Pokemon Let's Go Gameplay: DOES IT GET HARDER?! (Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Review Nintendo Switch)

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Pokemon Lets Go Gameplay on Nintendo Switch! Join the SwitchForce team with our Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee Lets Play! Join On Us On Discord: https://discord.gg/vNfSYzy Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Today we dive into Pokémon Lets Go on Nintendo Switch! We've got the full game and are taking you through the opening hours, first battles, new Pokémon team, Gym Battles, and much more! Enjoy this HUGE first look at Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu Gameplay, and stay tuned to the channel for much more Pokémon Let's Go action!


I'm having a blast with this game so far, it's a fun change and adorable as hell. Plus every Pokemon since Pearl and Diamond has been crazy easy. Sun and Moon pretty much play themselves.
Horizon Brave
Horizon Brave:
Sigh...I hope this style of gameplay is a one and done type thing... but I doubt it... This de-evolution of the game franchise is depressing...
I got my first shiny at 1 hour and 30 min xD I'm having SOOOOO much fun in this game :D I was super sceptical but it's great! :D
fAppIicationof SeIf
fAppIicationof SeIf:
I just caught a shiny Zubat in Mt Moon!!! 😀 he's bright green. My first shiny ever coz I only played original Red in teens and X when XY came out but never finished It! So damn happy right now
Awesomemohawk 45
Awesomemohawk 45:
I love the way the game looks and the fact that we see the Kanto region in 3D! While I have not got the game yet I hope to get it soon
This is Pokémon by fisherprice
It's odd you didn't know how stones worked. Do you not have much experience with the series or something?
I wanna know the answer but dont want to watch for over an hour. Can you do like a 5 minute version?
10+ videos in 2 days dam relax
Niklas von Werne
Niklas von Werne:
Venusaur at LV 32?!
Hydro Cryptix
Hydro Cryptix:
Can you evolve the Eevee
Sang Hendrix
Sang Hendrix:
It does get harder, but with items like Super Potion and Revive, you're unstoppable, just like every Pokemon game.
People keep asking if its easy like they never played pokemon before lol what do you think, its the same as yellow.
This guy really tried to fire stone a charmeleon. Wtf casual scrub
Good video guys! I’m not sure why people confuse a game that needs grinding as being hard. The Pokémon games in general aren’t exactly “hard” in the traditional sense like other rpgs. This game is meant to be more easy to pick up and play and not feel time consuming. It won’t be for everyone but hey not everyone likes Pokémon in general either. Keep up the good videos guys!
Adam Hill
Adam Hill:
No its not this channel rules both gabe and zach are well spoken nice dudes who have a passion for Nintendo
David V
David V:
I still like it better then sun n moon
Phillip James Clearman
Phillip James Clearman:
Yes and No. The AI and movesets are somewhat clever, like James’s Weezing knowing Flamethrower, Thunderbolt and Dark Pulse at Silph Co. But No considering Giovanni is especially nerfed compared to the original yellow.(One fewer pokemon + Levels of R/B) Also anyone can go 2 v 1 against anyone so this is the easiest pokemon to date by default
Ulen Grau
Ulen Grau:
I think people went and bought this and totally forgot that GameFreak said they were working on a MAIN POKEMON GAME FOR SWITCH.... and that this was just a spin-off (naturally, to bring the series over onto the Switch and introduce little kids before they roll out the full carpet).
7R3994N 7EVeN 0 7EVeN
7R3994N 7EVeN 0 7EVeN:
I am so disappointed with this game. No wild battles ruins it. I was so excited but i feel like i just wasted $60.
Hot Rod
Hot Rod:
I heard u cant evolve eevee in the eevee edition is that true
Jamie Prescott
Jamie Prescott:
Pokemon is a kids game, adults happen to enjoy..its pathetic so many gripe about a series built for children..nothing about pokemon was ever hard or challenging
This game is just disappointing...

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