My Name is Video Vixen

Director Lisa Cunningham goes behind the scenes into the real lives with the real video vixens. The young women laugh, cry and open up in a way never done before.

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I just realized that Masika from here is the same Masika that's on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.
Betty Millz
Betty Millz:
Masika was pretty back in the day
Elle Ceexo
Elle Ceexo:
Is that Mona Scott-Young doing the voice over?
Miss Jaye Last
Miss Jaye Last:
Masika from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is on here.
this was before fake bodies
Christina Street
Christina Street:
7:42 that's Crystal from Flavor of love
Mona Scott talking.
Evelyn Lester
Evelyn Lester:
These young ladies are very intelligent and articulate.
music lover1984
music lover1984:
And people thought tae heckard was nothing but a ho but she was in the army that changed how I view her even melyssa ford has a real estate license not all video vixens are the same wow.
masika I see you
Amber was dating Kyle from Jagged Edge and he's still a heavy abuser, allegedly stabbed his Son and beats his wife.
All of these women made the best of their situations!!!
Felicity Jhnae
Felicity Jhnae:
Ion know why y’all complaining, y’all chose to do it πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

And Mona with that deep voice 😟
yeah kyle of jagged edge, according to recent news, is crazy as hell
Gregory KEROR Davis
Gregory KEROR Davis:
Look at all the things she was taught ballet but she choose to be ass shaker in videos nice career move
music lover1984
music lover1984:
Masika from love and hip hop Hollywood wow I wonder if any of the other girls from any of the love and hip hop series will show up tae heckard was the most successful out of all of them she was in busta and mariah's video ne-yo's do you video, diced pineapples touch'n you and she used to play javon's wife on the game the rest of these girls were not as popular as her.
Theresa Taylor
Theresa Taylor:
wow crystal from flavor of love & masika
Calm and Aware!
Calm and Aware!:
β˜…Dr. Amos Wilson.....
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight:
We need to get away from this sick way of thinking & know our worth as black men & women. Instead of watching black negativity on TV & radio, let's watch Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Francess Cress Welsing, Amos Wilson, Hidden Colors 1&2, Shahrazad Ali, Ralph Smart, Prof. Griff, Ray Hagin's & Claude Anderson. There is also positive music out there like K-rino, Immortal Technique, Lupe, & Dead Prez. We need to start exposing ourselves to the truth about who we really are, then watch the change happen.
Ericka Johnson
Ericka Johnson:
I love the hidden colors movies!
I wish this had aired
How can you take these girls seriously when one girl is being interviewed and ""Cristina was featured in Bubba Sparks Ms. New Booty" flashes across the screen? Wow, what a credential Cristina!
Mannn !! tell these hoes have a seat !
Adjoa Bandele
Adjoa Bandele:
they are not even cute. all look just alike. barbiez. robots. ditsy dames. ugh!

is that really yandy..she musta had a nose job
Andy Beasley
Andy Beasley:
Unfortunately, these women are their own worst enemies. The level of modeling it takes to get a job in a music video is laughable. To be the best you have to have the looks and class of a Tyra Banks along with the business sense. I understand they're getting in where they fit in, but to expect a revolution is a joke. They compete with each other for attention because they are insecure idiots out for a good time, a rich guy, or a reality show spot. Period. By the way, i'm a director. I know.
This is real talk right here. Big difference between being reformed and
being a re-tread.
Yewande YorubaGyal
Yewande YorubaGyal:
They aint! They aint aiming high for anything trust that!!
I hope these women are aiming for more tham 15 Minutes of fame
Some of these women are a lost cause. Atleast they're honest but I'm shocked a little as to how open they are. Like its no shame.
And dudes be thinking that pretty girls are hard to get? Man you crazy, the hottest girls are the easiest to get cause you see all these girls look good. But all got used or are getting used by dudes for favors and they got low self-esteem. As I said before these girls love shakin they ass and titties for men to see. Cause they get attention from men from it, and that's what they want.
These broads a joke, lol. All them ho's do that shit when they young, and guess what? When you not wanted no more, and it's new girls that are younger and prettier, then you get kicked to the curb. These chicks acting like they are so reformed blah blah blah. Please you just ain't got it like you once did looks wise and the industry has moved onto a new set of girls. Nobody forced these clowns to get half naked and shake they ass in these videos. They did it cause they wanted to do it.
All of them are WACK.
thats not yandy
Will Jayson
Will Jayson:
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones:
Does anybody notice Yandy from Love & Hip Hop in the green in the back @ 3:10 I c how she got her way to stardom!!
they have no morals or real reasons to do it as far as just being on tv i dont even pay attention to the video girls so jokes on them
jackson lee
jackson lee:
I could only watch 42 sec' of this but someone has got to be the hoe,man hoe,female hoe mite as well be a pretty hoe.Like Chris Rock would say SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO IT!!!
I read most of the 1st page comments.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
well! if i had known i was debating with a man, this could have been so much easier. i would have asked you to imagine yourself an unfaithful husband (unlike yourself) and tell me the things you would say and do to the hoe vs the wife. basically, the wife would get decieved and lied to. while the hoe gets the truth and what she wants... to fuck and money. the point of this was, just to say hoes get respected in most cases because they get the truth. but anyway sholomalegam <-(?) to you as well
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
i respect everyone for their opinions or their lifestyle, but this all boils down to the main point. wives get disrespected. their loyalty gets them nowhere but cheated on, free std's, and a false sense of security. i can promote anything i want to promote... who's gonna actually be able to check me? hoes DO get respect... but it all depends on what you call respect. being lied to is not respect. being "the wife" is NOT respect. society has you twisted ma'am. youll see when you get old.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
WHAT THE FUCK DOES ALL THIS HAVE TO DO WITH HOES GETTING RESPECT MORE THAN THE WIFE???! wives have AIDS too so if youre okay with that, so BE IT. and if a wife gets murdered, dont expect anyone to have sympathy for her "poor desperate soul". you do need to get over yourself, because i am a registered nurse, and im studying RIGHT NOW for my masters in nurse anesthesia. oh, but hoes dont do that, do they? you are clueless, thats why youre coming off as a "pathetic case" to me right now.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
okay look at the 20 children who were murdered in connecticut. they didnt have the choice to live. point is, NONE OF THAT has anything to do with murder!! you can be a hooker or a first grader. THIS is about respect. and you cant deny that the wife is being lied to, while the hoe is being told the truth. the wife is being decieved while the hoe is getting upfront treatment. prostitution is okay to society, as long as youre doing a movie, but in the street... oh no! get over yourself.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
men that treat a woman like what? being honest with her then paying for her services? i see nothing wrong with that. and i see hoes get their praise all day, and i mean ALL DAY. it depends on how powerful your stature is. the only people who dislike hoes are society, and wives.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
im not talking about the vast majority. im talking about the very very very small percent that IM talking about. but for the majority, everyone has their own principles, their own morals, their own reasoning. on another note, just because a woman is faithful, beautiful, not a prostitute and caring doesnt mean she will ever find someone to love her as well. and as for society, everything is wrong with it. all society does is judge.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
thank you :)
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
well first, please understand, im not speaking for ALL women. lets suppose a woman is a prostitute part time (whilst going to school and working) through ages 18-26. shes getting excellent money on the side, she uses a condom every time, and she understands this is a (just for fun temporary) business. she can find anyone to love her hen she gets older
aaron wells
aaron wells:
@kayla davis ur cute
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
what do you mean by not a lot of sense in them?
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
well now, that respect thing, i feel people have it fucked up. for example, lets say you have an affair with one of these women. you tell her youre married, and your wife doesnt know. the woman on the side just wants sex and money. the wife wants your faithfulness and love. now who are you disrespecting?? youre telling the hoe the truth, and shes getting everything she wants. youre lying to your wife, and decieving her and not being faithful. do you understand where im coming from?
woooooooooooow umm these women are why when little young girls say no guys think it means yes.. its good that some of them are smart i respect that but theres not alot of sense in them thats the worst part
thank you and your extremely right :)
i like how they are so real but... idk but you know they are objectifying themselves in videos and expect to not be treated as a object doesnt make sense... i really love this still its contradicting i dont know how to take this theres other ways to get ahead and these smart women should know that shaking ass for money is ruining the mindset of are generation
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
Symone Payne
Symone Payne:
This is awesome. Is there a dvd
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
lol get approval? thats funny. im single like a dollar bill. i answer to NOBODY;
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
women have inspired men for many years. the strongest men have been inspired by the most internally beautiful women. men have written poems, ballads, created paintings and changed their lives, all from being inspired by their love for a woman. theyve even built tombs (the taj mahal). soooo, the fact that i inspired you to even WANT to create a facebook page--- YAY ME!!! LOL!!.... and i am that i am? thats my favorite, favorite quote.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
i dont have to send a pic. my face is on my profile. AND i have facebook, duh. its facebook . com / victorias . secretions lol! is that name sexy enough for ya? its all about the beholder. i am that i am. which is the beholder. thank you lol!!
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
nope. you just feel it in your spirit. or look me in my face and im sure you could imagine. GOT to leave something for the imagination, right? lol
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
i never said noone can judge them.. i said i dont judge them. smh nigga cant even read. WELP since you dont want anything, leave me alone, youre boring me now.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
lol omg this is halarious! what do you want from me jsmoove178?? tell me what you want?? gotta be something... or are you just here to entertain me with your isRAel/muslim/arab/allah talk? lol!
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
if you think so sir
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
OMG SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE AND JEWS, I really dont give a flying fuck. and these women arent hoes, because hoes give it up for free. these are business women who give it up for product. it is what it is. let them live their life and try to live yours.they got theirs. they dont spend their time looking up wanna be muslims and criticizing your misery. youre obviously miserable. get a life. ANYWAY, i still got respect for these women so....
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
whatever dude. jesus' best friend was a hoe. so take it as you will.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
i dont sell my snatch. i have no need to, i make a substantial amount of money to support me and my children. im just saying, i do not judge anyone, and i have respect for them. in reality, you DONT know their struggle, or what makes them happy. you DONT
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
no, im not kidding. its a matter of what your morals are, the morals instilled inside of you, not the ones people try to tell you to feel, such as govt and religion. if they are prostitutes, so what? lets say they ONLY have protected sex and get paid 500 each time. id say theyre smarter than the women who give it up for free and call it love, and then get an std bc their lover is cheating anyway. llike i said, MAD RESPECT.
Victorias Secretions
Victorias Secretions:
i absolutely respect these women. wives are just jealous of them and men are mad because they cant have them to themself
I feel ya, I understand its not that straight forward.
A lot goes with being "eye candy". Everything that glitters ain't gold.
nichole l
nichole l:
let people do what they want u not paying people bills u should not be concern what they do for a living
fuck a rapper real good and just kinda hang around, you gotta stick around though because i know a girl who was a stripper and she fucked nelly when he came to our town and she did it for free and that was just it she didnt pursue him she just bragged about what she did
most of them are fucking though, its a give and take business
how do you get into videos?! im intersted!
Seraph Mowlid
Seraph Mowlid:
You're so full of yourself:)). What makes you think you're good enough for even the least of these "worn out hoes"? That's why you're on here arguing with a perfect stranger about nonsense. My God I'd love to study you in your natural habitat. Cheers though, I'm off to spend time productively. Keep blowing those dolls. :))
Seraph Mowlid
Seraph Mowlid:
Prostitutes whether in Thailand or elsewhere are actual women. Porn depicts actual women in unrealistic situations. You need to stop watching family guy. Quagmire is not real. I don't know any men with blow up dolls. See, your problem is your comparisons are nonsensical. Now, if your point is that there are too many men running around with hookers and go go girls then I agree. God bless.
Seraph Mowlid
Seraph Mowlid:
Robot women? My God I wish I could peak into that topsy turvy mind of yours. LOL no man will ever choose tin cans over a woman. Well maybe you. LOL you had me laughing so hard.
Why give hoes a voice? And when did they become important? In the world of relationships, hoes are a quick fuck. In the world of hip hop video hoes are a quick fuck... You don't have to talk to fuck. Face it. These women exploited themselves. Its not easy for most people growing up in broken homes or decaying neighborhoods, but anyone can APPLY themselves, go to a college, a tech school, or get a trade. These women wanted fast money. They shouldn't complain because they only got fast dick.
LMAO Hell of an example dude.
Calm and Aware!
Calm and Aware!:
Ps. This video makes no SENCE!
A lot of these women are victims to their stereotype as I am on a daily bases.
I understand what your saying but the negative stereotype of a Black Women is hard to escape. It wasn't until I got out of High School where I was educated on my body type. I went to work one day and everyone was talking about weight and body types. I was asked mine and I told 'em 125 and some yelled out yeah right your a** weighs 125. I'm 5'5 34C-23-39. I don't shake a thing but where ever I go doesn't matter the race or age I'm either a model or a stripper. What do I do with that?
Jamaican Queen25
Jamaican Queen25:
Everyone cant be a model like Tyra Banks!! In order for a girl to even come close to where Tyra is modeling wise she has to be at least...5'8. If your 5'10 you can do way more than print modeling or video's such as Runway or high fashion!! There are some girls that are like 5'2 who will never be where Tyra was. So being a video girl is either some peoples only choice or something they want to do. Im 5'5 and wish I could be a model... but until I reach 5'8 or 5'10 I wont be walking any runways!!
oh wow... I was thinking about pimping about ten years ago.. and guess who was teaching me.. Mike spade... now he got 15 years in the pin... crazy... glad I didn't go that route..
You can't expect respect when you don't carry yourself in a respectful manner. And it doesn't matter if you completed college or any positive accomplishments if you're not doing anything with them.
Tywanna Grice
Tywanna Grice:
@Neindus even if that happen its always sum1 to tak their place waitn for the chance to show their face n body!!
Neo Fowler
Neo Fowler:
i dnt care if your mama was motown singer, or the bloody president of the country... it dnt change that ur ass is still shaking in floss for niggas! just saying
I personally believe the human sexuality is a beautiful thing. But you see what happens when it's abused?

If these girls can sit up here and talk about this, why cant they all stand up and just say No to being portrayed in such a way.

cyerria fitch
cyerria fitch:
if they don't want to be called them things why put ya self in that situations video vixens
cyerria fitch
cyerria fitch:
Who care's? The chicks get a few extra bucks for being in a video and they get some exposure. People aren't interested in them personally, they are eye candy for the videos. Not that serious.
Kay Lesley
Kay Lesley:
where can i watch this?
@90mv Dude, it's just a music video. As long as it's tasteful I don't see what's the problem. The last time I checked you weren't paying any of their bills and you weren't putting food on the table.
Tae was also in the new Sitcom game
"exclusive portion of the summit"? C'mon Bitch! (Ed Lover voice)
Rebel Without A Bra
Rebel Without A Bra:
@Machelle3200 youd be surprised what one will do with few options available...furthermore even with options, i see nothing wrong with women being sexy and making money from it. We're degraded and viewed as sexual objects in every aspect of the workforce.
Why is this black trash narrator trying to make it seem like video vixens were all abused case victims and needed to feel strong? They were good looking females who wanted easy money!
wan wan waaaaaaannnnnn
Steph Liliana
Steph Liliana:
Some of this is sad but,Honey,once your in a video shaking your ass nearly butt-naked.YOU ARE A VIDEO VIXEN and thats what you will always be referred to! point blank!
@chapli112789 Yes. That's Tae Heckard.
Chante Welch
Chante Welch:
Tae Heckard is one of the realist video models, she was approached by a casting director while shopping in la & was asked to be in music videos, all the videos she was featured in she always carried herself with respect, not to mention she's made several appearances on "The Game" & was also in ATL (the one Lauren London got into it with at the party over T.I.) & before all of that she was in the army & served as a E-6