Pete Davidson REMOVES Ariana Grande Tattoo!

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He probably had it covered for the film. The tattoo is a logo so it counts as advertising, which the directors would have to pay for. It’s easier to cover it up
moonlight bae
moonlight bae:
Umm hello he's filming so obviously they covered it up
kim mcdonald
kim mcdonald:
You can't remove a tatoo that fast. It takes multiple sessions to get it gone.
brittney marie
brittney marie:
my question is...

why do they hire the most annoying girls for this job?
This is why i don't like hollyscoop.... They dont give proof like clevver
Xtine MD
Xtine MD:
You girls in hollyscoop should get laid soon cause you're always shading this clearly happy relationship. Jealous much? No? Stop putting your opinions in news then, nobody wants it.
Double Twists
Double Twists:
Ari is still posting about him 24/7 and you have no proof so..... as always....Fake news.
CIX ?:
Where is the proof that he did that?
Amber M
Amber M:
God this girl gets on my nerves.
Ysabella Rosanes
Ysabella Rosanes:
OH, MY GOD! Can SOMEONE stop these people from beating up the Ari and Pete relationship! It's disrespectful! They're happy, so be it!
hi where’s the proof?
Mandeep Sangar
Mandeep Sangar:
He just covered it up with makeup
Niamh Dougall
Niamh Dougall:
He could have just covered it up for the movie 😂
Ikram Ben-hamman Cherkaoui
Ikram Ben-hamman Cherkaoui:
I love how Hollyscoop always throws shade at this relationship. Clearly you guys aren't here for it lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
Astro Awesomeness
Astro Awesomeness:
I don't think this is a big deal though... It's his tattoo and his fiance. If he wants to cover up a tiny tattoo, then let the man cover up a tattoo! 😂 It doesn't mean their relationship is on the rocks!
Looks like they ran out of things to talk about so they started making up stuff🤣
Bubblegum Cherry bitch
Bubblegum Cherry bitch:
He had to cover it up with makeup because he’s in a movie! Stop making him look bad. Hollywood scoop is absolute shit & super in accurate.
brittney marie
brittney marie:
“absurd move” my ass. ari is happy and pete’s happy that all the matters. good day.
Delanie Brown
Delanie Brown:
Did she even show a pic with him without the tat??
Let them be happy, for gods sake.
melissa miller
melissa miller:
Covered over by make up that's it!
Addison Weed
Addison Weed:
he’s filming he can’t have a bunch of tattoos
Spirited Away
Spirited Away:
Blah blah blah... terrible idea... blah blah blah... absurd move... blah blah blah... absurd move... blah blah blah... the couple won't last too long
Olivia Kramarz
Olivia Kramarz:
I just wasted nearly 3 minutes of my life. I mean don’t they have anything better to do instead of making fake rumours
Traci Peterson
Traci Peterson:
Yeaahhh I'm going with makeup for his movie role... 🙄 kk
Laura Tranꨄ
Laura Tranꨄ:
where is the proof?
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose:
Where are the pics!? No proof!
Innocence xo
Innocence xo:
Am I the only who only saw the thumbnail and started laughing😂😂😂
Chloe Blacksmith
Chloe Blacksmith:
Ummm maybe MAYBE he covered it up for the film.
Mathilde Sandström
Mathilde Sandström:
Just tell us the news not everything about your opinion. Let us create one of our own. AND if this woman don’t stop shading pete & ari relationship mmmmmmm
these videos are so bias
Zoie Porter
Zoie Porter:
This bish be skippen to conclusions🤦🏼‍♀️oh my god just because he had to cover up the tattoo that means they broke up¿? THE FEMINISTS ARE TAKING OVER
Sassy Cat
Sassy Cat:
Uhhh...leave them alone!!! It’s their lives! I wish them well! 💙😄🇨🇦
Margretta Marchdanna
Margretta Marchdanna:
Except tattoo what next?
DJ Khaled say #Anotherone
Royal Beauty RiRi
Royal Beauty RiRi:
This channel reminds me of the females in highschool that gossip and make rumors about nothing 😴
Mgk who is on the film aswell probably covered most of his tats all over his chest and stomach and arms...
XKayde CaresX
XKayde CaresX:
He could have gotten it in the middle of the film, could be like a logo for Ari and they Don't want to advertise her purposely. Or could look too much like a playboy bunny depending on what the film is like.
? ¿ c a m i l a ¿ ?
? ¿ c a m i l a ¿ ?:
Y’all ever heard of covering up a tattoo with makeup?
katie soriano
katie soriano:
Okay but where the evidence
Stoney Guerrero
Stoney Guerrero:
She can do better but you already knew that
Jack Swanson
Jack Swanson:
Uh my Parents got engaged 3 weeks after they met each other and they have been married for about 18 years...
Camila Rosales
Camila Rosales:
I love how she says I’m freaking out in a monotone voice
gresi M
gresi M:
"Am I being too harsh?" No girl.I'm on the same page as you.
Cailynne Nielsen
Cailynne Nielsen:
Um no leave their relationship alone and mind your own business! He obviously just covered it for the film duh!
im sorry but this channel always makes fake news and opinions are always outspoken instead of facts. 🙄
hello, proof, are you there?
miia thefatguru
miia thefatguru:
"am i being too harsh ?"

yes. yes you are🤦‍♀️

sorry lady but no one wants your opinion ..
Movie is called “Big Time Adolescents” Being filmed in my town
Rose Joseph
Rose Joseph:
I love how you people thought this subject was so important you had to take hours out of your day to talk about tattoo removal
Destiny Moronta
Destiny Moronta:
Oh god I really don’t have a good feeling about this relationship. But if Ariana is happy I’m happy I wish them the best.
Ashanti Attidore
Ashanti Attidore:
ummmm hello ....... he is a actor u fool he maybe use foundation once again clevver give more proof than hollyscoop ..... get better evidence 😑✌💀
Ari Quenn Grande
Ari Quenn Grande:
He didn't remove it. He's playing in the film, and just covered it. 🌙☁
leaktalfishman -
leaktalfishman -:
Take a shot everytime she moves her head.
Jana Terra
Jana Terra:
Dang. She's being too harsh. Let's all be happy for someone who is in love. ❤
Angeli Therese
Angeli Therese:
maybe it was covered by the foundation
I don't want subscribers
I don't want subscribers:
Ariana's face in the thumbnail 😂
Glam Gamer
Glam Gamer:
Can y’all leave this beautiful happy couple alone. Damn.
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato:
Urm you know that you can’t “take off” a tattoo
You know dat right
Jordyn Brown
Jordyn Brown:
"Got a tattoo permanently inked on his body" why yes, that is what a tattoo is, permanent ink on your body 😒
Kinseyy ! _.
Kinseyy ! _.:
he’s filming atm . the director could’ve covered it up . and they’re in a happy relationship sis jealous 🤣
Lacey Rehberg
Lacey Rehberg:
Omg stop. If he's filming of course so shut up!
Its Malia
Its Malia:
Helloooooooooo omg! They obviously covered up the tattoo bc he was filming! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
They will break up soon 🙃🙃🙃
Pedro-Lee Dixon
Pedro-Lee Dixon:
TBH I don't have a reaction at all am jus looking and listening and laughing to myself am just speechless 😶😶😑😑
Simple Kay Life
Simple Kay Life:
What if the tattoo was just temporary
Go off Sis
Go off Sis:
Why is this girl shading their relationship when there is literally no proof? Smh.
Jadalyn C
Jadalyn C:
There’s this thing called makeup to cover tattoos and it WoRkS. High coverage foundation literally covers tattoos so I don’t believe it’s just for filming but that’s just me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Micaella Stone
Micaella Stone:
They probably covered it up for continuity for the film since it’s a new tat
Misty EJ
Misty EJ:
i love how u didn’t have a photo of him without the photo
butera hemmings
butera hemmings:
he’s filming a movie LMAO. they’re going to make him cover it up because it looks like a play boy bunny.
Abigail Mares
Abigail Mares:
Lmfao why is he now looking like Mac Miller now that they’re together? 😂
croiisant x
croiisant x:
he's filming, of course he covered it.
He covered it up with makeup
Amanda Moskal
Amanda Moskal:
Omg😤 he didn’t remove it and they are fine and in love. They are both so happy! (Also he didn’t get on his knee like u said)
Alexa Millan
Alexa Millan:
Ariana’s face is everything in the thumbnail 😂
Alyssa Janae
Alyssa Janae:
He’s filming so yeah they probably covered it up
Grace Irlanda
Grace Irlanda:
He's filming a movie rn and they covered it with makeup. The daily mail released pics of him on set with the tattoo covered.
Citali Mendoza
Citali Mendoza:
There is something called MAKE-UP!
Nicole Ashlyn
Nicole Ashlyn:
I just think it's semi-permanent . My boo got one of my name on his neck and it lasted for two weeks. Freaked everyone out because they thought it was real.
um or he just covered it up with make up lol duh
• ʏᴏᴏɴ •
• ʏᴏᴏɴ •:
You know what's even more weird my parents got married after a month of seeing each other
Kiran Sumra
Kiran Sumra:
I love the way how these are always so dramatic... he is filming....
Aly Hayes
Aly Hayes:
Why do they need to shade such a happy relationship? “Absurd move” shut up
He covered it up with layers of makeup because he was futured in a music video machine gun Kelly that's why
Kika Banda
Kika Banda:
She reminds me of the gabbie show
Riley Stuart
Riley Stuart:
He's filming!! They have to cover it up ... OKUUUUUURRR
He’s filming a movie..., he probably covered it for the film
Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār
Ërîkã Çøśtėlłār:
Omg, I hope that they stay together
A J S:
Eh, engagement at an early stage isn't a death sentence to the relationship! Sometimes, you just know when you're ready to claim each other as legal family!
So who else got an Ariana grande ad before this video xD
oh my god i need to stop listening to you
Miley White
Miley White:
Tattoos of a lover or love is ghetto 🤦🏻‍♀️
April Shally
April Shally:
our girl kate has obviously never experienced love at first sight
I hope they aren’t going to split 🤞🏼
Chloe Eloise
Chloe Eloise:
He covered it for a movie relax
Depressie Spaghetti
Depressie Spaghetti:
MGK and Pete where filming a movie and had to cover up there tattoos for the movie.
GET YOU FACTS STRAIGHT if you are trying to be a news channel
Alyssa Janae
Alyssa Janae:
It takes a lot of sessions to remove tattoo he didn’t remove it
Jon De Iconuc
Jon De Iconuc:
Prove it first before making a statement