Nissan to Oust Chairman Ghosn Following Arrest

Nov.19 -- Nissan Motor Co. Chief Executive Officer Hiroto Saikawa addresses reporters about the arrest of Chairman Carlos Ghosn and plans by the board to remove Ghosn and Director Greg Kelly.


angelo Ortiz
angelo Ortiz:
this evil, sick and coward man "hiroto saikawa" he know exactly how to take nissan out of the business.
dede maulani
dede maulani:
oh my god....
Mitsuru Nishiuwatoko
Mitsuru Nishiuwatoko:
This guy Saikawa is hiding something.
Reality Check
Reality Check:
Is it just me? Ghosn looks just like Mr. Bean!
songun songun
songun songun:
The japanese or somebody want Ghosn out...or else could have settled the issues internally...
Yan Solo
Yan Solo:
David Wagner
David Wagner:
Brilliant press conference in terms of directness and next steps. Very unlike most Japanese press conferences. And a sign that Japanese leaders are moving toward Western style communication.
Arrest ALL illuminati all over the world. If this wasn't staged by the illuminati themselves (to give the impression that they are really cornered), I applaud Nissan's action.
Pierre Daher
Pierre Daher:
Carlos Ghosn is a very successful and honest CEO he certainly should have stepped on some Japanese mafioso foot during the last MITSUBISHI acquisition deal , in his book .the Japanese mafia was a mega issue during the early Renault Nissan venture , that is probably Carlos Ghosn mistake and nothing else , Corrupt CEOs and politicians are numerous everywhere in the world including in Japan Ghosn was good he did not need to steal he always knew when and how annd to whom to ask , this whole story about his Salary is a lie , same scenario like the kashoggi thing in KSA , some mighty corrupt french minds could have also manipulated and orchestrated such a plot . success is costly nowadays , Ghosn motiation is not money he turned down several generous propositions from US firms he also refused to become the president for Lebanon just to say that his intelligence and success were annoying even to some highly regarded french politicians at the high end of the French republic . Japan should thank him for life for what he did to save their auto industry and economy