Narcos: Mexico Diego Luna & Michael Pena on the complexities and modern parallels in Season 1

Diego Luna & Michael Pena are interviewed for the Netflix American drug crime TV series Narcos Mexico, created by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro. It was originally set to be series 4 of Narcos, but has been set up as a companion/sister show focusing on an undercover investigation into the illegal drug trade in Mexico rather than the Pablo Escobar cartel in Columbia. The series stars Ant-Man’s Michael Peña and Star Wars Rogue One’s Diego Luna, Matt Letscher, Tenoch Huerta, Joaquín Cosío, Teresa Ruiz, Alyssa Diaz, and José María Yazpik. They talk about binge-watching, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and how they establish the world of Narcos. They also talk about this being a new beginning and how this new series fits in the Narcos timeline. Deigo Luna talks about the complexities of the situation - the politicians, the police and the military on both sides of the border - affect the world we're living in today. Pena talks about the legacy of 'the mob' and how we're seeing a return to that in the modern world - notably Donald Trump's wall. The series goes into depth about the nuances of the problems concerning the drugs trade and the health issues. PLOT: Witness the birth of the Mexican drug war in the 1980s as a gritty new "Narcos" saga chronicles the true story of the Guadalajara cartel's ascent. Season 1 of Narcos Mexico will be released on Netflix on the 16th of November, 2018 For syndication or usage opportunities please contact [email protected] More from HeyUGuys: Website ► Follow us on Twitter ► Subscribe here! ► Facebook ► Instagram ►

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Stephanie Marie
Stephanie Marie:
Diego really tried to reiterate that these issues are still going on, props to him for trying to make people aware that this isn’t a thing of the past
weird nerd
weird nerd:
I just watched 10 episodes in a day so... uh... definitely binge-watching
Nicholas Patrick
Nicholas Patrick:
Diego Luna is low key telling us America was part of the problem.
Carlos slim
Carlos slim:
Best part watching pablo escobar again😁
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel:
Diego is an amazing actor...
Mika Maroy
Mika Maroy:
RAFA was one crazy fool. He brought a lot of excitement to the show
Jon T
Jon T:
Shit, I waited a year and watched the whole season in a weekend lol
Gonzalo Loquend02
Gonzalo Loquend02:
i finish watching narcos mexico in 2 days
Gus Robles
Gus Robles:
Diego luna has no chill speaking truth...thank you sir
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez:
Who else speaks Spanish but found themselves reading the subtitles a lot during this season? Mexicans speak really fast, lol.
Oralia Roman
Oralia Roman:
Having Hispanic parents who were in their 20’s around the 80’s , they hardcore spoiled everything before 30 mins of the 1st episode.-.- still an amazing series!
Widowmaker and 2B’s Booty Cheeks
Widowmaker and 2B’s Booty Cheeks:
The best parts in Narcos this season were Michael Peña, Diego Luna, Guest appearances by Pablo and Cali, and of course, the tiddies on rafa’s girlfriend.
100% ALIVE
100% ALIVE:
*Narcos Mexico was amazing!* I am a huge fan of both these actors and they didn't disappoint. *Great Series.*
Yanin Rivera
Yanin Rivera:
I cried when they found kiki smh I was telling myself I knew how all this was gonna end but still tore my heart
Kirsten Agla
Kirsten Agla:
Loved the series, but felt that they wrote the character Kiki as very one dimensional - as a viewer I didn't care much about him or his family. I was rooting for the bad guys in many scenes because of how well Diego Luna's character Felix was written, plus he is a great actor. However, the Texan DEA agent Jaime was well performed, so he helped me sympathize more with the DEA side. Will definitely watch the season again!
Tair Itzhak
Tair Itzhak:
Diego Luna is hot
JC Gutierrez
JC Gutierrez:
I watched the entire season the day of release...
Sofi Chul
Sofi Chul:
They were both brilliant in this! Really love how they evolved as actors.
Max Brazil
Max Brazil:
Took 2 days to watch this AWESOME 10 hour movie.
Sarah Siddiqui
Sarah Siddiqui:
I'm just watching each interview with Michael Pena to feel a little better after that devastating end.
This is an amazing season.
I already knew these actors were going to be brilliant and they did not disappoint
lol this dude asking them about trump and Star Wars
Diego Luna should be getting an Oscar!!
Manny F
Manny F:
Kiki do you love me
Diego Luna’s character is like a modern day Michael Corleone. Amazing!
Hector Knoxx
Hector Knoxx:
I love how Diego Luna is clear that this show relates highly with todays Mexico. As of matter of fact, both actors are in acceptance that this show is really showing it how it is. But there’s a few times where you got to realize, not everyone knows this. It’s information and history that isn’t being told.
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez:
My favorite part was Pablo's scene he was like "oh you made a deal with rhem yea and so did we hijo de puta" but this season blew 3 outta the water and i need more
vishal mellark
vishal mellark:
i did it in two days ! ! need season 2 ( mexico ) badly !
Eduardo de jesus
Eduardo de jesus:
Trust me after this season of Narcos Mexico. I recommend to watch El Chapo on Netflix. You will see a broad picture of Mexican cartels it picks up from the fall of kiki and the turning of caro Quintero and don neto.
Vicki DURON:
These two guys were great. I like both of them a lot.
I finished watching it today, it was really good, so sad at the end?! ... 😀 🔥
Samuel A
Samuel A:
GOLDEN RULE....4 episodes...u have to give a tv show 4 episodes. after that if you dont like it then dont go further.
(g.o.t...i was told 7 episodes.
which was a great call)
lazer tag
lazer tag:
why did miguel have to be so greedy?? he had it all! can't wait for season 2
The Crow
The Crow:
I finished it in 2 days, and like Mr Pena said its not binge watching, it is relaxing :P
Ricardo Umana
Ricardo Umana:
Narcos was good viva Mexico lo how they brought in the Colombian fams.
D Hertsens
D Hertsens:
I would like to note that Narcos is not only one of my top 3 favorite shows, but I have also not once skipped it's intro.
Isaiah Olvera
Isaiah Olvera:
“Noting is going to stop unless there is no market.
If we keep seeing this issue as a security issue, then we are never going to fix it.
It’s a health issue”

Some wise words. I appreciate how woke Luna is to the real world and how he isn’t just some actor who played a role but a person who recognizes issues for what they are and doesn’t feed into media perspectives.
J Schultz
J Schultz:
Using the same narator was great because he mentioned kiki in the other narcos.
Eric Mutua
Eric Mutua:
Man this is a phenomenal season
J Schultz
J Schultz:
I finished it. I love how the actors who played columbian cartels were the same actors.
Unfortunately, México 🇲🇽 is a Narco country, I'm not proud of it, I really disagree all the situation that happens nowadays...

Every single day someone die about a Narco issues
Angry F'n Luiz
Angry F'n Luiz:
Glorifying drug cartels is all too easy from the comfort of your homes. Except for my cousins that have to pay quotas to not suffer extortion.

It’s whatever, anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving to the drug addicts, degenerates and regressive recipients.

Y’all tha real MVP ;)
Gabie J.
Gabie J.:
I watched the whole season in one day. And proud of it. ✊🏽🇲🇽🙌🏽
Haks Hustle
Haks Hustle:
I thought that the season would be about Amado/ Lord of the skies, he was a big influence and part of the drug trade both in Mexico and Colombia but I liked this season even though it wasn't really about him.
i binge-watched this show, started Sat 10 AM to Sun 2 AM DONE! I was so hooked, what an amazing show!
Van Paul
Van Paul:
Love the whole cast. Big fan of Don Neto!
Royce Johnson
Royce Johnson:
After binge watching the season I was pretty sure that A. I can speak and understand Spanish and B. I could hold my own in the narco world.
I don't, and I can't.
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez:
Diego luna y joaquin cosio lo mejor de la serie, también se la sacó tenoh huerta.
Bacon Is Life
Bacon Is Life:
This season was fantastic it was slow paced compared to previous seasons but it makes sense why it also felt like it went by fast at the same time. It's weird I can't explain it but I really enjoyed it and more importantly made me want more. I need more.
Never have I ever fantasized about being with a deadman and a corrupt drug lord at the same time. My brain is so confused.
Sam Fisher
Sam Fisher:
1.5 days over the weekend. Well worth it. Great series imo
All the actors on The new Narcos series are just bout amazing and very talented. 🔥
Alex Gamez
Alex Gamez:
Just finished watching Friday to Saturday. I love it. Very hooked. I can't wait for a Season 5
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen:
Felix is so good I’m still calling him Felix
Isaac Rivera
Isaac Rivera:
We already know the USA was involved like always Mexican people are always doing all their dirty work. And is all about the money 💴
Vishan Silva
Vishan Silva:
This show once agian did an amazing job I think Narcos might be the best show period hands down this show never disappoints.
Daniel Curiel
Daniel Curiel:
Dammit finished it today and now I’m feigning for more. Like a crack addict. For me hands down the best show ever.
Waiting since 9/17/17
Josh043 P
Josh043 P:
Dreading the show as im going through it. Cuz i know what happens to Kiki :(
this shit has been going on for 40 years or more. it's not a show, it's reality re-enacted
Philip Zahn
Philip Zahn:
I think the series "El Chapo" is far more glamourizing than Narcos.
Luis Robles
Luis Robles:
This one was dope asf viva 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Sagar Baishya
Sagar Baishya:
I watched one episode a day maybe two gives me tremendous satisfaction
V M:
better be a season 2! I will miss Michael emensely
Jazmin Jill Aller
Jazmin Jill Aller:
After watching Narcos Mexico, I can't get the image of Diego Luna as Felix Gallardo singing Drake's "In My Feelings" =_____=
Watched the whole series! Love it 10/10
In the end of Season 3, they made it look like Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) will be also in this chapter.. disappointing
Nico Ledesma
Nico Ledesma:
im hella excited to see the the narrator of this season have an actual part next season
Sebastien Wolf
Sebastien Wolf:
My Rating Narcos Mexiko 10/10
I miss next Saison with el Chapo
What's the Reverse Flash doing in Mexico?
Brilliant enjoyed it immensely
I love this new installment. I was a little apprehensive at first but it really won me over. So right about hanging in there for the first 3-4 episodes. It pays off. Great cast. Beautifully executed. Easily up to par with the Columbia seasons.
Hosam Mozzamel
Hosam Mozzamel:
Finished the season in 3 days and here I am XD XD
Leoj Santos
Leoj Santos:
That pablo escobar scene 💯
Hidden Leaf Jedi
Hidden Leaf Jedi:
Right wing fascism??? You do realize it goes both ways, right?
Ohhh yeahhh??? Thats nothing, i watch the full seasson in 40 minutes
Ninjas Be Like
Ninjas Be Like:
If 4 episodes is bad then damn lol I binged the whole season in 1 day
Holly Ewing
Holly Ewing:
I watched all at one time
I watched the entire season in 2 days.
I just finished season 1. Where are we in relation to the beginning of the Columbia narcos?
I worked in these interviews ^^
preach Diego preach!!! I love thm they are both awesome!!!!!!!
jonathan vargas
jonathan vargas:
I stop my self from watching it in one day..
They are both poor casting choice. Especially the guy playing Kiki
Yayi 1271
Yayi 1271:
Just binged all 10
JSway Fitness & Nutrition
JSway Fitness & Nutrition:
I love these guys. I feel the cast overall did a great job encapsulating the Mexican style.
Can't wait till I get home and start watching episode 6
Ip Bh
Ip Bh:
Now I look for opportunity in crisis👍👍👌
J Tee
J Tee:
When is Mexico season 2 coming ????
Tarex Muru
Tarex Muru:
It came out on Netflix 16th November and on 17th I completed the 10 episodes.
J Martinez
J Martinez:
When’s the next season coming out
Javier Madriz
Javier Madriz:
I love Narcos can't wait for season 5 please tell me there will be season 5. Like if you want season 5..
Ishak Aman
Ishak Aman:
This is the only series that I stayed all night to finish all in a day ... I despise drugs but love Narcos, can’t wait for 5 to come out
Finished watching mexico narcos in 2.5 days
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy:
I watched the whole 10 episode in 2 days
Mr. HitThatHoe
Mr. HitThatHoe:
Nothing will change unless there’s no market 👀👀
Beast Mode
Beast Mode:
Season 5 or 6 Tijuana or gulf cartel season 7 Sinaloa cartel
I like how the interviewer was like, “comedy can sometimes be hard. There can be pressure to make people laugh” and then Michael Peña was like, “nah. I think comedy is also hard. Theres pressure to make people laugh”...
Triumphz V
Triumphz V:
The #1drug market is in the U.S.A so someone must feed this dope attics.
Louis Katipa
Louis Katipa:
loved it awesome acting
j burggg
j burggg:
finished mexico season 1 in 2 days. 3 episodes at work scattered....and the rest at home.