Pelicans need to be overwhelmed to deal Anthony Davis before deadline – Woj | Get Up!

Adrian Wojnarowski says the New Orleans Pelicans have to get the deal of a lifetime if they are going to trade Anthony Davis before the trade deadline. Woj also says it’s unlikely the Knicks have the assets to trade for Davis. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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Lowkey feel bad for Jrue Holiday. Underrated player
21 Domerame.
21 Domerame.:
Lavar about to break Lonzo's left ankle.
Lil Dagga
Lil Dagga:
Imagine we trade our entire young core and we meet them in the playoffs and they beat us lmao 😂
C. Cho
C. Cho:
I bet Gentry wishes he could trade AD for Beyonce now
El Diablo cabron
El Diablo cabron:
Media back at it tampering 🤣🤣🤣🤣tell this players exactly word for word what say all just to get help for lebum 🤣🤣
Lil Dagga
Lil Dagga:
Small market teams need to draft better and stop overpaying role players and you wouldn’t have this problem
"We will not trade Anthony Davis" - Alvin Gentry

"Look at that Pelican fly" - Tony Montana
why isn’t anyone just whelmed?
Just remember the knicks gave up everything for melo and y’all seen how that worked out
Straight up, this is what is going to happen. If AD doesn't feel like he's going to get traded to the Lakers before the deadline, he'll have Rich Paul tell the Pels organization that he's going to release a statement saying he will not resign with anyone but the Lakers, giving them a clearer picture of what they can get for him if they decide to let the deadline pass. If this comes to pass, Boston as well as other teams will not be willing to deal for a rental and they will have lost their chance to get Kuzma because they will no longer have any leverage. One way or another, AD will go to the Lakers and Kyrie, who is his best friend will follow the next year to join him and Bron to take down the warriors.
Ronny Dasilva
Ronny Dasilva:
Everyone in the Lakers locker room punching the air right now
Cardi B
Cardi B:
Come to Philadelphia dammit
woj : "kawhi leonard and kyrie irving r interested to join the lakers if they trade away lebron for anthony davis"
Lol Woj is so damn cocky, he always just comes on with a smug look on his face, like I'm that dude lol.
StarLove Rie
StarLove Rie:
They should have given boogie the contract he wants and matched rondo's contract w/ the lakers.
Corey West
Corey West:
@Espn Lebron James always need help that’s what’s his legacy about ! Needing help
Steven Williams
Steven Williams:
Definitely tampering!
Robert Daniel Gomez
Robert Daniel Gomez:
Trade Luke Walton 😂😂😂
Ang panga mo
Ang panga mo:
Keep the young core, trade luke and magic for AD.
John B
John B:
Pelicans tell LA Lakers to take a hike.Remember San Antonio.Spurs told the west to take a hike.
Not worth becoming the 2017-18 Lakers lol.Take a look at what a 58 winning team can give you.
The Toronto Raptors.
Siakim, JV, Delon Wright, Miles, OG or Powell or VanVleet and 2 first rounders.
For Anthony Davis, Mirotic and Randall.
Why does he always Get Up!
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias:
trade and tank!
Paxton Jarrett
Paxton Jarrett:
Anthony need to tell NO that he is done for the year!
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins:
DON'T trade him!
Quack Jones
Quack Jones:
They will get another player same thing was said when Chris Paul left
Anthony needs to see the roster and who those teams will lose with his gain. Then compare those teams with him "traded" and do a versus GSW comparison.
AD come to the pacers bruh
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson:
The reality is the Pelicans can rebuild much faster if they move Anthony Davis now.
A Real Good Guy
A Real Good Guy:
Davis needs to go to the Eastern Conference
Virginia Addis
Virginia Addis:
Yeah lets play some ball lets forget 11:58 on the doomsday clock ahh ok he he ....
Tameka Stokes
Tameka Stokes:
Listen. LeBron Kyrie Anthony Davis with Rondo and melo coming off the bench
You don't wanna play with us anymore?? Bench him for the rest of the season
lebron does not need AD. he needs KD
Jimmy Thomas Jr.
Jimmy Thomas Jr.:
Lebron is the most powerful athlete (business wise) to ever exist. In any sport!
Amit Bazarh
Amit Bazarh:
Paul George was an exception because of the narrative in OKC. KD had just left and Russ and okc looked like they really needed PG so he stayed. Kawhi is gone. AD not staying after a rental
keandre jackson
keandre jackson:
Lebitch james is gonna use him for rings nd take all the credit
Conner Stone
Conner Stone:
Trade Ky to lakers for kuz, Ingram etc. AD to Celtics Lakers win the chip
You we Todd Did That's impossible
You we Todd Did That's impossible:
The NBA man... Aye Let that bird fly N.O you had your chance...
Nelly Prosper
Nelly Prosper:
Anthony Davis isn’t going to the Celtics unless they offer Tatum the grizzlies first round,the kings first round and on or two young players like brown and smart
kill em with KINDNESS
kill em with KINDNESS:
"Sometimes PLAYERS will have an opinion about about a place, then things change once they get there" 👀 ONLY BRINGS UP PAUL GEORGE. 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏾
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed:
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian:
Guess they need to surround holiday with shooters
If a team wants AD, they're gonna have to give up at least 3 of their starters plus picks, Dubs are the only exception. Smarten up Pelicans, you better ask for the world. Another team may get AD but will certainly give up their depth.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel:
If none gets AD this season, he's going to Boston. OKC fan here and I hope Presti would do his magic and pull out a Raymond Felton for AD trade LOL
Knuckles the Echidna
Knuckles the Echidna:
Being a Hornets fan with fuckin MJ as our GM, and STILL not getting any good free agents. If we lose Kemba too I'm done watching the Hornets for awhile
Bill Blass
Bill Blass:
Teams learned from the Melo to NY trade. Just wait til the contract is over so u dont have to gut half ur team to trade for one guy
حسوني لكرواتي
حسوني لكرواتي:
Sam Joseph
Sam Joseph:
I don't think teams or players are tampering. It's ESPN'S fault.
Baby Lettuce
Baby Lettuce:
If the pelicans can get kuz, hart and Big Zu.. they are lucky. Those 3 players are very promising athletes. NOLA wont regrt this trade
Laura is fine as hell
elijah Ward
elijah Ward:
nba got investiagation against ad
Rata Paga
Rata Paga:
🤣🤣😂Lakers think they're trading for Davis they don't have enough and Lonzo said that he doesn't want to play for the pelicans ouch that hurts....Pelicans is going to wait for the franchise changer Tatum
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez:
Is getting Ugly up in here up in here!!!
If AD Traded to lakers, Luke would be gone! Bron will bring Kylie to LA next season!
I feel like he could go to OKC
AD said he’ll play the rest of the season out in a statement he made last night. He said he just wanted to inform the organization to have them aware of his intentions before hand. He not going anywhere until end of season guys
Savage Sagwa
Savage Sagwa:
If you're the Pelicans, you want him in the East.
AD is going to shit it down if he doesn't get a trade this season why continue to play just fake a injury
David Sisneroz
David Sisneroz:
Michael Crowdus
Michael Crowdus:
If your New Orleans would you take CJ McCollum, Nurkic, and (2) 1st rounders?
Topsy Kretts
Topsy Kretts:
There’s no tampering here. Player to player conversations don’t count. Players have always talked to each other about playing with one another. Giannis even told AD to join the bucks but yet small market teams like the pelicans are upset at Bron. It’s your fault for being such a shitty organization that your star players want to leave. L.
Selina Joseph
Selina Joseph:
Small market teams are frustrated because they don't earn the same money.
mm mm
mm mm:
hurry up get this done.
Dustin Dee
Dustin Dee:
They are waiting til off season because they want Celtics as their trade partner obviously... sad days laker fans.
RedReigns Here
RedReigns Here:
Somebody hit Greeny with a razor. Lookin like Wak Kellerman
Laura m Rutledge
Laura m Rutledge:
He definitely doesn't want to be a pelican anymore
did this guy just say the knicks is going to think about trading zion will for AD ?? what is he smokin on ???
I blame lebron for this
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh:
Valanciunas, Siakam, Anunoby, Vanvleet and 2021 top 5 protected first round pick for Anthony Davis and Darius Miller. Raptors are going to sneak up and get AD just like how they got Kawhi.
give up the farm except either Lonzo or Kuzma keep one of those.
John Paul De Vera
John Paul De Vera:
Woj's background sucks
DJ ShaqTown
DJ ShaqTown:
I think the rockets lowkey are tryna find a way to get AD... especially if they were willing to give up 4 1st Round picks for Butler 😂😂
Tim Honks
Tim Honks:
If they won’t trade ‘em soon and get greedy they’ll wind up like the Thunder. They have no leverage whatsoever. If I were Boston I wouldn’t pursue him he won’t re-sign there and so will Kyrie. Tatum is something special Boston would be stupid to let him go. I’m a Lakers fan. If we trade for him our roster will be gutted like hell. So this is a legit complicated thing.
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia:
I hope the pelicans keep him till the off-season. Boston will overwhelm them. Davis is the reason the Celts have been stocking all that talent/picks.
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj:
The future Laker
Freddy Johnson
Freddy Johnson:
Wait a sec, I was told by Lakers fans that Brandon Ingram was a future superstar who would be the franchise savior...I was told Lonzo was the second coming of Jason Kidd, why the change now...oh that's right none of it was actually true
Tua Tagovailoa I AM LEGEND
Tua Tagovailoa I AM LEGEND:
God bless the pelicans
just wait for the off season so boston can get into the bidding war
Tim Drake
Tim Drake:
Kuzma, Ingram, Lonzo, draft pick.
Tanner Adams
Tanner Adams:
Rockets can trade capella and Tucker plus four 1sts. How is the collection of low Potential talents lakers want to give worth more? Ingram hasn't grown at all in a long time, lonzo only was playing well for a few games before he's injury, kuzma is just another hot shooter that is easier to replace than most other types of tangible s. Capella is a decent replacement o
For ad and Tucker is a great 3 and d hardnose vet.
Indigenous TV
Indigenous TV:
this just shows further proof that certain cities shouldn't have professional sports teams. New Orleans was thrown a bone because of Hurricane Katrina back in 2004 and quite frankly they've been treading water as an NBA city ever since. They haven't been able to hold onto franchise players and they've only had two: Anthony Davis and Chris Paul whom they drafted and groomed as their premier stars. Chris Paul eventually left for greener pastures and the same fate lay with AD. The league needs to look into where they allow teams to move and or expand and really try to utilize better judgment in that regard. There is no reason why New Orleans should be able to maintain a struggling franchise yet Seattle, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Saint Louis, and San Diego are cities bigger than New Orleans yet don't have NBA franchises. This isn't like Cleveland or Milwaukee because those are small markets with a long tenured history in the league, the Pelicans weren't very relevant with Anthony Davis they'll be NBA Siberia without him to be honest. Those cities I named, Saint Louis, San Diego, Seattle, Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Baltimore all have better infrastructures in place to house an NBA team. There's a reason why New Orleans lost the last two teams they had before the Pelicans. Of course I speak of the Jazz and the Hornets
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson:
Well I get drafted by the Knicks this will be good if he makes his way to New York
Onyx Prime
Onyx Prime:
It is not tampering to take a friend out to eat. They just salty he don't wanna play for their losing franchise.

😂😂NO can't catch a break, first the Saints now AD leaving.
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh:
Lakers are going to have to trade Kuzma, Lonzo, Ingram, Hart, Zubac, and multiple picks for AD and filler. Lakers have to do whatever it takes to get AD, Lebron isn’t getting any younger.
Lakers should trade LeBron for AD.
Joel Karr
Joel Karr:
The pelicans are stupid not to trade for him now. That’s why Rich Paul decided it was time for him to tell everyone because it lets other teams know he wants to be a Laker. That means other teams won’t offer the Pelicans much in return knowing that they won’t be able to keep him. The pelicans need to trade and they need to do it now
In other words AINGE PROMISED TATUM IF WE WAIT TIL SUMMER. HAPPY 4th OF JULY CELTIC FANS, WE GETTING AD. Lakers now lost out on PG, Kawhi, CP3 & now AD. LoL, L.
keandre jackson
keandre jackson:
Celtics or bucks ... just not the lakers
Stanley Senathipathy
Stanley Senathipathy:
Ingram, KCP, Wagner, Zubac, Mykhailuk and like 4 first round picks. Lakers can entice the Pelicans by taking on a bad contract and trading it in the offseason.
keandre jackson
keandre jackson:
Celtics or bucks ... just not the lakers