Phantoms - Lay With Me ft. Vanessa Hudgens

Lay With Me ft. Vanessa Hudgens (Official Video) Song Available Here: Video Director: The Dads Video Producer: Max Rose Video Producer: Blake Greenbaum for Tuff Contender Video Commissioner: Lillie Wojcik "As all three of us grew up acting in Disney shows, we wanted to pay homage to our past, so when we sat down with Vanessa to brainstorm ideas for the video, we knew that this idea was something both our fans and Disney fans alike would be excited to see. It represents us all growing up and moving on, but still remembering where we came from. We're so excited to have brought our collective vision to life while making it really funny as well. We are super proud of how it turned out and hope you all enjoy!” Lyrics Verse one: My trust broken in half, head rush right from the start oh no I don’t want to let it show Undress all of my doubts, naked with or without no clothes and i don’t even feel that cold Pre chorus: Just the thought of letting go Makes me wanna pull you closer Close enough so you can whisper every word Run your fingers through my hair Drawin pictures on my shoulder waiting for the time for you to say it first Chorus: Want you to Lay ay ay with me. I don’t know where this is going, every time we touch is gold Want to lay ay ay with me Nothing can be left unspoken Every time we touch is golden Verse 2: Bed sheets cover the floor, bodies keeping us warm all night we don’t have no sense of time You’re like adrenaline rushing through my blood stream, is this love? Cause i can’t seem to get enough Pre chorus: Just the thought of letting go Makes me wanna pull you closer Close enough so you can whisper every word Run your fingers through my hair Drawin pictures on my shoulder waiting for the time for you to say it first Chorus: Want you to Lay ay ay with me. I don’t know where this is going, every time we touch is gold Want to lay ay ay with me Nothing can be left unspoken Every time we touch is golden Don’t wanna leave this room Feels like the gravity’s a magnet to you Want you to Lay ay ay with me I don’t know where this is going, every time we touch is gold Bridge: Want you to lay with me I don’t know where this is going Every time we touch its gold Want you to lay with me. I don’t know where this is going Every time we touch its gold Music video by Phantoms performing Lay With Me. © 2018 Casablanca Records (Republic Records)

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high school musical reference. damn i wanna cry.

once a wildcat, always a wildcat
She doesn't even look a day older from the first movie 😯😯
Vrinda Aggarwal
Vrinda Aggarwal:
0:04 The same Hairband Gabriella wears in Breaking Free
0:08 The piano guy looks like Kelsi
0:45 The moon
1:02 The wildcat cheerleaders with same red color and enthusiasm.
Just like High school Musical
Once a wildcat always a wildcat!
(Edit:Thank u so much for the likes it's my first comment)
Menna Ismail
Menna Ismail:
That man looks like charlie puth
Raya Imogen
Raya Imogen:
she even has the red bow tie on her hair omg I’m cryinggg
Altmusic05 X
Altmusic05 X:
This is what happens when artist make songs casually than making it for the money. It goes to a whole new level of quality even though the media doesn't want to promote it.
Daiana Fonseca
Daiana Fonseca:
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William Wei
William Wei:
Anyone just watch 'The Princess switch'?
Thais Araujo
Thais Araujo:
fans da Vanessa Brasileiros curte🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 aqui 💓❤
Sophx vH
Sophx vH:
It feels more like she's saying that she cherishes her time as Gabriella, but now it's gonna be a complete new chapter for her and she's moving on.
Lore Murguía
Lore Murguía:
"Once a wildcat, always wildcat"
HOW AM I ONLY SEEING THIS VIDEO NOW??? I mean I knew the song but OMG A HSM throwback video??? Why was no one talking about this online?? I totally missed it O.o The world shouldn't stay calm about this ICONIC VIDEO!!!
Jaz Megan
Jaz Megan:
I’m obsessed with the song and video. Miss the high school musical days !
pusheenmyluck !
pusheenmyluck !:
Lol, I came because she talked to Jimmy Fallon about it. Lol. So fun.
Johanna Erica Bayatan
Johanna Erica Bayatan:
Fabio Casapino
Fabio Casapino:
¿I'm the only one who still listens to this song in *2019* ?
Bc5 3
Bc5 3:
Anyone April 2019?

She's the best and I wish she ends up with zac effron again
Jocelyn Carlevaro
Jocelyn Carlevaro:
All I can think of is ZANESSA😭❤️
Peter Parker Pan
Peter Parker Pan:
High school musical : The musical The series ❤️
Bitch you don’t gotta like me
Bitch you don’t gotta like me:
Vanessa almost 30 and she still looks the same as she did in HSM ❤️
Suzy Lu
Suzy Lu:
She's so beautiful!
JD 33
JD 33:
Now if only they filmed this in the East High auditorium that would be even more symbolic and interesting, she sounds amazing as ever
Aida Rangel
Aida Rangel:

Tamara Ali
Tamara Ali:
Nobody gonna talk about the piano guy being Beans from Even Stevens??!
Once a wildcat, always a wildcat.
Frances Parcon
Frances Parcon:
This is the Duchess of Montenaro
Dylan Emerson
Dylan Emerson:
Vanessa always slays and deserves more spot light 💕💕💕
The Lovely Chelsey
The Lovely Chelsey:
I never actually understood what a “call back” was when I was younger until now lol I always thought they were tryna make it in time for a concert when everyone seemed to be double booked or something 😂😂😂
Shane Geer
Shane Geer:
She is so charismatic in this video. Owns it!
If you don’t get the HSM vibes you can’t watch this
Melanie Balbaquera
Melanie Balbaquera:
I miss her so much.
V is the QUEEN.

2019 anyone?
Mary Julina Aban
Mary Julina Aban:
THIS IS GIVING ME HSM VIBES <3 The ribbon on the hair, the white coat, the pianist, and of course Gabriella!
Brian Angeles
Brian Angeles:
Vanessa is really HOT!! and the best
Michael Olegario
Michael Olegario:
Was low-key watching the dancers in hopes that some of their choreography would reflect "Were all in this together" choreo
Amelie Mews
Amelie Mews:
*Breaking Free: High School Musical*
*Lay with me: University Musical*
Woman Like Leigh
Woman Like Leigh:
This is Vanessa, lets see how many more years she can stay alive.
Lynn Williams
Lynn Williams:
Guys is she pretty. Yeah
angel lem
angel lem:
Muy parecido a high school musical, sólo falto Zac Efron ❤️
its nice seeing Vanessa doing music again
Estefanía P
Estefanía P:
High school musical vibes! Awesome😉
a troy Bolton no liked this 🤷🏻‍♀🤣🤣
If you guys haven't seen her new movie yet, you need to. It's called "The Princess Switch" and it's on Netflix.
Janelle M
Janelle M:
omg the high school musical reference😭 I’m sad now
Annie Mae
Annie Mae:
Where’s Zac Efron in all this
Rachel Chotro
Rachel Chotro:
Troy Bolton is shook lmao.
Nikola Šlingrová
Nikola Šlingrová:
She looks like Jenna Dewan so much with that short hair 🤔❤️
Celyn Jasmine Gerial
Celyn Jasmine Gerial:
High School Musical Feels😭
blackpink page
blackpink page:
2019 anyone? Still love this song ❤️💋
Lília Pimenta
Lília Pimenta:
I loove this girl.
Melanie Anne Ahern
Melanie Anne Ahern:
Sharpay is not gonna be happy about this.
so, the better version of high school musical?
Sharpay: I hate the idea that today you're leaving😔🤣🤣
Emily Parsons
Emily Parsons:
I was seriously having the High School Musical feels then I felt like when she destroyed the moon it was like her saying “I’m not the same Disney girl and I’m movIng on”❤️❤️😭😭😭😭
Leo Soares
Leo Soares:
Is anyone else thinking the dj but was a hint at we are your friends (zac efron)
that High School Musical throwback omfggggg she even removes her white coat omg im crying
Pratham Shanbhag
Pratham Shanbhag:
Efron's the only thing missing from this high school musical reboot 😂
Xyjseoh 94
Xyjseoh 94:
This scene is like ...
HSM 1....Breaking Free....part
Ronald Santos
Ronald Santos:
One year today. Oct 2019, 04th
Alisha Chawdhary
Alisha Chawdhary:
She sounds and looks the same Conspiracy Theory; She’s a vampire haha 😂
*Sharpay Evans has left the chat*
Denishea Bates
Denishea Bates:
Who the hell are you supposed to be Sharpay the General of Drama club
That’s not really ladylike miss Margaret.
the song name and info in the bottom left made me feel like i was watching a music video in between shows on disney lol
Colbie Medjom
Colbie Medjom:
Who else thought of the HSM1 breaking free scene ???
To Ngoc Huong Giang
To Ngoc Huong Giang:
she's here to tell everyone she's not gabriela anymore she's vanessa hudgens and y'all ain't ready
Katrina N
Katrina N:
So who else missed hearing Vanessa's vocals 😍✨
ellie nicole
ellie nicole:
2019 is gonna be her comeback year
Righteous Ironman3
Righteous Ironman3:
“Once a Wildcat. Always a wildcat!”
Imma Smiler
Imma Smiler:
At the start I was like wait this setting looks familiar then a guy started dancing towards her and she was wearing a red bow and I’m just like OMG WTF HSM!
Samantha S
Samantha S:
Ummm why did she not age i thought it was the original scene
Andon Williams
Andon Williams:
Who else still thinks she is hot? I also have been watching a lot of high school
Musical because of this song!
Radja Gemilang
Radja Gemilang:
Yea i just watched this on june 2019, i thought this was a 2010 mv
Fatima Amin
Fatima Amin:

Troy is gone

And Kelsi turned into a boy
Paolla G
Paolla G:
Gabriella Montez is you? MISS HSM ❤❤❤
Kawaii Lavender
Kawaii Lavender:
Umm is this high school musical deleted scene??
Salo C.
Salo C.:
I don't know, but the Vanessa's voice sounds like Selena...🤔
only traveling
only traveling:
this song is on high school musical 4 trailer
Sharmine Tandoc
Sharmine Tandoc:
Once a wildcat, always a wildcat. 😍😍😍 live this song
Sharpay was angryyy so stream “Voice In My Head” By Ashley Tisdale
Auguste 123
Auguste 123:
Vanessa hudgens (Gabrielle montez) is way older than she was in high school musical and she almost looks exactly the same
Bautista Gameryt
Bautista Gameryt:
ilove vannesa i am argentino vannesa ilove te amo vannesaaaa aguante HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL LOCOO
Sagar Durgada
Sagar Durgada:
This should have been the track for the movie 'The Princess Switch'
Raven McKenzie
Raven McKenzie:
Wow. High School Musical throwback. Wonder how Disney reacted to this.
Azul Fernandez
Azul Fernandez:
Stop, this is high school musical?😳🤯omg
yah mai
yah mai:
remember the first hsm during breaking free gabriela couldnt sing alone till she sang with troy? & now she remade that scene, sang alone & this time without troy👏👏👏
Piper McLean
Piper McLean:
dude... the beginning of this MV TOTALLY gave me HSM vibes... without Troy, though. Obviously.
Μαρινα Σαμ.
Μαρινα Σαμ.:
"I can't do it Troy. Not with all these people staring at me!"

It's Troy who is dancing with her. It's Kelsi who is playing piano. The moon.It's the way she is taking off her robe. Damn it. They were right.High School Musical lasts forever(!)
Mariah and the Lambily
Mariah and the Lambily:
High School Musical 4: Reunion
Lay With Me- -Vanessa Hudgens- Gabriella Montez
Rise The sun
Rise The sun:
I’ve heard about high school musical but never saw it. I noticed this girl from “the princess switch” and she looks the exact same as before! Wo!
sh zaidi
sh zaidi:
If i could i would like it a million times
Mike H
Mike H:
Her voice really suits this genre of music! I wouldn’t be mad if she a made an album like this 🤩. By the way... I just saw the behind the scenes video anddd the piano player is Beans from Even Stevens!!!! 😂😂😂
Marcos Eros
Marcos Eros:
Vanessa Hudgens Diva ❤
elvis Camilo hilario
elvis Camilo hilario:
Michele Sanlorenzo
Michele Sanlorenzo:
Yeah it is a tribute to HSM but at the same time a chance for Vanessa to “clear” her image from that type of staff. She grow up. It’s a revival, but also a birth at the same time.
Lily Aziz
Lily Aziz:
This is too freakin cute
Ame Schroeder
Ame Schroeder:
99% of the comments: Once a wildcat, always a wildcat
Other 1%: She sounds like Selena
Rachel Poley
Rachel Poley:
Took "red, white and gold" to a whole other level. Her dress is beautiful tho
Mmina Maclang
Mmina Maclang:
This is how teen boys imagine HSM when they close their eyes
*Troy Bolton has joined the chat*