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Have you tried Roti Canai?
Rimjhim Shikder
Rimjhim Shikder:
send me some😢
im from bangladesh and i want visite Malaysia.
Balditkaur evergreenbaldit
Balditkaur evergreenbaldit:
M,sia. Especially. Nasi. Lemak. Veeeeeery. Deliiiiiciooooous, Y. WAIT. come. ON. maaaaaaan!!
Hamza Haq
Hamza Haq:
great vid!
Resepi memikat suami
Resepi memikat suami:
jom tgok resepi menarik bulan ramadhan kat channel saya.. 🙆🙆
Aiyoooo people, just watch lah. Why are you even here if you know god damn so much bout cooking!! Morons... 🤦🏻‍♀️
muvela services
muvela services:
nice & simple
Steve Raman
Steve Raman:
excellent keep it going
Naimul Islam
Naimul Islam:
I love it..
Jusa Kiki
Jusa Kiki:
Hiroshi Yamashita
Hiroshi Yamashita:
For rhe rice, something is missing, but I wouldnt ask as you may not know either.
Komathy Sinnapan
Komathy Sinnapan:
Thank you so much
168 supreme
168 supreme:
Gusto ko mag luto neto madali Lang siya
ponnusteel ponnu
ponnusteel ponnu:
I loved nasi lemak
Bishal Tamang
Bishal Tamang:
Wow sy suke ni nasi lemak
Komathy Sinnapan
Komathy Sinnapan:
Its for How many person ?
Agnes Anthony
Agnes Anthony:
Very good explanation, tqvm.
Hairu Ramli Pk
Hairu Ramli Pk:
Hw u make chilli paste?
Thanks for the recipe
Teejay Jaderuby
Teejay Jaderuby:
Cucumber is missing lil sis.
2020 stop galau
2020 stop galau:
Wrong reciffe..some more rice did'nt wash ??
Zakaria Mohamed
Zakaria Mohamed:
This is the world's most favourite food
mohammad alamin
mohammad alamin:
Why you don't wash rice?
anak peneroka
anak peneroka:
nasi lemak is malaysian malay dish....
Krishnaveni Rethinam
Krishnaveni Rethinam:
No nasi lemak without cucumbern it shd be eggfry not boiled
Anna Malak
Anna Malak:
Do you think we can use normal cow milk if we can’t find Coconut milk?
wood pecker interior and wood works shuaib
wood pecker interior and wood works shuaib:
No name
No name:
She didn't wash the rice.. can I change onion with lemon grass ?
jean avery
jean avery:
Kadir, an wife seem calm in the series they play in their voices are. Soft but strong, there's a difference. I don't watch if too Loud when Volume is low the yelling causes anxiety for me is why l choose my friends Wisely.calijean
Rika Kawengian
Rika Kawengian:
u didnt even mention ginger on the ingredients for sambal..
and u mention onion twice!
if u dont want to give the recipe then don't..
Arman Jazman
Arman Jazman:
Did u wash n drain de rice? Seems u just pour in de rice like that.
Dragon Fan
Dragon Fan:
I love malasiya fud
Abul Farish
Abul Farish:
cairo bohol
cairo bohol:
Im American Filipino and my wife is Chinese Malaysian. I love malaysian food better than singapore food.
Fat rice
Almandho P
Almandho P:
What if I cook the rice with coconut milk only?
Radhamathi Radha
Radhamathi Radha:
Y never washing the rice 😏
Rob K
Rob K:
Yes malaysian nasi lemak has too much sugar in its sambal n one doesn't taste the dish but the sugar n further malay cooking has sugar in almost anything they cook including meat
jean avery
jean avery:
Why do the women in the series always yell except in Vevet Anna wasn't a yeller but Christina was, an the one who played in Intersection as love interest to lbrahim Celikkol.but the red head in Sevdam Alabora everything she plays in she's so loud to aggressive for woman to be hard to be with someone if her nature restless Spirit.l haven't watched her in a series before.calijean
Chloe Yap
Chloe Yap:
The idea of your video is bad. You are teaching people not to wash their rice before eating. It's dirty and terrible. What you do for yourself it's what you should teach people.
Elai Nach
Elai Nach:
Wrong way of cooking
Mohammed SG
Mohammed SG:
Brunei food😋😋