Once Upon A Deadpool Explained + Everything We Know So Far

#Deadpool #Marvel #OnceUponADeadpool Once Upon A Deadpool Explained + Everything We Know So Far by Deffinition Read The Full Once Upon A Deadpool Explained Article Here - http://deffinition.co.uk/once-upon-a-deadpool-explained "Driveway" Instrumental by Homage https://youtu.be/DlYMiVAueiY With the new trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool seeing release I thought I’d break down everything that you need to know about the upcoming film’s release. I’ve compiled all of the information that I could find on the film to let you know before you go in, what to expect. There may be slight spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything yet then I suggest that you turn off now. For everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to! Once Upon A Deadpool Explained Ok so the first thing that you should know about Once Upon A Deadpool is that it is a recut of Deadpool 2 in order to fit a PG-13 rating. Ryan Reynolds stated this was because Fox have been asking for a PG-13 version of the character for a long time and that the studio were willing to pay a large amount of the proceedings to charity. The film features 8 new scenes with some that massively pay homage to The Princess Bride. This is why Fred Savage stars at the main person playing off the Merc with a mouth. Savage was the original star of The Princess Bride so it makes sense to cast him here. The film is set as a bedtime story, with Deadpool recounting the details to Savage as we listen to events play out. The movie is rumoured to be Disney’s way of testing the water for how they will move forward in incorporating the character into their MCU franchise. The movie is also set to release in China which I believe that Deadpool 2 did not. It makes a lot of sense to do this as this market was missed and obviously holds a lot of weight in the foreign market. So no, we won’t be getting a totally new film and those who already own the Super Duper Cut of Deadpool 2 may see this as a waste of money, but hey, it’s for charity so I guess it’s not all bad. Your Thoughts So, what are your thoughts on Once Upon A Deadpool? Are you excited to see the film and will you be revisiting theatres upon it’s release? Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then make sure you like it and check out my review of Deadpool 2’s super duper cut which will be linked at the end of this video. This is a channel for people who are mad into movies so if that’s the kinda thing you like, hit subscribe. Thanks again for taking the time to watch this, I’ve been Deffinition, you’ve been the best and I’ll see you next time. Take care, PEACE!


So, are you excited for Once Upon A Deadpool? Comment below and let me know!
Kevin Nelson
Kevin Nelson:
There have been a few PG-13 rated movies that are a deleted scene or two away from being R rated, so I'm okay with this.
Does this mean they’ll have to remove a lot of the physical gags? Like limbs being removed, blood everywhere, things like that? I’d hope they reshoot it and make a good joke out of it, something new that I can enjoy for a new perspective for the film.
They problem gonna max out pg-13 😂😂
Michael Young
Michael Young:
Tbh deadpool isn't deadpool without it being a 15
Tbh, I’m ok with this! I mean, it’s partly for charity and plus, there are a lot of young Marvel fans like myself who really want to see a Deadpool film but are too young. So I’m hyped!
I’m excited because it’s Deadpool for the whole family.
Zany Ninja
Zany Ninja:
Everything u said was in the description of the trailer for the movie, good video tho
CV & K
CV & K:
I've been saying for years DP can work as a PG13 especially when self aware. The ppl that demand hard R lack imagination.
Lily Val
Lily Val:
Wait it's from Deadpool 2 ? I don't recall this. Don't get it now. So confused still. Lol
DevilsHeir 94
DevilsHeir 94:
Thanks Disney for limiting Marvels characters of savagery to appease a PG-13 rating.
nathan ralph
nathan ralph:
That said The Wolverine basic cut was massively inferior to the uncut unleashed edition I have on blue ray.
Padmakumar PS
Padmakumar PS:
I think it will not be as funny as the previous 2 movies
JP Dreher
JP Dreher:
This R rated and PG-13 rated different version stuff reminds of the original Godzilla movie but the original Godzilla had a American version and Japanese version, it had nothing to do with the rating system. The American version focused on the American actor and Japaneese version didn't focus on the American actor.
nathan ralph
nathan ralph:
I will go to see this, not because I think it's a good idea, but...
Because I like these movies on a big screen and would be happy to revisit most marvel movies as a reissue.
Zie Jackson
Zie Jackson:
I hope it's meta about it's retooling they could do new dubbed in jokes and reference that it pg13
king bee
king bee:
Oh so it’s Deadpool two remade oh whatever I already seen Deadpool 2 14 btw
Thanks for the video, was so clueless on what the heck this movie was.
wad wad
wad wad:
Will this be one night only? In the UK version it said that, but im American.
Willie Leon
Willie Leon:
I hope it's does good and works out cause I want deadpool to interact with the avengers
That sucks, got all pumped up... then we find out it’s a softer gentler Deadpool 2...
Why bother... let’s get going with Deadpool 4....
Is China the only foreign country they're going to show it in?
John Smitherson
John Smitherson:
So this suppose to be a movie? I'm too confuse what it suppose to be to even bother seeing it.
Death Pool
Death Pool:
They are making him PG for Disneys standards.
Billy Warner
Billy Warner:
It comes out on my birthday
once you said it was the same movie just pg-13 then no im not going to see it
killjoy cola
killjoy cola:
Not gonna pay for something like that
I will definitely go watch this, solely to show Disney... Marvel... or whoever that more Deadpool is wanted!
NightSky Candles
NightSky Candles:
how do you review an upcoming movie after a trailer and not talk about the trailer?
Awesome Dude 23
Awesome Dude 23:
So this is just Deadpool 2 but pg 13?
I might check this out to see how this goes 😂😆
JP Dreher
JP Dreher:
I'm interested in seeing how the story will be executed in PG-13 style. If the movie no new addition scenes and if it was like TV channel movie version where they dub the mouths, instead of filming new scenes I wouldn't watch this version. But since it's going to be a different movie I'm interested
In Montreal/Canada is PG
Alexander Bomboy
Alexander Bomboy:
I still don't see this going into the mcu.
wolfdogg gg
wolfdogg gg:
I can't see it because in the UK it is 15 the same rating as the first 2 and I'm 12 but I've already seen deadpool 2 so I'm fine but I would like to see it in theatre's though
King Of Overwatch
King Of Overwatch:
This is handy
The Mario show
The Mario show:
im 10 and i can only see pg 13 movies so im happy i will be able to watch deadpool 2 now
Wolf God1284/adrianbon
Wolf God1284/adrianbon:
Blondie _
Blondie _:
Seems interesting
I know people battling cancer. I will see this movie so many times. I love that they are doing this.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
is it the same movie?
Stacey Monahan
Stacey Monahan:
Nope. Waste of time. Deadpool is loved as his Rated R self. He won’t be the same.
Mathias Voorhees
Mathias Voorhees:
Okay so this is just a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 with less violence, less sexual jokes and swearing which are the three things that make Deadpool great. Will we still be able to buy Deadpool 2 normally or is this going to make that impossible.
Matt Ayala
Matt Ayala:
Once upon a Deadpool will lead way ever closer to Spidey Pool and for that I’m fudging excited.
Don't go see this marketing tester movie to see if they can sell the same movie twice.
So this is just Deadpool 2 with a tamed down set up?
David Kennedy
David Kennedy:
I hope this doesn't indicate a pussying out or Deadpool. We had it back in the day with Robocop, Terminator and others and always ruins a series. These films are designed for adults and when watered down end up shite!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed as Deadpool and it's gore and adult humour are what I love, we don't need yet another PG Marvel film series.
Death Pool
Death Pool:
I called it deadpool will be introduced into the mcu.
Who likes pg 13 deadpool?
Jeet Chakraborty
Jeet Chakraborty:
No one wants PG - 13 Deadpool in mcu plz give us our original Deadpool back