Money ain’t a thing for Anthony Davis - Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Jalen Rose breaks down his list of the top five reasons why Anthony Davis would want to leave the New Orleans Pelicans. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: ✔ Subscribe to NBA on ESPN on YouTube: ✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: ► Like on Facebook: ► Follow on Instagram: Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

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Reggaeton NewsTV
Reggaeton NewsTV:
The Warriors have 5 all stars but when LeBron gets one all star it’s a crime. FOH. 😂
Jan-Michael Vincent
Jan-Michael Vincent:
Anthony Davis knows if he stays in New Orleans he will NEVER win a championship
Sport Fanatic
Sport Fanatic:
This to me is too funny. The Pelicans want tampering charges against the Lakers yet A.D is the one cheating.That’s like saying “ aye man, I know my wife keep calling. Just don’t answer.” 😂
Lebron a genius GM! he's going to get AD either this season or NEXT and get kyrie Irving as a free agent next season 🤔
AD will sign with the Knicks... AD,Kyrie, KD and Zion with be on the Knicks roster next season best believe ...
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Book of shadows contributor Brian:
Richard Jefferson an nba analyst?
bizzy bomb
bizzy bomb:
I’m LOVING these turtleneck looks they got going for Jalen
leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.
leGoat is the best player ever of all timer.:
Yea cause he finna get 30 mill a year by the Lakers💀💀Lebron and AD💯🔥🔥
Jesse Bourbeau
Jesse Bourbeau:
Stop comparing lebrons decision to kds
Tua Tagovailoa I AM LEGEND
Tua Tagovailoa I AM LEGEND:
God bless Laura
Refund HD
Refund HD:
Pelicans are waiting until the summer to trade AD to the Celtics gn Laker fans
Let's not get side track that LeBron going to be 35 years old not 25 yrs old in dec.
Smash Boogie The ILLADELIC
Smash Boogie The ILLADELIC:
Rose with the turtleneck and plaid jacket .
Emmanuel James
Emmanuel James:
The funniest part about AD to the Lakers is wtf him and Bron supposed to do with the remnants of that roster? Dubs did a sweep
I am a Lebron fan. But Lebron and AD is not winning GSW!
R S:
It went from Get a Ring to Beat Lebron to beat GSW
3:18 the #1 thing Magic is gonna say to Dell Demps. AD just got traded. Book it
S Spurs
S Spurs:
Pelicans only flaw reason for not competing for a playoff spot was defense. they scored with the best of em should of tryied trading for Def minded C like DJ and Def Wing Wesley Mathews
Glenn Soriano
Glenn Soriano:
1:38 That look
Cardi B
Cardi B:
Because he wants to be a 76er
Laura is bae
He’s going to them Sixers!
Pembrook Sutherland
Pembrook Sutherland:
Tyron Wells
Tyron Wells:
He can get endorsements in LA lol
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker:
Hope he learns from KG & get out while still in his prime
360 Crazy
360 Crazy:
Based on my calculations, Lonzo Ball and Ingram have to go, for the Lakers to be able to afford a max contract in the offseason,assuming they acquire AD before the trade deadline. Either one would price the Lakers out of the max market...i think.
He’s happy
Saturius Robertson
Saturius Robertson:
Who Switched Teams more .? Dirk KoBe or LBJ. Sore Looser 😂
Cliff Lawrence
Cliff Lawrence:
Jalen you aint no James Ingram lol
Black Millionaire Status
Black Millionaire Status:
Just like your momma.... Draymond Green is IRREPLACEABLE !!! #Dub23 😁😎😊
Solo Dolo
Solo Dolo:
That's why Bosh left the raptors, rose wasn't good enough to stop kobe from dropping 81.
The Universe Galaxy
The Universe Galaxy:
money aint a thang....doesnt make sense as a reason
D Smith
D Smith:
Chris Paul for Jtrue an mertic "spelled wrong"
Craig Joseph
Craig Joseph:
He should go to Toronto or Brooklyn
stephen rendel
stephen rendel:
Cyril G
Cyril G:
Yeah, 5 stars for warriors but when AD comes to LA,it’s going to be a different scenario for warriors.
Kevin Hoang
Kevin Hoang:
scary thing is players usually reach their prime at 28-32 and anthony davis is only 25.
young thor
young thor:
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant:
LeBron trading AD to get easy rings
Hornets (now pelicans) couldn’t build around Baron Davis so he left.. Chris Paul Hornets (now pelicans) left for the clippers because they didn’t build around Chris and they couldn’t make any noise, and now this is happening with Anthony Davis. They draft a star and then do terrible jobs developing players and building around them. Pelicans should sell there team and relocate
Daniel Hylton
Daniel Hylton:
Wait whaaat? Jalen making the case all day every day for why it should happen just to finish off with NOPE, NOT happening :-)
Brandon Asbury
Brandon Asbury:
1st ha
John Ovalle
John Ovalle:
Marvel Gang
Marvel Gang:
Who wants gsw to win all the time. My team is philly but, to see ad go to the Lakers would be cool.
K C:
AD 2 Toronto
Had Lebron joined AD in New Orleans, would this be a problem?
Saturius Robertson
Saturius Robertson:
LBJ is A Fraud. Never Will Be The Goat. Tim Hot Sauce 😋 45
Nathan Strait
Nathan Strait:
Beat the Warriors
Jay Laws
Jay Laws:
1 he gonna join that team
Sidney Green
Sidney Green:
People need realize lebron really the best GM in basketball
#02588 #02588
#02588 #02588:
Davis to raptors
A Real Good Guy
A Real Good Guy:
He wouldn't want to be the first star to give New Orleans a championship?
AD proved it more than twice
if the team trades you and you dont wanna leave(deron derozan) its called "business Decision" no outcry. Players Do it, its selfish and everyones crying foul
Wesley Smith
Wesley Smith:
What's best for the Pelicans is do nothing and make him wait it out until July 2020
It would be hard for me to turn down 240 million dam near 300 million
CJ Bray
CJ Bray:
LeBron traded away half his team last year and it looks like he’s going to do it again this year
Ruler of Worlds
Ruler of Worlds:
They want lebron to have all-stars so bad
Ben Solo
Ben Solo:
Lakers fans, myself included, will be disappointed next season. We’re expecting to get every superstar; AD, Klay, Kawhi, & KD... We might not even get AD let alone other superstars...
P H:
Magic sign lonzo ball but trade DeAngelo Russell who is a allstar
Labeled TV
Labeled TV:
Think if Lebron,Kawhi, & AD are on the same roster by next season.. that's scary all big & can play both sides of the court effectively.
m j
m j:
carmelo on lakers
Treyten Johnson
Treyten Johnson:
Jalen is such a Laker hater . Bro you're in the media now stop thinking about the 81 Kobe game already.
Dream On
Dream On:
Lakers going land AD, they gon beat the Warriors, then KD gon join them 😂🤣 Magic you ain’t slick
Dustin Dee
Dustin Dee:
They are waiting for off season because they want celtics as their trade partner... LuL sad days laker fans.
Rick Harding
Rick Harding:
I hear you...but who's that pretty white girl though?
Kevin Durant could have teamed up with any player but he chose 73 WIN GSW. Lebron went to a 47 win team who got bounced in 1st round of playoffs.
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj:
Money has never been a thing
Jidai Beats
Jidai Beats:
correction Jalen....Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and KG started that...Lebron did it to compete with them...also there was Kobe and Pau Gasol...not as strong as Boston but was a championship team...
E Henry
E Henry:
Lebron didnt start a thing. The celtics Big 3 made Lebron go to Miami. History isnt that long ago .
Erich U
Erich U:
Easy to say that money ain't a thing when you earn more in a year than 99% of the world population over the course of their whole life.
Bio Enzyme Plus
Bio Enzyme Plus:
Curry, Klay, Draymound, Durant & Boogie = 5 All Star in 1 team and no penalty from NBA
Lebron + AD + Kyrie + Leonard = 4 All Star can beat the Warrior ---- sick of GS winning--- a big NBA crime LOL
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson:
Because he wants a ring
Live_Lif3 Right
Live_Lif3 Right:
Lakers need get this deal done if they want to be back on top now that a Star is out asking for a trade Some LA fans ssaying why cant we just build with our young core knowing that the young core At thier best potential will not he better than AD plus a Star FA coming this summer
Laura m Rutledge
Laura m Rutledge:
I also have the Top 5 reasons why Jalen rose should get rid of that turtle neck
Westside Buddy. ESCO
Westside Buddy. ESCO:
I hate Richard Jefferson’s voice
sebi kmetec
sebi kmetec:
I try to trade milsap for davis. Trade succesful. Denver has +10 Wins. Pelicans -10Los.
Rizky Reiza
Rizky Reiza:
if money aint a thing he join the golden state next summer
LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Kyrie on the Lakers make things interesting.
Got Game
Got Game:
Charles T.
Charles T.:
Did boogie say he wasn’t coming back? No he didn’t... he can sign with the warriors and go another year if he wants, especially if Durant leaves...
Marvel Gang
Marvel Gang:
I love reading the comments and to read how people are so passionate for what they believe in.

Keep believing in what you believe!
u cookin?
u cookin?:
1:48, durant did not do the exact same thing, durant joined a 73-9 team that beat him when he was up 3-1 on them, bron started something new with wade and bosh and the rest of the heat team that first year wasn't very good besides those 3 players
David Morrison
David Morrison:
Wait people made because a team that hasn't made the playoffs in forever is trying to boost their roster to make the playoffs? Gtfoh

Depending on the players motivation he only wants to be on certain locations. Paul George loves to fish lives on a lake now makes sense.

New Orleans was supposed to break the bank to keep boogie and rondo and keep the train rolling new Orleans might be a top 4 team in the west.

Why would a top 3 player want to stay on a non playoff team???
Siddy king
Siddy king:
Pelicans NOT resigning Boogie COUSIN'S was a HUGE mistake!!!!
Josh Smith
Josh Smith:
Jalen maybe you would have gotten upset with a star doing that to you as you seem delusional as to how good you think you were. Most people aren't as arrogant and would agree that their team just is not good enough. It is called being real with yourself. I doubt the locker room at the Pels will be much different as they know Davis deserves better and how much of a beast he is. Be real man!
Shawn Chia
Shawn Chia:
Its not that money aint a thing.. its that when u are talking abt being 400 mil or 460 mil richer, its just a number at that point. So legacy easily took priority for AD.
Robert Lind
Robert Lind:
MONEY AINT A THING FOR YOU Detroit Losers but it is still all about money here in South Beach and Miami.
The Cannon Movement
The Cannon Movement:
This young lady is much better than the other lady they usually have.
Brandon Asbury
Brandon Asbury:
Davis doesn't want to be in Boston so stop with the Boston talk Davis has full control over this cause he'll tell every team he won't resign with them unless it's Lakers
Philip George
Philip George:
Anthony Davis isn't a A type player. He's a sidekick with extreme levels of talent but he's not the type of player who transforms a franchise. His team has never managed to have winning seasons and the one time they did, he got hammered out of the playoffs. He's not on the level of Steph, Lebron, Harden, Giannis, Kawhi, Westbrook etc who can carry a team to the playoffs and even 2nd round just by themselves and without a second All-Star player.
Tuan Van
Tuan Van:
The warriors built that team from top to bottom with one free agent signing. They didn't go buying everyone like the Lakers are trying to do. Quit hating on them geez man up and just try to beat them.
Mr_ P00Ps
Mr_ P00Ps:
In the new cba owners for small market teams should push for a increase in that super max to give players more incentive to stay. 40 million over 5 years isn't enough for superstars that make more money off the court every year. We need balance in the league. It isn't fun watching the same teams at the top every year. They say it's good for the league but it's good for the casual fan not the real ones. Warrior fans can't tell me who was on the team 6 years ago without looking it up
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias:
Man, KD didn't do the exact same thing when LeBron went to Miami. KD joined an already-built super team in 2016. GSW was already a championship team with the best record in NBA history. LeBron James didn't win a championship in his first year in Miami. KD joined GSW after OKC took them to Game 7. It was probably the easiest path to a championship for any "superstar" in the NBA. Therefore, KD is a cupcake.
1. Beat the Warriors = not happening with that bench sorry.
2. Bigger Stage = MSG is also a pretty big stage last time I checked.
3. The LeBron Effect = Pick whoever he wants as coach, force team to trade for players that he likes, you will take all the blame if you lose because LBJ is goat right?
4. My best isn't good enough = look at the LA roster after the trade and let me know.
5. Money ain't a thing = Ok, then take less and go join GSW to win championships. By becoming a second fiddle to LeBron, you won't get as much endorsement, spotlight and $ in LA. More than you can get in NOLA, so money ain't a thing?, oh yes it is.
Anderson Wright
Anderson Wright:
Jalen KOBE SCORED 81 shut up. who is better than AD in the league “ you gotta team up w someone better than you to win” who tf are youuuuu jalen
vern dolla
vern dolla:
Jalen is wrong AD is saying the organization is trash not the team he gave them enough time to get winners and what did they do let boogie go 🤦🏿‍♂️ he love his teammates and they love him but this is his life Jalen