Priyanka Chopra Talks Epic Wedding To Nick Jonas

After Priyanka Chopra revealed she actually had a scaled-down wedding to Nick Jonas, Roz Weston and Graeme O’Neil react during ET Canada Live. SUBSCRIBE to our channel: FOLLOW us here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #PriyankaChopra #NickJonas #Ellen

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tetrulz jam
tetrulz jam:
Trust me 200 people for a wedding in India is nothing.. Even 500 is less.
Vyoma Patel
Vyoma Patel:
It was 3 days (and they got their one day earlier, so u could say 4 days max) so that's not a week.
Jack Chan
Jack Chan:
3 days not a week
World most beautiful and powerful couple priyanka and Nick..and priyanka is real global superstar icon😍😍😍😍😍😍
arianne vas
arianne vas:
1000 is pretty normal
ZeeTa Music
ZeeTa Music:
It's not saree it's lehnga (indian gown)
Love yourself
Love yourself:
Love Priyanka.
สุภพ หมัดง๊ะ
สุภพ หมัดง๊ะ:
Beautiful couple
Daniela Rivera
Daniela Rivera:
In Latin American wedding you have to invite from your 3 cousin to your the person who next door.
yatin srivastava
yatin srivastava:
Allright so that was a red Lehenga and not a red Sari😊
sarah kiyingi
sarah kiyingi:
Indian weddings ceremony I just love each moment
Premjit Singh Hawaibam
Premjit Singh Hawaibam:
Rituals apart, weddings in india is a celebration of life, and 4days is not too many to celebrate life.
Disgraceful Justification
Disgraceful Justification:
justin kreamtem
justin kreamtem:
I love you so much #pcj
A. Zwakhalen
A. Zwakhalen:
Well 2000 people is normal for us in a Greek wedding! All the money 😊
Harshita Bhuyan
Harshita Bhuyan:
People are so unaware of other people's culture. So disrespectful just because it is unheard of in your culture. According to Indian standards 200 is nothing. We generally have like 1000 people. Even a wedding with 500 people is considered small scale celebration here. She wasn't making it up. It's not that bizzare, just look up India's population and you would understand. For us weddings are celebrations, the more the merrier, it isn't a headache.

We don't tell our guests to bring a plus one, when we invite somebody we invite the whole family or else it's considered rude. You don't have to understand our culture, just show some respect. And we LOVE going to weddings, amazing food, dancing, it's awesome.
Aakash Patil
Aakash Patil:
Hamare Desh main ek se ek talent h...phir PRIYANKA chopda Ko koi DASHING INDIAN nahi Mila jo....kisi gore se shadi kr li
Your are not funding the wedding. So STFU ! Just because you CHOOSE to have less people in your life, does not mean that you should criticise others. It’s in the CULTURE.
Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop:
Maria Mathew
Maria Mathew:
200 is very less in comparison to other Indian weddings actually ...I am christian and for my brother's wedding we invited around 200 people from our side ( bride 's familily invited more than 200 people ) and all my relatives and neighbour were pissed at us because we didn't invite our 4th or 5 th cousins or neighbours i didnt even know ... So yes 200 is nothing...
mansi pathade
mansi pathade:
1000 is nothing even for normal people 1000 are the invitation cards. In India more than 200 people gathered in only engagement. In marriage it's very big
Mark Abello
Mark Abello:
I now hate Nick Jonas even more. 😔
Emil Helmi
Emil Helmi:
Over the top.... Wasteful and show off
She is a very sexual woman, she does belong married to a white man instead of a sexist Indian man..Women like her do not belong with wimpy wimpy wimpy, but with sexy manly manly men. Congrats Choponkaka Chokeher and Nick Cannon!!