Post Match Press Conference | Manchester United 2-2 Burnley | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

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yyeah yeahh
yyeah yeahh:
Shows the importance of Herrera and we missed martial out wide
Still unbeaten with ole as manager. We go again for the next 3 points. COME ON UNITED
You can't expect to win every match, well done lads (AMAZING GOAL VICKY)
S D:
Unfortunate, but it is what it is. It's how we react and bounce back from this draw that matters. Cmon United ♥️
Agung Wahyudi
Agung Wahyudi:
Mou : it was player fault
Oleh : We learned, we got to bounce back
yyeah yeahh
yyeah yeahh:
Rashford missed two great chances. Was very poor tonight.
Thamil Anpalagan
Thamil Anpalagan:
I didn’t want to do this but......

Lindelof > Van Dijk

Oh yeah yeah
Yahya Hijjawi
Yahya Hijjawi:
ITS OK! I would have preferred 3 points but we fought till the end!
Thicker Bush
Thicker Bush:
Jones didn’t do Andreas any favours with the pass
Lawanshan Muzey
Lawanshan Muzey:
Pereira always doesnt look prepared.. He is not ready yet... Got his chance but didnt prove his worth..
goodness jonathan
goodness jonathan:
OK this bailey *watch my documentary exclusively on mutv * always cracks me up 😂😂😂
Thamil Anpalagan
Thamil Anpalagan:
Alright alright bro. Dear everyone, please watch Bailly’s documentary L’elephant d’Afrique. It’s very great!
Konstantin Todorov
Konstantin Todorov:
Another perfect interview, this time after a tough game without luck. No criticism, only positives for the team. Ole handling the press in a unique way! Bad result for us but we should not overlook the fact that the boys did not give up!! GGMU
Suyash J
Suyash J:
Tbh 7 months have gone and Andreas still hasn't proved his potential in whatever matches he played in. Great performance from Lindelof but Rash and Lukaku missed absolute easy chances and we could have had an easier game.
Unpopular opinion: We would've won that game if Smalling was playing
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions:
Please United get rid of Jones I would do anything in the world to get rid of him
Can he be more mature!! Amazing manager.
Rahul Gulati
Rahul Gulati:
We never give up at United!! Bring it on leicester 🔴❤⚽️
Thamil Anpalagan
Thamil Anpalagan:
🙋‍♀️ If only there were 5 more minutes. Phil Jones might off scored an overhead kick. 🤷‍♀️
Sambel Matah
Sambel Matah:
Ok fine no problem Next Big match, win to PSG .. GGMU
Thamil Anpalagan
Thamil Anpalagan:
Never say never to Manchester United. 🔴⚽️
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali:
Jones gotta go!
Sumama Amjad
Sumama Amjad:
As he said at the beginning you've now learnt that we can fight back from being behind, stop the negativity this always used to happen all the time under Fergie, come on you Reds!!!!! Ole in all the way!!!!
Mehmet Tekagac
Mehmet Tekagac:
Still going to be top 4
Jordy Lyons
Jordy Lyons:
Man for the job
Konstantin Todorov
Konstantin Todorov:
Just listen to the interview! Taking only one point, we feel frustrated. Something we have accepted normally in recent years. Not any more. The boys did not give up and that is the most important thing - the spirit. GGMU
Rashford should have buried that tbh
Secondly, Jones has 60-70% of the blame for the first goal
PJ Harwood
PJ Harwood:
When I saw the lineup before the game I had a feeling that both Jones and Pereira would be liabilities. Jones looks like he doen't know what to do every time he gets the ball and makes a fair few bad decisions. I'd have Bailly in over him anytime, though we do need to buy a solid centre half to pair up with Lindelof. As for Pereira I don't think he's ready for such an important role in midfield, he doesn't seem to be able to handle the pressure well enough. Herrera fits that role perfectly which is why he usually plays there but I think Ole was just giving Pereira a chance today to prove himself, which sadly he hasn't done.
S D:
United fighting spirit will live on! GGMU ❤❤❤
arka ghosh
arka ghosh:
We will beat PSG!!! Let's get a nice 2-0 lead in the first leg at home, we can see the match out in return leg
Krishna Damana
Krishna Damana:
Ole's wholesomeness is enough to ease the pain when our winning streak ended.
Ole - humble and being real.. The way he address Perreira's mistake as "we" rather than pointing directly at him... A manager that unites the players in a team rather than pointing out an individual out of a team..
nunho14 l
nunho14 l:
I really hope ole continues doing well and gets the manager contract..
I can feel the united spirit back again since long time even as a fan thanks to this man.
Love In The House
Love In The House:
Really proud of my team for showing the fight that identifies Manchester United. Players need to take their chances against teams or it will come back to haunt us like today. GGMU!!!
Jacob O'C
Jacob O'C:
Great response from Ole, he is evolving our squad in the right way.
Lawanshan Muzey
Lawanshan Muzey:
But this is where we learn from.. a point drop is a point gain in next match..
Jayant Calla
Jayant Calla:
Kill Leicester next time
We will bounce back against Leicester. Lets go United!
Jin J
Jin J:
I still think he deserves the job. Win or lose, Ole is the man for the job.
Joshua Spencer
Joshua Spencer:
Poor result lads 🔴🔴
Abdirahman Muuse
Abdirahman Muuse:
Win Or los I’m United❤️🔥💯
Lil N eli
Lil N eli:
Ole ole ole gunnar gunnar gunnnar💪🔴
Thamil Anpalagan
Thamil Anpalagan:
🇸🇪Iceman❄️: Let me fix this.
Hold my drink🥛
Lindelof scores (90’+2)! 😂🤣😂
Van Dijk who? 😘🔥🤪
The next Nemanja Vidic? 🥳🎉🔴
This guy 👉 Lindelof 👈 😍🎈☃️
Atish Paul
Atish Paul:
Rashford's first missed chance changed the game.
Truely it wasn't his day.
Also after beating arsenal they took this game lightly,no urgency on the pitch until [65'].
They should treat every team equally.
t j
t j:
Humble in victory and defeat. He handled this with more maturity than I ever saw in Jose.

In Ole we trust
Naz Fur
Naz Fur:
Still United we stand GGMU
Sasely Thegoat
Sasely Thegoat:
Great comeback
What can Bailly do to get a game ya cu🤬ts not u Ole
Mr. Credo
Mr. Credo:
We need this result to stay on our toes, to bounce back and ready for PSG. MU will defeat PSG.
varun varatharajan
varun varatharajan:
Jones reminds me of Jonny Evans final years at united
billy oneill
billy oneill:
The bad thing about united is if they get a big lead they go lazy
Just because you've beaten some lower teams before doesn't mean you don't play
Thamil Anpalagan
Thamil Anpalagan:
CC: Everyone
Subject: Bailly’s documentary

Again? Alright bro. I’m serious bro.

Dear everyone, please watch Bailly’s documentary L’elephant d’Afrique. It’s very great!
A-Z MVs:
We've had all kinds of game under Ole now.
A "boring" tactical fought 1-0, a well deserved 2-0, thumping 5-1/4-1/3-1, now a draw from two goals back.
The Hh
The Hh:
MY HEART!!! We should've won that though! 😭
Brainiac 1209
Brainiac 1209:
I already know that this is going to be a tough match when i see the line up, pereira and lukaku is a trash
I love you !, your such an amazing guy and such a great manager , you have influenced your old habit of scoring at the last minute .
ashkelon megnath
ashkelon megnath:
"We started too late" This coming from a man who scored in the champions league final with literally the last kick of the game lol.
Ορέστης Boϊτσίδης
Ορέστης Boϊτσίδης:
The thumbnail was just perfect 😂😂😂....go MUN ❤❤
Meghan Ward
Meghan Ward:
We can’t expect to win every match still love you ole
Tasneem Khan
Tasneem Khan:
We believe in Ole❤🔥🔥
Ria Arman
Ria Arman:
Complacent and everyone starting to read and react to how we play .
Manchester A City United
Manchester A City United:
87’ 90+2’ CLASSIC
Really happy Lindelof finally got his first goal for the club. Just wish it was in better circumstances lol
Isaac Tuscano
Isaac Tuscano:
So nobody is gonna admit that we scored 2 goals in last 10 mins under so much pressure....To keep us going
Elizabeth Galligan
Elizabeth Galligan:
Great spirit. Great fight back by United! Burnley played parked the bus and wasted time !
Ibrahim lukman Ibrahim
Ibrahim lukman Ibrahim:
Lindelof thank you so much for giving me joy
Arijit Paul
Arijit Paul:
L'éléphant D'Afrique needs to start the next game perhaps.
I'm still very happy. GGMU.
John Slovacek
John Slovacek:
Lukaku was useless tonight. kept expecting him to win some of the "long ball" passes and he couldn't win not one.
Zack X89
Zack X89:
its ok we keep pushing and move on to the next! we have to win next match! 💪🏼
Jake Paul
Jake Paul:
First yay ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ciarán Kiely
Ciarán Kiely:
Weldone man utd
The Falls
The Falls:
I wasn't scared untill I saw Jones in the lineup.
Amelie Barbe
Amelie Barbe:
Still unbeaten💪 it happens sometimes but the way we came back though🔥💪❤ Great team spirit ! To the next game GGMU💪❤❤
We cannot expect to win every game, Burnley is always one of those banana skin teams. The way we reacted to 2-0 down is what matters. Kick on from here.
rashford shouldve scored that 😭😭
Aynsley Moses
Aynsley Moses:
What was the last question❓
The Football Owl
The Football Owl:
Lindelofs first goal for united! 👊
Aryaman 2301
Aryaman 2301:
why does the burnley goalkeeper turn into a prime dave whenever he faces manchester united?
Moses P
Moses P:
Should introduce Lingard from beginning! .. coach mistake
Jermaine Treshawn Brown
Jermaine Treshawn Brown:
naming my first unborn victor for lindelof.
Ibrahim Mkala
Ibrahim Mkala:
We need a center back for crying out loud,,,,
Alright never give up
Bayan Shu Koclok
Bayan Shu Koclok:
Fergie time👏👏👏
paul connelly
paul connelly:
I love this man.
Michael Rose
Michael Rose:
Missed some important players today.
Gotta win vs Leicester on Sunday!
Rashford Almeida
Rashford Almeida:
Anyway We're still unbeaten..Come on United
Jimmie JR
Jimmie JR:
Watch Eric's documentary exclusively on MUTV 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Iduozee Destiny
Iduozee Destiny:
Newcastle vs United predict.......New 1 : United 3****
Man utd ♥️
Tejpal Singh
Tejpal Singh:
just give him the job! top manager!
G14 Dingus 6457
G14 Dingus 6457:
We will still keep fighting
Rhys Wong
Rhys Wong:
Losing points isnt a problem for me as a united fan, ill say at least the united spirit is back!! Never give up!! Keep it up lads👍🏻
RayShow TV
RayShow TV:
Keep on going United! Can't expect to win every game
Zoe P
Zoe P:
Respect to Burnley they played a great game.
Americano coffe
Americano coffe:
Mu still the best team and ole best manager..
Hallo from indonesia..
Abinandan Murali
Abinandan Murali:
Smalling, Jones got to go we should start using tuanzebe, delot more