Post Malone & Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stay / Rockstar / Dark Necessities (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)

Watch Red Hot Chili Peppers & Post Malone perform Dark Necessitiesî from The Grammys. Recorded February 10, 2019.

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I prefer post malone when he sings rock and not rapping. Just my opinion.
Orchid z
Orchid z:
Post malone is one of those people who look and seem like bad influences but is just a soft, loving, caring talented man
Whoever thought to put Post and Red Hot Chili Peppers together deserves a raise
Christina Sweetheart
Christina Sweetheart:
Post Malone is honestly very talented way beyond rap especially for this time. I hate people who classify him as mumble rap and compare him to people like 69. He is so far from that.
Anthony's shirt lasted 4 minutes 47 seconds in this video
Sam Burnside
Sam Burnside:
post malone is the only rapper of 2020 that can actually sing.
He grew up listening to this band. Now he’s performing wit them 🙏💯💯
Dania needs sleep
Dania needs sleep:
I've had the wrong impression of this mf for such a long time and only now am i starting to notice how talented he is
Slick Nasty
Slick Nasty:
This video is cursed, flea is wearing a shirt.
Malone's in the wrong genre, he would make a great modern rocker
Pewdie Poo
Pewdie Poo:
So Post Malone has performed with Red Hot Chili Peppers and now has a song with Ozzy Osborne. Sounds like a rockstar to me.
HeavyMetal 2000
HeavyMetal 2000:
When Anthony realized Post was harmonizing with him perfectly, then gave him that nod, that was so cool
Yeats Bell
Yeats Bell:
Why did they have Maroon 5 at the superbowl halftime instead of RHCP
Alice Posoldova
Alice Posoldova:
In fact, Post is a metalhead who used to play in a metal band before he got famous. Very likeable, sweet, kind and talented musician. Wish he does more rock in the future.
Christian D
Christian D:
Honestly with this and his performance with Aerosmith, Post seems to have more fun playing everything other than his genre.
Whi te
Whi te:
If post Malone did rock music he’d be a god
Liya Bar-Sella
Liya Bar-Sella:
I don't get how Anthony looks 5 years younger than he did in 2017
Can Post just start a rock band already?
i swear anthony can not keep his shirt on lol
person: *depressed*
post malone: I'll put you out of your misery
Nico Th.
Nico Th.:
Post Malone needs to be the Super Bowl halftime performer rather sooner than later!
The year is 2019 and I still waiting for the ''Californication'' Music Game
Brute Parrot
Brute Parrot:
If Elon Musk is Iron Man, I´m sure we can consider Malone as Peter Quill now.
Uncle Podger
Uncle Podger:
This one video changed my perception of who Post Malone is as an artist. He's so much more than just a rapper.
Ond Tamás Filep
Ond Tamás Filep:
Posty is just a rapper bc the industry demands it, that was the best way for him to break to the market

He is a metalhead in soul, and I fcken love him
Joann Cunningham
Joann Cunningham:
Do Not like this performance, not to mention his bowl haircut and scary porn mustache
No thanks!
Thirty Silver
Thirty Silver:
I am 45, and out all the music I've heard in my life, RHCP has never made bad music, not one.
Post sounds so much better without auto tune.

*Edit: I could listen to his first song on replay all day. Sounds better than his mainstream songs.*
Jonathan Aisel
Jonathan Aisel:
Anthony once again proving that he is indeed allergic to wearing shirts
This is the first time hearing him out of auto tune. Great voice!

You could kind of tell he had pipes either way but that was great to hear.
Omar jr
Omar jr:
0:09 stay
1:27 rockstar
2:50 dark necessities
lester anthony Reniva
lester anthony Reniva:
Post is originally & legit guitar player in a metalcore band before he became a rapper. So, rocking with RHCP is just so easy for him..
I hope he will do more rock or even metal than rap in the future..
GADIEL Maldonado
GADIEL Maldonado:
Would you guys bump to post Malone if he did rock?
Dean Cowles
Dean Cowles:
Anyone who thinks Post isn't insanely talented needs to see him live. I became a big fan almost instantly.
Margaux Red
Margaux Red:
Post is good on live and he can play guitar at least he has talent to show .
Filipe Gonçalves
Filipe Gonçalves:
post malone looks like a kid having the blast of his life with his childhood idols
Eric Lee
Eric Lee:
I did not realize that Post Malone could sing. He literally said that he sucked at singing so he uses autotune in his interview. Respect for his humbleness
Mattias Nake
Mattias Nake:
please make dark necessities ft Post Malone a song on Spotify
Broo Post Malone should have been in Súper Bowl ínstead of Maroon 5
Cody Cromarty
Cody Cromarty:
I'm not really into his rap, but I would absolutely buy an album of him doing acoustic covers.
pats stap
pats stap:
Post malone and anthony are cousins. Fyi
Post Malone sounds so good during "Stay"
Dark Necessities legit sounds like a song playing backward in some parts. 😂
Astro Venus
Astro Venus:
Too bad mixing engineer left Post's telecaster out. Ahhh well.
Ernest Scott
Ernest Scott:
"put your cigarette out on my face it's so beautiful" -- yeah, maybe in Hell.
nicole marie
nicole marie:
bruh post malone should just join the red hot chili peppers
A Level 100 Onix
A Level 100 Onix:
Posty is one those people you just want to be happy...
Josh Klinghoffer was rocking at the end there. He'll be missed but glad it's John Frusciante returning.
Artistic Evan
Artistic Evan:
Rhcp kinda sound rough in this 😬
Post Malone is a legend! Wise beyond his years, breaking down barriers through music. Because he has a love for all music. 🙌🏽❤️
Marylon Fisher
Marylon Fisher:
Does anyone else get a Freddie Mercury vibe from Anthony's hair? Not hating it at all!
AC Jordan
AC Jordan:
Post is living my dream life honestly wtf LMAO
Awesome my favorite band and favorite rapper got together this is so fucking awesome honestly
alright buddy
alright buddy:
post malone guitar not even in the mix lol
Seth Guardian
Seth Guardian:
These live TV performances have some of the worst mixing, plus it all seems so artificial.
I want to hear how the performance really should sound, live and full of errors.
Posty and the peppers deserve better
Jon Samuel
Jon Samuel:
Greatness overload on that stage!

Post Malone - the most likable and most talented modern artist.

RHCP - no words.
Gaweł Borowicz
Gaweł Borowicz:
Post Malone shouldn't use Autotune at all, he doesn't need it
J A:
Damn, Posty with RHCP. Dreams come true!
Josh learned from the best guitarist of the century... He is doing it fckng great
Mitzi Lane
Mitzi Lane:
Favorite song + 2 favorite humans 👍👍👍😍❤️❤️❤️💯
Alex Smith
Alex Smith:
I like Posty's voice without all the autotune, would love to see an acoustic album
Deena Bardin
Deena Bardin:
Post was having the time of his life up there singing with them. Was awesome. I love post malone!
Mr memester David
Mr memester David:
Do you know what true men don’t kill

Post Malone actually has a soothing voice. Really impressed.
Mark Lynskey
Mark Lynskey:
I Love that Post is fan boying it just being on stage with the Chilli's
Dave Van Hasselt
Dave Van Hasselt:
when I show up like this at work they laugh. Anthony gets away and that's a good thing.
Isa Adnan
Isa Adnan:
Red Hot Chilli Peppers? More like Smoking Hot Babes, am i right?
You only can TATTOO your face when you have a voice like that.
Wilen Dafhoe
Wilen Dafhoe:
This is one of the best performances during the 2019 grammys
what a talented cute cuddly bear
Jonny Rosado
Jonny Rosado:
That had to be Flea on bass for "Stay" shit was played perfectly!
Bob S. Leite
Bob S. Leite:
Sad day for Lakers fan. To all that bleed purple and gold Hang in there. RIP Kobe
Ege Merey
Ege Merey:
2:51 thank me later
Do The Senate
Do The Senate:
Am I true only one who thought that was Robert Downey jr
Trevor JC
Trevor JC:
You may not like Post Malone but remember this, he played guitar with RHCP
Zed Nine
Zed Nine:
RHCP is forever awesome, but it's great to see a new generation of talent - Post Malone.
I think this was probably cooler for Post Malone than the audience
Ian de Jongh
Ian de Jongh:
He killed the start of Stay.. amazing
i love post so freaking much this is rocking my world watching this rn 💗😂😫💖👏🚫🧢
Vash Stampede
Vash Stampede:
Yeah, post is talented. Wish I could hear his guitar with RHCP though, seems like it wasn't coming through. Fuck that tunnel shit but overall I kinda wish I was there for this show.
matt cobb
matt cobb:
Anthony Kiedis looking like Bill The Butcher from Gangs of New York
Riley McGill
Riley McGill:
The lyrics for the new stuff is really bad. Bass line stereoptypic, and the guitar playing is sub pare.
I'm sorry rhcp is one of my favorite band...... but this did not do it for me. And their live performances have been what are so incredible over the years. I k how yall cant get john back but the writing has become so bad and basic once he left. It's not just the guitar playing. It's the songs. I could deal with sup par guitar playing like one hot minute but only the if the songs were still good. Sorry rant over!
Robert idonotsharemyfullname
Robert idonotsharemyfullname:
didn't know post malone well before.. kinda thought he was a fool. instantly respect him after this. seems to be a real musician.
Tim Hauck
Tim Hauck:
I’m a huge rock and metal fan! But I’m impressed by Post Malones ability to transition into both genres! He’s damn good!
John Farris
John Farris:
The Good Stuff, Physics Girl, The Science Asylum, Star Talk, PBS Spacetime, Fermilab, Answers with Joe and SmarterEveryDay.
Valerie Rawlings
Valerie Rawlings:
Damn I didn’t realize rhcp were gonna perform at the grammy’s I would have watched it
Carrie Lusk
Carrie Lusk:
Love this! Post Malone deserves everything that’s happening to him! All these collaborations are just awesome! Red Hot Chili Peppers have been one of my favorite bands since they began!
Mira Jenal
Mira Jenal:
But did you see the amount of joy on Post Malone's face when he was performing with RHCP???
The Red Hot are getting older, but I'm sorry for announcing that you are timelessly timeless, I love you, we love you, you are a little bit of us all.
Amelia Avancena
Amelia Avancena:
i really want to watch it without taking my eyes off but damn those lights
yeah film malone instead of the guy who literally plays the solo
Zach Brown
Zach Brown:
anthony forgot the lyrics again
TruthSeeker Soldier
TruthSeeker Soldier:
We all gonna ignore they cut out 21 savages horrible live performance in this???!!!
Dreyvon Taylor
Dreyvon Taylor:
Post Malone with an electric guitar is the best the I’ve ever seen
oi eu sou o F
oi eu sou o F:
man, there was rlly a time a couple of years ago when all i listened to was post and red hot so watching this happen is pretty damn weird
Izzy Goris
Izzy Goris:
i saw post malone live in Antwerp. the experience is Humbling. he is a real artist
Alec Stahl
Alec Stahl:
Took a whole 4:51 minutes but he finally made it out of the suit.
How can Post sing both types so fucking good? Omg, i simply love him. He’s very talented.