OFFICIAL: Denis Suárez signs for Arsenal!

WELCOME TO ARSENAL DENIS SUAREZ! ----------------------------------------­--------------------------

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It's a shame that both Lucho and Valverde ruined him but I assure you Arsenal fans he's a talent, just needs to be shaped up a bit and will do wonders for your team. Being Barça fan I hate to admit that our club has a rich history of ruining good players (don't have to go far, Paco Alcacer is one another example), unfortunately he's one of them.
If only he had been under the coaching of Pep, he would have been doing wonders for us. No wonder, legends like Iniesta & Xavi never doubted him, I don't remember him playing for one full game for us.
Anyways, Arsenal is the only team i love in the PL and I'm happy that he's joining it. Take care of this wonderful player, he deserves it!
Greetings from a Barça fan.
Lil DTA:
I hope he’s as good as I think he is
Blaine Charlie
Blaine Charlie:
When I saw this on onefootball I almost choked on my toothbrush. So happy!
Gaurav Saikia
Gaurav Saikia:
welcome to arsenal denis suarez.......i am glad that except arsenal and tottenham(lately),all top 6 teams dropped points on matchday 24,but the big clash is coming up against
Issi Ahmed
Issi Ahmed:
great music choice. Solid signing. The go to channel for Arsenal comps
Shaikul !
Shaikul !:
I believe this is a great signing as hes a fun lil option as an attacker, if he does well which i assume he will, mikhi and iwobi will step up as well, thus this is a positive addition COYG💯😍
Dan the man
Dan the man:
Love your videos
Kwame Boadu Kissi
Kwame Boadu Kissi:
Suarez is not two-footed like Cazorla but he is the dribbler we have needed since Cazorla. He reminds me of Bernardo Silva in the way he takes players on. And be on the lookout for his penchant for nutmegs
Igor Kremer
Igor Kremer:
Denis Suárez new gunner💪
Obasi Chukwuebuka
Obasi Chukwuebuka:
I'm happy with this signing... Just like Ramsey but has more pace and is a better dribble than Ramsey... Plus he's younger
Zhun Kai
Zhun Kai:
Could u make a video of aaron ramsey about his 10 year career in Arsenal before he leaves Arsenal?
Raya Dakota
Raya Dakota:
Emery knows the best!
Hope he gets to match fitness in time for man city game
What a signing🔥. Great video btw keep it up🙏
Poker Face
Poker Face:
Denis Arsenal

Oh yeah yeah
Emil Apple Man
Emil Apple Man:
Grym video som vanligt
Rick Faze
Rick Faze:
Hyped for this 😤
David Price
David Price:
Welcome to the Arsenal 🙌🙏
Betelgeuse Romanee-conti
Betelgeuse Romanee-conti:
We're in fourth now lads!!
Ludde Sandahl
Ludde Sandahl:
What an video!! You amaze me everytime, please keep making these videos❤️❤️
Alexi Mardiyants
Alexi Mardiyants:
Raihan A
Raihan A:
still need a cb to recover from sokratis and koscielny injury🔥🔥
Abdisalan SHARIF
Abdisalan SHARIF:
Reminds me of Alexander Hleb 13 Jersey, dripping and excellent passes
Nebyu Gizaw
Nebyu Gizaw:
It’s a good thing we have him
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner:
Arsenal need to put these lot in starting against Man City..“Ozil+Suárez+Auba+Lacazette”🔥🔥🔥🔥
George's Opinion
George's Opinion:
@3:20 he missed that shot right? Or am I buggin lol
xuan giang trinh
xuan giang trinh:
He reminds me of Wilshere. How I miss those days.
Anti Monitor
Anti Monitor:
He sure has the Ramsey vibes. Perfect replacement I hope.
Alex Healy
Alex Healy:
Always been a football manager favourite of mine! Could be great, and I really hope he will be
I m big fan of BARÇA ..i love this player and i love big love arsenal..i want to denis to will be happy in hour expérience in arsenal and return to BARÇA next
Harley Molloy
Harley Molloy:
Well exited for this lad 🔥
I hope he stands out and plays well for us I’m happy that we can at least sign someone even this is not a permanent deal
O H1990
O H1990:
Solid signing and improves our options 👍🏼 needed another creative mid. Let's hope we get an out and out winger over line too
Minecraft Yeet
Minecraft Yeet:
When he signed for arsenal inwas like Well Liverpool lost the championship this year now
Welcome to Arsenal Mr. Suarez 💪👍
Moses M
Moses M:
Welcome Denis <3
Rabiu Musah
Rabiu Musah:
#ArsenalVideosHD, the Best Arsenal Channel Imo.

Great signing for us. Hope he performs well, so we sign him permanently. #COYG
Tawsif Mirza
Tawsif Mirza:
Wow what a flop😂😂
MTB Gaming
MTB Gaming:
The more I see denis suarez the more I love him
This guy will boost aubameyang goals tall. Keep my words
Sanjiv Goswami
Sanjiv Goswami:
Fingers crossed ! Hope he helps us get to top 4 !

Another great video mate !! Keep up the great work . You are my go to channel for anything related to my club of dreams Arsenal !!!
Emil Noe
Emil Noe:
Finally we got him. I hope we will buy him after the season
Welcome Dennis 🙏🏾
Rohan S
Rohan S:
Hopefully this is the peice that we have been missing. Come on Arsenal!!!
Yaxye Nor shine
Yaxye Nor shine:
The first one ♥
Amazing video. Would be funny if somehow the deal breaks down lol
fel b
fel b:
Let's make it TWO Arsenal legends called Denis :) I know the spelling is different but yiu get my meaning.Welcome Denis!
ajmal aju
ajmal aju:
2:31 Mesut you got a competitor
The Suarez that we are waiting for :)
Infa Di Bad Artist
Infa Di Bad Artist:
Good move...🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hope he can improve and do well 🙌... but he Seems an average player.
The Santi cazorla junior ❤️❤️
Craig 123
Craig 123:
the goals he scores are amazing. i hope he does this for us.welcome denis suarez
Believe in love
Believe in love:
And finally we got him
I love your videos, especially when they are just 1 song
Michael Msanga
Michael Msanga:
he has wonderful touches, especially first touch, I think he is a right replacement of Cazorla and or Sanchez
Bugingo Emmyson
Bugingo Emmyson:
He is good finisher..u wlcm Suarez 💪
Devin Wu
Devin Wu:
Great signing arsenal🔥
Please take ivan perisic too.
Sedem srof
Sedem srof:
Looks like a good replacement for Rambo
Kriyos Mınimosini
Kriyos Mınimosini:
Perfect Video!👍❤
Claire Boyd
Claire Boyd:
Great Aaron Ramsey replacement #COYG
Arsenal Fc
Arsenal Fc:
So happy he’s singed
Similar to a Carlos Vela?
Adam Alagic
Adam Alagic:
Denis lowkey lookin like ramsey tho 😏😂
Sayan Maiti
Sayan Maiti:
We have a great attack also.

Auba Laca Suarez Özil
Malyun Muridi
Malyun Muridi:
Love that vid keep it up
Ryan Reacts
Ryan Reacts:
I love this guy because he remind me of DENNIS Berkamp
The Hitman Gõoner
The Hitman Gõoner:
can't wait to add him to my fantasy team
youlando walters
youlando walters:
Great video , i think Suarez will do wonders at Arsenal hopefully he perform well enough so we can sign him permanently
Devansh Gupta
Devansh Gupta:
What is the name of the song that you have used here? Excellent video as always, btw! COYG! 😎
Jabir Vespa
Jabir Vespa:
Come On You Gunners🔴🔴🔴
Mira Salim
Mira Salim:
I hope he stays forever✊✊✊
Jagpal Singh
Jagpal Singh:
Great vid🎉🎉🎉🎉
David Anglada
David Anglada:
Welcome COYG
Sirengo Brian
Sirengo Brian:
Has he been signed on loan or as a permanent player?
Syazwan Sulaiman
Syazwan Sulaiman:
I thought he is ramsey 🤣
Tech Nation
Tech Nation:
Guys title of the intro song please!
Uzumaki Chasanah
Uzumaki Chasanah:
Waiting for 03.02 .2019,
Tommy Lim
Tommy Lim:
Yes! Denis Suarez signs for Arsenal! Oops forgot to add the loan at the back. Allow me correct it. Denis Suarez signs for Arsenal .. On loan. There , much better. Carry on
Oh yeah yeah

Im Swedish swedish
Thiago Espaires
Thiago Espaires:
Welcome to the bigger of the London!
Welcome !!!
JeongHo Kim
JeongHo Kim:
He reminds me of coutinho
Malyun Muridi
Malyun Muridi:
Love that vid
Yes welcome do your best to help us ...⚽️⚽️⚽️
Nepali Gooner
Nepali Gooner:
Is it just me or does Denis looks like a young ramsay look-a-like!? And the coincidence of Ramsay leaving and Denis coming in .. Doppleganger effect
Idlan Haziq
Idlan Haziq:
He is a great signing, I won't deny. But still we really need players in defence as they are still not tough enough
fel b
fel b:
He looks good!
TrapFraka .p
TrapFraka .p:
Welcome to arsenal​ denis​ suarez
Freestyle Duo
Freestyle Duo:
Verry nice music,that celebration from Dennis Suarez it’s also verry nice!!#gunnersforlife ⚪️🔴⚪️🔴
The jazzy
The jazzy:
He's look like ramsey
malachy Greaney
malachy Greaney:
Great vid mate!
Mr Klotz
Mr Klotz:
Sweet, nice video mate!
First 😂😗
First 😂😗
apis apis
apis apis:
He need to build his muscles
Nicholas Nicoli
Nicholas Nicoli:
finally someone to break down the lines who can also finish