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The Reel Rejects
The Reel Rejects:
Thanks for tuning in guys! Do you think you'll pay money to watch this PG-13 flick?!
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D E X I L:
You didn't get the UP joke.
Yaksani Bermudez
Yaksani Bermudez:
*this is gonna be wierd and fun*
Chris Gullick
Chris Gullick:
China, that's who would want a PG-13. Deadpool is going to earn itself some Yuan
Wes Papes
Wes Papes:
I don't fully support a PG-13 Deadpool, but this looks funny.
Seems like no one is getting The Princess Bride joke with Fred Savage laying in bed hearing a story.
david aguirre
david aguirre:
Some of these parts are actually from the deleted scenes of the second movie
STICKYArt Channel
STICKYArt Channel:
Wow 😮 I just drew Deadpool mixed with detective picachu. And now a knock-off Deadpool Christmas 🎄 movie. What next?! Also I wonder if there will be a Little Monster references with Fred Savage?!
Detective Pikachu is pretty much PG-13 Deadpool already
Jesse's Mullet
Jesse's Mullet:
That "up" joke was hilarious! Its cause in the animated movie "up" the grandpa loses his wife, so deadpool was telling the grandpa "dont get too attached"
Nerd Chronic
Nerd Chronic:
Honestly, I don’t think Deadpool needs to be rated R at this point. The character is established, the tone and humor are established. We can get the same character with some constraints and some self referential humor regarding the change.
I am really excited for this!!
Does Fred Savage seem like a adult Peter Parker.
Very Not Bad Reviews
Very Not Bad Reviews:
You already know IM SOLD!!! 🔥🔥🔥
rolla adams
rolla adams:
The UP bit was actually a deleted scene for Deadpool 2
Publius Cornelius Scipio
Publius Cornelius Scipio:
You two must not remember much of Pixar's Up.
Dom Squared
Dom Squared:
I'm definitely down for it. It seems like a fun one-time Christmas special that you can just have fun with and enjoy.
Wasn't really looking forward to it but I'm down to check it out
Nik Hoover
Nik Hoover:
HA! They did a Princess Bride skit with Fred Savage!
Joshua J. Williams
Joshua J. Williams:
Red _TheFox
Red _TheFox:
Well I mean if people want Deadpool to be officially apart of Disney then it needs to be PG-13. Like we can't have a PG-13 Tom Holland with a hard R Ryan Reynolds. Sure it is a cash geab but still
Don’t worry people. Disney confirmed Deadpool will still remain rated R. This movie is for charity (and other stuff) and not the start of a pg 13 Deadpool
Dr Zay
Dr Zay:
I hope they just don't take out the best parts from DP2 (cable and domino)
Mickey Wilson
Mickey Wilson:
Hell yeah I’m excited! I agree, it’s not what I thought when I first heard about it. Now it makes a lot more sense and I can’t freaking wait.
avengers for life
avengers for life:
You rock reel rejects keep up the good work
Logan Byrne
Logan Byrne:
Personally, I was starting with Princess Bride, going to a Christmas Story, A Wonderful Life and ending with a Miracle on 34th Street.
Is it just me or who just heard Pika Pika whenever Ryan Reynolds talks it's really weird
Koto Kiminama
Koto Kiminama:
They'll cut to Fred and Dead to 'censor' out the parts that were too difficult to censor, I think.
Great ryan Reynolds impression by the way lol .
Brendan Betts
Brendan Betts:
Im here for it especially cause fred savage i mean come on kevin Arnold lol
space man
space man:
Will it have 'In memory of Stan Lee' cause if it does I dont think I'll be ready for it
Fernando Lemus
Fernando Lemus:
Im waiting for this to actually be r rated
the most sudle reaction
I wasn't going to watch but now I'm going to
Joe Snaffer
Joe Snaffer:
I’m definitely going to see this.
Blaze 1UP
Blaze 1UP:
Theres a band called... BloodyWood ... i think... thats really good.
I had the same thoughts when this was first announced. Now that I know its going to be told like The Princess Bride I'm actually looking forward to it. The fact a charity is involved only helps.
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez:
Wait is this actually being made?????
Jake Gonzalez
Jake Gonzalez:
I want to see it and it looks really cool
The_Artistic_Movieman 98
The_Artistic_Movieman 98:
Daniel Gallacher
Daniel Gallacher:
The addition of Deadpool telling the story to Fred Savage might be one of the ways they censor some parts. Maybe it'll cut to Deadpool describing a more kid-friendly version of a scene in place of the more adult-oriented parts of the original film. Really enjoyed Deadpool 1 and 2 but it'll be very interesting to see this different side of it.
Joel Guzman
Joel Guzman:
wot in tarnation
Lego Marvel Stop Motion King!
Lego Marvel Stop Motion King!:
Looks funny! Dp pg 13 will be cool, hope they stick with r for the movies tho!
Mr. 2000
Mr. 2000:
To be honest I am very excited because I have seen the 1st Deadpool on TV but I couldn't see Deadpool or Deadpool 2 because I am 15
john bernard obasan
john bernard obasan:
I bet dp's gonna use that censored bleep sounds as a christmas jingle
Hanibal King
Hanibal King:
This is how we see dp in the mcu. And also I can tell my wife I can bring the kids to see this and I won't get in trouble
DCI JLuther
DCI JLuther:
My theory is that anything too violent will cut to the bedroom and they just talk about what happens or gets drawn like a cartoon. Replace some f bombs.

But this looks fun and feels very deadpool. 4th wall breaks and very meta.

I’m gonna see it for sure.
karen taylor
karen taylor:
I'am going, think it will be fun!
Kelly Pagano
Kelly Pagano:
I’m gonna see it because it looks like they will definitely do pg13 Deadpool style. And Fred savage is perfect in this trailer.
el Fuego
el Fuego:
I've seen so many people react and don't get the up joke the guy looks like the old man from up and deadpool tells them not to get to attached because the wife dies
Gem Bocobo
Gem Bocobo:
Holy shit they are not wasting anything! I mean this is brilliant! Correct me in case I'm wrong but are they basically telling us that the pg 13 Dead pool cut that they probably used for test screenings got remixed into something that makes full use of it and then some? Given how DP2 ended with the time machine shenanigans it would be insane and unprecedented and meta as fuck if this Deadpool movie begrudgingly gets roped into editing the 1st 2 movies into PG-13 versions through the magic of time travel rotfl!~
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas:
Coming up, dead pool but rated G
Wolf God1284/adrianbon
Wolf God1284/adrianbon:
Chris Foster
Chris Foster:
I don’t like were this is going it doesn’t need to be of 13 and it needs to stay licensed by fox
Manuel Haro
Manuel Haro:
0:31 you're welcome
Scraftycraft vlog
Scraftycraft vlog:
For a sec I thought it want to be pg-13 cause of Disney wanted it to turn it down cause they own marvel
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar:
Please react on Aquaman final trailer 🙏
darthsid 407
darthsid 407:
Aquaman final trailer is out!! REACT TO IT!
WOW this is proof and confirmation, Disney owns the X Men already.
Ben Porter
Ben Porter:
ruins the fun out of it
Joni Halenius
Joni Halenius:
I've said all along, when we first heard about Disney-Fox deal, that it would be awesome to include Deadpool in PG13 MCU movies, so he could make a lot of jokes about it. They should make Deadpool movies as R-rated, but include him in Avengers movies as PG13.
Lil Cactus
Lil Cactus:
Finally I get to watch Deadpool movie in theatres
I'm actually pretty stoked for this movie because now I could share my love of Deadpool with my dad and little brother hopefully
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
what gives? you guys both liked dp2 better than the first and so did i. And so did a lot of people i know. Yet it made less than the first. I think the first movie benefited from being the first dp film.
Y'all haven't seen the Pixar movie UP? That movie was excellent for kids lol
javi del
javi del:
up! animation movie, the house with the ballons and the talkink dogs.
Adam Arcadia
Adam Arcadia:
react to the new aquaman trailer
It's still the stupidest idea ever.
theodore jub
theodore jub:
Don’t go see this movie. They want to see if they could get away with a pg13 Deadpool 3
If I was working Deadpool 2 PG-13 I would change the blood into gummy bears.
They could change the blood to confetti and instead of Deadpool swearing they could bleep it. Just an idea
Comic Brian
Comic Brian:
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
I absolutely love the fact that Ry Reynolds seems to love playing DP.
V V:
Could Dp have a4 teaser in it?
This will get no likes
For those who think having a PG-13 version is weird or stupid, you guys are lame. This is actually perfect for me and other people who have kids. I love Deadpool and want my son to see how awesome he is, but I’m not going to show him an R rated movie. I know it’s hard but you need to look at it from a parents perceptive.You’ll understand one day.
Connor Michael
Connor Michael:
Can someone tell me what this is? Is it a short film or a movie?
6 Pocket Archives
6 Pocket Archives:
I was hoping this was actually gonna be a different story from Deadpool 2 even though I loved that movie, I wanna see something new.
Ray Palmer
Ray Palmer:
Chicago Critic Gerald
Chicago Critic Gerald:
A PG-13 Deadpool No Thanks!
yash budwal
yash budwal:
This is the test to see if deadpool works in the MCU
Clown Lives Matter
Clown Lives Matter:
Not gonna watch a watered down deadpool 2.
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