Priceline Sale Haul | 50% Off!

Hi There! For today's video I have a haul from Priceline during the current 50% off cosmetics sale! I hope you enjoy the video! xx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My name is Bekki and I make videos on all things that interest me; pinup style, makeup, movies + tv, travel and occasionally storytime/chatty videos. I hope you find my videos interesting! Here's the link to my channel to see more of my videos - Other places to find me online; Instagram; bekkipalkey Snapchat; bekkipalkey Youtube; bekkibygone


Deanna Pokora
Deanna Pokora:
these priceline videos give me life, I can't wait to post mine when my order arrives xD . The banana powder on the ac on tour palette is pretty decent, I just ended up replacing the banana powder instead of the whole palette, thats the palette I started contouring on. I've subscribed!! keen to see more :)
Carly Cooper
Carly Cooper:
Michelle Fahy
Michelle Fahy:
Omg! I had no idea the AC ON TOUR kit was a play on the word "contour". Ahaha mind blown!
Donโ€™t worry about the mascara thing, I buy things for the packaging all the time ๐Ÿ˜‚
khirdine kahina
khirdine kahina:
Hi you are beautiful