Mount Isa to Townsville!

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Dude you're driving on the wrong side of the rode. Thank goodness the other drivers are just as dumb.
8 petrol stops, 1 ounce and 2 Flies later.....
black charles
black charles:
"rains everyday" bruh have you ever been in Townsville
Songwriter Swilly
Songwriter Swilly:
This is two videos in a roll that a fly flew in his mouth maybe we need to teach Jacob how to brush his teeth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
One way to think about it is you're still young and have a ton of time for adventure but your daughter is this age only once. GOOD LUCK MATE
Walkinstick41 6
Walkinstick41 6:
Dis guy got weed and takes a piss on da side of the road . U a bloody legend!!!!!!!!
John Rosner
John Rosner:
Offer to take her and the kid to the US with you
Mark Cadden
Mark Cadden:
I hope you don’t have to cancel your trip to our country mate, we’d love to have you. That said though, you got a family and it’s very understandable if you have to and I’ll support it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Cheers, regardless! Been awesome you sharing your journey with us
Ernesto Soto
Ernesto Soto:
6:45 was way to funny.
danilo franco
danilo franco:
I'm rooting for you dude. All the way from Dallas!
The bird in the grill reminded me of “We hit a deer, ma. We hit a deer and the paw got stuck in the grill.”

“The hoof”

“Yeah, the hoof got stuck and I can’t leave it there, Ma. Its a sin. we gotta cut it off, that’s why I need the knife...”
Joe Miano
Joe Miano:
Greatest feeling in the world dude to see your precious little girl. Remember 1 thing a son is a son till he take a wife a daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life.GREAT RESPECT FOR YOU. Have a great time with your little girl
Adam Shaw
Adam Shaw:
Love the Vlogs bro
Now I can't wait to see how it goes for you once you get there. Damn it I'm hooked.
Dvonte Streeter
Dvonte Streeter:
Dang he's crazy for driving on the wrong side of the road like that 😂😂
i feel bad for laughing but i lost it when you started hitting that bird lol
men with ven
men with ven:
I was lucky to catch you early on your journey so I've seen many of your ups and downs. I'm subscribed to a cpl hundred YT channels and yours is the only one that I immediately like and comment on as soon as its posted to get you that engagement. Keep grinding man!!!
nearly there this is like game of thrones... so close to the ending but still so far hahaha love ya bra! keep killing it
Morgan Harris
Morgan Harris:
She wants you to cancel your trip because she wants you to be unhappy. Some people are just like that.
rag ratus
rag ratus:
Love your vlog. I started watching because it was entertaining to watch someone discover American Football. But it's gone way WAY past that now. You have a gift Mate. Seriously- It's become more than just a vlog. You have become a friend. Most of your subscribers I have no doubt will agree. You have the ability to have everyone not just interested in your content, but genuinely concerned about YOU. THAT is a TRULY AMAZING ability. Especially when you add that you do it naturally? Your daughter is lucky to have you as her father.
I allllllways smoke on long trips through the middle of nowhere, it’s the best way to get through it.
Kyle Coultas
Kyle Coultas:
I live in the desert too in Palm Springs, CA. I miss the lakes and rivers from home in Sacramento
Saved By Christ
Saved By Christ:
Do we finally get to meet your daughter? Hope you enjoy your time with her. I couldn’t live without my kids. God bless brother.
Binozia - Tech
Binozia - Tech:
In the thumbnail I thought you where peeing on the side of the road 😂
At least you worked out the right direction to head in, because....."happiness is Mt Isa in your rear view mirror!"
*Are you about to pee in the thumbnail?*
Rio Mendoza
Rio Mendoza:
Living in Michigan it's a weird to see somebody so worried about weed. Lol
ben balls
ben balls:
Hope you brought a couple of OZ's with you..
if I was with you we would be rolling one up from wake to sleep that is a must on road trips
Nathan M
Nathan M:
LOL, some of the best scenery of the whole trip is between Cloncurry and Mount Isa and you totally missed it?!
Alex Smith
Alex Smith:
you need to get a court order in place something that she would be happy with so she is willing to sign so she cant hold your child over your head anymore
Mick Nixon
Mick Nixon:
I grew up in mt isa, lots of memories! I once did mt isa to townsville in 7h 40mins,was a great drive. Hope you enjoyed the simplicity of it.
Stephen H
Stephen H:
Long drives brah, hope you enjoyed them. 1160 kms is basically Washington DC to Chicago. Best of luck with everything!
Walkinstick41 6
Walkinstick41 6:
I like watching ur vlogs
Toph Lawton
Toph Lawton:
Bro, another smoke shared... I hope this becomes a regular thing.... love from MONTANA USA
Geez, those flies! No wonder the old school guys wore a bunch of dangly corks off the brim of their hats.
Alex Samuelson
Alex Samuelson:
React to top 10 Dustin Byfuglien hits NHL
Randy Fackler
Randy Fackler:
I have the exact same alarm tone on my phone!!!
B Dot
B Dot:
Your baby momma needs a few knuckle sandwiches bro, slide her up in a kangaroos pouch and habe that roo hop away.
Man been waiting so long for the next part of the trip
Johnny Bolt
Johnny Bolt:
Loving the vlogs man.
Rio Mendoza
Rio Mendoza:
Ahhhhhh it's espresso not ecpresso. Love you man hope everything works out
Storytime with This Guy
Storytime with This Guy:
Good vibes for the last leg of your journey. Hope you are able to see your daughter . Also, don' t worry, insects are a great source of protein.
Almighty Vitko
Almighty Vitko:
Good luck mate. I know things went well but good luck for the future
Jesus those damn flys. LOL
Ford Prefect4d2
Ford Prefect4d2:
Australia is so well-known for their invasive flies; I’m so sorry. My area of Texas is well known for its mosquitoes. I’m not sure which is worse, but just be glad you don’t have the epidemic of the bloodsucking insects that I do.
red bull? i thought monster was your go to energy drink?
14:48 I know that suburb
Nick Ortega
Nick Ortega:
Keep it up mate!
The next NHL reaction video you do should be of Nikita Kuchurov
who do you have winning the super bowl?
Deacon Godfrey
Deacon Godfrey:
*Slaps carcass of dead bird* “It was fawkin’ terrible, but it had to happen m8”

Love your videos man keep it up!
I love to sit down in my afternoons and just watch your vids. Makes my days so much better to see how you’re doing

Bit of advice,

Spend every second you can manage with your daughter. While they’re still young, every second counts. Be the father she needs.

Then worry about us in the US later.
—avocado man 🥑
Bill Scott
Bill Scott:
Your doing the right thing that little girl needs a father that's important you won't regret it
Christopher Munokoa
Christopher Munokoa:
I live in the isa
Chae Stac
Chae Stac:
Jacob, have you considered getting into “Luxury Wristwatch HOROLOGY” on your youtube channel? Then starting your Swiss men’s luxury wristwatch collection (Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, other)? It might take your mind off things too a little with what’s happening in our life
Trevor Thoms
Trevor Thoms:
Good luck tomorrow.
Thomas P Thomas
Thomas P Thomas:
Hey, I am from India. But I like your video.
Shawn B.
Shawn B.:
Nick Klein
Nick Klein:
Great stuff
Absolute unite
Sean Lynskey
Sean Lynskey:
$5 a gallon for gas? That blows
Marcus Haykal
Marcus Haykal:
Ok Jacob smoking that gas
For fun Channel
For fun Channel:
I would love to see Townsville .
Grassguy 420
Grassguy 420:
That flower looks brown... FeelsBadMan. Come to New York we got that super dank green. I got you!! Your first problem is your trying to make sense of what your girl is saying. Throw common sense out the window. Men function by using common sense while women have their own logic p.s. I’ve been married 15yrs. Been there done that..... I feel for you
Sorry, I couldn't help rubbing it in. I just bought gas (petrol) for less than US$2.00 per US gallon. That works out to US$0.59 per liter. Sorry, I guess you have to pay your carbon tax...
Adam Mcgregor
Adam Mcgregor:
You coming to townsville..hope you have a boat
Paul Jenks
Paul Jenks:
Stay strong she'll understand one day, dont give up your vacation everyone deserves a vacation no matter what the circumstance
John Rosner
John Rosner:
You can stop smoking read if you make it in the NFL until then smoke up
Paul Jenks
Paul Jenks:
Amelia Grace
Amelia Grace:
Haha unfortunate time to pick these locations. I hope you enjoy swimming cause you'll be battling the floods soon.
like to drive barefoot?
Kawaii Szyslak
Kawaii Szyslak:
How's the floods in Townsville, be careful.
I Bleed Silver & Black
I Bleed Silver & Black:
Cancel then its your baby girl ... no brainer
I don’t understand why she isn’t wanting you to see your kid. Did you do something wrong? Are does she not support your dreams? If your supporting your family and not hurting anyone then she should support your dream.
Ford Prefect4d2
Ford Prefect4d2:
Occasionally I find your comments and comparisons between American Football vs Rugby a bit offensive. I find myself intrigued by your streams. You are a good person with a great outlook on life with solidly based morals. I cannot help but watch your streams! You don’t know me, but through the magic of YouTube , I feel that I know you. Keep up the great work, people that don’t know you at all, love you.
Chae Stac
Chae Stac:
Cancelling the USA trip (as per your instagram stories screenshot) was probably a mistake. You will now be quite grumpy and have regret in 2019 cause you were pretty much blackmailed into cancelling a trip that was only 12-13 days and the other 350+ days of the year you could have been with your child. Should have gone as planned and then deal with consequences than what you are now facing of “...what if...”
I think your wife doesn't want your daughter to get used to seeing you again for a week then just disappear for 2 weeks then come back again
Cooper Leonard
Cooper Leonard:
U have obviously never researched townsville it barley rains and were having a monsoon troth that just stayed over us we have not had rain for a year
She’s testing your commitment to her and your daughter. To her, it doesn’t make sense for you to go to all the trouble to move close to them, only to leave for two weeks. Yes, you’re coming back, but that’s not the point. Cancel the trip. Family has to come first, and you’ve got a lot of rebuilding to do if they’re that important to you. If you want her blessing, then you need to act like a responsible man. That’s what she’s wanting. Make the trip to the states in a few months once you’re settled, and maybe take your family with you.
Chae Stac
Chae Stac:
Townsville population 185,000 people and Cairns is 150,000. That is a huge difference
Nixky G
Nixky G:
50k subs with no videos
50k subs with no videos:
Go to 4:20 and comment "a weed"
mr williams
mr williams:
and also the houses that are on stilts usually have a lot of windows because back in the day when there wasn't much aircon around, people would open up the windows when it was humid and hope that a nice breeze flows thru the house.

and one thing you will notice that some people in north Queensland are quite.......strange. i don't know what it is but some people are just really carefree and super laid will know what i mean soon.
Ash Walford
Ash Walford:
Mate where did you get your 70's glasses? Oh and your decorum just dandy 👎,Jump on over the ditch to NZ and go home please!
Bro, you need to cancel the trip to the US, because if it's a big deal to her then it IS a big deal, your daughter at this age is the time you gotta spend as much time as possible with her or fighting to be with her. Youtube and the US and your fans will all still be here we love you man
Dude, i would get off the weed, the NFL does not like that stuff
She wants you to choose her and your child over yourself. Family first. She wants you to prove you’re not just about yourself