanks
Joshua Lowe
Joshua Lowe:
I have watched QF 002 London to Sydney via Dubai and it is amazing
I love all of your videos!😍
Great video, Paul. Thanks for sharing. I just watched this one, and then the Emirates First Class, and think I'll watch them both again. I've never flown overseas, and your videos are really helping with feelings of anxiety around that.
Shahab Maleki
Shahab Maleki:
Applex Liyro
Applex Liyro:
My flag Qantes 😎
Really good video 👍
Great video! After just watching a review of the Emirates First Class A380, the Qantas first class looks dull and lacks vibrancy and on on-board shower!
atlubeck Aviation
atlubeck Aviation:
Excellent flight experience! Such a beautiful first class seat! Liked!
bro bro
bro bro:
I love this video. It has been a dream of mine to travel in the same manner to Australia. Thank you for sharing!
@ 9:40 it looks like you’re disabled 😂
Fantastic video - I've flown the same route, in 2A. Loved QF's food & service - and the bed is brilliant. Very functional and comforting.
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming:
Great vid
Gordon French
Gordon French:
I’m jealous. lol.
Great to see you back. Love watching your airline videos 😀
Anil Lata Prasad
Anil Lata Prasad:
Judith France
Judith France:
Love your blog; from a pesky Platinum pleb!
Ivan Len
Ivan Len:
I don't know how I stumbled on your videos but boy, are they entertaining and interesting
David J
David J:
Brilliant Thank You So Much
Ben Ford
Ben Ford:
You do like a champagne !
Villa Jallow
Villa Jallow:
Wow what an amazing first class
After watching videos of A380 First Class on Emirates and Etihad everything else looks drab. Even Singapore Airlines can't match them, so Qantas First Class by comparison looks like a youth hostel. After watching this I wouldn't even bother. I'd happily just save my money and fly economy on Qantas knowing this because there's not much to be envious of. I kind of feel sorry for the fools in Qantas First Class. What a dump. Those UAE airlines are just on a whole other level of luxury.
One World Flyer
One World Flyer:
Amazing video! I like how at 6:28 the flight attendant introduced a380 and vh-oqg!
Cherine Wiltshire
Cherine Wiltshire:
I am so surprised, Qantas first class suits are incredible. Thank you for the awesome video Paul.....good job👍🏻👍🏻😁
William Román
William Román:
I wonder if I could be able to xp this in my entire life.
Diego Cheja
Diego Cheja:
Hi, great review. I found difficult to hear several things, I think maybe the microphone/sound could be improved? Thanks!
Amazing, I love how they helped porter your one bag!
Good review but I was expecting something more premium from Qantas.
thoroughly enjoyed the review. your voice is easy to listen to. lol at #iamsinglebtw.
MT Aviation
MT Aviation:
great review. would love to fly in first class some day
George Georgio
George Georgio:
Nice video mate. Shameless plug though #iamsinglebtw hahaha
defo good thing was the dram of glenlivet single malt whiskey always a bonus
Brett Williamson
Brett Williamson:
Great video. I'd be in to that Single Malt and Tawny!
Journey With Steven
Journey With Steven:
Great video! Flew on QF1, but from Singapore to London.
Great video as per usual Paul! Love your work!
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson:
I flew Qf9 from Melbourne on the A380 in 2016. Was amazing.
ben sumen
ben sumen:
Always having old farts as employees
Nice video , great to see inside that beast of a plane, can't believe the amount of food and snacks served :)
Sherry Osinga
Sherry Osinga:
Great video!
Branto G
Branto G:
I sat in 1A last year and I was warned that being so close to the bathroom would be annoying but I didn’t think so, I thought it was handy. I did notice how many cabin crew who weren’t working in First used the bathroom though, it was basically a staff toilet and it was so dusty in there like 1/2 cm fluff on the window sill and the amenities drawer was empty except for some spilt lotion and some hair. The service was patchy but very friendly (I asked for a cup of tea and 40 mins later it didn’t arrive and then I used the call bell etc which made me fell as though I was being high maintenance) and everything was on request ( like having the bed made up) but they assume you know that. Breakfast was a disappointment and reluctantly offered for some reason with no table cloth. No knife offered with cheese etc, no attention to detail. No chauffeur car in Sydney as I was only going to Singapore and not all the way to LHR. No arrivals priority customs queue in Singapore for First. Very basic First Class vs Singapore Airlines. In Singapore I also noticed that there was no signage in the aero bridges directing you to the right path to First so I arrived on the upper deck in Business by mistake. The lounge in Sydney was absolutely amazing though because it’s outsourced to a hotel chain.
Sean Patullo
Sean Patullo:
A really great review!!! You've got me REALLY excited for my Trip next year to SIN (when qantas resume their Singapore layovers to London)
You Never Know in Oz
You Never Know in Oz:
From an 'Economy Pleb' thanks for the great video. I will never get to see the inside of a 1st class suite so it is nice to see these videos :-)
Nicely done, nice touch with the # tag :-)
Ben Kaufman
Ben Kaufman:
2:23 why does the ice cream have hair?
Kathleen S.
Kathleen S.:
I really enjoyed your video very much! New Subscriber! Hello from Florida 🐊 🐊 🌴 🌴
Frazer Parker
Frazer Parker:
11:14 I love that movie
Well I dont know
Well I dont know:
Its no emirates but its so amazing
Roob Trulso
Roob Trulso:
Damn that guy drank a lot
Miha Furlan
Miha Furlan:
They sure try to get you drunk when you fly first class...
tom Donaldson
tom Donaldson:
Great video!
A fascinating video Paul! Thanks for posting!!
To The Truth And Beyond
To The Truth And Beyond:
(Laughing while speaking) So over all it was a good root going the way of the kangaroo. I wonder how a koala or galah would measure up?
Haha, Great video though Paul throughly enjoyed it mate.
The PetrolHead Kidz
The PetrolHead Kidz:
Service looks really good aboard Qantas!
*HD Australian Plane Spotting *
*HD Australian Plane Spotting *:
Always nice to watch a Qantas First Review. You don’t get too much these days. Great Video
I love this video. I love that you are so excited! I would be too. Making me excited to fly again. Thanks :)
Love your work Paul. I really enjoyed your narration. :)
camilo garay
camilo garay:
I work at Qantas SCL (CHILE) and I'm so proud of the excellent customer service that we have as an Airline around the world. From economy class to First Class We always give more than our 100%.
Wonderful video! Great editing and very descriptive!
Alvin Sim
Alvin Sim:
heiii ! saw it on insta and its finally up!
Alexander Sharp
Alexander Sharp:
Qantas are absolutely stunning with there first class flights there absolutely amazing :)
the sneaky #iamsinglebtw... on ya Paul :D
Hey again Paul, great video as always, keep it up! I like how you are now speaking and using voiceovers in your videos, a nice change, and showing yourself more. Great job! What will be your next video?
You make so nice and good videos.
I have subscribed to you and activated the bell :D
Top report! One of the best out there
Nice review, enjoyed watching it. :) How much was it in total?
Willamis Bezerra
Willamis Bezerra:
Muito bom Muito Lindo!! Parabéns pelo Vídeo..
Rory McNicol
Rory McNicol:
Great video video paul great detail im looking forward to watching thos video sibce you told me about this video
Ponto de Embarque
Ponto de Embarque:
Very nice! :)
Dude, I want your job or something like it...LOL  Great review and much appreciate your narration throughout and the music is spectacular
Marcus Chan
Marcus Chan:
Might just do this flight one day for a holiday in itself. haha
Tracey Browne
Tracey Browne:
Thanks for the onboard images and review, but we are keen to get advice on which seats to travel in as a couple. We are travelling on QF09 next year and want to make sure we pick the best seats. We recently traveled business class from Sydney and ended up sitting next to each other in the middle of the plane with a big screen between us that did not lower. Do the adjoining seats on the QF009 flight have a screen we can lower so that we can talk to each other?