Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Are Married

Congratulations are in order for the new Mr. and Mrs. Jonas!

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I'm extremely happy for Nick and Priyanka, they are so cute together
Christian wedding has happened but indian wedding is still about to happen
Elijah Gilbert
Elijah Gilbert:
Nick Jonas deserves the best. He’s always kept his head on his shoulders, dude is very humble and mature for his age a lot of women don’t see in most guys these days. He’s never been arrested or in trouble. Happy for the newly weds
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus
Tongkat Ali-Activ Plus:
Luckiest guy alive. She is so super hot.
sharvin Jangle
sharvin Jangle:
I'm indian ........ mehendi is just kickoff ceremony . For wedding....duhhhhh
Pj lav
Pj lav:
That is the oddest looking couple I've ever seen... and I love it
Munira Patel
Munira Patel:
Whye u all peoples are trolling her if she is happy and Nick is happy and wat age Gap Sachin Tendulkar he is also same Na age Gap with his wife.
Moe Taylor
Moe Taylor:
"Age ain't nothing but a number, throwin down aint nothing but a thang"
Aww ... they are married yeahhhhh ....🔥🖤🖤🖤
Don Bosco
Don Bosco:
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry:
He’s so fine had a crush on him for years now I have to find my old crush, Omarion ❤️❤️
Chelsea Faler
Chelsea Faler:
Although I'm Happy for them, I'm so sad they're married. I love nick. He's been my childhood crush all my life... This makes me kinda sad
sharvin Jangle
sharvin Jangle:
It's just mehendi ..........not wedding stilll
If you haven't already read the vogue edition then read it it clearly says it wasn't a 2 months relationship before their engagement.
Unicorn 20
Unicorn 20:
Congratulations. Happy for them👏
A A:
So her name is now priyanka jonas brothers?
Love yourself
Love yourself:
Sweetest couple ever. 😍😘
Terry-Ann Francis
Terry-Ann Francis:
Well I wish them all the best. They seem like they make a great couple. Spreading some love no point in bringing out negativity.
Rina Kova
Rina Kova:
Two of my beloved people are getting merred. I am so happy
Rocky Rae
Rocky Rae:
2 months of dating? Wow
Raquel Yard
Raquel Yard:
Happy for the beautiful couple 🎉🎊🥂🍾♥️
Awwww they’re so cute together ❤️❤️
Magu G
Magu G:
I’m so jealous but happy for them! I wish them the best!!!😭
Looove this couple..all the best
Allie McDow
Allie McDow:
Haley Faragalli
Haley Faragalli:
I'm depressed now
Kate McPhail
Kate McPhail:
I feel like they've been together way longer than is public.
Christina Singleton
Christina Singleton:
8 year old me: I WANNA MARRY NICK JONAS!

Me now after seeing this: I feel betrayed...
love music Rihanna, McClain Sisters,Empire
love music Rihanna, McClain Sisters,Empire:
congrat i am so happy for them
Orunchukwu Otiegede
Orunchukwu Otiegede:
Now this a couple I'm trying happy forrrr😭😭😭😭😭awww they are soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee😍
Tiasa Tilak
Tiasa Tilak:
I'm so happy for them. Both of them seem like genuinely lovely people.
Layla Summers
Layla Summers:
My God he looks so young! This is the first time I have bothered to have a closer look and he could almost be her son!
Ryan Sproule
Ryan Sproule:
Is this for real? Lol GOOD on them tho!👍 what a cute couple
In my mind me and Nick have been engaged for a while so I’m a little disappointed. Jk Two months of dating though?Are they serious? Good luck is all I can say. I’m happy for themz
Clint Jacops
Clint Jacops:
Congratulations, guys! ❤
primrose mataruka
primrose mataruka:
Married twice ❤️
Marialisa Periser
Marialisa Periser:
Congratulations to the both of them 🍾🥂❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻
patricia gallego
patricia gallego:
It should have been Demi. Nick and Demi have a great bond and “Ruin The Friendship” is about him so it makes sense I love them together but I’m happy for them anyway😕🙃
He’s so lucky man.
scholar maria
scholar maria:
Bittersweet moments for me. Congratulations guys ....i have had a crush on Nick Jonas the whole of my life but now what do I do ...😢😢😢😢😢😢Priyanka take care of my man ,you do anything to him 🔫
Melisa Rose
Melisa Rose:
I love it congrats guys
sharvin Jangle
sharvin Jangle:
Heyyyyyy ...del ....😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carlenna Brattin
Carlenna Brattin:
wow, they are married now, they are cute couple
It is Javi
It is Javi:
What? Oh hell nah!
noorhudaa Teelhawod
noorhudaa Teelhawod:
Lazy person
Lazy person:
Who in the world ever thought that this would even happen. I grew up watching Nick, a gorgeous American disney star who loved singing, dated Miley and ended up marrying an Indian beauty queen who dreamt of becoming an aeronautical engineer. Such a beautiful fairy tale. Good luck to them both on this new journey❤
Mike D
Mike D:
I hope it works out for them, it's not easy in their professions to stay together for the long term.
Jaedie Smith
Jaedie Smith:
nicky rosey
nicky rosey:
2 months? That's what yall think
Shannon Moreland
Shannon Moreland:
New dutchess home
Bhingz Datukali
Bhingz Datukali:
sunday ajigbade
sunday ajigbade:
The most popular actress in Indian priyanka Chopra 😍😍😍💲💲💲.. God bless your home
kda k
kda k:
How long going to be last
Zeesher Mirza
Zeesher Mirza:
Aunty got married with her nephew
Angel lay
Angel lay:
A A:
Is this Disney's remake of Beauty and the Teen?
Moon Shi
Moon Shi:
Congratulations to them ❤️✨
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz:
He married his mother! 🤷‍♂️
Amina Mo
Amina Mo:
cream pie!!!!!!!
jessica ArmyBlink
jessica ArmyBlink:
Congrats Nick and Priyanka
wiggy jones paddington
wiggy jones paddington:
She looks way older.....but then again hope this union lasts
suruthi feroz
suruthi feroz:
Don’t see her age still she looks young,but many of the couples I noticed wife age less than their husband but still they look like an aunty. Age not matters maintenance is important.
Bladimir Rojas
Bladimir Rojas:
He is far way too much for her.. he deserved someone much more better .. he is so handsome.
Suha Laqab
Suha Laqab:
lucky girl
veepee videos
veepee videos:
S T:
Am I the only one who forgot they were even a thing
end me pls
end me pls:
lucky one women...
jdnddnixnsjdjxudjjsjxuduudjdhsjhdhdhdhehdnxhsidnskmnkgxhsfnj I swear dont reply r/ihadastroke
Nikki Kau
Nikki Kau:
Nice hope it works out even though I don't believe in marriage
Shannon Moreland
Shannon Moreland:
Fame can create a mess of mismatched relationship. 1O years his senior, The guy still wets in the bed and she is cougar hunting. All the women Nick and all the men Priyanka you both discount shopping relationships. To dang funny.
Denise Martin
Denise Martin:
Uggghhh, don't like the news
sharvin Jangle
sharvin Jangle:
They are not .....
Trisha Mus
Trisha Mus:
They are not married yet.
Aurora Skywalker
Aurora Skywalker:
She probably did a mantra spell to get him!!! They will not last. Is it me or does she look way older than him!!! She looks old
Stop with the negative comments like seriously why does ir matters if there happy good for them
Uta Brooks
Uta Brooks:
You should have married an Indian that is your custom how disappointed you are to your parents now
Suzy Ziette
Suzy Ziette:
Now you are big sister and her younger brother hehehehhehe kidding dont be angry arrrrrrr
She likes boys mmm
Nann W
Nann W:
That wont last.. And this is a waste of time pffft c list players any way so who cares!!!
Demishka Pillay
Demishka Pillay:
They are not married yet it’s a pre ceremony...the Indian wedding has not happened yet
Gemma Aboagye
Gemma Aboagye:
age is just a number. It doesn't matter as long as you are happy. They make a lovely couple. She looks fantastic!! she doesn't look 36
Eliza Dez
Eliza Dez:
Not going to last... she’s too old for him not that that is a factor but they just don’t go together. They look odd...
Morning Star
Morning Star:
Too bad it won't last
Lorraine Ward
Lorraine Ward:
I thought he was gay ????????Fake marriage SMFH !!!!!
katrina gabriel
katrina gabriel:
She is so beautiful! She makes the fake Kardashians look like trash!!!!
20 dollars says it doesn’t last 2 years.
Mo Ri
Mo Ri:
Looks like Mom andSon
Michelle's Dairies
Michelle's Dairies:
The marriage is a publicity stunt. Divorce is coming even sooner !!!!
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie:
Call me a skeptic but I think they are an odd match. I don't see it lasting. But then they say opposites attract. I give it six months.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
its 2020 and nick and jonas already got divorced sorry im not a hater im from the future
Wakanda Forever
Wakanda Forever:
Nick: Hey guys we have a new edition to the ganbang
Jonas brothers: Hell yeah
World most famous and powerful couple priyanka and Nick royal wedding ..we are super happy 😊😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😘😘😘 @priyankachopra @nickjonas
She is 10 years older than him though. She married a "boy".
Jared Q
Jared Q:
Still think he is gay.
Avinash Kumar jha
Avinash Kumar jha:
Now wait for the divorce.
Marquela Bruce
Marquela Bruce:
They get married faster than two horny Christians but congrats
Suresh Gana
Suresh Gana:
No one marry in india priyanka,.. why should be marry 10 years younger he not real american part of europe,.. nick already taste 7 girls life and them future, why .. because nick want to taste it older woman no,8... GOD BLESS THEM..
Jennifer Potter
Jennifer Potter:
I use to love her but she is a fake person.and they dont go together at all and they literally got engaged like 2 weeks after dating
Catherine byrd
Catherine byrd:
I am sorry but i think should could have done a lot better. You cannot tell me there was no man for her to marry. She had to settle for him. Sorry he is probably a nice young man. I just cannot believe no others man wanted to marry her.