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Stoke City striker Peter Crouch gives Dion Dublin a super honest assessment of life as a substitute at the club he says are the Premier League's 'best of the rest'. Subscribe to the official BBC Sport YouTube channel now so you never miss out on our best videos, while over at you can get all the best live sport, highlights and the latest news. Please subscribe HERE BBC Sport: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


WanyamasIn Pyjamas
WanyamasIn Pyjamas:
Love Crouchy
lewis g
lewis g:
Keeps himself humble even though he don't play has much these days. Great guy
Bradford North
Bradford North:
He's big
He's red
His feet stick out of bed
He's Peter crouch
Anime Tales
Anime Tales:
Is it only me that think He look like Nacho Monreal
Omar TourLapse
Omar TourLapse:
Question of the week: Who can hate Crouchy?
Jonathan Kinross
Jonathan Kinross:
2 meter peter
Ed Sharp
Ed Sharp:
He's been at Stoke for 7 years!?
Dark side
Dark side:

i swear this guy needs more credit. Does anyone know his goal to game ratio for England ? I remember him scoring on the regz for England !
Crouchy should ask how many goals Dion has scored in the WC.
I swear i saw this guy on 101 tryna sell properties.
Mr Blue
Mr Blue:
Crouch is a good honest pro who has had a decent career. His England stats are outstanding.
Lol kids coming in with birth certificates 1:41
Arjit Jere
Arjit Jere:
Crouchy certainly can banter!
Jay Grumble
Jay Grumble:
Crouchy is an absolute legend
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark:
YNWA Crouchy
Iman Google
Iman Google:
Crouchy. Great lad. Should be a great senior to turn to for younger players
Rickythesaint 7
Rickythesaint 7:
Big up two metre Peter
Will be an awesome pundit in the future
David Hughes
David Hughes:
Peter crouch
Peter crouch
6ft 7 and there's nothing to be scared of.
Luke Baird
Luke Baird:
K Man
K Man:
What a legend
He shouldve also asked what was it like to play football internationally?
Vivek Acharya
Vivek Acharya:
I just love watching the big man play :)
Gotta love Crouchy, hilarious and down to earth guy :)
Salar Farrukh
Salar Farrukh:
Class lad
Jonathan Rodriguez
Jonathan Rodriguez:
2:02 *full metal jacket seargent yell*
Ash Bull
Ash Bull:
Love Peter Crouch one of the most under appreciated England players
Nicolas •
Nicolas •:
I packed this legend in my scream player pack...
Tim Volkov
Tim Volkov:
Love this guy! United fan here.
leo danihel
leo danihel:
best of the rest lol
E Br H
E Br H:
N s
N s:
Top 6 😂
Best of the rest ?
They got relegated 😂
Ace Angel
Ace Angel:
Crouch reminds me of the ice cream man from legion
Omar Warsame
Omar Warsame:
He looks like a tall version of Luka Modric
error #404
error #404:
Best outside of top 7, look now.....
A decent player:) allways did well for England,,,maybe a move else where would be good for him
Dweird Wizzle
Dweird Wizzle:
interviewer "Peter what would you be if you werent a footballer?"
crouchy "eh.....single"

best answer ever....
TechnicalGeek4000 Productions
TechnicalGeek4000 Productions:
I met Peter Crouch!
potato head
potato head:
Haha he still does that stuff with his sleeves
Criminally overlooked by england managers considering his scoring record for them
Seems like a good friendly LAD
Joe Davies
Joe Davies:
Got to meet Crouchy in work, brilliant fella and so down to earth
John Frost
John Frost:
i fooking love crouch, brilliant at spurs.
Boats n Hoes
Boats n Hoes:
Nacho Monreal If he was Stretched 2FT
Harry Redknapp
Harry Redknapp:
Class player
what a player deserves to start more
he needs to eat
I remember meeting Dion Dublin, walked into some shitty bar in Krakow, who was in the back playing pool. Dion Dublin. Very random.
Bobby Clair
Bobby Clair:
A great role model Peter Crouch is!
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly:
He's just a genuine lad.
George Larder
George Larder:
Come back to Pompey mate. We are on the up and I know you would be welcomed with open arms
ham and cheese
ham and cheese:
Great bloke. I met his old man in a pub in London, he used to be his agent. Both peter and Bruce are true gentlemen.
Hendawgg Besty
Hendawgg Besty:
Seems like a quality bloke
s p a g h e t t i
s p a g h e t t i:
Nacho Monreal...

But stretched out
Liverpool should of resigned crouchy years ago' hes a perfect plan B☹
2meter Crouch
murdoc 75
murdoc 75:
Wee Muggo
Wee Muggo:
"Best of the rest" kind of ironic now as stoke would have finished bottom if alan pardew was sacked earlier.
Matt Defunkt
Matt Defunkt:
Ulrika Johnson
Izwan Sabri
Izwan Sabri:
Dion doesnt age
aaron p
aaron p:
crouchy is a genuinely nice bloke
Fifa Nerd
Fifa Nerd:
2 meter Peter
Full Time25
Full Time25:
2 meter Peter
Delia Out
Delia Out:
Dion Dublin
C Climbs
C Climbs:
Inspires the lanky twats like myself does crouchy
Cloutboii Eric
Cloutboii Eric:
Always a team player, what a guy
Always loves Crouchy, fantastic bloke. I'm a Burnley fan.
Jack Reilly
Jack Reilly:
Wonder if it's all in proportion...
Bertold Csurgó
Bertold Csurgó:
dat fake laugh from the dude(not crouch)
Andreas Oloan Sihotang
Andreas Oloan Sihotang:
How's this lump of skull and skin get to bed abby ....( I am a fan of him tho)
Ciaran Conlon
Ciaran Conlon:
Well ya know craachy is tweffic and the fing bout him and arsenal is neither can score a lot

But he can score with his wife
I didn't know Chris Martin from Coldplay plays football.
Bilaal Hassan
Bilaal Hassan:
Sufi Dembele
Sufi Dembele:
Man like crouch
clown a
clown a:
Am I the only person who thought the title would say gay?
Thomas Judge
Thomas Judge:
Bring back the robot!
Leroy J
Leroy J:
nice guy 2 meter peter
Game Addictgonewild
Game Addictgonewild:
as kid i liked this man a lot. (not youtube liked).
but i didnt even know that this man is still playing footbal. respect to him, not the best player, but for some teams he could be very important
jeremy western
jeremy western:
Used to like crouch until he took McDonald shilling for those unfunny adverts
Kwadwo Prempeh
Kwadwo Prempeh:
Peter Crouch if you see this you hardly believe its true but I signed you in my game for Bournemouth. We won the FA Cup and also played in the Europa finished at the Semi-finals. I still believe you are good
Alan fry
Alan fry:
Top fella is our crouch
Well spoken
Who on this earth can not love one the most nice football guys ever? Gogogo Crouchy you crazy robot you man. Wish you all good things in this life.
Start Crouchy
The best man in the world
Ryan Lloyd
Ryan Lloyd:
Who would want advice from Peter Crouch on how to play football
1:50 What did he mean by that? Do kids come in with fake birth certificates??
Can't beat crouch galloping into the box like a giraffe and knocking one in off his head from a cross.
Long Phan
Long Phan:
How is he a pro? He’s like a tree
world 38
world 38:
Crouch go China league king of China league strikers
Dan P
Dan P:
Cold rainy day in stoke
Cass Tan
Cass Tan:
Getting paid to sit on a bench??? Ill take that no problem
Danny Yates
Danny Yates:
impossible to hate crouch
Jessie Rodriguez
James Mc
James Mc:
Why is everything super these days, stop being Americanised